Track your distance™ like never before. COBRA has released their first connected golf club. A major technological breakthrough, COBRA CONNECT™ features a seamlessly integrated Arccos sensor into each COBRA CONNECT™ driver grip.


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With COBRA CONNECT™ each drive is automatically recorded and total distance is calculated as soon as you hit your second shot. Review your stats post round to determine longest drive, average driving and number of fairways hit.


Turn your iPhone or Android phone into a GPS rangefinder that measures precise distances on nearly 40,000 International courses.


Automatically track every drive you hit and see it brought to life by bird's-eye visuals overlaid on GPS hole imagery.


Make informed choices while you play and access your Golf DNA with an analytics platform that's more powerful than anything on Tour.

Step 1 - Install The Grip & Sensor

Grip your driver before installing the sensor. Heat the end of the grip with a hair dryer for about 10 to 15 seconds to make it more pliable.

Place a small amount of grip solvent into the grip end cavity as a lubricant.

Set the sensor down into the cavity at a slight angle

Push the upper-edge in at a slight angle and then press it down firmly into the grip.

The edge of the grip cap may need slight adjusting to create a flush fit.

Step 2 - Download the Arccos Driver App

Download the Arccos Driver App for your smartphone using the iPhone App Store or Google Play

Launch the Arccos Driver App, select the "Coming Soon" option when asked to select your sensor.

When ready to use, select the appropriate course, starting hole and tee box and press "Start Round" - There’s no pairing necessary! Your drive is recorded on your tee shot and total distance is calculated as soon as you hit your second shot.

Review your driving stats post round to analyze your performance.