The COBRA Tour Truck Fitting Experience

Get fit like a pro

Come check us out at the Encinitas Ranch Golf Course for the ultimate fitting experience.

Cobra Tour Fitting Experience Truck

Fitting Options

Full Club Fitting — $300 / 2 Hours

A top to bottom set of customized clubs to be a game changer. With the use of Trackman launch monitor system we will find the perfect shaft and head combination that fits your game. These combinations will lead to lower scores by reducing mishits and maximizing game enjoyment.

DRIVER Fitting— $100 / 1 Hour

Gain distance and accuracy with a driver specifically fit for your game.

Fairway Wood / Hybrid Fitting— $100 / 1.5 Hours

Want to reach those par 5’s or long par 4’s? Proper yardage gaps are needed on the top end of your bag to produce the scoring opportunities that you are missing out on.

Iron Fitting— $150 / 1.5 Hours

Properly fit irons will lead to extraordinary accuracy and distance by optimizing launch and spin

Wedge Fitting— $100 / 1 Hour

Ready to take your short game to another level? Proper wedge selection (grind, loft, lie) will allow you to knock down more pins and lead to lower scores.



Encinitas Ranch Golf Course

Hours of operation:

10:00 am — 5:00 pm
Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Appointment Only

To make an appointment:

Phone: 760.710.3422