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Carnage Happens

"“If that stuff bothers you, you’re going to struggle. There’s going to be carnage in your life, especially if you do stuff at a high level.”"

Life Gimmies

"Making a grill cheese is like making a 3 foot putt. Typically, you’re one hundred percent.”

Life Gimmies

Forging Relationships

“It’s this unique relationship that your forge in your practice, because when your competing its mano y mano, you and the course.”

Down The Stretch

“That’s why I play golf, to compete individually and push myself then fight for my life coming down the stretch in a tournament.”

Willy Mac


SPORTLUX by PUMA GOLF features slightly leaner cut through the chest and shoulders for a more sophisticated fit. All polos feature stretch materials to ensure freedom of movement during play. Premium fabrics and refined details contribute to a look that plays well on and off the course.