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The IGNITE PWRADAPT Caged have been anatomically designed to provide outstanding comfort and a perfect, tailored fit.


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Fits slightly long, consider going down ½ size.

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The supportive PWRCAGE saddle unit that wraps around the medial and lateral side of the shoe, is integrated with the midsole providing the proper fit and support. As the laces tightens the cage around your foot, the Heel Lock Window cups your heel comfortably locking your foot securely into the shoe. The layered Adaptive Fit System provides 360-degree support through the internal bootie, while the external bootie, layered with PWRFRAME, ensures the foot is fully supported in high-wear areas. The full-length IGNITE Foam cushioning platform and PWRADAPT Technology provide responsive comfort and 3-dimensional traction that adapts to the way you move. More Traction + More Comfort = PWRADAPT.


  • Performance Flat Knit Mesh
  • Adaptive Fit System
  • GripZone Traction
  • Tornado Cleat
  • 1 Year Waterproof
  • Size 7-15
  • Fit: Fits slightly long, consider going down ½ size.
  • Style #: 192223, Wide 192413

Customer Reviews 58 item(s)

golf shoes
Review by kenny berger - 9/20/2020

call me crazy... shaved strokes off of my score.

Most comfortable
Review by Paul - 9/16/2020

I walk when playing golf and these are the most comfortable yet supportive shoes I’ve ever owned. Plus they look great.

Awesome Golf Shoe for large sizes
Review by Hal - 9/7/2020

I wear a 15W and this was just the right fit. Initially only played a few rounds from a cart, but recently walked 18 holes wearing these. They were considerably comfortable and roomy. I wear orthodic insoles and I put them underneath the foot bed that came with this shoe. I have been very happy with these. They are pretty roomy in the toe box, but I can deal with that as it fits me well in the balls of the foot which is the widest part of my foot, and where I have the most trouble with most shoes fitting well enough. I have played about 10 rounds and I am extremely happy with these shoes. My previous pair was spikeless New Balance 15 4E which are good as well but lacked the traction on drives that these soft spikes deliver. Very good product so far, hope the hold up for many rounds. They clean up easy on the white soles edges using spray a way and a tooth brush. Gets all the the green off after a round of golf. Saw some reviews on this saying they would not clean up. I clean after every round, not every month. Blow off the dust off the black part and wipe with a micro fiber and they are good to go. I think you can't go wrong with these.

love em
Review by Jo - 9/1/2020

Opted to go down half a size like they suggest and picked the wide option. They fit and feel amazing. Like the way the spikes feel when walking on all surfaces. Best feel golf shoe I’ve had so far. IMO one of the best looking too

Puma shoes
Review by Ckim - 9/1/2020

Very comfortable and stylish shoes. Def rub bigger so go down half a size at least. I also had to get the wide one...

Great shoes for a big guy
Review by Big Slappy - 9/1/2020

6 foot six 300 pounds and I am very hard on Golf Shoes. I walk 65% of my rounds, and the shoes are extremely comfortable and show no signs of wear through the first 12 rounds.

Puma life
Review by Tomskiz818 - 8/29/2020

Love these shoes. Ended up wearing them even to walk my dog and go for an everyday jog.

Thanks Cobra!
Review by King - 8/24/2020

Cobra leads the way in providing a golf shoe that is the unspoken major factor in every golf game.Thanks Cobra for being there when we need you most!

Great shoes
Review by Phillip - 8/18/2020

I bought these shoes because I also have the Nike tiger woods boa water proof shoes and these are so much better. The tiger woods ones are so stiff and ridged after a year of playing in them. These Pumas as like a pair of tennis shoes that happen to have spikes on them. Buy these ASAP!!!!

Met all my needs
Review by Eagle - 8/2/2020

The shoe is a winner for me. Shoe is very comfortable. Excellent stability during the swing. Looks great/feels great. What more can you ask for.

Review by Kent - 7/19/2020

Very comfortable shoe and light weight.

Excellent Buy!
Review by SammyG - 7/14/2020

First time buyer of Puma anything for golf. They look excellent from all sides. The word Comfortable doesn't do them justice. Even for a wider foot and the had the ability to pull tight for a snug fit. First time out was about 96 degrees. Stayed cool and dry. Solid purchase.

Review by BB - 7/12/2020

Most comfortable golf show I’ve ever owned. Will be adding more colors to my collection.

Run big
Review by Zak - 7/6/2020

Had to re-order 3 times, they run very big. Normally wear 9, ordered 9, then 8.5 and 8 was the final size. so keep that in mind. Otherwise I will have to let you know since I do not have the 3rd pair yet.

Golf shoes
Review by Adam L - 6/30/2020

The tennis shoes run narrow so I ordered a wide and they’re really wide like probably EE.

Ignite shoes
Review by Sergio - 6/25/2020

Ignite shoes

Great Shoe
Review by Tom - 6/16/2020

The Ignites are the first golf shoes from Puma I've ever owned. I remembered some of their street shoes in the past running thin, but when I tried them on I found a great fit. They feel like spikeless shoes when you're just walking down the fairway, but during the swing you do feel the improved grip that the spikes provide. Have been lucky with the weather so their water-resistance is still an unknown. Solid looks, as well. Nice design, Puma!

Great shoe
Review by Anthony - 6/5/2020

Definitely get a full size smaller. Had to return my initial pair but puma was very helpful. Great comfort and shoe.

Best Shoe in golf
Review by TCH2 - 6/4/2020

I am a competitive golfer and walk pretty much every round of golf I play. Have a stable soft walking shoe with spikes is awesome.

Thank you finally
Review by Big feet - 6/4/2020

I have always admired Puma golf shoes but wondered why they did not make a size 15.
These shoes a very stylish and comfortable.
I would recommend them to anyone.
Please continue to make larger sizes. The world is a big place with lots of big feet

Ignite your game!
Review by Dr Z - 6/3/2020

I've been an Addidas guy for years and have to say these Ignite shoes are awesome. Lightweight, great feel.....Game on!

Great Look & Feel
Review by Shane24ac - 5/27/2020

Great look & feel, I'd recommend them to anyone of my friends!

Great shoe
Review by Super Duper - 5/27/2020

Great shoe. Get a size smaller. I wear 11.5 with a wide foot and it offers wide size so I got 10.5W and the shoe is perfect

Great fit
Review by J - 5/23/2020

Very pleased with the feel and comfort of this! I can already feel 5 strokes better before I even touch the course.

Review by Bogey - 5/20/2020

Shoes are very comfortable and look great

Review by Jonathan - 5/15/2020

When I first tried these shoes on, the first word that came out of my mouth was WOW! These shoes feel incredible on your feet you won’t regret purchasing these shoes. Played my first round in them and they felt great. No break in time either. I would highly recommend these shoes.

Review by Hit it - 5/9/2020

These shoes are by far the most comfortable golf shoes I’ve owned. A little tough to get on but once on they are amazing. They fit to normal size, don’t get loose during the round and have amazing grip. Not sure I’m going to wear them if the grass is wet though.

Love Them
Review by AJA - 5/6/2020

I love these. I fit in a size 9 in FJ’s. I ordered a size 8.5 W and they fit perfectly. I walked 18. These shoes are comfortable.

Great Shoes
Review by Ben - 5/6/2020

I honestly love these shoes. They fit great.byou feel snug inside of it and your foot doesn't move around. I have walked about 72 holes with them so far. No complaints great product for the price point!!

Order one size down!
Review by Lals - 5/5/2020

I usually wear 9.5-10 (always a 10 in Nike). Pumas historically have ran quite small usually, but these run big. I got a 10 originally and returned it. I have a 9 on the way currently. Order a size smaller than you usually would. Other than that, shoes were super comfortable. I will try to update this review or add a new one once I play in them

full size too big
Review by JM - 5/4/2020

Order a full size down! These run big. Great shoe, very happy once I got the right size.

Outstanding Shoes
Review by Finsupernie - 4/28/2020

I am thrilled that I made this purchase. The shoes are comfortable and look great. Love the extras that came w the shoes. Incredible cause too. I wear the wide fit shoes and they fit great

Best Shoe Ever
Review by Bulldog-Golfweek Ambassador-Florida - 4/25/2020

The two most important components of a golf shoe is comfort when walking and stability when swinging. Hands down first time I can remember wearing a brand new pair of golf shoes and it was like walking on air and shoe had been broken in by being worn a dozen times. Great stability when swinging. My first Puma shoes, but definitely not my last.

Shoe Review
Review by Mike G - 4/24/2020

Having worn the IGNITE PWRADAPT shoe yesterday, I will attest to its performance and wearability. The fit is superb, but a good shoehorn was necessary for the initial voyage. This shoe is extremely comfortable; one hardly knows that shoes are on. From a performance standpoint, they seemed designed for balance and playability. I have worn only Foot-Joy shoes for years until purchasing G-Fores last season, and this shoe has them all beat for comfort and fit. I am excited to evaluate their waterproof claim. They will be hard to beat.

Comfort & Style
Review by Teddy - 4/24/2020

My girlfriend loves the look and my golf buddies have complimented them and asked about them. These do not need to 'broken in' - I walked 18 my first time out and they were awesome.

New Puma Golf Shoe
Review by Chappy - 4/24/2020

Sporty and great new style--firm and solid fit-molds to the foot! Approved!!

Golfweek Rater Approves
Review by Brian Kerns - 4/23/2020

Great shoe. Stylish, flexible, super comfort-- I walk alot of golf courses rating them for Golfweek's Best Courses and these are like walking on air, but doing it in style!

new Puma shoes
Review by Derek - 4/23/2020

Best ever. I like to walk and cushioning extremely comfortable.

Make for a great walk
Review by Cos - 4/22/2020

The inner shoe while tricky to slide on make for a supportive and comfortable golf shoe. Supportive and comfortable make for a great golf shoe.

Most comfortable golf shoes, period!
Review by Mikey - 4/22/2020

As a guy who plays more than 100 rounds a year, I know a little about golf shoes! I’ve owned many excellent pairs such as g/fore and Ecco. But these are hands down the most comfortable! Period!

Half sizes
Review by J - 4/22/2020

I took the advice of some reviews from this year and last years model in regards to sizing. I read some reviews about ordering half size/size smaller because they run big. I ordered a size 13 and 14. The 13s were slightly too small and the 14s were slightly too big. I wish there was a 13.5. These golf shoes are super comfortable and would order multiple pairs of spiked and spikeless if the half size was available. Im sure I'm not the only one.

golf shoe
Review by Samnsom - 4/20/2020

This golf shoe is comfortable and supports your feet and stability.

Amazing shoe
Review by Randy K - 4/13/2020

Not only is this shoe comfortable and great looking, but it is available in a size 15 finally.
After all these years of waiting, puma has a shoe for everyone. Highly recommend!

Perfect golf shoe
Review by Kevin - 4/11/2020

Awesome from first time you put them on. Best golf shoe I’ve worn so far. Also the best looking. Played 2 rounds so far and no complaints. They do run on the bigger side so if you are between sizes I would recommend going with the lower number.

Review by JB - 4/7/2020


Love em
Review by Paul - 3/30/2020

Worn a lot of golf shoes over the years and these are by far my favorite. I’ll be purchasing another pair, possibly two, to held in reserve once I wear these out I love em that much!

Review by JR - 3/24/2020

Ah-mazing! Best golf shoes.

First time out
Review by Bobo - 3/21/2020

I have only had the pleasure of wearing these bad boys for one full round BUT!! These felt GREAT!! Customer service was great as well,bought wrong size heard they fit small, no there PERFECT size haha they replaced no problem. TY, we will be doing this again.

My recent purchase
Review by Jim - 3/21/2020

These shoes are very comfortable and extremely water proof. My only complaint is they are difficult to put on without a shoe horn.

Ignite Golf Shoes
Review by DS - 3/11/2020

Beautiful shoes but the fit was at least one size too big.

Great Kicks
Review by Chris - 3/6/2020

THE most comfortable pair of golf shoes I ever had. Great fit and feel throughout the whole course. Would recommend to anyone! The only downside, and it's not even major, is they how hard to get on the first few times....other than that, FANTASTIC!!

Awesome shoe
Review by JC - 2/24/2020


WOW! Puma is on fire with these shoes
Review by Rick - 2/21/2020

Incredible fit and feel. Great shoe for all 18!

great shoes
Review by Buck - 2/21/2020

Like the Navy Blue shoes

Support and Amazing Comfort
Review by Jimmy - 2/19/2020

This is the first pair of Puma golf shoes I’ve owned.

I play two times per week and I nearly always carry my bag. My course has hilly terrain, so iron shots are seldom from a level lie. Of course I want comfort, but support is super important to me.

Before wearing these shoes on the course I wore them around the house for about 3-4 hours. They were comfortable enough to keep them, but it was not until I took them out to the course did the design features become obvious and highly desirable.

First the comfort on grass is fantastic. Walking in these shoes is a joy, but where they really shine is in stability and performance. There is a harness-like “cage” inside the back portion of the shoe that comfortably secures the foot in a wonderfully dynamic way. They blend comfort, stability and mobility perfectly.

I have not tested the waterproofing yet, but in every other respect they are the best shoes I’ve ever owned.

I highly recommend these shoes

Love the Shoes!
Review by Lance - 2/18/2020

I absolutely love these shoes. They are comfortable once you get them on. If I had any issues with them it would be putting them on for the first time was very difficult. I realize new shoes are going to be tight, but HOLY CRAP! Maybe include a cheap shoe horn in the box.

Review by Grampa Pete - 2/15/2020

Own 2 pair of these gold shoes! Great fit, so comfortable. Thank you Puma for making my feet happy!!

Puma time
Review by Kevin - 1/21/2020

Looking forward to wearing the best shoes in golf

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