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<div class="content">
                   <h2>ORANGE CRUSHED!</h2>
                <div class="inner-wrapper">
                    <h5>July 02, 2012</h5>
    CARLSBAD, CA (July 24th , 2012) &ndash; COBRA&reg; Golf has announced the launch of the Special Edition Orange AMPTM Driver. Through a collaboration with Rickie Fowler, COBRA Golf has created a Sunday Orange version of the popular AMP Driver. Available in limited quantities at select retailers this July, the Special Edition Orange AMP Driver brings COBRA Golf’s signature color, technical innovation and performance to the golf course in a big way.</p>
    “This Special Edition driver embodies what COBRA Golf is bringing to the game of golf, a desirable package of performance, innovation and style,” commented Bob Philion, President of COBRA PUMA GOLF. “We are building on the success and strong performance of our current AMP line with an exciting limited edition that will resonate with Rickie’s fans. Like Rickie, we believe the Special Edition Orange AMP Driver will be a huge hit and continue to build desirability for the COBRA brand.”<br>
    After launching the first white driver in November 2010 with the ZL, COBRA is now bringing the first monochromatic, color driver to the market. The Special Edition Orange AMP Driver has a vibrant orange crown with a vibrant orange and black PVD sole. The premium Mitsubishi Diamana&reg; Whiteboard shaft and Lamkin&reg; R.E.L. 3Gen grip are both a custom vibrant orange. The driver comes with a vibrant orange head cover and ships to consumers in a custom COBRA AMP vibrant orange box. The Special Edition Orange AMP Driver honors and celebrates Rickie Fowler and his Sunday Orange.<br>
    “It was a lot of fun working with the COBRA research and development team on this driver,” said Rickie Fowler. “We had a few rounds of samples until we found the right Sunday Orange color and then we decided to use the same shaft I play on Tour. It has been performing great in testing and has a cool new look and edge to it. I think fans will love it.”</p>
    The Special Edition Orange AMP Driver features E9 Face Technology TM with dual roll, Adjustable Flight Technology TM (AFT), and Advanced Material Placement TM. These technologies combine with a Titanium 6-4 head and a semi-forged, milled titanium face to deliver blistering balls speeds, explosive distance and customized performance. E9 Face Technology with dual roll utilizes an elliptical shape face that gives the Special Edition Orange AMP Driver a 30% larger Sweet Zone&reg;, resulting in more distance, accuracy and forgiveness in shots hit from the low heel to high toe; the canted bulge with dual roll provides added distance and accuracy to the shots hit above and below the centerline. AFT lets golfers easily set the face angle to Open, Neutral or Closed to optimize ball flight and Advanced Material Placement redistributes up to 15 grams of weight to maximize distance through optimized launch conditions.</p>
    “The Special Edition driver features the same advanced technology we use in our Tour proven AMP Driver,” said Tom Preece, Vice President of Research and Development at COBRA PUMA GOLF. “The adjusted shape face and design of bulge and roll gives golfers more confidence when mis-hits happen by creating a larger Sweet Zone; ultimately adding forgiveness and distance to shots that aren’t hit in the center of the face.”</p>
    With the Special Edition Orange AMP Driver, COBRA Golf is driving desirability for the brand and bringing an innovative, fresh new product for golfers to enjoy the game of golf.</p>
    Rickie Fowler’s Stats in 2012*<br>
    <strong>Total Driving</strong><br>
    • 2012: 6th vs. 2011: T87th<br>
    <strong>Driving Accuracy</strong><br>
    • 2012: 40th (64.53% of fairways) vs. 2011: 157th (56.7%)<br>
    <strong>Greens in Regulation</strong><br>
    • 2012: 28th vs. 2011: T120th<br>
    <strong>Ball Striking</strong><br>
    • 2012: 13th vs. 2011: 108th</p>
    COBRA Special Edition Orange AMP Driver<br>
    <strong>E9 Face Technology with dual roll</strong><br>
    • An elliptical face featuring a new canted bulge with dual roll design providing more distance to shots hit above and below the centerline.<br>
    <strong>Adjustable Flight Technology (AFT)</strong><br>
    • Three simple face-angle settings (Open, Neutral and Closed) optimize ball flight for increased distance and improved accuracy.<br>
    <strong>Advanced Material Placement</strong><br>
    • Sophisticated computer modeling and simulation allow designers to thin walls to save weight and redistribute up to 15 grams of mass deep and back in the club head; this maximizes distance through optimized launch conditions.<br>
    <strong>Mitsubishi Diamana White Board Shaft</strong><br>
    • The same premium shaft that Rickie Fowler plays on Tour in a custom color provides stability through impact and optimum feel.&nbsp;</p>
    The COBRA Special Edition Orange AMP Driver (MAP $499) is available in men’s right-handed lofts of 9.5° and 10.5° in Stiff and Regular flexes.&nbsp;</p>
    The Special Edition Orange AMP Driver will be available in the United States on August 1st in limited quantities at select retailers. To find an authorized COBRA Golf dealer near you, visit <a href=""></a></p>
    For more information on COBRA Golf, visit us at <a href=""></a> Stay .up to date with the latest products, events and COBRA Golf Tour athletes at and on our Twitter handle: @cobragolf</p>
    *since switching to the COBRA Golf AMP Driver and AMP Pro Proto Irons. Statistics from As of June 27th, 2012</p>