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KING LTD Driver Black


The KING LTD Driver is back, in matte black and smarter than ever with COBRA CONNECT™. Created with the best materials and technologies, the KING LTD is the Longest & Straightest driver that COBRA has ever created.

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Regular Price: $449.00

Special Price $299.00

Track your distance™ like never before. COBRA has released their first connected golf club. A major technological breakthrough, COBRA CONNECT™ features a seamlessly integrated Arccos sensor into each COBRA CONNECT™ driver grip.



Most drivers have a CG (Center of Gravity) that is positioned above the neutral axis line. KING LTD is our first driver to get down to the neutral axis line (Zero CG), meaning more distance through higher launch, less spin and more ball speed.


Cobra KING Driver Spaceport

A 16g weight design (featuring Spiralock® technology that prevents the over tightening and loosening of the weight during heavy vibrations and high-speed impacts) creates an extremely low and deep CG with high MOI - the perfect combination for ultimate distance without sacrificing forgiveness.


Equipped with Cobra's MyFly loft technology, easily adjust your ideal launch conditions with 8 different loft settings. The KING LTD offers both draw and neutral settings for optimum distance from the tee.

King Driver Technology

A new, re-engineered Forged 8-1-1 Titanium E9 Face has a variable thickness structure that is lighter, thinner and hotter, creating more deflection for faster ball speeds and a larger Sweet Zone™ across the face.


The TeXtreme® Carbon Fiber crown is 20% lighter than regular carbon fiber, allowing for more weight to be repositioned lower and deeper in the head for extreme distance and greater forgiveness.


Speed Channel is an exclusive COBRA innovation. An engineered trench around the perimeter of the face minimizes thickness and increases ball speeds across the face for incredible distance.


ModelLoft/Trajectory SettingsLengthSwing WeightHead
KING LTD Driver 9° / 9.5° / 9.5° Draw / 10.5° / 10.5° Draw /
11.5°  / 11.5° Draw  / 12°
45.00" D4 460cc X, S, R RH/LH

*Matching premium headcover and wrench kit included.


Aldila Rogue Black 60
ModelFlexWeightKick PointTorqueTip Diameter
KING LTD Aldila Rogue Black 60 X 70g Mid 3.3 0.335
KING LTD Aldila Rogue Black 60 S 68g Mid 3.6 0.335
KING LTD Aldila Rogue Black 60 R 66g Mid 4.0 0.335


COBRA King LTD - Lamkin UTX

Lamkin UTX (Connect) / KING LTD Black 52g .580 Tri Layer ACE UTX

Customer Reviews 21 item(s)

Great driver feels like a wood when hit
Review by Butty - 5/31/2019

I have tried a few drivers lately. I have never felt that comfortable with modern 460 drivers. This driver I feel in control. Very forgiving great distance. Very pleased with my purchase.

Review by Keith - 9/10/2018

I bought this driver twice. The first time, after about 10 swings a big piece of the mold broke off inside the crown. Due to the fact that this driver has a hole in the bottom you can open I was able to get the piece out. Obviously I was not happy about that so I sent it back to the Licensed retailer. They assured me it had nothing to do with the performance and sent that club back to me. I'm not one to make a big deal so I continued to use that club. To me it never felt the way it should. So when they went on sale I decided to purchase an entirely new driver. This time I'm at a loss for words. I literally took 20 swings with this new driver at the range and the entire top of the crown blew off the club. No I was not hitting the ball off the top of the face, I was making center contact.

I'm not knocking the cobra brand. I love cobra, my entire bag consists of cobra clubs from my King wedges, all the way through my driver. Just stay away from this particular driver. It must have design of production flaws.

Review by jeff - 2/24/2018

IMO Cobra does not get enough recognition as a top golf club mfg. I own 2 King Ltd Black drivers and wish I had 10. It is the best driver I have ever owned...... All my buddies can keep their Taylormades, Callaways, Pings, Nikes, etc, Ill take cobra every time. I bleed orange, my cobra staff bag is equipped with 2 king ltd black drivers, king ltd black 3 and 5 fairways, 52, 56, 60 king satin wedges, and my king f8 irons which I just received today, can't wait to use them!!! Not only is my arsenal the best IMO. I look goooood, when I pull up to the course. Thank you Cobra....

Made for fast swings and high spin players
Review by Weston - 1/29/2018

Still love this driver. Been playing it for 2 years now. I have the LTD Pro model. It was the last driver on the market to offer 7° of loft. Ultra low spin, so you’ll need a fast swing speed to make it work. It was way ahead of its time, and honestly, there is nothing out there that comes close to it except the recently released F8+ driver from Cobra.

Review by J.R. - 12/1/2017

I recently purchased this club changing from a 2016 taylormade m2. I put the exact same shaft in the ltd black driver but I still lost at least 15 yards and my shot dispersion is a lot wider compared to the m2. It's so bad in fact that after 2 weeks of trying to force myself to like this driver, I finally went back to the m2. Sorry cobra, I love my 4 wood baffler,3 driving iron, and forged one lengths BUT this driver is the WORST!!!

Flat out the best!
Review by IUHAHN - 10/8/2017

Have ALWAYS used nothing but Cobra throughout my bag. Bought the LTD about 3 months ago. I'm not joking when I say this driver added 30 + yards to my drives. Miss hits are averaging over 270 yards. Over 300 easy when hit pure. NEVER been able to achieve that even with past Cobra drivers. Buy this club. Period!

Review by JD - 9/28/2017

What can I say I absolutely love this driver, had trouble slicing ball before I bought this driver and was lucky to get 280 out of my old driver. With my king ltd black averaging 300+ with a draw, long drive of the year hit 20 yards past a 345 yard par 4, also reaching par 5s in two that I never could before. Unbelievable!!!

Review by Smooth - 9/16/2017

Best driver on the market PERIOD

Review by Yahoo - 9/12/2017

Nice club. Looks great, and possibly the best sounding club on the market. Goes about the same distance as clubs from the other companies. I think it's superior in every way to the F7 drivers.

Can't beat it for the price!
Review by CJ - 8/11/2017

Recently purchased coming from Ping G LsTec and there is no comparison! Feel and sound...the Cobra is a fantastic club. I can work the ball with ease but mostly it is point and shoot FW splitting club. Puts the ease back in the tee ball. Whipped cream on top is a local retailer made me a fantastic deal. #cloud9golf

It is a beautiful club
Review by Jreck - 8/1/2017

Works beautifully on course and allows me to get my maximum distance!

Review by Scotty - 7/14/2017

I have hit this Driver for 2 years now. I think it's the best Driver Cobra has ever made. Accurate, Long, Great feel.

Review by Cassells - 6/24/2017

The driver is so good I bought the 3wood now am trying out the irons next week best driver I've tried in years

Review by Forbes - 6/17/2017

I get high launch and low spin for my longest drives ever!

Hit more Fairways
Review by Robi - 5/29/2017

Best Driver I have ever owned!
Love the sound of impact, spins low, medium launch, but best of all is I feel connected to the driver throughout my swing.
Buy this Driver, hit more fairways.

Great performance but Arccos is worthless
Review by denfinder - 4/30/2017

I have played with the King ltd Black for 3 rounds now. I love the low spin of the driver. My typical club head speed is 103-105 and I thought I'd have issues getting the ball airborne but that was not the case. My shots when hit well go forever and at a nice trajectory. My miss-hits were still long and not that far off track. The weight of the ltd is heavier than the Fly-z I played before but I appreciate the shorter shaft and ability to feel where the head is. The Arccos/connect feature is worthless to me. I hate playing with my phone in my pocket let alone having it turned on burning a hole in my pocket to get accurate readings. I nailed a drive and arrived at my ball only to discover the app turned off and didn't record my distance. Very disappointed in the Arccos execution. The driver is awesome but the connect feature needs lots of work.

Great driver
Review by Jedigolf - 1/27/2017

I have had this driver for 2 months. I was sold after testing it against my M1. Spin rate was 1650-2000 compared to 2000-2400 on my M1. Sound and look are awesome as well. My first Cobra product ever and I am very happy.

Club is Great ....Connect Grip Not
Review by rvj53 - 1/7/2017

The Club as absolutely fantastic, but the Connect Grip is not functional, mainly because the Arccos App is not not up to par with Cobra. I would think if you are going to create a Grip like connect the App would work as good as the club. I will leave it in but won't use it. Unfortunate that the App is only compatible with a few Smart Phones. Needs work. The reviews all indicate that the App is not very functional. Thanks

Great driver
Review by Crowman - 1/3/2017

Played with this driver for about six months It is a great driver. Where can I buy a adopter for another shaft Thank you Cecil crow

Great distance
Review by Bobino - 12/5/2016

Straight long drive I love it.

The Silencer
Review by Casting Stones - 11/30/2016

I have owned many drivers across many manufacturers in the past. My last driver, the Cobra Amp. This King LTD black compares closely with my Amp driver. Here are the differences. The King has a flat black head. No glare at all. The King adjusts the loft easily from 9 to 12 degrees. My Amp has no loft adjustment.
The King provides more forgiveness as in lower side and backspin. The King has the most mutted sound of any club that I have ever owned even less than persimmon. Finally, the distance gained was zero. The Amp and King have comparable distances. My average is around 285 and my long is around 310. I have a 10 handicap. I prefer the feedback from the Amp driver, but I like the adjustability of the King. Concerning preference between Amp and King, it is a toss up for me. I suggest try it before you buy and get fitted.

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