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The KING LTD Driver represents COBRA’s finest technologies without compromise. Created with the best materials and technologies, the KING LTD is the Longest & Straightest driver that COBRA has ever created. THE ULTIMATE DISTANCE MACHINE™.

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Cobra KING Driver Spaceport

A 16g weight design (featuring Spiralock® technology that prevents the over tightening and loosening of the weight during heavy vibrations and high-speed impacts) creates an extremely low and deep CG with high MOI - the perfect combination for ultimate distance without sacrificing forgiveness.



Most drivers have a CG (Center of Gravity) that is positioned above the neutral axis line. KING LTD is our first driver to get down to the neutral axis line (Zero CG), meaning more distance through higher launch, less spin and more ball speed.


Equipped with Cobra's MyFly loft technology, easily adjust your ideal launch conditions with 8 different loft settings. The KING LTD offers both draw and neutral settings for optimum distance from the tee.

King Driver Technology

A new, re-engineered Forged 8-1-1 Titanium E9 Face has a variable thickness structure that is lighter, thinner and hotter, creating more deflection for faster ball speeds and a larger Sweet Zone™ across the face.


The TeXtreme® Carbon Fiber crown is 20% lighter than regular carbon fiber, allowing for more weight to be repositioned lower and deeper in the head for extreme distance and greater forgiveness.


Speed Channel is an exclusive COBRA innovation. An engineered trench around the perimeter of the face minimizes thickness and increases ball speeds across the face for incredible distance.


ModelLoft/Trajectory SettingsLengthSwing WeightHead
KING LTD Driver 9° / 9.5° / 9.5° Draw / 10.5° / 10.5° Draw /
11.5°  / 11.5° Draw  / 12°
45.00" D4 460cc X, S, R RH/LH

*Matching premium headcover and wrench kit included.


Aldila Rogue Black 60
ModelFlexWeightKick PointTorqueTip Diameter
KING LTD Aldila Rogue Black 60 X 70g Mid 3.3 0.335
KING LTD Aldila Rogue Black 60 S 68g Mid 3.6 0.335
KING LTD Aldila Rogue Black 60 R 66g Mid 4.0 0.335


COBRA King LTD - Lamkin UTX

Lamkin UTX / KING LTD 52g .580 Tri Layer ACE UTX

Customer Reviews 55 item(s)

Cobra is King
Review by Ozzy - 8/29/2018

Just bought a Ping Driver ( very nice) Benross ( Speed -Very Nice) the Cobra the Bizz...Watch out Brigg House Bay..

Best ever
Review by warbirdlover - 5/15/2018

I've hit them all. I'm 71 but swing easy and Bridgestone ball test said it's 99-102 swingspeed. Normally around 230ish but with this beast I'm 20 yards longer and once in awhile get one out to 280. And most are in the fairway unless I do something stupid. As far as spaceport issue, use some Loctite blue on it and no problems.

Very Nice Club
Review by JL - 9/7/2017

Solid driver out of the box, easily outclassed my 2014 Big Bertha by a few yards each time. Once I upgraded the shaft this thing turned into a pure bomber. My drives with my old Bertha were generally 285-290 yards total. With the King LTD and upgraded shaft I am consistently seeing 300-310 yards. 4 stars because stock shaft was not for me.

love these new cobras!
Review by big choke - 9/6/2017

Always been a cobra driver guy. Last driver was 380ss. Max drive distance has faded a little with old age, but this driver has provided a much more consistent ball flight, and right to left action. As always that signature cobra sound makes you feel great about your drive. Great driver cobra!

Great Club
Review by Scott - 8/11/2017

Improved my game immensely

Manufacturing Quality
Review by Goose - 6/3/2017

Tested and selected through a fitting at Club Champion. Best club, long and forgiving. So, after 2 tounds and 2 buckets at the range, the epoxy on the inside holding the crown to the rest of the head started breaking loose. Turns out the space port is great for getting the loose epoxy out of the head... so then after a few more swings, the crown started to separate from the the rest of the head, cracking behind the face. Returning to Club Champion and getting a different head, too many defects.

Total Sleeper
Review by Scott - 4/21/2017

I have tried way to many drivers over the last year. The M1 is overrated, M2 2016 is very good, Epic is ok, Subzero is terrible. I pulled a LTD demo out of our proshop and played 9 with the team I coach. Missed 1 fairway by a yard, and everything was long. Shot an easy -1. This will be in my bag.

same as everyone else - spaceport is rubbish!
Review by kav - 4/5/2017

same as everyone else it seems.... lovely club but that silly space port keeps falling off, flying onto the range or falling into the club! completely ridiculous and not what you'd expect from a premium driver!!

Great forgiving and long driver
Review by P Sharpe - 3/28/2017

This is probably the best driver ever made. I have been an avid golfer for over 7 years and achieved my maximum distance with this driver. I went to Golfsmith and hit about 7 drivers that day including Taylormade's, Pings, Titleist, and Callaway. This was by far the longest and straightest driver I hit that day. I was hitting the other drivers about 250 yards and semi consistent but then I asked to hit the Cobra. I hit the Cobra about 275 yards perfectly on the line. After this I knew I had to get it. I have had the driver for 6 months and love it, and everybody whom I let hit it, loves it. This driver has the most solid feel of any driver I have ever hit and the largest sweet spot I have ever seen. This is an extremely versatile driver that could be used by beginners and scratch golfers alike. Highly recommended.

Review by Jorbin1218 - 3/22/2017

I got this driver about two weeks and I absolutely love it. I'm 54 and I've have hit this club longer and straighter then my last 4-5 drivers. If the F7 series is better than this driver, it must be a fantasy. Keep up the good work Cobra!!

Great look,straight and long!
Review by Lyndon - 3/21/2017

Coming from the Fly Z (which is still amazing club and very forgiving) I tried the Ping G but this just goes miles and straight. Miss hits still get good distance and the stock aldila shaft feels very good! Cobra make the best clubs on the market at the moment!

Paint chipping after one week
Review by Golfer - 3/9/2017

One week after buying brand new and paint has chipped off of the top of the crown. Explained that I lived an hour from any authorized dealer and that I could take care of the shipment to cobra myself to avoid the hassle (done with other companies before). Am told sorry but the only way to get it repaired is through an authorized dealer, and waiting about a month. Back to PING I go. Other than that, solid club. I'd just prefer the company reflect that.

preposterous distance
Review by chris - 1/18/2017

Playing partner had one of these and i tried it. Then i wouldn't give it back. This is the most insane club ever, psycho distance. Super straight. Sounds and feels great too. Wow..

Rocket Launcher
Review by Daniel - 1/10/2017

I tested this driver at the recommendation of my local Golfsmith store. After hitting a few balls, I was impressed with the distance and feel. the balls just seemed to jump off the face. I was so impressed that I ordered the fairway and once it came in, I hit it straighter and further than ever. It was like I was using a rocket launcher!!

Distance is unreal
Review by Dickey - 1/6/2017

Absolutely love this club! Mishits still have great distance. Balls that get squared up are absolutely crushed by this club head! Only reason I gave it 3 stars is because before my 3rd time out while at the driving range the orange plastic piece came undone and is rattling around inside of the club head. I honestly do not think it affects performance, but it is extremely annoying and embarrassing when my buddy's ask, "what's that noise?" Then they question my club selection. Will attempt to contact Cobra customer service on Monday. Hopefully they will assist me, club only made it through two rounds.

Review by Big Howell - 12/10/2016

Can anyone say distance! Holy Shit! Super straight! Well done again COBRA!

Review by Ben - 12/10/2016

I hit the LTD and I hit longer and straighter. The driver is amazing!!!

Very special driver!
Review by DC - 11/28/2016

I have had several drivers over the last couple of years, including Ping G30, G25, Anser, and Taylormade M1 and for me this was the best. I didn't get along very well with the stock Rogue shaft, launched too low for me. Put in an old school Pro Launch Blue shaft and dialed up the loft to 11.5 (way above what I usually play) and BINGO - Best driver I have ever hit!!!! Total BEAST!

Very special driver!
Review by Derrick - 11/25/2016

I have switched back and forth between several drivers over the past 2 years - PING G25, Anser, G30, Taylormade M1. This for me is the best of the bunch. I could not get along with it in the beginning, took some time and I am not accustomed to that, but after adjusting the loft up and changing to an old school Pro Launch Blue shaft this thing really came to life. I now get that High piercing ball flight that all my playing partners just stand and watch with admiration. Getting fit with the right shaft is extremely important - but make no mistake - this driver will perform. Truly a King!!

Distance +
Review by Napa - 10/15/2016

I had a Cobra previously and decided to get a new driver, as mine was 7 years old. Bought a Ping G30 which was a great driver, accurate and longer. I gave it to my son as he broke his. I was 10-15 yards farther on average with the Ping over my S-9. I thought I would try the King LTD. After adapting my tempo to the Cobra King Limited and dialing it in, I went from 230-245 with the Ping to 245 to 260. It offered the accuracy of the Ping, but what length. I have even hit several 295 yards, One for my first one-put eagle on a Par 4. Even my usual partners are impressed. They keep grabbing it for some swings now that I hit it past them. Awesome to grab two irons less for my approach shot. I have gone from a 12hcp to a 9 hcp. Thanks Cobra!

Perfect Upgrade
Review by Scott - 9/27/2016

Upgraded to this club and it significantly enhanced my bag!

First Time Out
Review by Kyle - 8/31/2016

Just played my first game with this driver. Didn't even hit the driving range before I started the game. This driver was incredible my first actual drive was straight down the pipe at 267 yards. & all I did was take a nice easy swing. Once you get used to the Arccos tracking system that came with the club its very informative it could be seated better on the end of the club but once you get used to it it pumps out pretty accurate information as I used my garmin to see if it was correct & it was. Looking forward to many more rounds with this great driver.

game changer
Review by levi - 7/23/2016

I have always been a Titleist driver guy, had a 915 D2 with same Rogue shaft, compared side by side and then on the course, LTD is noticeably longer and so much straighter for me that its crazy! I'm having shorter clubs in to the par fours and from the short grass...consequently I have had my 4 lowest rounds of the year!!! GAME CHANGER!!

KING LTD vs. TaylorMade M1
Review by ChrisW - 5/26/2016

I demoed the KING LTD with an X-stiff (stock) shaft. I looked at my dad and whispered: a stock shaft? Seriously? I swung it, and the numbers jumped. I mean JUMPED, as in going from 114-117mph swing speed to 121mph, and a 160(ish) ball speed to a 171 average. Dang, those are Tour numbers! If I was driving 290 yards with my Titleist, I was CARRYING it 306 with the KING LTD (longest complete drive was 329). Now, I’m going to be honest with you -- I tried like crazy to get the M1 to match those numbers. Heck, I would have been happy if I came close. I couldn’t. The numbers refused to lie. The KING LTD killed it every time, stock shaft and all!

I’ve played in a couple two-day tournaments since then at Carlton Oaks and Vineyards, and I routinely outdrove my fellow competitors by a sizable margin. More importantly, my game has fundamentally changed thanks to the sweet technology in the KING LTD. I have to rely A LOT more on my wedge game now. I am basically going driver then 54/60 degree into the par fours. Yesterday, on the first hole at the Vineyards, I drove it 319 and put a half-swing on my 60 to three feet. Honestly, I can’t recall the last time I grabbed a PW or a 9-iron on a par four since buying this black and orange beast.
My game is still evolving. I’m not where I want to be yet, but I’m now OFFICIALLY longer than I ever expected to be.

ball speed holy ****
Review by tfk - 5/26/2016

if you are a lonwer handicap player try this and you will be pleased. I mean HOLY F**K

Review by SSB Putters - 5/25/2016

I have never written a golf club review on a manufacturers website, but after two rounds with the LTD that had to change. I have talked about it on Golf WRX and a couple of other places but I have not been this excited about a driver in 15 years. I am a low handicap golfer (.1) currently and since making some swing changes my driving had gone down hill. So I went out and tried every driver I could get my hands on. I tried clubs from all of the major manufacturers, but all of the "Low Spin" models had one thing in common.....a lack of forgiveness. You could call it less forgiveness, but either term works. I always worried when the low slap hook would rear it's ugly head and cost me a bogey or worse each round. Those thoughts have gone away. I now have a one way miss with a forgiving driver, that lowered my spin, and that I can make the ball go the other direction if I need to. This is far and away the best driver I have played in 15 years, it is so good, that it has convinced me to look at other Cobra clubs. I plan on checking out their wedges, the New Utility iron, and the LTD Fairway wood as well.

Feel the game like never before
Review by K Lott - 5/24/2016

I've never written a golf club review before but I have to now. Wow, what a great driver! I am a low handicap player (1.8) and I absolutely love the feel of the game we all love. I've always played forged irons and now I have a driver that is not only long and forgiving but feels incredible. If you are looking for a long driver that is forgiving and feels more like a forged iron than a drIver...do yourself a favor and hit this club!!!! I play 9.5 wth a graphite design AD DI 6s shaft, callaway chrome soft ball....best feeling combination on the planet.

Who knew, The King LTD was this good?
Review by Scud - 5/23/2016

I had a Titleist D2 driver I simply loved. until I tried the King LTD. I did a demo of about 7 different manufacturers stacked up against each other on a Trackman. The King LTD had a much tighter dispersion than them all and as much distance, if not farther, than all of them. Loved the muted sound as I despise tingy sounding drivers.

Best Driver Ever
Review by Brian - 5/22/2016

I have owned a number of Drivers in my days of playing but this is the first one that I have seen a noticeable improvement in distance. I went from the Bio Cell to the LTD and am hitting it 20 to 30 yards farther and even the off center hits go as far as my old drivers. Great club,

A special thank you for outstanding customer service.
Review by Nick - 5/20/2016

Purchased driver with the Rogue shaft, had a love / hare relationship.
Matt the Cora rep and customer service exchanged the Rogue shaft for a Matrix Red Tie shaft. This shaft is now 20 yards longer and a lot more accurate. It was great dealing with a company that stands behind their product. Thanks again.

Review by LPK2 - 5/16/2016

Incredible. The King LTD Added 20-30 yards easily. Was a 250 kind of guy. Now I'm a 280 guy without any fear on the tee. Ball explodes off of the face. Feels amazing. Miss hits still travel as far as my previous driver's solid hits.

Great driver, but spaceport not so much
Review by Pdaddy - 5/13/2016

Love the feel, distance, forgiveness of this driver. May be the best I've ever tried. But I had the same problem with the clear orange piece of the spaceport coming undone. Now stuck inside the driver head. Cobra says they will fix under warranty.

Great driver
Review by God - 5/8/2016

The best driver ever

Good ..... But
Review by RJP - 4/27/2016

Had mine for 6 weeks before the same thing happened , the lid on the space port is now inside the head. Great driver otherwise but for the price this sort of thing should not happen.

Long driver
Review by 4311007 - 4/27/2016

On average 18 longer than my Taylor Made SLDR

Crazy - Love the King LTD
Review by Duke - 4/24/2016

Tried Trackman fittings twice over past 2 years and could get nothing longer than 2 yard gain on my Titleist 915 D2. Went back this spring and paired the King with UST Chrome Elements shaft and picked up 9 yards on Trackman. Ordered the King LTD and since keep hitting in to places I've haven't seen in 20 years. Consistently 20+ yards longer and allowing me to reach the par 5's in two again. Straight, looks and sounds great and long!!! Thanks Cobra!!

Wont change any time soon
Review by Pontus - 4/23/2016

Ive always had hard times with hitting driver off the tee. Went for a custom fitting and left with LTD with Elements Chrome in X-flex. Finding more fairways than ever. Best feeling driver I've hit. Couldnt been happier.

I am a SPACE believer
Review by Limshady - 4/15/2016

I went to Golfsmith yesterday 4/14 dead set on getting the XR16 or G30 but after testing the XR16 back spin was very high (4400) average. The G driver was around 2800 carrying around 220 and 245 in distance. My fitter suggested I try the Nike 440 and the Cobra LTD. I didn't like the look and feel of the Nike but the Cobra.... Wow and wow. I average 4mph gain on my swing speed, 15yds on my carry and 268 in distance. I even recorded 97mph and 279 in distance. I bought it today through TGW only because price was $399 vs $449 everywhere else. I can't wait to get this driver on the golf course.

Review by COOLSHIRTCEO - 4/12/2016

Incredible driver... Just had a custom fitting done and this thing is a MONSTER.. Well done COBRA

Fantastic Driver !
Review by NC Golfer - 4/8/2016

I have never written a review for a golf club before but I need to share how incredible this driver really is. I have purchased every single driver from each manufacturer over the past five years in search of more distance. I am a senior golfer and my average distance off the tee is 250 to 270 yards... This club is awesome! I gained 20 to 40 yards per drive without swinging out of my shoes, in fact the quieter sound when the ball is struck made me think I did not hit the club face well when I hit it the very first time but when the ball flew past my usual landing spot in the fairway by 40 yards my jaw dropped... The feel, look, and the ball response off the club face is excellent. The bottom line with no BS is that I would recommend this driver to anyone looking for more distance off the tee...

Best I've hit
Review by ARMF - 3/28/2016

This thing is the real deal - picked up distance and accuracy and it feels great. Will definitely be looking at Cobras other clubs on demo day!!

Best Cobra Driver I've Ever Owned
Review by Vern - 3/27/2016

Upgraded from my Cobra AMP driver and without a doubt the King is King! Pro at Golf Galaxy helped me set it up and it's officially the best driver I've ever owned. Great feel, looong and straight. rouge shaft @ 10.5 draw set up works wonders on my swing. Now I'm just waiting on my King Pro irons to come in this week....

Awesome Driver!
Review by Lwsnpaul - 3/26/2016

I have hit a lot of different drivers from all the big manufacturers including Cobra. This is by far the best feel at impact that I have experienced yet! It is also very long and forgiving. If your looking at drivers give the ltd a try, you will not be disappointed. Cobra did a really good job with the ltd line.

Great, but!
Review by Hugo - 3/26/2016

Lovely club but the orange plastic on the lid of the space port came loose and ended up inside the club, this only on the second outing. Club sent back to seller. Not impressive given all the talk about space technology. Others having the same problem?

Amazing Driver
Review by Rjohnson1005 - 3/25/2016

I have had this driver for a few months now, and my driving has never been better. Its looks cool, it feels fantastic, andit is the most forgiving driver I have ever owned. And on top of all that it is very long, hits the ground hot. Well done Cobra!

Best driver EVER
Review by Wic Diezel - 3/23/2016

I recently received my Cobra KING LTD driver. It is set at 9.5 degrees neutral with the stiff flex Rogue shaft. Not only is it the best feeling, and best sounding driver I've ever hit... in one round I drove a 333 yard par 4 and a 352 yard par 4. Straight, straight, straight and SUPER LONG. Thanks Cobra.

Great feel, sound, distance, and forgiveness
Review by Jay - 3/12/2016

I've tried many drivers over the last few years. None of them were duds, but I was not able to find exactly what I was looking for. I came across some great reviews of the LTD, so I decided to try it out. It has a nice solid, muted sound/feel at impact. Perfect for me. Some folks like a loud, high pitched driver, but I can't stand that aluminum baseball bat sound. Forgiveness is good here as well, I've put some bad swings on the ball that still found the fairway or just off it. Distance has been incredible. I have hit some drives to places on my course that I've never been, when I catch the sweet spot just right. Most drivers nowadays are good drivers, and offer a couple of the things listed above. But when all of my wants were met by the LTD: feel, sound, distance, and forgiveness, I had to rate it 5 stars.

Review by wareagle9 - 3/10/2016

Currently playing a Ping G30. Went to get fit for a new big stick. I tested the Nike Vapor drivers, Ping G and LStec, TM M1, Cobra F6+ and Titlesit 915. Did this over 2 days. Didn't like the F6+ but decided to try the LTD. Wow, wow, and wow. Incredible feel at impact, almost no spin, launching at a perfect angle. I gained 20 yards over the next best option for me which was the new Ping G. I'm a believer in the spaceport and zero G! Thanks Cobra!!!

Review by Great Sunday Drive - 2/26/2016

My tentative first swing carried farther than my best drive with my SLDR 430. So smooth, solid impact feel. Rogue black shaft is perfectly in tune with my swing. I'll play this club for a long time!!!

finally working
Review by jeff - 2/22/2016

had my doubts about this driver until i pulled my fly-Z shaft and put the king on the end of it, also had to kick the loft to 11 1/2 . now i am 20 yards longer than before and VERY straight. now considering pulling my fly-z fairway woods and replacing with the king cobras

Best feeling driver ever!
Review by PJ - 2/21/2016

In my over 2 decades of playing golf I've never hit a driver that feels any better at impact than this!! Paired it with the Aldila Tour green shaft and it's a bomber and plenty forgiving! Booted the LS Tec out of my bag after one shot!

Very solid
Review by JLJR. - 2/18/2016

I am a scratch player that has always been able to score but have never been a great driver of the golf ball. I have used most of the popular drivers over the last year: Ping G30, MI, 915 D3, Callaway DD Etc. I bought this without even hitting it first based on all the great reviews. I loved the look and new I good get it at a good price. Right after I paid for it, I hit it and love the feel, sound, and ball flight. The rogue black shaft is great. I have played the rogue silver and thought the black felt better. This is replacing my M1 which I think is WAY over rated. Great work cobra!

best driver ever owned
Review by richard - 2/17/2016

classic look no distracting gimmicks solid sound and feel have LTD fairway as well and when i hit it pure i can hear it before i see it.had bio cell previous and disdained other mfg tried on practice facility never tempted by others never bested my cobra all fairways are cobra

Can't wait to put it in the bag...
Review by JSP - 2/4/2016

Hit it at Golf Galaxy yesterday. Hit about 30 balls and it's going 25 yards further than my Taylor Made SLDR driver. This club carried more than my average total distance with the SLDR. Way easier to keep down the center also. Great look, Great Feel... It's no wonder they didn't have any in stock. I would have bough the DEMO. LOL!

King cobra KING LTD destroys golf balls.
Review by Shawn ss. - 1/27/2016

Incredible feel at impact, forgiving. The golf ball takes off like a missile. Tee it high and let it fly. I've noticed when I hit the ball above the center it is an absolute flying machine. In my own personal opinion the best driver cobra has ever built.

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