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KING Forged Tour Irons

The KING FORGED TOUR irons are the ideal player’s iron offering the tour-proven performance, soft feel and shot-making precision that better players demand.

Stock Set: 4-PW (7 Clubs)


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The KING Forged Irons are the ultimate multi-material forged iron. Providing superior feel, accuracy and consistency for the better player. Strategically placed tungsten inserts in the heel and toe position the center of gravity directly behind the impact zone for consistent distance and trajectory control.


High density tungsten weights are strategically positioned on the sole of the club head for a lowered and centered CG that delivers forgiveness and precision.


Thermoplastic Polyurethane insert located behind the hitting zone on the medallion damps vibrations and improves feel like a muscle back iron.

3. 100% CNC Milled Grooves

CNC milling improves groove & face structures to deliver maximum spin and trajectory.



  • Steel: 4-PW

Model Loft Lie Offset
Steel Swing
3* 20°  60.5°  2.3  39.25"  D3  RH
4 23°  61°  2.0  38.75"  D3  RH
5 26°  61.5°  1.8  38.25"  D3  RH
6 29°  62°  1.5  37.75"  D3  RH
7 33°  62.5°  1.3  37.25"  D3  RH
8 37°  63°  1.3  36.75"  D3  RH
9 41°  63.5°  1.3  36.25"  D3  RH
PW 45°  64°  1.3  36"  D4  RH
GW 50°  64°  1.3  35.75"  D4  RH
*Custom Only



ModelFlexWeightKick PointTorqueTip Diameter
KBS Tour FLT Stiff 120g Mid Mid 0.355
KBS Tour FLT Regular 110g Mid Mid 0.355


COBRA Lamkin Ace Crossline

COBRA Lamkin Ace Crossline Black

Customer Reviews 25 item(s)

A forgiving Players Club
Review by LarMoeCur - 11/8/2019

A few years ago my handicap was a solid 3. Well a back injury set me back and now I'm a 7 working back down. I've been playing the same set of blade irons for 10 years. I just couldn't give them up. I just couldn't see spending 1500 dollars on a set of clubs. That is a ton of rounds on the course. I finally was going to bite the bullet and get a set of new sticks. I hit just about every forged players club on the market. I won't name the specific clubs but some were absolutely amazing but cost almost two thousand dollars. I just happen to see these clubs on a clearance rack at the PGA Super Store. I talked to my fitter about them. He said lets hit them and see what the numbers are. To cut the story short, I bought them. These clubs performed every bit as good as 2019 models at a third of the price. The numbers don't lie. Just as good as the new clubs only cheaper. The are really forgiving on miss hits and butter soft on the sweet spot. I can easily work the ball left or right. The KBS Tour FLT shafts really help you hit high long irons shots that stop quickly. Knockdown shots are almost to easy to hit with lower lofted clubs. If you are in the market for a new set of clubs but don't want to break open your piggy bank. These are the clubs! I should have bought them 2 years ago.

Review by smails hat - 10/23/2019

I bought these irons knowing they were advanced for my ability, but ive been on the course almost every day since getting them, and every smooth shot with them has amazed me with how fast they crack off the face and ball flight. First true set of good irons for me and im completely pumped. I hope they continue these, might need the 3 and want the GW

Solid Performing iron
Review by Jdex - 6/19/2019

Hard to beat this iron. Forgiving and allows for shot control/making. Stands up to any of the other higher end iron sets out there.

Mizuno blade look and feel w forgiveness
Review by Charlie - 6/14/2019

Absolutely love these irons in every way, but one they're almost a club short from the 9 iron up. However having to hit an extra club is fine because of the accuracy and consistency they provide.

Glad I didn’t listen
Review by Pidge - 6/11/2019

My golf buddies told me not to buy these cobra forged irons said as a high handicapper (20) Id struggle first time I played with them I shot 80 when 90 is the norm.
Feel and sound brilliant.
So pleased I bought them.... superb.

Cobra Forged Tour Irons
Review by Phums - 5/7/2019

These are awesome clubs and love the control and confidence when on top of the ball throughout the course

What about the lefty’s?
Review by Mike Johnson - 8/8/2018

Cobra can you please make these clubs in left hand!! We need some love too!

Exceeded every expectation!
Review by Dannypo77 - 6/17/2018

I recently upgraded from the standard Fly Z irons and wanted to make the move to forged clubs. The fitting process left me with a few different options but the Cobra King Forged Tour with the KBS 120g shaft felt like the best match for me. I ordered my clubs and after receiving them and playing a full 18, I can not believe how well they perform. My distances were much more consistent and controlled. I was able to consistently hit a little draw when I needed to which I struggled to do with my last set. The feedback and workability is great. Offcenter hits seemed very forgiving and left me pretty decent results still. I don’t have a single bad thing to say about this set, another solid product by Cobra.

Smooth and Comfortable
Review by Dipsey Doo - 5/16/2018

As a mid handicapper, I was hesitant to get a player's iron for fear of being completely out of my element. As it turned out, that is what I needed, as shaping shots was the key to unlocking my game. These irons are very aesthetically pleasing, and very well-balanced. Was never hell-bent on Cobra but I hit them the best and the most consistent the day I bought them and continue to be very impressed with the performance. I highly recommend you give these irons a try if you are looking to move into the players realm from game-improvement. I broke 80 for the first time using these clubs about 4 months after I bought them; given I usually shoot 90, that was amazing. Great clubs and not enough attention. At least give them a swing before you purchase.

Review by Dime605 - 4/15/2018

Forgiving and consistent! Thats what I was looking for and this gave it to me compared to other clubs I tested.

Like Butter
Review by DJR - 3/31/2018

Love these irons plenty of feedback on miss hits. Soft buttery feel on the sweet spot. Easy for me to draw. Mid/High ball flight but very easy to flight down or play a punch shot.
Good distance. Highly recommend, best irons I've hit. Dropped down to single digit handicap of 8 playing these last year.

Feel and forgiveness
Review by H - 1/12/2018

Awesome split-cavity forged design. Classic looks with new technology (tungsten in toe/heel w/tpu insert) make this a great players iron - however good ball strikers can easily play this iron as well. Choose this iron over 718 AP2 and Srixon 765. Under the radar - Cobra needs to market this iron and get in hands of potential buyers - outstanding overall iron.

Great Clubs!
Review by Hoss - 1/5/2018

I recently picked these up to replace my Fly Z + irons. They are almost the same club without the rubber polymer peeling off the back. Very very soft feel. Very pleasing to the eye.Cobra killed it again on these irons. I would absolutely recommend giving them a shot.

Review by Mick - 9/28/2017

Great feel and feedback. Beautiful ball flight. Bye bye titleist and your over the top prices.

Quality iron!
Review by JDL - 9/3/2017

Recently switched to these beauties from Taylor Made. Look stunning at address and have proved to be very sharp and precise on approach. Much more workable than any club tried previously with the stiff shaft.

Superb . Highly recommend
Review by Ryankaingolf - 8/18/2017

These are the best clubs I have hit in a long while . Very forgiving ,easy to control ,great distance , and softer feel.

great look and sound.
Review by Putt4$ - 8/15/2017

Outstanding performance and sound.

Excellent fell, Increased distance
Review by bhill4367 - 7/21/2017

I was able to order these with C-Taper shafts and could not be happier the feel is awesome, and increased distance is not bad either. Would recommend trying out with shaft other than stock as that made the biggest difference for me. Was testing the cavity back which has c-taper and hitting better than these until the gentleman at PGA Superstore switched the shafts and what a difference. 100% happy

Review by Mr Constantine - 7/17/2017

Better than 716 AP2, Apex Pro 16, and JPX Tour. You wont find a better package in regards to look, feel and workability. Cobra nailed it big time with these. Removing the paint fill from the badging was the icing on the cake for me!

Great Performance Iron w Forgiveness
Review by Grant Bodie - 7/2/2017

A great looking performance iron that also offers forgiveness on misses. Love the look over the ball. Can flight high/low with ease. 5 Stars

Review by choatie - 6/22/2017

best feel, accuracy with above average distance

Very solid & great looking iron that is very forgiving.
Review by Jeff - 3/16/2017

Excellent appearence at address. Tour flighted shafts seem to work well with this clubhead. Very consistent feel & distance. Overall very pleased.

All round great club
Review by Brooksie - 3/11/2017

These beauties are fantastic clubs
Great feel and distance. Top notch quality and I love them with kbs c taper light shafts. If only I could afford the driver.

Excellent irons!
Review by JP - 3/6/2017

These irons are the best looking set on the market today IMHO. Very user friendly also for a players club. Cobra hit a home run with these babies.

Excellent feel and distance
Review by PVBamateur - 1/13/2017

These new king forged tour clubs are the best feeling clubs on the market. Gained about 10 yards per club and could not be happier. Looking forward to many more rounds with these beauties.

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