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KING Forged TEC Irons

Technology Enhanced Cavity. The New KING Forged TEC irons offer the Feel and Precision of a Tour Iron, and the Forgiveness and Distance desired by all.


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To enjoy pure strikes and constistency in every shot, you need the optimum Center of Gravity (CG) placement. The CG in the KING Tec irons is positioned directly behind the center of the face for more precision shot control.

Cobra Forged Irons

Multi-Material Construction

Strategically placed tungsten inserts are co-forged in the heel and toe help to increase MOI for forgiveness and also help position the Center of Gravity directly behind the impact zone. Combined with an engineered TPU insert positioned directly behind the impact zone that provides vibration damping, you will enjoy a soft, yet solid feel at impact.

Forged Cut View
Cobra KING Forged Irons

J15 Face Insert

A new forged high strength steel face insert is thinner, lighter and hotter delivering more distance across the face. The saved weight from this J15 structure is moved lower and deeper in the head for longer, higher flying straighter shots.



A 10-25 Carbon Steel body is forged five times to deliver a more refined grain structure and precision shaping that provides soft yet solid feel in every shot.


Model Loft Lie Offset
Steel Shaft
Graphite Shaft
Steel Swing
Graphite Swing
Shaft Flex RH/LH
3 19° 60.5° 4.0 39.25" 39.25" D2 D0 S / R RH / LH
4 21° 61.0° 3.8 38.75" 38.75" D2 D0 S / R RH / LH
5 23° 61.5° 3.6 38.25" 38.25" D2 D0 S / R RH / LH
6 26° 62.0° 3.3 37.75" 37.75" D2 D0 S / R RH / LH
7 30° 62.5° 3.0 37.25" 37.25" D2 D0 S / R RH / LH
8 35° 63.0° 2.6 36.75" 36.75" D2 D0 S / R RH / LH
9 40° 63.5° 2.3 36.25" 36.25" D2 D0 S / R RH / LH
PW 45° 64.0° 2.0 36.00" 36.00" D3 D1 S / R RH / LH
GW 50° 64.0° 1.8 35.75" 35.75" D3 D1 S / R RH / LH


  • 8 Clubs: 4 Iron - GW


KBC C-Taper Lite
ModelFlexShaft WeightKick PointTorqueTip Diameter
KBS C-Taper Lite 110 Steel X 115g Mid 2.0 0.370
KBS C-Taper Lite 110 Steel S 110g Mid 2.1 0.370
KBS C-Taper Lite 110 Steel R 105g Mid 2.2 0.370

ModelFlexShaft WeightKick PointTorqueTip Diameter
KING LTD UST Recoil 680 Graphite S / F4 82g Mid 3.8 0.355
KING LTD UST Recoil 660 Graphite R / F3 71g Mid 4.3 0.355


COBRA King LTD - Lamkin UTX

Lamkin UTX / KING LTD 52g .580 Tri Layer ACE UTX

Customer Reviews 48 item(s)

Review by johan - 4/21/2018

great easy tick all boxes

Review by Ilfalco - 11/18/2017

Cobra...don’t ever stop making these irons. Accurate, forgiving and long. Long irons replaced my hybrids.
Fantastic set of clubs!!

Best Irons Ever
Review by Ilfalco - 11/14/2017

I received these irons last week....in a word: Amazing!!
Feel, forgiveness, looks, distance-these tick ALL the boxes. I play the 3-GW along with King 54/58 wedges. Hybrids were dropped from the bag after playing these....Don’t ever discontinue these irons Cobra!!

Nice, but...
Review by jrj - 10/10/2017

Soft and forgiving, will reward good swings... but, finish does wear... Most troubling, ferules are separating on the 5, 6 & 7 irons! Had always been a fan of Cobra fairways and hybrids, 1st time buyer for irons, likely last...For the dough, expected more. Unfortunately former Golfsmith shopper with no recourse...

Favorite Iron Set Ever
Review by Pumpkin - 10/3/2017

I am 68 with a declining driver swing speed of about 90. No way could I hit a c-taper lite iron in stiff, right? I struggle launching most irons...accuracy is declining....yet these are truly magic....vvvvvvvvittttt goes the ball on it's intended line. After demoing the 7i on the range my club fitter nodded and said: "yes, buy these irons". So I did, but I was concerned that the demo iron was a fluke...the new irons arrived and wow...even better. The ball makes a sound coming off the clubbed that has to be heard to believe. Ball striking is back. And yes, I got them in stiff. I love these irons.

Just awesome
Review by Krish - 9/26/2017

I have been looking to replace my 13 year old irons for a while. I tried several forged clubs and I am thrilled to have found these irons. The lofts are little stronger compared to older irons so need to readjust distance. The ball jumps off the club face and the forged feeling is just great. Overall, I am quite happy with these irons. My recent scores with these irons - 71, 74, 76, & 74.

Give them a try but get fitted for correct shaft
Review by ally - 9/11/2017

bought 4 to gw with custom fit modus 3 stiff shafts these irons are the business.if you are thinking of callaway cf16 give these a try i know which one you will choose !!!!!

Feels and look nice
Review by Samuli - 8/31/2017

I hit 5 iron very long and straight so 24 degree hybrid no used any more. Nice looking but still forgiving irons. So that's fit for me perfectly.

Wery pleased with them
Review by Pierre Bosson - 8/19/2017

I buyed them in May and feel happines every time i should play an Iron!!

A smart decision
Review by Chris - 8/15/2017

A great iron for all skill levels. The numbers on Trackman were key for me along with the Recoil 110 shaft, I happy with my purchase.

Awesome clubs
Review by E Brown - 8/8/2017

I just started playing these clubs and I can't believe how easy they were to hit. They're listed sometimes as players clubs but these are definitely game-improvement as far as I'm concerned. I have the Recoil graphite shafts and I hit them quite well. No more bulky game improvement irons for me. I have improved distance and a nice fade for accuracy. I recommend this club to anyone out there who wants to improve their games.

Review by Dvc - 7/14/2017

Great feel, length and forgiveness tried TM, Ping, Callaway, and Titkeist these were the best in every category have Recoil shafts were a good choice

Great Long Irons
Review by Austin - 7/4/2017

I currently only use (2) of the Forged TEC irons in my bag (4 iron and 3 iron) for a little more distance and forgiveness. These are really great iron especially is you are looking for more distance as they are 2-3 degrees stronger than a "players" iron. They are not as soft as my Fly-Z plus which not a bad thing at all as I am just pointing out they are not the "softest" forged irons. They are really nice if you are looking for an easier long iron to hit. I think these clubs look great as they are not so slim as a blade or a thin cavity back but not too chunky either. Try them out if you are looking for a easier to hit 3-5 longer iron. I absolutely recommend these irons.

Cobra Forged Tec-Nothing Better. PERIOD !!!!!!
Review by Dan - 6/5/2017

Classic looking iron ,very clean lines ,easy to hit from any lie, long high and straight with great feel . Working the ball is simple. Everything you want in a golf iron is right here !!!!

Best Irons I have ever hit
Review by CEO - 4/27/2017

I am a feel and performance chaser, and have played almost every major brand over 31 years, from Ping Zings, Taylormade Burner Bubbles, Nike blades, several Titleist models, Mizuno and Callaways etc. I came back to Titleist the most, but it seems they make clubs for scratch players to pro players more than any other club. The AP1's were great but I lost distance and virtually no feel. I am getting older, and cannot hit the Cobra MB's like I used to hit blades and gave these a try. These are the best feeling irons I have ever played, and I have picked up about 10 yards. I am back to hitting my go to 8 iron around 160 to 165. I hope Cobra just keeps improving these (if possible) and does not discontinue them. I can never wait to play another round with them since they are that good. Personally I found that the KBS tour stiff shafts work better for me in these than the KBS C Taper Lights that come stock. These are amazing. With the King LTD Driver, and staff bag, a bonus is how great these look in the bag. It draws attention from playing partners. Home run Cobra! Keep the awesome equipment coming.

Review by KALLE - 4/18/2017

By far the best irons i have ever had.
Great combination of forgiveness workability and control.

Great set by cobra
Review by chris a - 3/29/2017

I got my set in January played them for a month now cause of Illinois weather. Love the irons feel is great sound is solid. I am able to stick the greens on long shot unlike my old set of irons. If you want a great set I would say buy these all day long. Keep up the good work cobra.

Great Irons
Review by Jay - 3/13/2017

I have been an AP2 player for the last 5 years. I was looking for an iron that still gave me some workability but had added distance. These have delivered in every way possible.

I have found these irons very easy to hit while not giving up the ability to work the ball in either direction. They added about 1 club length from 4-pw. The irons are spot on for distance control.

They also don't look bulky and that was huge for me!

Extremely Underrated!
Review by sublimegolf - 2/13/2017

Tons of technology and tons of feel. Checks a lot of boxes for me. I've owned many sets of irons but this one is something special. Gonna be in my bag for a long time.
Good work Cobra!

So good, I own multiple sets
Review by Buster - 2/8/2017

These irons are the best of all time. They are so good that they've cut 30 strokes off of my scores and I own 5 sets. I have a steel set, graphite set, a wooden shaft set, along with a set of steel and graphite that I just keep at home. Absolutely amazing.

Review by Big Howell - 12/10/2016

I own both a set of steel and graphite set. They are absolutely amazing. Best set of irons I have ever owned.

Simply Amazing
Review by DG - 11/29/2016

I love these things. I've never found it so easy to hit my long irons, and the distance and trajectory are fantastic.

Accuracy in abundance too!

My first Cobra product and i'm hooked. Highly recommended.

Review by bam bam - 10/31/2016

upgraded these from my Ping i15. These clubs are amazing, look great, feel great and are very forgiving. Dropped my handicap by 3 since these have been in the bag and had my best ever round ever of 1 over. got xp95 shaft as I'm a lady and the kbs 110 was to heavy. I have to say that Cobra wasnt a brand I would have considered but I am grateful to the club pro for suggesting I hit these.

Good player looks/feel, great forgiveness
Review by Ksv113 - 10/30/2016

I have spent the whole year testing irons and had decided that I wanted added forgiveness in my new set. As a 2 handicap I felt like I had a ton of options, but couldn't find a more forgiving club without a huge sole and that didn't sacrifice feel. These irons have a nice soft feel and launch high with terrific spin on the greens. I now hit long irons that drop and stop like my old PW. The lofts are a bit strong, but I find my distances are roughly the same except the 4 and 5 which are definitely longer. The biggest upgrade for me is the forgiveness on mis-hits. I have certainly hit a few, and the ball still travels about the right distance and stays mostly on target. They're exactly what I was looking for. A better choice than AP-2, PSI, and Apex. Liked the 4-Gw so much I added the King 56* SW and may add the 60* as well. Terrific offerings from Cobra!

Best Feel
Review by Dibbs - 9/26/2016

Recently switched from Burner 2.0 HP irons. The Forged TECs feel outstanding! Workability is fantastic and feel is extremely consistent. Very happy with the set, 10/10 would recommend

Review by GT573 - 9/19/2016

Look great behind the ball, easier to hit than my previous clubs and have great distance control

Love them
Review by Snoppy - 9/16/2016

Had a set for 4 months and the consistency is amazing. Look and feel great.

Difference makers!
Review by Dono - 8/30/2016

I just got these irons today and played my home course this afternoon. I made shots that I wouldn't have tried before. Wow, what difference makers. They are long, forgiving and workable. I couldn't ask for anything more.

I was amazed on how these clubs performed!
Review by Chadillac - 8/30/2016

Shocked all I can say best clubs I ever hit. I am a scratch handicap and these blew me away when I was fit at club champion in Orlando!

sweet but short
Review by Bar - 8/23/2016

Got fitted by Cobra guy who told me that I was hitting them further than my old x2hot irons. Total horse manure. Losing at least 15 yds per club. Love to know what they do to the trackman before you arrive. Will not trust one of these guys again. Pity because the clubs look nice and feel soft as butter but as I'm not Ricky Fowler I cannot afford to lose that much per club.

King forged tec with fiber glass steel combo shaft
Review by Polock - 8/21/2016

Bought and say at 70 years of age the very best I have ever hit

Great iron/shaft combination
Review by Georgie - 7/24/2016

Love these irons in the KBS reg C-Taper light shaft.

Glad these are in my bag
Review by DivinDave - 7/9/2016

When I went to get fitted for a new set of irons, The King Cobras were not even on my radar, and I looked for weeks prior to the fitting session.

At the end of the day, my club fitter (and hes a good one), recommended the King forged tec. Not the Callaway Apex, Not the AP2, Not the Mizunos.... the King Forged Tec .

These clubs are sweet with a bit of forgiveness when I need it. Even my mishits are not too bad.

Im very happy and glad they are in my bag.

As a side note, I was so impressed, I bagged the F6 Driver also and am very happy with it too.

Get properly fit.
Review by matt - 7/1/2016

I love the heads. They're excellent, they feel amazing and definitely sound good. But unfortunately I was fit poorly for a shaft and their length so I couldn't use them to their full potential.

Forged Tec made the decision easy!!
Review by James - 6/2/2016

I picked up a set of Titleist AP2 714's earlier this year and began to notice a significant loss of distance. After an hour of custom iron fitting on the Trackman the numbers with the new Cobra Forged Tec irons were excellent. I gained 20 yards per club without sacrificing the forged feel I was looking for. These clubs look great, feel great, and are workable. They have increased my smash factor, ball speed, distance, and accuracy. Now I just have to dump the rest of my equipment so I match haha. Can't wait to until my order is ready!!

Great irons!!
Review by Chris - 5/22/2016

Was playing the nike vr pro combo irons, then switch to the mizuno mp15 irons with the project x 5.5 shafts. Loved the mizuno irons! Soft feel and very accurate. The only problem with the mizuno mp15's was that they weren't
very long. I am 50 years old and need all the distance I can get, but didn't want to sacrifice on the soft feel and accuracy. Did my homework on these forged tec irons and liked what I was seeing. I ordered them with the stock shaft (kbs c-taper lite), and went out and shot one of the best rounds I have played in quite a while. They irons are about the same in the short irons, but from 7 iron to 4 iron they are at least a club longer. I hit my 4 iron 3 times 250 yards off the tee. Incredible!! Almost don't need a driver when you can hit an iron that far! I like the trajectory of the irons as well. Great job Cobra. These are fantastic!

Best forged cb's out there and even better customer service
Review by Smiddy - 5/20/2016

Amazing feel and forgiveness without looking bulky. Turf interaction is also great. These irons are long and hot off the face. I've gamed a ton of forged cb's and I've never gamed one that packs feel forgiveness and distance in to one package like the king forged tec. Also spectacular customer service. 1st time since I was a kid that I played the same brand woods and irons. F6 and the forged tec's are amazing.

Run, don't walk!
Review by Hawk - 5/3/2016

Over the past couple of years I have played Callaway X-Forged 2009, X-Forged and the Apex Pro. The King Forged Tec Irons are much easier to hit, a club longer and still look and feel great!
The custom process was great and quick. The irons arrived 2 days after the order. Unbelievable considering they are an inch over. 1 degree up. S-100 shaft and midsize grip.

Well Done Cobra...Well Done!

good feel, bad grips
Review by Rimz808 - 5/1/2016

have them for a week now. Great feel off the face. Goes far when hit solidly. Looks is superb.

Only thing that is making me wonder if I got the right set are the grips. Not sure what cobra was thinking but the stocked grips are hard on the hands and feel very rough, almost to the point of hurting after a round of golf. Not sure if I just have to get comfortable with them but I do not recommend the grips at all.

Review by Ragge - 4/29/2016

Best irons ever!

One word...AMAZING!
Review by bghorms36 - 4/25/2016

These irons are truly something special! I have always played PING irons and I have definitely converted after hitting these irons! Can't wait to get them in the bag (money is tight with a new baby boy right now), but the day will come that I will have these in the bag guaranteed!

great irons for my age of 62 shot my best
Review by Bobby - 4/19/2016

Just played navy marine golf course in Hawaii shot one under 71 and I play with a 10 handicap best round ever
When I hit my 7 iron to a par three
158 yards I hit it over the green still saved my par the most solid irons every

Best irons I have hit
Review by Lewca - 4/16/2016

The best irons I have hit in quite a while. I was playing Calloway forged, these play better. The feel is great and the distance is even better. I would recommend to get fitted with these new Cobra's whether F6 or forged tec. They are great.

One of the purest...
Review by Kicker 5 - 4/5/2016

Recently hit these during an iron fitting using Trackman. Numbers were off the charts and something that I didn't expect to see. Smash factor instantly increased and carry distance jumped 10-15 yards per club. I was currently playing the Mizuno MP-54s, but the Forged TEC's are now in the bag, 4-GW. Great to see Cobra step up their game and be more competitive with one of the purest forged makers on the market.

King Forged tech irons
Review by Big Rog - 3/18/2016

My coach and local Pro Dieter Strobach at Donnington Valley GC recommended Cobra to me. I bought a set of Ping G25's a couple of years ago and have never really been that happy with them.
Dieter provided me with a great service try different head and shaft combinations before settling on the best combo for me. I was able to achieve greater average accuracy and distance with them and am really excited to be receiving after the Easter holiday. Thanks Dieter for all the advise.

very solid iron love graphite shafts
Review by golf guy - 2/18/2016

did not order 9 or wedge Have the 5-8 graphite recoil shaft very pleased with the feel and distance. 0 handicap 53 years old tough decision to go graphite has worked out very well

Solid and easy to hit
Review by Otis - 2/17/2016

This iron has a really good combination of soft feel and easy to hit power. Ball jumps off the club, yet feedback is immediate. Nice job Cobra.

Forced to change, best decision ever
Review by Saving my elbow - 2/13/2016

I had to change from steel shafts to graphite to save my elbow or quite golf for a while, best decision ever to get these irons.. it's deadly accurate, comfortable, long and easy to work shots.

thank you Cobra

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