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KING Forged TEC Black Irons

COBRA’s Forged TEC Black irons deliver the precision of a tour iron and the playability desired by all. A re-engineered Technology Enhanced Cavity (TEC) features a 100% carbon fiber medallion for superior sound and feel preferred by better players.

KING Forged Tec Black Irons


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  • What It Is

    An all new multi-material TEC (Technology Enhanced Cavity) construction features a faster forged steel face, Carbon Feel Technology, and tungsten weighting that work in unison to deliver the ultimate blend of distance, forgiveness, and precision.

  • Who It's for

    Tour to 15 handicap golfers with moderate to high swing speeds seeking longer distances, and higher launching trajectories paired with tour-level feel and precision.

  • Why we made it

    A tour-preferred shape and distance enhancing technologies merge to deliver the best of both worlds: the precision and feel of a player's iron and the playability desired by all.

F8 Tec Irons Grass Laydown


DBM (Diamonized Black Metal) Technology is a revolutionary surface finish that provides extreme wear resistance, reduced glare and a professional look preferred by better players. The DBM process chemically implants the black finish into the club head, increasing durability, without affecting playability, for longer lasting, better looking irons.

King Black Tec Irons


A material used in applications requiring extreme wear resistance and toughness, Chromoly Steel features a higher strength-to-weight ratio, allowing the face to be forged thinner to deliver increased ball speeds.

Forged PWRShell


A lightweight medallion is constructed using carbon composite material to effectively damp vibrations at impact, resulting in a soft, yet responsive feel preferred by better players.

Carbon Fiber Insert


High-density tungsten weights are strategically positioned on the heel and toe to lower and center the CG to deliver more forgiveness and precision.

Lower Profile Construction


Golf's most advanced technology, COBRA CONNECT, Powered By Arccos, features electronically enabled grips in each iron. Detailed stats are recorded automatically, allowing golfers to access an in-depth analysis of their game using the Arccos 360 app on their Smartphone.

Cobra Connect
Get the Full Experience


Leverage the power of data to take your game to the next level. Arccos 360™ users improved their handicaps 36.4 times faster than the average golfer.


COBRA CONNECT™ analyzes every aspect of your game, while providing you with advanced GPS distances to any point on the course so you can make smarter shot decisions.


Know true distance averages for every club in your bag as well as your strengths and weaknesses so you can hit more greens and lower your scores.


Lightweight COBRA CONNECT™ sensors are seamlessly embedded in the end of each grip to ensure comfort during the swing, without affecting weighting or performance.

complete your set
with additional sensors

Golfers who purchase a set of KING Forged TEC Black irons will receive additional Arccos screw-in sensors to connect the rest of their clubs, and a free 1-year subscription to the Arccos 360 platform (a $250 value). The Arccos sensors work in conjunction with the embedded COBRA CONNECT™ grips, so users can track improvements for every club in their bag.

Woods and Wedges

Woods and Wedges

6 Sensors Included


1 Sensor Included


COBRA CONNECT™ works in conjunction with the Arccos 360™ mobile app - the award winning connected golf system that helps players of all skill levels make smarter, data-driven decisions.

RangeFinder GPS


COBRA CONNECT™ provides advanced GPS distances on over 40,000 courses worldwide, so users can pinpoint exact distances (in yards or meters) to any point on the course.

Smart Distance


Know true averages for every club in your bag so you hit more greens and make more birdies.

Tour Analytics

Tour Analytics

Know your strengths and weaknesses for every club so you can practice more efficiently and shoot lower scores.


COBRA's KING Forged TEC Black irons feature premium aftermarket steel and graphite shaft offerings that are engineered to promote optimal trajectory, feel and control through the set.

True Aftermarket Shafts
(R300, S300)

A tour-weighted shaft delivering low trajectory and low spin performance. Designed using Ascending Mass Technology (AMT), each shaft increases by 3g in weight through the set for lighter, higher launching long iron shafts and heavier, short iron shafts that provide more control. Features an all new black powder coat finish.

(760 - LITE, 780 - R, S)

Designed to promote maximum distance, stability and control in a mid spin, mid-high launch profile. SmacWrap technology damps vibrations for improved feel, while a new black ion plated finish delivers a premium look.


The KING Forged TEC Black ONE Length irons deliver the ultimate blend of consistency, accuracy and precision at 7-iron length.




  • Steel: 5-GW

Model Loft Lie Offset
(Graphite & Steel)
Standard Length
(Graphite & Steel)
Swing Weight
Swing Weight
3 19.0° 60.5° 4.1 39.50" 39.25" D0 D2 RH/LH
4 21.0° 61.0° 3.8 39.00" 38.75" D0 D2 RH/LH
5 23.0° 61.5° 3.6 38.50" 38.25" D0 D2 RH/LH
6 26.0° 62.0° 3.3 38.00" 37.75" D0 D2 RH/LH
7 30.0° 62.5° 3.1 37.50" 37.25" D0 D2 RH/LH
8 35.0° 63.0° 3.1 37.00" 36.75" D0 D2 RH/LH
9 40.0° 63.5° 2.3 36.50" 36.25" D0 D2 RH/LH
PW 45.0° 64.0° 2.0 36.25" 36.00" D1 D3 RH/LH
GW 50.0° 64.0° 1.8 36.00" 35.75" D1 D3 RH/LH


Steel - Stock

True Temper AMT Tour White - Black PVD
ModelFlexShaft WeightKick PointTrajectorySpinTip Diameter
True Temper AMT Tour White - Black PVD Stiff (S300) 106-130g High Low Low 0.370
True Temper AMT Tour White - Black PVD Regular (R300) 102-127g High Low Low 0.370

Graphite - Custom

UST Recoil 760/780 ES SmacWrap
ModelFlexShaft WeightKick PointTrajectorySpinTip Diameter
UST Recoil 780 ES SmacWrap Stiff 86g Low-Mid Mid Low-Mid 0.370
UST Recoil 780 ES SmacWrap Regular 82g Low-Mid Mid Low-Mid 0.370
UST Recoil 760 ES SmacWrap Lite / Senior 67g Low-Mid Mid Low-Mid 0.370


COBRA Lamkin ACE Crossline Connect

COBRA Lamkin ACE Crossline Connect

Customer Reviews

Great performance - dissapointing finish Review by Shaun
I have had these for a couple of months now and just finished my third with them. I love the performance of these clubs. They are extremely forgiving for the size of the head and long. The flight is powerful and the stopping power is amazing considering the strong lofts. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them on performance but the finish has not been great in my experience so far and a head has come unglued. If those things don’t bother you don’t worry about reading on.

I have been to the range a lot since buying them but due to the finish being damages on delivery for two clubs and the. Two becoming damaged after a couple of range sessions and one round I was without a full set for a week or two. Customer service was great and the clubs were fixed but then the PW head came unglued and after my round today there is an impact mark on the face of the 5 iron. I don’t expect them to stay as new but after 3 round and going to the range 1 or 2 times a week for just under 2 months I would expect them to last better. I am sure they would repair it if I send the club back again but to say this is the toughest finish they have ever produced is not the experience I have had.

(Posted on 11/4/2018)
love the new irons Review by Guy
Got a set of these (5 to GW) about two weeks ago. Have played several rounds thus far and am more than pleased with the Forged TEC irons black edition. Took a round or two to feel comfortable with them (as i had use game improvement irons for the last 10 years). i have found that they launch very high and long. I just played my eight round with them and have been scoring my best rounds of the year. Phenomenal product. (Posted on 10/9/2018)
Solid! Review by J Gallant
These are simply amazing! Such great feel off the club face. After playing a forged blade for 15+ years I was looking for something a little more forgiving but still with a good look and play-ability. I took my time and compared a range of clubs, less expensive and more expensive - It came down to the Taylormade 790 but, The Forged Black with the black AMT shafts looked so menacing and felt so good I had to go with them. I've had them on the course and on the range and there is no issue with the finish at all. The cobra connect arccos is simply amazing so far. I haven't gotten in the 5 rounds to access the Smart Caddie, but I can already see where my strengths and weakness are consistently.
One thing I had to get use to was the stronger lofts - most club on the market now are much stronger lofted than 10 - 15 years ago. The 5 iron is the same loft as my previous nike blade 3 iron. For me this eliminates an additional iron above it. Even from an average lie in the rough, 200 yrd carry out of the 5 iron is no big deal. I've also gone to the cobra 5-6 wood which fills the 215-230 gap and a 3-4 wood which covers 220-260.
As for the wedges, having the gap wedge @ 50 degrees eliminated my need for a 52 degree and a 56, so I've gone to a cobra black 54 and 60 for around the greens and in the sand.
I can't say enough about the feel. I've played some of what I thought were the best wedges but for me, these just feel and play better.

Pros -
Look great.
Feel great.
Go like stink.
Can stick the ball from any distance.
Arccos 360

Cons -
Very strong lofted - adjustments needed.
Not AS workable as a blade.
Lamkin grips only option if you want the arccos included.
(Posted on 9/13/2018)
$$$$$-Love 'em!! Review by Skhacker
Tried the 8 iron on a whim in the store sim and was pleasantly surprised, so went on to hit the whole set and was sold. Smooth, solid, clean lines and lots of confidence at address. Love the blacked out look as well. (Posted on 9/2/2018)
Fantastic Iron Review by Big Swinga
Fantastic irons, feel is great and distance is superb. Best black finish iron on the market by a long shot! (Posted on 8/21/2018)
Club Fitting Gone Astray Review by MDB02
I had a club fitting for Titleist AP2 and AP3 and my professional asked me to try the Cobra's. Well, was I surprised. Feels like butter, goes like jam. Very long and forgiving. (Posted on 7/28/2018)
New level of golf Review by TJD
Awesome feel, great forgiveness, incredible distance and they look super slick in black. The acros caddie is so useful and well worth the price of these clubs alone.

These clubs can be used by any player from intermediate to a professional.
Compared to the Titleist AP3, they blow them away.
(Posted on 7/23/2018)
Great clubs Review by Brent
Been playing a month with a custom fit set of the Forged TEC. Added 1 club to my distance. I am a year older so it is obviously not me improving, but having them fit properly has me looking forward to playing everytime! As a former PGA member and Ferris State PGM alum, I can say this is a great product! (Posted on 6/20/2018)
More Distance Review by Richard
I am a 19 handicap and where my game was hurting was missed short percentage. I was above 50% almost every round. The local area courses recently had a demo day, so I wanted to try the Callaway Rogue Irons and Cobra Forged Tec. They both hit equally as well with myself picking up about 10-15 more yards with the irons. I did the demo day for 2 days in a row to make sure I was just not hitting well the first day. But back on the 2nd day in a different location I had same results. I choose the Cobra's over the Callaway's for a couple reasons since they both hit almost identical. I really liked the black look of the Cobra's, and not being a coating versus imbedded with the color that is a big plus. The other reason was, I was already a Arccos user so having the Arccos in the Cobra Connect grips was a big seller for me.
As far as on course play, I have played my last 2 rounds exceptionally well reaching greens and with the Cobra driver, fairway and hybrid gaining the distance I was lacking. I am very pleased Cobra fan now. (Posted on 5/13/2018)
Forged black irons Review by R11
This is the first set I have ever bought for myself. After having them two months I am beyond happy with what these clubs do for my game. The launch is amazing the distance control is perfect. Thank you cobra for an amazing product you will now have a customer for life...... (Posted on 5/13/2018)
Great Irons Review by Augusta Golf Club
Very good irons. I ordered some for people at our club and they loved them. They are extremely light and get your club head speed up higher. (Posted on 5/12/2018)
The Dark Side Review by EddieBigEddie
I just played my set for the first time today...and all I can say is WOW. These clubs are beautiful, soft and just look SEXY in all black. I ordered with the Black KBS $ Taper and they look great together. Gave me a great penetrating ball flight and was point and shoot. Can’t wait to get more time with them. Welcome to the Dark Side! (Posted on 5/9/2018)
Amazing!! Review by Brandon
Best irons on the market!! Look amazing and perform like they look!! (Posted on 5/8/2018)
Great Choice! Review by BillD
The feel is amazing and they give a great players iron look with forgiveness. I got the Nippon shafts after a fitting which increased my club speed.

Love these clubs! (Posted on 5/7/2018)
Cobra Forged Tec Black Irons Review by Steve
Stunning irons and amazing feel! Tried pretty much every iron on the market and these stood out by a mile for feel, turf interaction and performance. They look fantastic in the black finish. Thank you Cobra! (Posted on 5/7/2018)
Great club Review by birdie shooter
Just picked up my set yesterday and they are sexy looking and play even better than they look. A full club longer than my jpx 900 forged. (Posted on 5/3/2018)
Simply AMAZING Review by Andrew
I am simply in love with these amazing irons!
my set is a 4-gw with true temper AMT S300. they are so easy to hit that sometimes it feels unbelievable. the touch is super soft and the overall feeling is that you can hit it very gently, and the ball will fly with a penetrating flight at the desired distance.
and the looks are amazing. this black diamonized finish seems to be very durable and no sign of wear and tear on the face after 1 month of usage.
good job Cobra! (Posted on 5/3/2018)
Amazing Review by RG10
These clubs were perfect!!! They look great and perform even better. Couldn’t ask for a better product. (Posted on 4/20/2018)

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