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KING Forged CB/MB Irons

A tour-validated design configured to match Rickie Fowler's custom gamers, the KING Forged irons are COBRA's softest, most precise irons as demanded by the best golfers.

  • Stock Flow Set, 4-PW, 7 Clubs:
  •   4 - 6 Iron (Cavity Back)
  •   7 - PW (Muscle Back)


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KING Forged logo
  • What It Is

    The KING Forged irons feature a tour-inspired design configured to match Rickie Fowler's custom gamers played on tour. A progressive set flows from forgiving, muscle cavity back (CB) long irons to traditional, muscle back (MB) short irons designed for precision and scoring.

  • Who It's For

    Whether you play like Rickie Fowler, or just want to feel like a tour pro, the KING Forged irons deliver superior feel and precision for those seeking maximum control in a compact players' shape.

  • Why We Made It

    To get Tour-ready, COBRA's Tour Department customizes Fowler's Forged MB irons by adding a tungsten weight in the sole to tailor feel and weight to his exact specifications. Testing showed that this configuration increased MOI, and lowered and centered the CG behind the hitting zone, to increase forgiveness and precision. We incorporated this design into our new KING Forged irons, so the average golfer can enjoy these same performance benefits.

KING Forged CB MB Irons with wood background

Tour Inspired

Rickie Fowler's Plays Forged CB/MB Irons

Game Rickie's Gamers.

A tour-validated design configured to match Rickie Fowler's custom gamers, the KING Forged irons are COBRA's softest and most precise irons as demanded by Rickie, and golfers that have high performance expectations like him.

Get In
The Flow.

A progressive set composition flows gradually from cavity back irons (4-6i) to traditional, muscle back short irons (7-PW), delivering the soft feel, precision and compact look desired by better players, with the added forgiveness of a perimeter-weighted cavity back design in the long irons.

CB Iron 4-6i
MB Iron 7-PW

Tour precision
with forgiveness

6 grams of tungsten positioned in the toe increases MOI and lowers and centers the CG behind the hitting zone. A new Tour Weight configuration adds 6 grams of tungsten on the sole to lower the CG even more resulting in a higher, towering launch with decreased spin.

KING Forged CB Weights

Unlike cast grooves, which can vary in shape and performance between irons, CNC milling delivers sharper groove edges, and a larger groove area to ensure consistent performance in every iron. The KING Forged irons feature more aggressive, tighter-spaced wedge grooves that Rickie Fowler uses on tour to produce maximum spin and trajectory control.


DBM (Diamonized Black Metal) Technology is a revolutionary surface finish that provides extreme wear resistance, reduced glare and a professional look preferred by better players. The DBM process chemically implants the black finish into the club head, increasing durability without affecting playability, for longer-lasting, better-looking irons.


COBRA's softest, and most precise irons are crafted from a single billet of 1025 carbon steel through multiple forging stages to deliver an iron that looks and feels unlike any other.


While traditional irons and competitor forgings are manufactured using a 2 & 3-step forging process, the KING Forged irons utilize a 5-step forging process that further improves the grain structure alignment and integrity of the metal.

Black and Orange Iron


Compared to cast irons and competitor forgings, COBRA's irons are forged five times to ensure a smoother, and tighter grain structure that eliminates pores or voids in the metal that negatively impact feel.

Grain Structure

The KBS $-Taper shaft provides superior feel while maintaining shot workability and tight dispersion for players seeking the ultimate tour shaft with mid trajectory and low spin performance.


Golf's most advanced technology, COBRA CONNECT, Powered By Arccos, features electronically enabled grips on each iron. Detailed stats are recorded automatically, allowing golfers to access an in-depth analysis of their game using the Arccos Caddie app on their Smartphone.

Learn More

Cobra Connect Logo
Cobra Connect Grip


COBRA CONNECT grips feature embedded sensors that work in conjunction with the Arccos Caddie mobile app - the award-winning connected golf system that helps players of all skill levels make smarter, data-driven decisions and shoot lower scores.

Learn More

Automatic Shot Tracking

Receive real-time data for all aspects of your game.

True Club Averages

True Club Averages

Select the right club for every shot with SMART DISTANCE insights.

Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics

Use detailed performance breakdowns to guide equipment choices, practice & more.

Golfs Smartest Caddy

Golf's Smartest Caddy

Trust artificial intelligence to reveal your best strategy tee to green.


Iron Loft Lie Angle Offset mm
Steel Length
(w/ CONNECT Grip)
Steel Length
(w/ Standard Grip)
Swing Weight
Shaft Flex RH/LH
2 19.0° 60.0° 2.8 40.00" 39.75" D2 S/R RH/LH*
3 21.0° 60.5° 2.5 39.50" 39.25" D2 S/R RH/LH*
4 24.0° 61.0° 2.3 39.00" 38.75" D2 S/R RH/LH*
5 27.0° 61.5° 2.0 38.50" 38.25" D2 S/R RH/LH*
6 30.0° 62.0° 1.8 38.00" 37.75" D2 S/R RH/LH*
7 34.0° 62.5° 1.5 37.50" 37.25" D2 S/R RH/LH*
8 38.0° 63.0° 1.3 37.00" 36.75" D2 S/R RH/LH*
9 42.0° 63.5° 1.3 36.50" 36.25" D2 S/R RH/LH*
PW 46.0° 64.0° 1.3 36.25" 36.00" D3 S/R RH/LH*
GW 50.0° 64.0° 1.3 36.00" 35.75" D3 S/R RH/LH*
*CB available in RH/LH
**Full MB available in RH only


  • Flow Set, 4-PW, 7 Clubs:
  •   4 - 6 Iron (Cavity Back)
  •   7 - PW (Muscle Back)


KBS $ Taper (Black PVD)
ModelFlexShaft WeightLaunchSpinTip Diameter
KBS $ Taper 120 S (Black PVD) S 120g Low Low 0.355
KBS $ Taper 110 R (Black PVD) R 110g Low Low 0.355


Golf Pride Tour Velvet Connect - Black

Golf Pride Tour Velvet Connect - Black
(+2 Wraps of Tape)

Customer Reviews 28 item(s)

Super nice feel
Review by Jake - 8/26/2020

These clubs feel great! I purchased the 4-6 CB, 7-P MB set.
I find the club faces to be much more forgiving than most other forged irons, aka Taylormade 790, Callaway Apex forged, etc. These stock KBS Red 120g shafts are very heavy, but nothing less than perfection. Coming from Taylormade RBZ irons with 65g shafts, the weight of these shafts promote a much more consistent swing pattern, which really helps the iron set as a whole. The only thing I regret from my purchase is not including the GW!

Amazing feel and performance
Review by AMT - 7/14/2020

Very nice looking club with great workability and feel. I have an unusual mix of 2,4-6 CB, and 7-PW MB, distance and accuracy with all clubs is superior to any other irons I've played. Would recommend the 2 iron especially for lower handicap golfers because of its great feel and low launching ball flight compared to their utility irons.

Fantastic irons for a mid to low handicapper!
Review by Krishna - 6/6/2020

For the high handicappers, I’d suggest using a game improvement iron set like the Wilson D4’s that I used to use. But don’t buy the mainstream thought process that blades are just for low handicappers - at least when it comes to these irons. Ever since I’ve started playing with these I’ve loved the feedback I get which helps me immediately get my swing back on track for the next hole. The game improvement irons aren’t great with feedback so you end up making the same mistakes unless you spend hours at the range tweaking your swing. This set will cut down those hours in half. These irons also help you hit further than your average blades so don’t fall for the “blades are only for fast swings” school of thought. My handicap was 13 and swing speed around 95. These irons helped me bring the handicap down to 9.

If your handicap is high, don’t get these. Improve your swing, get into a rhythm with it and bring your handicap down with something like the Wilson D4 set and then switch to these. By then you’d have learned to pay attention to the sound off the club, your body motion etc. and that’s when these clubs will push your game even further.

Simply put...amazing irons (4-PW flow set)
Review by Adam - 4/15/2020

High handicapper and afraid of this set? Well don’t be!!! I’m in the process of learning to play after stopping in my teens. I’m a decently consistent ball striker but nowhere near great, probably a 25 HCP if I had to guess. I wanted a set of clubs that were traditionally lofted and not “game improvement” figuring this set would help me progress and last for years.

Mis-hits gave feedback but flew pretty well, forgiving enough that I felt it in my hands but not a massive shock that hurt. When I hit it clean, boy oh boy did it feel great! Smooth, straight, and I was very happy with distance/flight. I’ll take to the course tomorrow and see how it goes. Overall, I HIGHLY recommend this set. Regardless of your handicap, these are awesome.

Excellent flow set
Review by Ted - 3/17/2020

Received my Flow set yesterday afternoon and practiced this morning. Great clubs--distance was better than a set of players distance irons I have, and dispersion was greatly improved. Feel is the equal of a set of 20 year old blades I have, but more forgiving and consistent. Good job Cobra!

Great feel, precision shot-making
Review by fuegokoori - 2/4/2020

I have these in the complete CB set, and they are excellent! Coming from my MP4's, these feel every bit as soft as the blades and deliver good accuracy as well. I especially enjoy using the ARCCOS app to track my shots and improve my game. I used to play the S3 Pro and loved them as well. Happy to be back with Cobra irons again!

King Cobra MB 4-5(CB), 6-GW(MB)
Review by Billy the Kid - 11/17/2019

I purchased a custom set of 4-5 in fb and 6-GW in mb. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THESE IRONS!! I prefer a thin top line and a smaller head. Doesn’t get better than this. Nothing feels purer when hit solid! I also have the KBS Tour C Taper 120 S shafts. Ball flights perfectly and just the right amount of spin to stop and drop. I also purchased the four trusty wedges and love those as well. I used to play Vokeys, but prefer Cobra’s Grinds. I am a low bounce player and have the Tour Trusty 60-04 and 56-08.

6 out of 5 Stars - Fantastic
Review by RJ - 10/30/2019

I never owned better player irons before. I bought the CB/MB graphite shaft set. Played with them all season, shocked my friends and ended up winning my golf league. These clubs accelerated my learning. They do exactly what you tell them to do. They don't lie to you and don't leave you guessing. When my game gets off a little the feedback from the clubs allows me to correct it within a few holes. They allow consistent, repeatable and accurate play. I've never put the ball on the green more often or closer to the pin with other clubs. They are a joy to swing. I know I hit it well when they feel effortless. The loft gapping is great also. It reduced my old 15 yard gap between irons down to 10 yards like it should be. The 6 iron with 30 degree loft is nice. A "game improvement" 6 iron with a 26 degree loft as is the trend may boost your ego but that's all it does. Debunk myth #1, don't be afraid of trying good clubs, and growing your game. The "game improvement" market can be like trying to fix square wheels by adding shock absorbers.

Unreal irons!
Review by Andy - 10/23/2019

I am a 6-handicapper and have played the TaylorMade P790 for 2-seasons. The look, sound, and electric feel of those irons has been great, but the lack of spin and distance dispersion has really hurt me on numerous occasions. I recently purchased the King MB (7-9) and King CB (5-6) and they have been EXACTLY what I was looking for. I had the 9-iron bent a degree weak and it is so natural going from my 48* Vokey SM7 to that 43* King MB. In fact, the feel of the King is very similar to that of the Vokey, which I have in 48-52-56. That's exactly what I was hoping for. I really can't feel much difference from the MB to the CB, at least yet, I'm just glad the topline look and the sound and feel are the same with the transition from 7 to 6. I probably lose a good bit of distance with the King's compared to the P790's, but I hit the Cobra's at least as high and they actually stop quickly, which I could not achieve with the P790's. The smaller size has actually been a welcome change for me. If you try these you'll see they don't feel harsh like an old school blade, and they actually launch high. I got mine with Nippon Modus 3 105 stiff, which likely is helping with launch. Even with that mid/high launching shaft, I can still pull off knock-down shots. I am so happy with this purchase!

Surpisingly forgiving
Review by Mike - 10/7/2019

I came from cobra F7s which to be honest, I always struggled with.

I was at a fitting day and tried the F9 which to be honest felt identical to the f7, tried the forged TEC which are aimed at my handicap, and really didn't like the feel at all. The fitter said "Hey, wanna try Rickie's 7 iron?" One does not turn down that offer. It felt like hot butter. Then another, and another. Beautiful flight, incredible feel, and gorgeous to look at.

I put off a decision for months because a) it's a lot of $$ and b) I'm like a 17 hcp and every marketing material ever suggests these are for scratch golfers. Finally I was golfing with my buddy who's also a fitter at golftown and told him the story. He told me it wasn't that weird. For some people, if you give them a huge face, they will use all of it but if you give them a compact head design their misses get much smaller. Between a really substantial amount of perimeter weighting in the CBs and the tungsten inserts, these clubs are shockingly forgiving in the long irons and I feel like I'm missing by less out of necessity with the (frankly tiny) head size. The shorter MB irons are a little less forgiving but nowhere near unmanageable even for me. For what it's worth, my first day out which was very sub-optimal weather and pretty squishy course conditions I shot my handicap with brand new clubs I didn't even know the gapping on. So that was encouraging. One thing I didn't expect: I find these actually very forgiving side-to-side on the face but VERY unforgiving up and down on the face. Thin shots, you really feel and thick shots go almost nowhere. I also never hit these off tees, the ball just hits too high on the face and it feels awful, I just take it right off the deck on tee boxes.

I'd also like to talk about the value proposition here: yes, these are expensive, but not nearly as bad as the competition in this class of irons. Also, take a look at how many free shaft upgrades cobra offers if you customize these clubs!! That's massively valuable to me as anyone considering spending this kind of money on clubs should be getting fit and with some other manufacturers could end up dropping another few hundred on shafts, but there are lots of premium shafts with a wide range of characteristics available for a free upgrade on these. Ironically I almost ended up in the stock shaft anyways but the KBS Tour FLT really helped out my long iron flight.

The connect sensors are a huge bonus as well! I'll probably get them all set up at the start of next season, very excited to get into the stats of my game.

Really nice irons
Review by Johan - 8/27/2019

I bought 4-pw with money-taper 120g shafts and these are amazing clubs. I like the combo of CB and MB. I hit them high with the KBS shaft but not too high, its a penetrating ballflight wich drops down by the flag.

I went from Wilson FG tour v4 with s300 shafts and are very satisfied with the cobras. Im a 4 handicaper.

Best Clubs I've Ever Hit!
Review by Towlytour - 8/12/2019

Switched to Cobras in May. Shot my best round ever today 73 (par 70).
Best Clubs I have ever hit, period. Switched from Titleist MBs .
Would highly recommend Cobras to everyone. F9 Driver, 3 Wood and Hybrid are all straighter and longer than my Titleist set.

Love these
Review by duff - 8/12/2019

I am not good. I have a set of the Cobra Kings and they are great, but decided I wanted these blades and assumed I would be punished for it - but they are very easy to play, I really love them.

Review by Katten - 7/16/2019

Pretty good iron set. Liked it. Pretty much seals the deal.

Review by Strilly1 - 7/2/2019

Purchased directly from Cobra’s website as none of the local retailers stocked this set. Custom ordered 5-GW flow set. From order placement to delivery in under a week! Nothing short of impressive. Beautiful look and performed above my expectations

King Forged CB/MB
Review by Robert R. - 6/17/2019

After much debate and finding no local retailers with these irons I went out a limb and purchased. Absolutely gorgeous irons. The KBS $Taper is a real step up in the shaft game. These have gotten my game back. Shots are now on target and miss hits are harder to off line than your standard iron. Thank you

Awesome Irons
Review by Shankopotamus - 6/14/2019

These Cobras are worth every penny. Really smooth, they feel buttery soft , and the ball flies true. I ordered these with the TT AMT Tour White shafts. These irons are everything I wanted.

The magic forged MB King Cobras
Review by Bobby - 5/26/2019

those irons are very easy to hit even for me as a 18 handicapper,
acceptable distances with the 3,4 ,5 and 6 irons and deadly accurate to the greens with the 9,P and G irons.

King Forged Rocks!
Review by Ammo - 5/21/2019

I love these clubs! Ive never had muscle back clubs before and didn't know how I'd play with them. Having a couple of vanity backed long irons made me comfortable enough to pull thre trigger and purchase. The longer CB irons are easy to hit and well balanced. The MB clubs took a little getting used to, but the feel is nice and responsive. It took a few times at the range to change my foot position a little too be able to hit clean, precise shots. I live the li and feel of these clubs!

Review by Joe - 5/14/2019

Great Irons , starting to dial them in. Gonna be lethal, bought the wedges to match, couldn’t be happier!!

KING Forged CB/MB Irons
Review by RIGolfer - 4/25/2019

Highly recommend to anyone trying to step up their game. Great feel coming off the club. I have noticed complete control over my distances compared to a year before. My only regret is not getting all muscle backs because of the excellent feel when stroking the sweet spot.

Love my new King Forged CB/MB Irons
Review by Demetrius - 3/25/2019

I have been using Ben Hogan APX clubs for years. I figured I would try some new clubs this year and Absolutely fell in love with the King Forged CB/MB Irons. I have only played a few rounds this year but I'm looking forward to a great season with my new clubs.

Full set of black MB. 4-GW. DG AMT shafts
Review by Theron714 - 3/10/2019

First off they are beautiful! That alone helps inspire. Very consistent in their trajectory. Workable and easy to hit high or low. Long irons are easy to hit high. Lots of bight when landing on the green. Seems to me that the tungsten helps on mishits especially thinned shots. Did I say beautiful?
Thank you Cobra!

Amazing Feel
Review by PH - 1/31/2019

They feel so nice, comparable to any forged blade or CB I've ever hit. I got 5-UW all CB; I'm a 7 handicap and they are plenty forgiving while looking amazing. They also don't wear much at all. I have played 6 rounds with them and can't tell them apart from when they were brand new. My only regret is not getting a 3i & 4i to go along with the rest!

First Blade
Review by Cheech - 1/20/2019

Went from Callaway xr pros, got fitted for these after hitting my buddy's. Took about 2 buckets of balls, I can pick my shots and distance control is perfect.

Amazing Irons
Review by Clrandgolf - 1/1/2019

I had never really thought to give cobra clubs a shot until I hit my friends F8+ 3 wood. It was so pure I decided to take a shot at the irons as well! I got these clubs and they immediately went into the bag. I traditionally have played blade like irons, JPX 900tours most recently so I went with the flow set. I am so impressed at the gapping even between cb and mb.

I highly recommend. Note these are not a distance iron you don't expect to hit them exceptionally long, but man are they accurate and buttery soft!

Best Blade EVER
Review by golfprokyle_199 - 12/22/2018

one of the best irons ive ever hit , was able to hit the demo and can honestly say its softer then any mizuno or titleist ive ever hit , would love a set

Review by LoPro - 11/14/2018

Absolutely excellent irons!!!

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