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The KING® F9 SPEEDBACK™ ONE Length™ hybrid is engineered to simplify your game by reducing variables in your swing to increase accuracy and consistency.


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KING F9 One Length Hybrid
  • What IS IT

    Cobra's ONE Length hybrid is back and better than ever. A larger shape is paired with optimized Baffler Rails and SPEEDBACK Technology delivering the perfect blend of distance, speed and accuracy.


    Ideal for Tour to 25 handicaps with moderate to faster swing speeds seeking a more consistent, accurate, and easy launching hybrid.

  • Why we made it

    The higher MOI design of the ONE Length hybrids makes them the perfect substitute for the ONE Length long irons (4, 5, 6 iron), which may be more challenging for golfers with moderate to slower swing speeds to get up on the air.

King F9 ONE Length Hybrid Grass Laydown
One Length

Your new
favorite hybrid.

A ONE Length configuration matches 7-iron length, headweight and lie angle and is designed to bring more consistency and accuracy to your game. The KING F9 SPEEDBACK ONE Length hybrids provide the perfect alternative to ONE Length long irons in a combo set if you are looking for maximum forgiveness and easy launch.

Track And Tune
Track And Tune

Baffler Meets

Baffler and SPEEDBACK Technologies work in unison to optimize low CG and clubhead speed through the turf.

SPEED Tuned Performance


Up to 30 grams of additional weight comprised of steel and tungsten is concentrated low and deep in the clubhead resulting in a lower center of gravity that creates higher launch with reduced spin.

F9 Driver Aero


A 15 gram tungsten weight is positioned in the back to promote high, towering trajectories and a steeper descent angle for improved stopping power into greens.

F9 Driver Back Tungsten Weight

Rail Design.

Redesigned to save discretionary weight needed to lower the club's center of gravity, while maintaining the same great turf interaction our Baffler rails have always provided.

KING f9 Speedback

A True Combination of
Forgiveness & Accuracy.

Innovative shaping improvements harmonize with Baffler and SPEEDBACK Technologies to achieve the ultimate combination of forgiveness and playability.

King F9 Hybrid

King F8 Hybrid

Tour Aftermarket Shafts

10% Larger Clubhead

A larger clubhead is in between the size of the KING F8 and KING OS hybrids and increases the MOI resulting in more forgiveness and stability.

Lowered Toe

Lowering the toe relative to the ground increases MOI and lowers and centers the CG behind the hitting zone for improved energy transfer to the ball.

Square Leading Edge

A lower toe also helps to square the leading edge at address, allowing golfers to align the club similar to an iron for increased accuracy and precision.

Forged Stainless
Steel Face

A two-piece construction features a thin, forged 455 high-strength stainless steel face insert and a 17-4 stainless steel body. A thinner forged face increases flex and responsiveness for improved distance and ball speed on off-center hits.

KING f9 Speedback


COBRA CONNECT, Powered By Arccos, allows golfers to track their distance and accuracy using detailed stats and analysis to improve their game.

Track And Tune
Track And Tune


COBRA CONNECT grips feature embedded sensors that work in conjunction with the Arccos Caddie mobile app - the award-winning connected golf system that helps players of all skill levels make smarter, data-driven decisions and shoot lower scores.

Learn More
Cobra Connect Logo

Automatic Shot Tracking

Receive real-time data for all aspects of your game.

True Club Averages

True Club Averages

Select the right club for every shot with SMART DISTANCE insights.

Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics

Use detailed performance breakdowns to guide equipment choices, practice & more.

Golfs Smartest Caddy

Golf's Smartest Caddy

Trust artificial intelligence to reveal your best strategy tee to green.


Length with
Length with
Standard Grip
3 H 19.0° 62.5° 37.50" 37.25" D0 S, R, Lite RH
4 H 21.0°  62.5° 37.50" 37.25" D0 S, R, Lite RH/LH
5 H 24.0°  62.5° 37.50" 37.25" D0 S, R, Lite RH/LH


ModelFlexShaft WeightKick PointTorqueTrajectorySpinTip Diameter
Fujikura ATMOS 7 ONE Length Stiff 75g Mid 4.3 Mid Mid 0.370
Fujikura ATMOS 7 ONE Length Regular 73g Mid 4.6 Mid Mid 0.370
Fujikura ATMOS 7 ONE Length Lite 71g Mid 4.6 Mid Mid 0.370


COBRA Lamkin Crossline Connect

COBRA Lamkin Crossline (58+) Connect - Blue / Red

Customer Reviews 9 item(s)

Tried to replace 5 iron of standard set
Review by To up right - 6/22/2019

So I tried this club and it was perfect except it was to upright. I play off a zero and hit long irons to low. This club filled the gap perfectly and it was the same length as my standard 6 iron. I was bought the stuff flex to replace my 5 iron. The distance was spot on 215 yards carry. The trajectory was spot on as well. My complaint is the club is to upright and I have a tendency to hook it left. I am fitted to 2 degrees flat. Before I get a ton of replies, yes I understand one length that they are more upright. But I figured I could put it in the Mitchell machine and flatten it out. You can not do that with this hybrid. Not because it’s cast, but because the hosel is to short to adjust. Overall a great club, feel trajectories and control are so good.

Best Club in the bag
Review by Todd A - 5/25/2019

Great clubs long and straight. I have the 4 and 5 hybrid the shorter lenght let's me throw dartsfrom 170 to 185 yards. As far as distance loss from lenght I would say basically none. They might be 3 to 5 yards shorter from my F6 hybrids when I hit them dead on, however the ability to be consitanly straight on target is worth it...just ordered the 3 hybrid

Easy to play
Review by Gabe - 5/15/2019

I got the one length 3 hybrid to keep in style with the one length iron set I have and looks like I made a great decision. Much easier to hit and after I added 4 grams in sole weight my distance and control is better than my old M3 hybrid.

One-length clubs is an overdue idea
Review by Richard Power - 5/15/2019

I watched Bryson Dechambeau, watched videos on the one-length clubs, and experimented with choking down on standard clubs. Then I took the plunge and got the F-Max one-length irons, 6 through PW, then added the gap and sand wedge clubs from the one-length F-9 series, followed by finally adding the 5 hybrid one-length fairway club. I just shot my own best back-9 score before our playing club played the front 9 in a scramble. I'm surprised other manufacturers haven't jumped on this idea. It looks a little odd at first but I realized quickly the swings are all the same so practicing one is practicing all. I have previously had a tremendous consistency problem. The swings aren't the same for the various standard irons no matter what any instructor might tell you. And standard fairway metal-woods have even longer shafts so the swing is even more different from wedges and high-numbered irons. I also noticed an increase in directional accuracy along with the improvement in ball contact. It all makes perfect sense once you try it out.

Wish they made this in low loft
Review by Ryebread - 4/24/2019

There is a market for a low lofted single length hybrid of say 16-17 degrees. It would be a great tee club for the target market and also allow for a “home run” type shot off the fairway. I wish Cobra made the F9 OL in this sort of loft because I would definitely buy one.

Easy to play
Review by Gabriel - 4/24/2019

After I got my F9 One Length iron set I ordered the One Length 3 Hybrid and the good news is that it works much better than I expected. The shorter shaft makes easy to hit and have less mishits. I can control the shape of the shot if needed and works great in the rough and fairway bunkers. Recommended addition to the iron set.

Great hybrid
Review by bushwacker - 4/17/2019

This is a beautiful club that works well in all conditions.

F9 Hybrid one length
Review by Willy B.G - 2/6/2019

The F9 hybrid one length 19 degree. Wow! That's all I can say after 2 days of use! It is 10 to 15 yards longer than my one length F7 4 iron just as it should be. My F7 one length clubs trackman stats (average of 5 good strikes) are 4i - 162y carry, 19Y apex. 5i - 152y carry, 22Y apex. 9i - 115y carry, 26y apex. All the swing speed for the clubs are about 75 mph. I reshafted the F7’s with Grafalloy prolaunch red. The F9 I have is the stock shaft. The F9 clubhead, shaft and grip weight is within 6 grams of my F7’s so i would say the swing speed is the same as the F7’s. Although I did not use a trackman facility I would estimate from 50 balls on the range the first day and one round of golf the next day for the F9 19 degree to be 175y carry, 22y apex. I do have to play the ball one ball forward in the stance to adjust for the fact that they are not offset like the irons. My only complaint is that Cobra does not offer a 17 degree one length hybrid. I hope the Cobra one length R&D team is listening!

The best just got better.
Review by Jimmy - 1/16/2019

Put in an custom order for a three hybrid one length with the recoil shaft. I was.pleasantly surprised that my order actually came in early. Drove to the driving range to give it a swing to see if the new hybrid was better or not. I can say without a doubt that the new hybrid is better in every way. I had the previous model and I thought it was already easy to hit. This new version feels like cheating, lol. The hybrid is so forgiving and has a much better feel than the f8 version. The larger head and new face really makes the ball jump when you hit it. If you were skeptical before I dare you to go and try it because cobra has made a big stride forward with this new one length hybrid. There is no denying that these new hybrids are LEGIT!

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