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SPEEDBACK™ Technology pushes the boundaries of conventional iron shaping to optimize low CG and high MOI, creating Cobra’s longest, fastest and most forgiving iron.

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KING F9 Irons
  • What IS IT

    SPEEDBACK Technology pushes the boundaries of conventional iron shaping to optimize low CG and high MOI, creating Cobra's longest, fastest, and most forgiving iron.


    Ideal for 5-25 handicaps with moderate to faster swing speeds seeking a more forgiving distance iron with enhanced feel.

  • Why we made it

    In early testing, we found drastic performance improvements were possible if we pushed the shape beyond the boundaries of the conventional game-improvement iron. This lead to the introduction of SPEEDBACK Technology - a revolutionary advancement in iron shaping that optimizes low CG and high MOI for true distance with forgiveness.

King F9 Irons Grass Laydown


Much like a wide-body kit adds to the stability of a racecar, SPEEDBACK shaping utilizes a belt of steel that adds mass low and wide, creating a lower, deeper CG that maximizes ball speed, launch and carry while maintaining a conventional sole width.

CNC Milled face driver


An E9 variable thickeness face design is 1.8mm at its thinnest point, expanding the SWEET ZONE to increase distance on off-center hits. A forged PWRSHELL design features a deep undercut sole with a 1.2mm internal Speed Channel that returns more energy to the ball for higher launch and faster ball speeds.

King F9 Bulge


SPEEDBACK adds more mass low and wide compared to a conventional game improvement iron. 33 grams of tungsten is combined in the heel and toe in the 4-7 iron, increasing MOI for maximum stability, higher inertia, and substantial improvements in ball speed, distance and forgiveness.

King F9 E9 Face Tech


A 3-piece multi-material medallion combines aluminum, TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) and acrylic foam. These lightweight materials damp vibrations to promote a softer, more responsive feel that is not normally found in a game improvement iron.

KING f9 Irons


CNC milling is a highly precise manufacturing method that is typically only found in forged player's irons. This process allows us to create perfectly flat faces, and precise lofts and groove shapes in every iron we manufacture.

CNC Milled face driver

spin technology.

Progressive groove shapes are CNC milled into each face to optimize spin performance in the long irons, mid-irons and wedges.



CNC milled V-grooves reduce spin for increased distance and flight time.



CNC milled U-Grooves optimize spin for improved control and accuracy.



Tighter-spaced, U-grooves increase spin for improved precision around the green.

hosel lengths.

Shorter hosels in the long irons (4-6) lower the CG to increase launch and distance, medium hosels in the mid irons (7-9 iron) create a gradual transition from the long irons and taller hosels in the wedges (GW-SW) raise the CG to promote control and accuracy.

CNC Milled face driver


Tour Aftermarket Shafts

KBS TOUR 90 (S, R)

The lightweight design of the KBS Tour 90 makes it ideal for players with moderate to faster swing speeds seeking high launch with added spin to maximize distance without sacrificing control.


COBRA CONNECT grips feature embedded sensors that work in conjunction with the Arccos Caddie mobile app - the award-winning connected golf system that helps players of all skill levels make smarter, data-driven decisions and shoot lower scores.

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Cobra Connect Logo

Automatic Shot Tracking

Receive real-time data for all aspects of your game.

True Club Averages

True Club Averages

Select the right club for every shot with SMART DISTANCE insights.

Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics

Use detailed performance breakdowns to guide equipment choices, practice & more.

Golfs Smartest Caddy

Golf's Smartest Caddy

Trust artificial intelligence to reveal your best strategy tee to green.


With your purchase of a set of KING F9 SPEEDBACK irons, you will receive your choice of FREE additional Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors or COBRA CONNECT grips so you can connect your entire bag (from your driver to putter) and experience your first set of Smart Clubs.

Receive game changing insights FREE for 3 months, then subscription rates apply.

How to redeem:

  1. Purchase a set of KING F9 SPEEDBACK irons.
  2. Download the Arccos Caddie app on your mobile device.
  3. Follow the instructions through the Arccos Caddie app to redeem your FREE Cobra Connect grips or Smart Sensors.

Download Arccos Caddie:

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Track And Tune



  • Steel: 5-GW

Iron Loft Lie
(Graphite & Steel)
Standard Length
(Graphite & Steel)
Swing Weight
Swing Weight
4 19.5° 62.0° 5.4 39.50" 39.25" C9 D1 RH/LH
5 22.5° 62.5° 4.6 38.75" 38.50" C9 D1 RH/LH
6 25.5° 63.0° 3.9 38.00" 37.75" C9 D1 RH/LH
7 29.5° 63.5° 3.2 37.50" 37.25" C9 D1 RH/LH
8 34.0° 64.0° 2.6 37.00" 36.75" C9 D1 RH/LH
9 39.0° 64.5° 2.0 36.50" 36.25" C9 D1 RH/LH
PW 44.0° 65.0° 1.5 36.25" 36.00" D0 D2 RH/LH
GW 49.0° 65.0° 1.0 36.00" 35.75" D0 D2 RH/LH
SW 54.0° 65.0° 1.0 35.75" 35.50" D1 D3 RH/LH


ModelFlexShaft WeightKick PointTrajectorySpinTip Diameter
Fujikura ATMOS 6 Stiff 66g Mid Mid Mid 0.370
Fujikura ATMOS 6 Regular 63g Mid Mid Mid 0.370
Fujikura ATMOS 6 Lite 62g Mid Mid Mid 0.370

KBS Tour 90
ModelFlexShaft WeightKick PointTrajectorySpinTip Diameter
KBS Tour 90 Stiff 102g Mid-Low Mid-High Mid 0.370
KBS Tour 90 Regular 95g Mid-Low Mid-High Mid 0.370


COBRA Lamkin Crossline Connect

COBRA Lamkin Crossline (58+) Connect - Black

Customer Reviews 37 item(s)

Game improver
Review by GoLight - 6/2/2020

I tested the King F9 Speedback irons versus popular high-dollar brands like Calloway, Mizuno, and Ping. By selecting the Cobras, I saved a few hundred dollars and got irons that definitely improved my game. I’m very impressed with the engineering that went into the F9 irons. I’m a 6 handicap and I feel sure that will come down a couple of points as I play these irons. They’re longer and more forgiving and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

F9 irons
Review by Spider - 5/31/2020

Amazing irons.very forgiving,I’ve played everything these are the best.

Rock Solid
Review by Impact - 5/26/2020

I Love These Clubs! I have a pretty high handicap and am just getting back to playing consistently after about 10 years. I decided to upgrade to the Cobra F9’s from my old 93’s as my son would say and since I have been playing with the
F9’s my game has been much more consistent. These clubs are awesome and very forgiving! I would definitely recommend them to anyone and am glad I chose Cobra Golf!

Review by RonnieD - 5/8/2020

Irons have added 10 yards to my game. Still getting used to them and COVID has the practical range closed. Plenty of Launch and extra height .

Best irons ever
Review by Jonathan - 4/17/2020

Just purchased King F9 Speedback irons and it has completely changed my golf game. I am hitting all my irons 10 to 15 yards further and so consistent. They have probably dropped my score by 5 at least! Got the PW through 4 iron set, but just went and bought the GW too because I love them so much! Great job Cobra, great job indeeed.

F9 irons driving me nuts
Review by Guru - 4/13/2020

I got my F9 irons a week ago.Sadly the corona virus is raising hell and courses are closed.I fortunate have a pull down net from the roof on my back porch.Im a senior golfer and I knew how good UST recoil shafts are so I had them put in and also midsize tour velvet grips a nice combo.The F9 feel soft but responsive great feel.I have also been able to do some 20-30 yard chips and pitches with the wedge and gap wedge feel fantastic.I think now you might see why their driving me nuts I can’t get out on th course Oh well controlling the spread and keeping each other is far more impotamnt.This to shall pass and us crazy golfers will be back out there and boy oh boy we will sure appreciate this wonderful game even more and will hitting plenty of greens with my cobra beautiful F9,s.One thing I didn’t say is I love the premium looks of the club and the slightly modern but at the same time old school look.Stay save everyone!

Instant Results
Review by KillerGees - 3/20/2020

I purchased the F9 Driver over a month ago (standard flex graphite) and was so impressed with the technology and results I decided to order the irons (5 - Gap) and give them a try. I've played two rounds with them and have been elated to find that they perform as well as the driver. They have helped me to become more consistent with my game and I expect more improvement in the future. I ordered a 4-Hybrid today to replace the fairway wood I have been using to complete the set. Keep up the great work, Cobra!

Cobra >>> Ttitleist!!!
Review by Jeremy - 2/4/2020

Have used Taylormade in the past and previously had Titleist AP2s and made the switch to the F9 irons and these are incredible!!! I was a little skeptical since I never had Cobra irons before but they go so long and straight! Absolutely love them!

Review by Markworksop - 12/26/2019

My very 1st set of measured clubs ! So pleased with them feel so easy to hit and give you confidence every time you stand over the ball ! Cobra are head and shoulders above the rest for me ! They are pushing the boundaries in fantastic way , keep it up

My Favorite Irons Ever
Review by Aaron K - 11/24/2019

My Favorite Irons Ever.
I have been golfing for 25 years. Over the course of my career I own a new set of irons every 2-3 years. I bought a set of F9s earlier this year. I have been extremely happy with these irons. I hit the ball farther then any set I have owned and I hit them straighter then I have before hit the ball. The technology in these irons has given me the potential to shoot new lows in game on a regular basis. I highly suggest these irons and I believe that Cobra is really producing some of the best equipment in golf. Thank You Cobra!!!

F9 Irons
Review by platgof - 11/15/2019

Played a couple of rounds, and they are long and straight. Threw the other iron sets out of the bag. I have hit some amazing shots with these. They are the best senior irons on the market.

Consistent and performing irons
Review by Kimmieboy - 11/10/2019

I played countless irons over the last 25 years, and the F9 def belongs right at the top. Seams very straight, long and the feedback from impact is increadiable... so soft.!
So you wanna go straight out of the box, go F9 w/o hesitation.

Stunning clubs with impressive feel and response.
Review by James1983 - 10/20/2019

I was very reluctant to go into new clubs as I absolutely love my King Cobra F7's. They modified and brought my game to a whole new level. But the new F9 Speedbacks have given me more distance and accuracy with little to no change in my swing. I was able to step right into these and see results immediately. The forgiveness is unreal. The F9 clubs will give you huge confidence and improve your game. The feel was the biggest improvement I noticed from my King F7's. Great job Cobra!

Superb Irons
Review by Steve Smith - 10/7/2019

I bought a set of King F9 speedback one length left handed irons 6 to PW from American Golf (Gareth) Trafford centre, they are fantastic, I am a 14 Handicapper, these have added at least 10 yds per club, compared to my previous, ability to move the ball left and right, has definitely improved, cannot recommend these clubs enough, Driver next.

Review by tj - 10/6/2019

love them. great distance and forgiveness would highly recommend.

Review by Shagger - 9/24/2019

Much like the other positive comments, I really like these irons. Hitting my irons around 15 yards longer than previous irons and really give me confidence.

Confidence in the irons
Review by TPCLV - 9/16/2019

I have had the F9 irons for about 3 weeks and WOW! I have gained so much confidence with these that I am no longer afraid to shoot for the pins instead of going for the middle of the green. I have Aerotech shafts that have been Pure'd and they go where I aim. Still working some distances, 5-10 yards longer, but we are getting there. My Index has dropped 2 full points since playing these irons for three weeks. They feel so smooth and the contact point is very stable. Each within 0.25" of the next. Very consistent with hitting greens from all distances.

Expected One Thing, Got Another and Am Better Because of It
Review by WhiteTeeWonder - 9/15/2019

While everyone is different and will experience different results, I did not find myself picking up any kind of yardage due to the statistically stronger lofts through the set. Each club still goes the same distance I've been hitting sets before. However, the set is good looking and confidence inspiring. Offset is very modest and reminds me of my old and much loved TM rac LT irons. They seem a little more compact relative to say a Ping G series iron and certainly considerably less offset too and it seems like they don't tangle up in the rough as much. Long irons seem low profile-ish which is inspiring and coupled with the modest offset, don't whisper "Left" to me right before I take the club back. Trajectory is medium in height and they stop very very quickly on the green. My best iron play this year have come with these in the bag. Feel is right between firm and soft but center struck shots feel like nothing at all. They just go. Partial shots are a joy once again. Like the title says, "Expected One Thing, Got Another and Am Better Because of It". Thank you Cobra. Always a fan of your drivers/woods. Nice to be back playing your irons again too.

Solid clubs
Review by Mime - 9/11/2019

Had cobras before I bought the speedbacks. I’m in no way a great golfer, I do mishit here and there but the forgiveness on these clubs is incredible. Instead of a total hack of a shot it turns out pretty promising. Solid clubs all around. I do think the club heads are a bit heavy, but nothing crazy. All around great set of clubs.

Best irons I’ve played yet!
Review by D - 8/21/2019

I’m one of those guys that always has a new club in the bag every year, I traded in my old set because I was tired of a certain popular brand and wanted a change. I got the F9’s from golf town and oh boy do I love my clubs. I’m not a great golfer but these clubs are giving me the confidence to be one. With Arccos I see my game. I’ve dropped 5 strokes off my game this summer so far just from the stats, and I can see now how I can lose more.

For the first time ever I actually don’t want new clubs my bag set up is complete. I love the ball glight they give, love the feel. Honestly the best irons imo. Try them out see for yourself, you won’t be disappointed

Golf beginner
Review by Jim Se - 8/18/2019

Thanks to pro BP of MST Golf Johor Bahru that recommended Cobra F9 to me; I am beginner and the golf learning journey has been more pleasure on less topping (forgiving) with the improvement on distance fetched (superb driver!).

Review by Ken Adkins - 7/16/2019

I have been playing regularly for 30 years. I'm a 15.2 (standard demons) and can on occasion go pretty low. I have NEVER had a set of clubs I was completely comfortable and confident with whether it was the flex-head-grip-flight you name it.

I decided its time to invest in my future, I'm 52, healthy, caddie on the weekends, play twice a week and practice once or twice a week. I went to 2 fittings, one at Golf Tec followed by Golf Galaxy. Both were terrific, hit lots of options and it came down to TM P790's and the Cobra F9's. I even went back one final time to be absolutely sure.

I picked up my standard length, +1, golf pride mcplus 4 grips F9's last night and immediately put them in play. All I can tell you is I have some work to do gapping these clubs as they are easily 15 yards longer per club than my other set, fly higher, great decent angle and the very moment I stand over them I'm immediately confident.

So, remember at the beginning of this review I stated I have NEVER been confident in a set of clubs, there is ZERO issue with any parts of these F9's and I highly recommend any and all skill levels to at least go visit a local retailer and smash a 7 or 8 iron a few times and check out the results.

Easy to hit + Long
Review by Tap - 6/19/2019

Great set of forgiving with distance irons....MUST get properly fit as mine were 2UP and 3/4" long and don't normally fit that profile but thats how I deliver the club to get maximum value out of each hit...
My only issue was the came with the Cobra Connect grips that I didn't order, just wanted Lamkin UTX standard grips... Irons are working grip, I will need to change out the grips soooooon.

The real deal. 12 handicaper and they tick all the boxes.
Review by Tezza - 5/26/2019

Previously played Ping G25s which i liked, then i went to Cobra forged one length. I really liked the one length concept but my striking just wasnt consistent enough and i found myself losing distance compared to the G25s, which subconsciously made me try to swing even harder, which is the last thing you want to do. In hindsight i should have swallowed my ego and taken a nice smooth easy swing, and just used a 5 iron instead of 6, or 6 instead of 7, and so on and so forth. But by this stage id lost alot of confidence in my iron play.

Flirted with the idea of the F8s, but when i read about the F9s i really liked the sound of them, so i gave them a shot, got fitted for one length 6-GW, and in a nutshell they are the real deal in my opinion.

One - the looks. I am not that bothered by chunky irons. Yes, i would much prefer a beautiful looking shiny compact blade, however i put higher weighting on scoring well and enjoying my golf. The reality is i play once a week and usually have no time to practice except for 20 mins before the round where i usually just putt and chip, so i accept i am not going to be swinging and striking my irons like Rory, and i need all the help i can get.

That being said, the top line on the 7 iron upwards is actually nice for a GI club, all the cavity and tech is hidden at address. You can definitely see it from the 6 iron and lower though, the 5 but especially the 4 irons look almost like those hybrid driving irons - the back sticks out a long way, so thats something to keep in mind.

Two - even though these are wide, the sole is actually normal size - i really really like the sole design. They sit very nicely at address and the turf interaction is excellent, whereas my G25s were like a massive wedge of metal in comparison.

Three - distance and dispersion. Yes like a lot of people have been saying, i am getting an easy 10m (11yards) more average distance across the board. Which is nice but to be honest not that important. More important to me is that the dispersion is way better. You dont get punished very much if at all by mildly off centre hits which is massive. When you combine all that, mentally you just feel when you step up, every shot is going to be smashed straight and long. Its a really nice feeling. You dont feel like you need to put much effort, just an easy swing and the weight and balance of the head just pulls it down and thru.

Four - sound and feedback. To me it sounds way better than the G25s. Its got a very decent sound for a GI, i really like it. Feedback though is very very muted compared to the King Forged Irons, but thats to be expected. You'll feel massive toe or heel hits, but otherwise its not that easy to tell if its slightly off centre.

Five - trajectory. I dont have any issues holding greens with my 6 - GW. Way enough height, they dont come in low and hot at all, for me

Six - Cobra connect is awesome. I was using GolfPad Link before, and its decent, but man....Arccos just plain works, and i use Android version of it which has had alot of bad press. I was pretty sure it was going to be trash, but i think if you have a modern android phone ie 2018 or 19 its going to run like a dream. No big battery drain, i barely check my phone during the round it just sits in my front pocket, and it pretty much gets everything.

So yeah, as you can tell im a big fan of these clubs. Ive even ordered the SW and am thinking about the 4 and 5 (i tried them but they did pretty much the same as my hybrids so not sure its justified....yet ... heh)

Last thing... GET FITTED :) It does make a difference. Mine are C-Taper lite shafts, stiff, standard one length, and 1 degree upright. Its a world of difference to me, and a real eye opener seeing the difference between stock shaft and those on trackman.

cobra f9 irons
Review by artman70 - 5/15/2019

very forgiving irons, 10 yards longer then my old tailormade speed blades, they go very straight

Just got fitted to F9
Review by Jeff - 4/30/2019

Just back from GolfTown and fitted... After 90 minutes the funnel pointed to F9. Will have them next week. Can’t wait.

Review by Pope - 4/25/2019

Greatest clubs ever! I hit 4 iron through SW, with 3 wood f9 and f9 driver. The most consistent club ever have hit. Can’t wait to see next years model if they will make one! I’ll be first to get them!

F9 owner
Review by Brett - 4/17/2019

Best feeling irons I've had in 10 years!

F9 Speedback Irons
Review by cfree - 4/17/2019

Took the F9 Speedback irons to the range today and hit over 150 balls. Absolutely great clubs, best I have ever tried. Heel and toe hits went dead straight. Better and straighter than any club I had ever hit. I gained 15-20 yards over my previous set.

F9s- solid irons
Review by Scott - 4/12/2019

just bought the F9 irons, graphite 5-PW, SW. Longer, higher trajectory and straighter than any iron I have ever hit. Kudos to Nick Smith at the PGA Superstore.

F9 irons
Review by PapaRutz - 3/17/2019

Went and got fitted to these F9 irons and after hitting about 10 different brands and models it came down to these irons being by far the best for me. I came out of Mizuno 900 Hot Metals and was consistently hitting the F9's, 15-20 yards farther and a tighter dispersion. Can't wait to get them in.

F9 Inspired Improvement
Review by john - 3/16/2019

Hi. I had an old set of Fly Z irons. I went to my local Pro fitter looking for a new 3 Wood, he noticed my irons didn't fit me and advised irons first. I tried all the main brands as I have no 'go to' manufacturer. The F9 was head and shoulders easiest to hit long and accurate and i am a 12 handicapper. After 6 weeks and 5 round I love them even more, reassuring, easy to hit, predictable long distances and fairways look bigger! Just brilliant. Ordered the 5 iron last week to replace a Hybrid. Just love em.

Just Love These F9s
Review by Johnny Bakewell - 3/9/2019

Hi. Traded in my old Fly Zs for a new set of clubs. Tried out a lot of irons at my custom fitting and came away with F9s. Just love them, solid soft contact off the face, they go miles and I can control them. Let me get away with clippers and toe shots too. Fantastic irons for me and I’m off 12. I’m going to add the 5 iron and sand wedge to the set as they will improve my long and bunker game I’m convinced now! Enjoy

Amazing irons
Review by SC - 2/19/2019

I purchased the F9 irons after doing a comparison against 5 other brands. I received my custom fitted set this week and as in the store, after my first couple of rounds, I am getting an additional 15-20 metres per club and some up to 25 metres. But the most amazing this has been even when I mis hit a shot, it’s still goes a good distance and is fairly accurate. I am an 11 handicaper and have shot 77 and 75 with my first two rounds using them. The clubs feel fantastic and are so easy to make good contact. Thoroughly recommend them to anyone thinking of upgrading.

Review by J.R. - 2/9/2019

Went back to golf galaxy after getting fitted for the new M6 irons. Wanted to go make sure of my fitting one final time before purchasing. I was offered to try the F9 to compare. Boy was I glad I didn’t buy the M6’s. My average with the M6 7 iron was 158. My average with the F9 was flying 180 and with 200 after roll out. I was taking dead aim at a 156 yard pin and crushing it over the green. I’ve never hit any cobra club in my life and bought a set 4-PW on the spot. Can’t wait to get them in.

Love em
Review by Crush - 2/6/2019

Tried them at the store, first they looked a little different and felt weird but I also had bad shoes on for swinging a club. A week later went back to store with good shoes. Tried a number of other brands and finally said let me try the f9 again. Was hitting almost 10 yards further than my average, CONSISTENTLY. clubs arrived yesterday and went and hit them today and hitting 5-10 yards farther consistently and my dispersion is way smaller. Love them!!!

new golfer
Review by mael - 1/28/2019

good for new golfer

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