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The KING F9 SPEEDBACK™ driver is the first Cobra driver to successfully combine an aerodynamic club shape, a low center of gravity, and a precision CNC milled face.

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Regular Price: $449.00

Special Price $249.00

KING F9 Driver
  • What Is It

    SPEEDBACK Technology is a revolutionary advancement in engineering, creating the first driver to successfully combine an aerodynamic shape with a low center of gravity to optimize club speed and ball speed for maximum distance.


    Three different models (9.0, 10.5 and 12.0) feature 8 adjustable lofts and a front to back adjustable CG system, allowing golfers of all abilities (Tour to 25 handicaps) to find the perfect launch & spin configuration for their game.

  • Why we made it

    Our engineers identified a common problem in today's driver designs: to get optimal aerodynamic properties, you have to sacrifice other parts of the design. SPEEDBACK™ Technology is a revolutionary breakthrough in driver engineering and is the first to combine a streamlined, aerodynamic shape with a low center of gravity. Paired with the only CNC milled driver face, it delivers substantial improvements in club speed, ball speed and distance without sacrificing forgiveness.

King F9 Driver Grass Laydown

The Ultimate
Formula for Speed.

Longer starts with Faster. Faster starts with SPEEDBACK, a revolutionary advancement in low CG, efficient aerodynamics, and precision CNC milled face technology that delivers the Ultimate Formula For Speed.

KING f9 Speedback

Speedback Aero Design.

SPEEDBACK Technology delivers Cobra's most aerodynamic club shape which utilizes rounded leading edges, a raised crown, a raised skirt and a raised tail. This design streamlines the clubhead to promote an uninterrupted flow of air from the leading edge to the tail, to reduce drag and increase club speed.

KING F9 Driver Aero

Optimized Aero and Low CG.

A low CG structure comprised of titanium and tungsten moves the CG low and deep, creating a more efficient transfer of energy to the ball for optimized launch and spin, while maintaining an aerodynamic shape.

KING F9 Driver Low CG

CNC Precision
milled face.

In an industry where everyone claims to have a fast driver face, ours is the only one that is CNC milled. A process that is up to 5 times more precise than conventional hand-polished driver faces, CNC milling delivers our thinnest and hottest face design repeatedly on every driver.

CNC Milled face driver


CNC milling allows face thicknesses and curvatures to be controlled to tighter tolerances, ensuring consistent performance across every driver manufactured.


CNC milling is an industry leading technology that took two and a half years to perfect. We are the only company to feature CNC milling in both our driver and fairway faces.


CNC milling yields more precise face thickness compared to manual hand polishing, allowing us to design a thinner and faster conforming face.

Speed Tuned

Dual Roll adds distance to your drives by reducing the gear effect that negatively impacts launch and spin on shots hit high and low on the face. Each driver is SPEED TUNED with optimized top and bottom curvatures to tune launch and spin for different swing speeds and attack angles.

SPEED Tuned Performance

Dual Roll Technology.

Bulge and roll curvatures are CNC milled into the face following exact specifications in the 3D CAD file design to ensure consistent performance in every driver we manufacture.

1. Top Roll Curvature

The top half features more curvature than the bottom half of the face to promote higher launch with reduced spin on shots hit above the centerline.


The axis is tilted at a 7 degree angle to account for the amount of toe droop that occurs during a typical swing.


The bottom curvature is SPEED TUNED to optimize the loft of each driver head (9.0, 10.5, 12.0 to 12.5 women's & junior's) to maximize launch and spin for different swing speeds and attack angles on shots hit below the centerline.

Dual Roll Technology


Three different horizontal bulge curvatures are CNC milled into the face to control loft and face angle on the heel, toe and center areas. Having perfected bulge curvatures is crucial to minimize the gear effect on shots hit on the toe and on the heel so the ball ends up closer to the target line.

King F9 Bulge

E9 Technology

E9 Technology is a variable thickness structure designed in an elliptical shape (along 9 different points) that expands the SWEET ZONE across a typical miss-hit pattern that ranges from the low heel to high toe areas.

King F9 E9 Face Tech

Straighter, More
Consistent Ball Flights.

E9 and Dual Roll technologies are optimized for each driver loft, while CNC milling creates precise bulge and roll curvatures to improve driving accuracy and distance on off-center hits.

Low heel shots with CNC milled bulge & Roll

High Toe shots with CNC milled bulge & Roll

Other guys without CNC milled bulge & Roll

King F9 Ball Flight


Continually pushing the boundaries of innovation, Cobra engineers have created our largest carbon fiber crown design that is the first to wrap over the crown onto the body. This design produces a 12% larger carbon fiber area that saves 10 grams compared to titanium driver crowns.

F9 Carbon Crown Wrap

PWR Ridges

Engineered creases called PWR Ridges frame alignment and add rigidity to the carbon crown structure to create more energy return and power to the ball to maximize speed.

King F9 Bulge


Polymer crown trips are positioned relative to the direction of airflow around the club head to reduce drag and increase clubhead speed. Using a lightweight polymer material on the crown trips improves aerodynamics without raising the center of gravity. Titanium trips are positioned on the sole to speed up the flow of air traveling underneath the driver.

King F9 E9 Face Tech

Tune Your
Ball Flight.

The KING® F9 SPEEDBACK™ drivers feature adjustable center of gravity (CG) and MyFly loft technologies, allowing you to fine-tune trajectory and launch to maximize distance.

F9 Tune Your Ball Flight


Customize your center of gravity (CG) position using moveable weight technology. A heavy weight (14g) and lightweight (2g) can be moved to the front or back position to fine-tune trajectory, launch and spin.

Front and Back Positions

MyFly 8 with Smart Pad

8 easily adjustable loft settings allow players to manage launch and spin conditions to optimize distance. Smart Pad Technology keeps the face square at address regardless of the loft setting.

MyFly 8 with Smart Pad

Tour After Market Shafts.

Tour aftermarket shafts in varying weights and flex profiles are paired with each driver loft (9.0, 10.5, and 12.0) to complement the performance of the head. Actual aftermarket structures feature premium materials and stiffer, lower torque profiles that reduce spin for improved distance and dispersion.

Tour Aftermarket Shafts

(4F2 - LITE, 5F3 - REG)

Available in the 10.5 and 12 heads in regular and lite flex. Designed for golfers seeking a lightweight shaft with extreme stability, Helium is ideal for moderate to medium swing speeds who would benefit from a high-launch and mid-spin profile.


Available in the 9.0 and 10.5 heads in stiff and regular flex. The ATMOS Tour Spec Blue is a midweight shaft ideal for medium to faster swing speeds seeking a mid-launch, mid-spin profile.


Available in the 9.0 and 10.5 heads in extra-stiff and stiff flex. The HZRDUS Smoke is a midweight shaft ideal for medium to faster swing speeds seeking maximum playability and control in a mid-launch, low-spin profile.


Available in the 9.0 head in extra-stiff and stiff flex. The ATMOS Tour Spec Black features a stouter and heavier profile ideal for faster swing speeds seeking a low-launch, low-spin profile.


The KING® F9 SPEEDBACK™ drivers are equipped with COBRA CONNECT Technology, Powered by Arccos. Electronically enabled grips work in conjunction with the Arccos Driver app on your smartphone, allowing you to leverage the power of data to take your game to the next level.

Track And Tune
Track And Tune


COBRA CONNECT Technology analyzes every aspect of your game, so you can eliminate guesswork and make smarter shot decisions. All of your shot data syncs automatically to your smartphone in your pocket so you can review your progress during and after your round.

Range Finder


Using advanced GPS distances on over 40,000 courses worldwide, COBRA CONNECT records the distance of every drive, so users can track their improvements.

Smart Distance


The Driver Tuning feature on the COBRA CONNECT app leverages advanced data to recommend optimal loft and weight settings for you.

Tour Analytics


Learn your strengths and weaknesses by analyzing distance, dispersion and percentage of fairways hit so you can practice more efficiently and improve faster.


ClubLoft SettingsLie
Length with
Length with
Standard Grip

7.5° / 8.0° / 8.0° Draw / 9.0° / 9.0° Draw / 10.0°  / 10.0° Draw / 10.5° 57.50° 45.50" 45.25" D3 460cc X, S, R RH/LH
9.0° / 9.5° / 9.5° Draw / 10.5° / 10.5° Draw / 11.5°  / 11.5° Draw / 12.0° 58.50° 45.50" 45.25" D3 460cc S, R, Lite RH/LH
10.5° / 11.0° / 11.0° Draw / 12.0° / 12.0° Draw / 13.0°  / 13.0° Draw / 13.5° 59.50° 45.50" 45.25" D3 460cc S, R, Lite RH/LH


UST Helium 50
ModelFlexShaft WeightKick PointTorqueTrajectorySpinTip Diameter
UST Helium 5 (5F3) Regular 59g Low 6.3 High High 0.335
UST Helium 4 (4F2) Lite 49g Low 6.3 High High 0.335

ATMOS Tour Spec Blue 6
ModelFlexShaft WeightKick PointTorqueTrajectorySpinTip Diameter
Fujikura ATMOS Tour Spec Blue 6 Stiff 66g Mid 3.5 Mid Mid 0.335
Fujikura ATMOS Tour Spec Blue 6 Regular 64.5g Mid 3.5 Mid Mid 0.335

ModelFlexShaft WeightKick PointTorqueTrajectorySpinTip Diameter
Project X HZRDUS Smoke 60 Extra Stiff (6.5) 61g Mid 3.2 Mid Low 0.335
Project X HZRDUS Smoke 60 Stiff (6.0) 59g Mid 3.4 Mid Low 0.335

ATMOS Tour Spec Black 7
ModelFlexShaft WeightKick PointTorqueTrajectorySpinTip Diameter
Fujikura ATMOS Tour Spec Black 7 Extra Stiff 76g High 3.0 Low Low 0.335
Fujikura ATMOS Tour Spec Black 7 Stiff 74g High 3.0 Low Low 0.335


COBRA Lamkin Crossline Connect

COBRA Lamkin Crossline (58+) Connect - Black

Customer Reviews 79 item(s)

Review by Hoss - 4/9/2020

The Cobra F9 Speedback, driver is outstanding. Added 15 to 20 yds. to my drives. I hit a toe shot and still reached out 250 yds.

Great Driver
Review by Timex - 3/31/2020

Just received, still playing with the weight. So far when I hit it correctly I haved gain 20+ yards in my drives!

Great driver
Review by CoreyK - 3/26/2020

I’ve played 5 rounds with my F9(stiff shaft) now and I’m consistently hitting more fairways. My swing speed is about 115 and I’m hitting 300 yard frozen ropes. My confidence off the tees has sky rocketed since adding this club to my bag.

Driver love
Review by Tiger wannabe - 3/16/2020

I truly love this club, it is everything they promote. Very forgiving, I would buy it again.

Great Driver
Review by Parman - 3/9/2020

Excellent feel. Have picked up 15-20 yds. Highly recommend this driver.

Highly recommended
Review by TimmyT - 2/16/2020

Love speed and distance I'm able to achieve with this Driver.Did alot of research before buying . However little concerned about paint job. Hit 1 high heel shot first time using it and it chipped about an inch of paint from front of crown. Will talk to pro shop and see what if anything can be done. Bummer brand new driver damaged within first 9 holes. My old Cobra ltd took alot worse hits and paints fine

Review by Nick - 2/7/2020

Moved up from the very solid F8+. Feel is improved along with distance and accuracy. Great match with the HZRDUS black. Really hard to find more bang for your buck with this driver.

Explosive !!
Review by Scotthans - 1/19/2020

Brought this club and wow ! Been down to a 3 handicap when I was younger but getting into golf after a good few years away. Driving has never been my best point but I feel fully confident when I tee up with this club ! Carnt wait till summer to see the distance with some roll out aswell !

Great value.
Review by Husty - 1/8/2020

Love the driver. The moveable weights and Myfly are brilliant. The driver looks great at address and the colour and design of the head are spot on. I've been looking at changing my driver for a while now and I'm delighted with my choice as this is a rocket and will transform my game. Its a pity I lost my headcover at the range on Sunday though!! I'm totally gutted. Great driver and I will be adding the 3 and 5 woods to my bag. Thanks and regards.

Awesome Driver
Review by JDL - 1/8/2020

Switched out after many years with the same Driver. Awesome looks and performance. Definitely worth buying.

Hands Down: The Best Driver on Market Today
Review by Jake - 12/28/2019

Allow your brain and wallet to leave the other brands alone and you will not be disappointed. As a longtime PING player, I went in to get fitted for a the new PING 410 and part of me said, let’s just test what else is on market. I went through them ALL and nothing came close to the Cobra for consistency and distance. Which I believe is the two main reasons anyone should be switching to this driver (the most important being consistency).

Short of other brands copying Cobra’s tech, this will be the driver to beat moving forward. Without a doubt.

Thank you to everyone involved in the creation of this beautiful piece of equipment. Good is all about controlled and limited misses. This club provides exactly that and does it at a price point that’s immensely appreciated.

"Driver of the Year" doesn't say enough
Review by Jaxon Golf - 12/12/2019

Yes, I build all of my clubs. All of them. But I had to own this true master stroke after a demonstration and bought a club RETAIL! Gasp!

So much concentration is on the newest visible technologies by other manufacturers that they forget to simply build a GOOD CLUB. This is a good club, through and through. Plus, this tinkerer just got through cutting his Yellow F9 with Mitsubishi Tensei CK50 shaft down to 45" and swapped in the 18 gram weight: the selection of customizable weights is excellent and they are very slick looking, allowing for a high level of customization (which I, of course, love). With some tape artistry I did a reduce-taper plus 5 full wraps to make the beautiful RED Pure Grips DTX Midsize grip an actual oversize grip. The swingweight feels amazing and I can already see more center face strikes happening.

By the way, this driver is stupid long and very forgiving across the entire face, if I didn't already say so. They nailed the feel of the club, and the swingweight (though I'm changing it lol) is excellent stock, a big difference from one or two other manufacturers' drivers that lose club head feel in the attempt to reduce club weight. It looks incredibly sharp and very clean at address. I can't say enough...

Cobra always kills it, man! Superior quality and price. Clem, if you are out there, I miss you man! You're the best!

King F9 driver
Review by Billsang - 12/10/2019

Beautiful looking club. Great sound and feel off the tee. Distance is awesome!

Super impressed
Review by Jaycee - 11/27/2019

Have been looking for "the" driver for a while now. I had read great things about this driver and picked one up with Atmos blue 6R shaft. The club has transformed my game - driver is now one of my favourite clubs. Shaft and head are incredibly stable and allow me to produce a repeatable swing with centre strikes - key for distance. Would highly recommend you try!

Review by Al - 11/20/2019

As a single digit handicap I tried them all.Epic flash all over the place, titleist, taylormade and it came down to PING g410 but I haven't gamed a new driver since the g30 ls tec. So I got fitted and just said let me try something different. As we all know indoors on track man everyone is a hero. However taking it to my local course I can honestly say I was in places I have never been before and this is my first round playing with it. Unbelievable. Super forgiving and when you stripe one it goes for days. Hats off to cobra. You guys rock!

I Am a Believer in the Cobra F9
Review by aggiesam1983 - 11/17/2019

I play Titleist but was looking for something more out of my driver, not as much in distance as consistency. I tried new Titleist drivers, TaylorMade M5 and M5 Tour, and the Callaway Epic Flash. None provided me with what I was looking for. Just before giving up the fitter hands me the Cobra F9 to try. OMG I loved it! I gained about 10 yards but all my shots were consistent. I bought the 10.5 degree with the HZRDUS Smoke stiff shaft and took it to the course for an afternoon round. I only had time for 11 holes but every drive was in play and averaged 291. I can hardly wait to play more with this club.

Can't wait to try the F9 Irons
Review by J.D. - 11/15/2019

I recently went to buy a new driver and the golf fitter told me that with my swing there was no driver out there that would help me. I thought he may be correct because I did buy an M1 also The Callaway Epic and still hit the ball high and short. My problem was not with speed but with RPM at 5K rpm with a driver you are definitely flipping in the bottom. Then OMG I bought the Cobra F9 speed back 9 deg with the HZD smoke shaft and it blew my mind. The other drivers I bought did nothing to help but the F9 makes me look like a different player. I still have the 95 mph swing speed and still flip the release but I went from 200 yards carry and no roll to consistently 260 carry and roll out to 280/290 straight down the middle. After reading all the reviews about the F9 one length clubs I think I'll try them and replace my epic irons with them. Thanks Cobra for such an awesome driver can't wait to try the F9 irons.

Best driver I've ever hit
Review by Drknyte13 - 11/9/2019

I'm not going to lie, I've been a Cobra guy since the F6's. When the time came to look for a new driver, I decided I wanted to steer away and give another brand a go. After spending half the day at my local gear shop hitting balls with TM, the big C and P, I kept coming back to the F9. Loved the feel and sound of this thing, not to mention it's improved my driving immensely. Liked the driver so much I also went out and got a 5 wood and 7 wood in the F9. Again, best fairway woods I've ever hit. Feel, sound, and factoring cost, there's not a better driver out on the market currently IMO.

Well played Cobra

Cobra F9 accuracy
Review by Jimmy - 10/23/2019

Tried this driver at a demo day in Florida and was impressed.
In the spring tested all new drivers and Cobra F9 is the most accurate of this years' crop. Keep it on the short grass!

Best I've hit but...
Review by Jason - 10/18/2019

This is by far the best driver I've hit coming from a high handicapper. The forgiveness is unreal a s long as the club is square on contact. Off the toe, high on the face, etc. It doesn't matter, it goes fairly straight. The only price you pay is loss of distance. Close off or open your face too much at contact and you're still paying the price. Golf requires a degree of skill but this club without a doubt has allowed me to get away with a lot. But... I built this club here on Cobra's website and chose my own down the list grip. I made a terrible choice and the grip I chose is terrible. I should have picked what comes with the club at default. Clubs slide all around in my hand. Worst grip I've ever used. Moral if the story is don't get too ambitious unless you have tested it before. Now I have to buy a new grip.

Review by LEW - 9/20/2019

Just great!

Great Driver!
Review by Lman - 9/12/2019

This is the best driver I have ever owned and I have owned many. Long, forgiving, and has a nice sound and feel to it.

just a great club
Review by lofty - 9/9/2019

had the f8 and try the f9 is longer and seems better to swing and for a cheaper price theirs no contest.Only the one complant and yes my fault i skyed one and seems to mark quite easy i will get it fixed as thats not enough to stop using this great driver.PS does anyone know the paint code ??? cheers

Really Good Driver
Review by JBGoode - 9/4/2019

Have tried the new Ping, Titleist and Callaway offerings for 2019 on course Cobra hands down best for me both in feel (solid feel, muted sound) and performance (forgiveness, distance, trajectory, reasonable spin). Great option for a mid handicapper. Good price too

F9 Driver
Review by SharpEShooter - 7/26/2019

For last 20 years have been a low single didget player Last several years been having driver issues so a Memphis friend reminded me how good of a driver I was using Cobra products. In recent years just got away from the brand. So I purchased F9 and no more driver issues. As for the shaft I put in an F8 model to match up with the F8 shaft I have in the Three wood. Give this driver a test run and you will buy. Good luck

Simply Amazing!
Review by TKACoach - 7/20/2019

Most forgiving consistent driver I've ever had. I ordered the tour version with the Atmos Black X shaft. No fitting process, just wanted to try it because some of my players liked it and are hitting it well. The driver is almost 2" shorter than my Callaway Epic but the F9 goes just as far except when I hit the Epic perfect. On a perfect strike the Epic might be a little longer but its very hard to compare because we aren't robots. My misses are so much smaller in accuracy and distance. Sometimes I would miss my target by 75yds with the Epic and even on a bad day with the F9 I'm still keeping it close to the fairway and almost the same length. It's seems hard to believe but I could hit a 250 yd drive with the Epic on one hole and the next hole it would be 330. Maybe I have a bad driver but the distance discrepancy/lack of forgiveness was hard to deal with. I have not experienced this with the F9. I have hit the ball extremely toward the toe and the heel and it still travels a long way and is accurate for an extreme miss. A heel miss seems to provide the worst results. The sound and feel are unmatched if you are old school. Softest feeling metalwood I've owned. When you hit the sweet spot it carries for days and feels like butter. I've had the confidence to take on bunkers and other hazards that I haven't with past drivers including my Talormade TP that was fit for me at the Taylormade Kingdom and assembled in their tour trailer.

To be fair I know its not for everyone. I told a friend about it and he bought one. He hits his old Titleist better. I think he picked the wrong shaft. I got lucky and really like the feel and launch of the Atmos Black and I've been a Diamana guy since going to the Kingdom. I have a lot of confidence in the design of this head and I think if you get the correct shaft you won't be disappointed.

Not expecting to boom it
Review by COlong - 7/6/2019

Just ordered my new F9 today. Had no intentions of buying a new driver but decided to test several (all the big names) and continued to come back to the F9! I was most impressed with the forgiveness and sound - a deep throaty/powerful boom! The shot shape was easy to produce - draws, straight or slight fade. I can’t wait to take it on the course with a direct comparison to my M2. The fitter was great trying numerous shafts before ending up with Atmos tour spec blue 6. Will provide more feedback after a couple of rounds on the course

Perfect fitting F9 driver
Review by Tinner - 7/6/2019

The longest I could hit my old driver was 217 with a good hit. I went to a demo day and got fitted for the new F9 driver. I have been averaging 15 to 25 yards plus it has straighten out the slice that I had. I highly recommend the F9 and take the time to get fitted it is worth it.

does what it says on the tin
Review by Robert - 7/4/2019

Love the driver, performed from beginning, just one small regret, maybe should have gone for the 12°

Absolutely awesome
Review by Nath - 7/3/2019

The best driver I’ve hit! Very forgiving on my miss hits from the high toe. When it hits the sweet spot you sure know about it!

Simply Perfect.
Review by Wang Chao - 7/3/2019

I bought the driver from Clubhouse Golf nearly 6 months ago, I have not looked back since. It has brought consistency and extra distance to my game. I couldn't recommend it enough. I've just ordered the 3 wood and hybrid to match.

Review by M Vold - 6/17/2019

I currently game a F8+, which I like a lot, but occasionally will miss the sweet spot, a buddy who has the F9 let me play his for a round. I used the shaft from my F8+ to compare apples to apples. F9 gave me both length and consistency. Based on garmin S60 data - 10 -12 yds longer, plus 9 of 12 fairways. After my best round of the season (so far) F9 has been ordered. Thank you Cobra!

Titleist guy turned Cobra guy
Review by Adam - 5/29/2019

Got fitted today, i'm a long time Titleist fan. My bag was all Titleist (minus a Ping putter) going into my fitting. Only thing I haven't upgraded recently was my driver so I figured i'd get it done this spring.

Tried a few shafts and was pretty impressed with the TS3, then picked up an F9 with the same shaft that fit me (HZRDS Smoke Stiff) and fell in love. Ballspeeds and distance were similar to the TS3, but dispersion was better with the F9. Not to mention the feel and look of the Cobra was way nicer.

Couldn't be happier.

Bites like a Cobra
Review by Andy - 5/24/2019

I am impressed with the distance and accuracy I’ve gained with the Cobra F9. Great driver!

ok driver
Review by gman - 5/24/2019

still getting use to it,love the color, did not notice any difference in length from my rogue.time will tell

Great Driver
Review by Will - 5/18/2019

Great driver. 20 yards longer on average than my Big Bertha. Good job Cobra!

Best Driver Ever
Review by IRLGolfer - 5/15/2019

Over the moon with this driver. By far the best that I have ever owned. With a minor swing change this driver consistently delivers an extra 20 yards to my drives with no change in accuracy and a pleasant sound. I am delighted with it.

Review by wow - 5/15/2019

This driver has changed my game. Longer and straighter for sure. Do yourself a favor and try this one out!

Consistently long
Review by Chitownjimmy - 5/15/2019

I have an F7 and this is just as long, if not longer. I hardly miss a fairway. Nothing negative to say.

Thank you!
Review by GregB - 5/15/2019

The Cobra F9 is by FAR the best driver that I have ever gamed. Single digit handicap and gear junkie. I have converted three in my group so far. Love it so much, I picked up the 3 and 5 woods. Thanks Cobra!

Best driver on the market!
Review by Seth - 5/15/2019

Skeptical at first about making the switch from my F8+. But the trackman numbers don't lie. Ball speed, distance all went up significantly. And the forgiveness with off center hits is fantastic. The F9 is superior driver!

F9 Impressive!!
Review by 808Golf - 5/14/2019

I Recently replaced my Callaway Epic driver with the F9 Black and Gray head and wow what a difference. It is definitely longer and no problems hitting it straight. It’s point and shoot. Playing it at 8 degrees heavy weight in front with a Graphite Design GP shaft. Like the sound and feel off the face plus forgiveness. This is absolutely the best driver for the the money out there. Got fitted for this setup and can’t be happier with the results. Mid ball flight with good roll. Awesome Job Cobra!!

King LTD on Steroids
Review by Scotty1 - 5/13/2019

I have played the King LTD Driver since it came out in 2016. This driver is the closest driver I have hit that compares as far as distance and accuracy. This thing just wants to find the fairway.

Game improvement
Review by Jim - 5/10/2019

Love the way it works and feels helps with control and makes the game fun again

Review by Golfarn - 5/6/2019

Cobra f9 är en av dom bästa klubborna jag vet

Review by NJGolfer - 5/3/2019

This is by far the absolute best driver in the market! Go try the current drivers from TM, Callaway, Titleist, and then compare it to the Cobra F9 Speedback. The F9 will have faster ball speed from the CNC Milled Face (only company to do this) and a lower spin rate! Faster ball speed and lower spin rate equals Long Long Drives!! Longer than any driver ever made. Go demo it and see for yourself! I Love my F9 Speedback Driver!!!!!

Great Club
Review by Joe - 4/20/2019

Hit it 25-30 yards longer , nice fell, great sound. Can’t be happier

Rick Shiels deserves Royalties.
Review by Kyle - 4/19/2019

Played the S9-1 pros and the S2's before switching 2 years a go. I am back on the Cobra Train. Personally love the yellow. Rick Shiels review was the final straw. He should be compensated LOL.

Best Driver
Review by Keegan - 4/19/2019

Male 30 years old previously playing Cobra's LTD Pro.
My current swing speed is 111 mph.
With my LTD Pro I was consistently carrying the ball 278 yards and I averaged an offline distance of 24 yards.
With the F9 has outdone the LTD Pro.
I am currently carrying the F9 289 yards with and the average offline distance decreased to 14 yards.
Overall the club performs as advertised.
Better Ball Speed and misses are minimized.

Straight as an arrow
Review by Crowman - 4/17/2019

Long and straight

Great Driver
Review by PJC - 4/14/2019

Have no trouble off the tee,,more distance..love the feel

F9 Driver
Review by Aussijock - 4/11/2019

The best driver I have ever used.
I am 74 years old handicapp of 8 have played withh many drivers over my playing days, this is by far the best.

Review by Dodo - 4/9/2019

Got fitted three weeks ago, played two rounds. By far the best driver I’ve ever owned. Super long and crazy straight...and it looks beautiful too! The only negative thing? I am now obliged to allocate extra budget for at least one fairway wood....!!! Thanks Cobra, well done!

Review by Holy Terror - 4/8/2019

The first time I hit this club, I out drove my Rogue by 40 yards. Even my off-center hits went further than my striped swings with my old driver. I was playing with Ed who consistently out drove, but not any more. The first word out of his mouth was, "Wow!"

Home run
Review by Wally - 4/7/2019

Best driver I ever hit! Added 25-30 yards to my drives! Light and fast! You'll love it!

Bumblebee Transformer
Review by Cajun Cutter - 3/30/2019

Had been hitting a TM M1 driver and on average hit it with most of the guys I play with. Took a chance and bought the F9 without trying it first. No regrets whatsoever. Now out driving those same golf buddies by at least 10 yards on a consistent basis. In this instance it is the arrow and not the archer. So glad I made this purchase. The look, the feel and the result are all amazing.

Ridiculous Distance Gains
Review by BenEagles - 3/29/2019

Literally 40 plus over my M2 w/ Red Tie that built. I went with the Helium shaft. Tight dispersion as well.

F9 Driver
Review by BB - 3/28/2019

Bought mine three weeks ago and absolutely love it. Best driver I have ever owned!! Thank you.

I'm Impressed
Review by Syd the Squid - 3/22/2019

Bought this club from American Golf and I'm loving it. 10.5 head with Atmos tour spec blue 6 regular shortened to 44 inches. My average drive length is 197yds with the Cobra F Max but I'm averaging 230yds with the F9 and whats even better my drives are getting consistently straighter. I'm a senior high handicap player but I'm confident my handicap will reduce over this years season.

Love the Driver!!
Review by Chris - 3/18/2019

Great club. Love the sound and look of the New Speed Back.

Love this driver
Review by Rich - 3/18/2019

By far the longest, most forgiving driver I have ever played.

15 yards longer
Review by Cobraman350 - 3/18/2019

Love it

Review by milk - 3/15/2019

longest driver out there

Straight and longer
Review by Tom - 3/9/2019

A great piece of engineering. Hit it a little longer but much straighter.

--- The best Driver for me ---
Review by Thomas Berger - 3/7/2019

I play since three years golf. I bought different Driver models ( PING G, Callaway Big Bertha Fusion, Callaway EPIC ) the last years for testing.
Before i bought the new King F9 Speedback Driver, i owned the Ping G400 Max Driver. In comparison is the Cobra much better in the complete performance. I have the ligth UST Helium Shaft which is perfect for my swing speed. My drives are now very consistent and i believe in myself much more. The sound is the best i have noticed. Thank you Cobra Golf!

totally surprised
Review by sandsaver - 2/16/2019

went to golffest in the villages fl to hit clubs- all the leading club manufacturing co's were there as they should be
over 660 holes of golf and over 3 million rounds played in 2018.
in 2 days i hit the taylormade m6,the new titliest driver,the new honma driver, wilson staff g7,the mizuno driver,the ping g410,the callaway epic flash and the cobra f9 speedback.I've never played COBRA CLUBS but after day 1i really liked the cobra driver and went back on day 2 and hit it again.the club was the best i hit=hit the ball high and it flew along way and straight.the feel off the clubface was solid and the sound was great.im 69 and i ended up buying the 12 degree model with a lie shaft and the loft set at 11.try it and you will be surprised it really is a great new driver.I DID NOT WANT TO BUY A COBRA but i did because it was the best club i hit in 2 days.

No contest
Review by Mth5126 - 2/12/2019

I'm a 4 handicap and hit m5, epic flash, ts3 and f9 in a simulator. TM and Callaway we're avg 295 with a swing speed of 118. Titleist was solid with an avg of 310 and a swing speed of 121. But the f9 was an avg carry of 315, 330 total with 3 hits of 345. Cobra and Titleist with the smoke shaft. It's no contest. The Cobra is long and accurate but more importantly, it's so fast. You will gain mph's in your swing. I will probably have to get it this spring!

Finally a Driver I can hit...
Review by tomtheguitarguy - 2/12/2019

Haven't carried a driver in years... I was hitting my 2W as far as my driver 205-220 but much straighter. With my old driver I was getting those distances but far right or far left, never straight (or even close)...

So i just figured, to heck with it, i just won't carry a driver...

After watching Rick Shiels review of the Cobra F9 Speedback, I decided what the heck - if it doesn't work right for me, I can just send it back. Ordered with the Helium UST shaft w/Senior (Lite) flex...

Well, it has earned a spot in my bag... Taking it to the range, the first few shots were a little errant and was thinking "well, maybe it's not for me"... but a few shots later after slowing down, taking my time and not try to murder the ball, li and behold 240+ yard drives that were pretty darn straight with a nice little draw... I did hit a few fades. But not that big banana slice I had with my old driver...

A couple days later on the course, 10 out of 14 fairways hit... I'm sold..

The Driver that puts you at a new level!
Review by Drockjohnson - 2/3/2019

Tested all the 2019 models at Golf Galaxy, F9 out performed them all, distance, dispersion, and mishits, im a 4 hc, and was currently playing the M1, the sound and feel of this driver is so good that your mishits feel the same as center hits without sacrificing distance. So impressed I special ordered that day, at 47 yrs old got my carry distance back from 12 yrs ago!!! Great technology, COBRA took this driver to whole new level!!

25 years in the Golf Business/Master fitter
Review by GolfProTj - 2/1/2019

I have tested all the big name company’s driver this year! Since I work for a company that sells more golf club products in the USA than anyone. The Cobra F9 is so good, It literally beats everything out there & $70-100 less. I’m not paid by Cobra or any other company’s. Pure fittings I have personally done.

Great Driver
Review by WL - 1/27/2019

Just purchased this driver as part of an equipment change
F9 driver, fairway woods and one length irons
This driver is great! Straight, long and the fairways are just as good. Irons are getting better the more I play
Thanks Cobra

New member
Review by Jem - 1/24/2019

Performs as advertised.

Get it Now
Review by Dave - 1/21/2019

You've heard it before but believe me this is the best driver out there. Hitting it 20 yards further then my M3. I got the 9 degree, HZRDUS smoke 60 stiff and set it for STD draw with 14g weight in the back. Now hit a slight draw with distance. Love this driver!

F9 Is best driver ever!
Review by Bigfishwilb - 1/21/2019

Few months back purchased a new driver from another manufacturer. Could never hit it straight. I test drove the F9 at local gold retailer with Cobra Rep. We got to fine uber to my swing and it’s Alia le as ever. Best change I ah e madenin my gold game to date. Confidence is a key and I now can trust my driver. Bought it on release day. Love it

F9 Speedback
Review by Lobber - 1/20/2019

Custom ordered to my specs with Smoke 70 shaft. Feel, distance and forgiveness are excellent. Very nice sounding thwack when hit. With 14gm weight set in front I get roll when it hits the ground. Can draw or fade at will but it wants to go straight. Highly impressed thus far

Review by Jholm007 - 1/18/2019

OMG! This thing is the real deal. I have had lots of drivers. G400 LST, TS3 and Epic. I always went back to my 917D3. I hit maybe 10 balls with this on simulator and had to get one. Played today and was in love. The ball flight is amazing and did not balloon. I would buy all over again. I put a Aldila Rogue Max 65X in it at 45 inches. It is a hammer. Longest driver I have had since the 430 SLDR.

Amazing Driver
Review by Kenya Cowboy - 1/18/2019

I tried out the King F9 driver yesterday I could not believe how easy it was to use, definitely worth buying.

Review by Mr. Scary - 1/16/2019

The club arrived yesterday from ProSouth. Appearance was brilliant, which prompted me to head to my indoor golf monitor heer in Indiana. Consistently hitting 285-300 yard drives with great dispersion. The HZRDUS yellow shaft not only looks sweet, but felt smooth as silk.Based on early research and price, this is the first new driver (upon release) that I have ever bought...and may be my last. Time to shovel snow in the backyard and smash some Top Flites into the woods. Cheers

Meat Rockets!!
Review by FLgolfNut - 1/15/2019

WHOA- this thing is an absolute missle launcher. Im a TM guy- have been since the M2 but after watching Rick Shields review I had to give it a try and i was amazed- The look, numbers off it (spin was incredible sub 2500 is nuts) and sound were ideal. Great job Cobra!!

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