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KING F8 and F8+ Weights

Customize your KING F8 Woods with different weight options.

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Removeable weights for the KING F8 and F8+ Woods.


KING F8 Driver Weights: 8g, 12g (stock weight), 16g.

KING F8 Fairway Weights: 6g, 10g (stock weight), 12g.

KING F8 Hybrid Weights: 5g, 9g (stock weight), 13g.

KING F8 ONE Length Hybrid Weights: 9g, 13g (stock weight).


KING F8+ Driver Weights: 8g, 12g (stock weight), 16g.

KING F8+ Fairway Weights: 4g, 8g (stock weight), 12g.


Women's KING F8 Driver Weights: 12g (stock weight).

Women's KING F8 Fairway Weights: 4g (stock weight).

Women's KING F8 Hybrid Weights: 7g (stock weight).

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