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KING F8+ Driver

The KING F8+ Driver introduces COBRA's first CNC milled driver face paired with 360° Aero™ Technology, bringing you COBRA’s smartest, fastest, most precise driver ever. Tour preferred shape for maximum workability.

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  • What It Is

    Featuring COBRA's thinnest and hottest face, the KING® F8+ driver delivers the perfect blend of speed and workability with precision face milling, aero and adjustable weight technology.

  • Who It's For

    Tour to 15 handicap golfers with higher swing speeds seeking lower, more controlled trajectories with reduced spin for enhanced shot shaping capability.

  • Why we made it

    Engineered to deliver tour level performance. The KING® F8+ is COBRA's most technologically advanced driver featuring the industry's first ever forged CNC milled Titanium face with E9 Technology™.

F8 Driver Grass Laydown

Introducing the First
CNC Precision Milled Face

Golf's first CNC precision milled forged titanium driver face with E9 Technology™ is thinner, hotter, and more precise.

CNC Milled

Precision Milled For Maximum Speed

CNC milling yields more precise face thickness controls compared to hand-polishing, allowing COBRA engineers to design a thinner and faster conforming face.

COBRA's Thinnest and Lightest Face

Tighter face thickness tolerances allow the face to be milled as thin as possible to deliver increased deflection for faster ball speeds. This yields a face that is 10% lighter.

Multi Directional CNC Milling Pattern

A multi-directional CNC pattern delivers a thinner face, while the circular milling pattern in the center provides an aesthetically pleasing visual of the Sweet Zone™.

CNC Milled
Vs. Hand Polished

The traditional hand-polishing process can lead to inconsistencies in face thickness and curvature between each manufactured driver head. CNC precision milling ensures that every driver face is machined to precise specifications to achieve optimal performance.

CNC Milled Video


Compared to hand-polished drivers, CNC machining yields more precise thicknesses resulting in a thinner and hotter face that increases ball speed and distance.

Precision Face

Ti-8-1-1 Body & Forged E9TM Face

A lightweight 8-1-1 Titanium body and forged face saves discretionary weight to move the CG lower for improved launch and speed. CNC milling delivers a thinner and more precise E9™ variable thickness face structure for increased distance on off-center hits.

Lightweight Body

Ball Speed Gains

Tested against a traditional hand-polished driver face, the CNC milled face on the KING® F8 driver produced increased ball speeds ranging from 1.2 to 1.6 mph across the face.

Ball Speed Gains


After analyzing over 25,000 unique shots in our testing, we discovered that 99% of golfers hit the face in an elliptical pattern ranging from low heel to high toe. While most golf companies design a circular sweet spot around the center of the face, COBRA's patented E9 Technology™ is designed in an elliptical pattern to create a SWEET ZONE™ that allows more hot spots farther away from the center of the face.

F8 Sweetzone Orange
F8 Sweetzone Blue


Unlike traditional drivers designed with a constant roll radius, COBRA's innovative Dual Roll Technology™ utilizes different curvatures on the top and bottom of the face to optimize launch and spin for shots hit above or below face center.

Dual Roll

tilted bulge and roll axis

COBRA's patented Dual Roll™ design features more curvature on the top half of the face and a flatter bottom half to optimize launch and spin for shots hit both high and low on the face.


perfect bulge

Using CNC milling, COBRA® engineers were able to design a more precise horizontal face curvature (bulge radius) to compensate for gear effect and deliver more accuracy on shots hit on the heel and toe.

Perfect Bulge

360 AEROtm

Innovative crown and sole aero trips optimize aerodynamic performance for faster clubhead speeds and increased distance.

Next Level Speed


Polymer crown trips are 90% lighter than Titanium, to help improve aerodynamic performance without raising the CG. Titanium trips are utilized on the sole for increased durability, while lowering the CG for enhanced speed.

360 Aero Technology

less drag more yards

Represented in the CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) models below, the streamlined shape of the KING® F8 driver optimizes the flow separation on the crown and sole to significantly reduce drag. Lower drag will give you more clubhead speed and ultimately more distance off the tee.

Less Drag


Distance is dependant on club speed. The addition of aero trips and a more streamlined shape is important to reduce drag in areas of the swing where speed is lost. The aero trips are strategically positioned relative to the orientation of the airflow, speed, and drag through the swing to increase clubhead speed for maximum distance.

Rickie Swing

Two adjustable cg settings:
Front & Back

The KING® F8+ driver features front and back CG settings, allowing you to tune your trajectory and spin to maximize distance.

Adjustable Settings

tune ball flight

The front weight setting promotes a lower, penetrating ball flight, while the back weight setting slightly increases spin for higher launch.

Tune Ball Flight

myfly 8 with Smart pad

8 easily adjustable loft settings help you manage trajectory and fine tune launch and spin to maximize distance. Increasing or decreasing the loft will adjust the launch by +/- .5 degrees and the spin by +/- 400 rpms, respectively.

Myfly Eight

Traditional Profile

A compact clubhead shape at address delivers reduced spin and a slightly lower launching ball flight for more workability and control.

Oversized Profile

Ultralight Carbon Fiber Crown

Lightweight carbon fiber provides the weight savings needed to incorporate moveable weights into the design, while also repositioning weight low and back for improved launch and forgiveness.

Lightweight Carbon Fiber


True aftermarket "Tour" shafts feature premium materials and stiffer, low torque profiles that reduce spin for improved performance in distance and dispersion.

Real Deal Shafts

Aldila NV 2KXV
Blue 60 (S, R)

The Aldila NV 2KXV Blue is a midweight shaft ideal for those with mid to high swing speeds seeking a combination of medium trajectory and medium spin.

Aldila NV 2KXV
Green 65 (S)

The Aldila NV 2KXV Green is a heavier weight shaft ideal for those seeking a combination of low trajectory and low spin. Featuring a higher bend profile, it delivers increased control for higher swing speeds.

Project X HZRDUS
Yellow 75 (X, S)

The HZRDUS Yellow features a stout profile that is ideal for golfers with smooth tempos who want to reduce launch and spin for increased ball speed and maximum control.


COBRA CONNECT™, Powered By Arccos™, allows golfers to track their driving distance and accuracy using detailed stats and analysis to improve their game.

Cobra Connect
Tune Cobra Connect


COBRA CONNECT™ works in conjunction with the Arccos 360™ mobile app - the award winning connected golf system that helps players of all skill levels make smarter, data-driven decisions.

Cobra Connect Distance

track your distance

Using advanced GPS distances on over 40,000 courses worldwide, COBRA CONNECT records the distance of every drive, so users can track their improvements.

Tune Cobra Connect

tune your driver

The new Driver Tuning feature on the COBRA CONNECT™ app leverages advanced data to recommend optimal loft and weight settings.

Tune Cobra Connect

Tour Analytics

Learn your strengths and weakenesses by analyzing distance, dispersion, and percentage of fairways hit so you can practice more efficiently and improve faster.


Model*Loft/Trajectory SettingsLength with
Length with
Standard Grip
Swing WeightHead
KING F8+ Driver 8° / 8.5° / 8.5° Draw / 9.5° / 9.5° Draw /
10.5°  / 10.5° Draw / 11°
45.25" 45.00" D2 460cc X, S, R RH/LH

*Loft Adjustable Through MyFly8 Technology. See the COBRA Instruction Guide for details.


Aldila Blue 60
ModelFlexShaft WeightKick PointTorqueTrajectorySpinTip Diameter
Aldila NV 2KXV Blue 60 Stiff 61g Mid 4.6 Mid Mid 0.335
Aldila NV 2KXV Blue 60 Regular 60g Mid 5.0 Mid Mid 0.335

Aldila Green 60
ModelFlexShaft WeightKick PointTorqueTrajectorySpinTip Diameter
Aldila NV 2KXV Green 60 Stiff 65g Mid-High 4.5 Mid-Low Mid-Low 0.335

Project X HZRDUS Yellow 75
ModelFlexShaft WeightKick PointTorqueTrajectorySpinTip Diameter
Project X HZRDUS Yellow 75 X-Stiff 75g High 2.9 Low Low 0.335
Project X HZRDUS Yellow 75 Stiff 72g High 2.9 Low Low 0.335


COBRA Lamkin Crossline Connect

COBRA Lamkin Crossline (Plus) Connect

Customer Reviews

Solid Review by Joe R
The ball flight is incredible with the NV Green shaft, piercing and strong. The nardo is cool, but the black head and matte shaft make the best looking driver combo in golf, and my favorite to look down at behind the ball of any driver I've ever hit. Above all that, the F8+ is the best feeling driver at impact I've ever experienced, with no close 2nd in memory. I've gotten similar distance with TM M3 and Rogue SZ, but the Cobra is just flat out fun to play with. Best value in golf. The only negative is my range sessions have turned into 80% driver, because I flat out want to keep hitting the club! (Posted on 10/12/2018)
Long and straight Review by Rule1
This driver is scary long compared to my Cobra F Speed driver. Even misfits start lol carry good. The adjustable lie makes it easier to find what works best for you. (Posted on 9/27/2018)
F8 Driver Review by GingerGolfer
Recently got fit for the F8 Driver (was previously using an EPIC) as I have always loved the feel of the Cobra drivers. While I liked the performance of the EPIC, I never liked the feel at impact.

My biggest concern with the F8 was it would not be able to match the total distance of the EPIC (averaged 290 in ideal conditions). The fit job was very educational, learning about ball dispersion and to set me in an F8 that would have spin rate and increase carry distance. By the end of the fitting we had me carrying 20 yards further than the EPIC, while averaging 295 with the F8 as well. The club itself has the same Cobra feel that I have grown to love!

Long story short - Great club! And GET FIT! If fit properly, these clubs can easily out-perform some of the other “larger” brand companies. You won’t be sorry! (Posted on 9/3/2018)
Wow Review by Zackg78
Just traded in my M3 for the F8+. All I can say is wow. Picked up 15 yards as well as a way tighter dispersion. I absolutely love the feel of this face and the Adilia Green shaft is great. Bye to the Taylormade. (Posted on 9/1/2018)
Cobra F8+ Review Review by Mike from Michigan
Sharp black look especially with Project X black shaft. Solid on impact and good sound as well. Good control even on slightly off center hits. Seems like a heavier driver but is great to hit. (Posted on 8/26/2018)
NEW F8+ Review by BIGAl
It took a few rounds and several adjustments but I am starting to hit it well. (Posted on 8/1/2018)
Better get you one of these or get left behind! Review by Wheelman007
Definitely has a very solid feel at contact like no other driver ive ever tested before. Best way i can describe it is if you could imagine swinging a sledge hammer 100+mph and hitting golf ball with it. Its that solid. Also im super impressed with the Aldila Green 2KNV shaft. This thing is going to stay in the bag for awhile. I would highly suggest checking one of these out and the rest of what Cobra has to offer. Ive never been loyal to one brand, i just play what works/feels the best to me and some how in the last year, 13 of the 14 clubs in my bag (including putter) are now Cobra. That says a lot coming from a habitual club hoe/tinkerer thats tried 80% of whats offered out there and not even interested in the other 20%. (Posted on 7/12/2018)
Great Club! Review by The Upgrade
Love this driver! (Posted on 6/28/2018)
Great club Review by Average JR
I was hitting a Fly-Z about 280-300 on average. I received the F8+ and played with the adjustable settings. After setting it at 8 degrees. I am averaging 297-322 on average. I can’t wait to be able to get more clubs in this line. (Posted on 6/27/2018)
Incredible! Review by Bish1983
Was skeptical about the milled face at first. But the numbers on this driver were awesome! Best of any other club at the demo day. And the fact that it is a lower price point than any other was just icing on the cake for me! Must hit and see for yourself! (Posted on 6/23/2018)
Wow Review by Peelgolfer
Wow, this thing is a game changer. Straight, long and forgiving. Gained 15-20 yards over my 915 D2. Love it. My playing partners had a go and liked it so much that they went in and ordered one for themselves. That says it all... (Posted on 6/15/2018)
Sexy and Solid Review by KB
I’ve never seen another club look so good at address. This thing is just gorgeous but not only that... it has delivered some absolutely fantastic Mishits. My shot dispersion is at minimum 25% tighter right away. Could not be happier with it. (Posted on 4/26/2018)
All boxes have been checked Review by Kong
I had never gamed a Cobra driver until the F8+. No other model was able to knock my current gamer at the time out of the bag. The F8+ has performed better than any driver I’ve had in the bag in years. My distance average is higher by 20 yards and my accuracy is higher. Combine this with a great look and you have a winner! (Posted on 4/24/2018)
Hot out the box Review by Ricky B
Arrived at home today greeted by my new cobra F8+ driver. With excitement I headed straight for the course better than advertised milled face is awesome the feel was on point and acoustics said wow! I want to take my man Brandon fit me to the “T” for tee. (Posted on 4/23/2018)
Fantastic club Review by Sjn
Had the callaway rouge and changed to the F8 cobra driver and have to say I’m in the fairway 98% more with this driver and gained more distance with a straighter hit , glad I decided to try the F8 cobra driver, I’m a 15 handicap & 63 (Posted on 4/18/2018)
A great driver Review by Gianduja
I own several drivers , I love to fit my drivers with high profile shafts and the F8+ is a bomb, nice sound, great performance, I found that switching the two weights performs better, but this is personal. Great products , and the black version rocks. (Posted on 4/17/2018)
I don’t just switch drivers, but I did for this one Review by Chris
I don’t buy a new driver just because it’s the newest. It has to be better. The F8+ is better. I have played the LTD Pro since it came out and nothing knocked it out of my bag. The F8 + is long and forgiving. It is also a very playable club in terms of ball flight and trajectory. In the end I love this club. (Posted on 4/17/2018)
Thing is just a monster Review by Chris H.
I went in for a driver fitting because the Nike driver I had been playing for years got to the point where I couldn’t even use it off the tee any more Id be lucky to clear 200 yards with it. After about 45 minuets of trying out other drivers with the same result the fitter put the F8+ in my hands and it was game over. I’ve only played a few rounds with it so far but this thing is going 275-300 yards right down the pipe consistently just an incredible club. (Posted on 4/15/2018)
Love at First Hit Review by JB
This club has been a MASSIVE upgrade from the Bio Cell I've replace. I have much more consistency across the face and much more overall control of shot shapes. I visually love looking down on the club at address and feel that I can just smash the ball. I look forward to lowering my handicap this season with this driver (Posted on 4/11/2018)
Wow!!!! Review by Forrest
Don't see how cobra or any other company can top this (Posted on 4/9/2018)
F8+ driver Review by Thor
Driver feels swings and hit excellent. I am hitting more consistently in the fairway then when I was using my f6 driver. Golf performance wise I have no complaints. However I played in a mist one day and dried my clubs, the next day the bolt that holds the head to the driver had started to rust. I got under one drive and only one and instantly a chip in the finish. Wasn’t too pleased with that never had that problem with the f6 don’t know if that’s from a different finish or what. Performance wise I love the driver. Visually pleased except for reasons stated. (Posted on 3/25/2018)
great Review by Bobby
Your driver looks great. (Posted on 3/24/2018)
F8+ Review by John
The feel and sound of this driver is fantastic--a muted solid feeling at impact.

The milled face is especially helpful for practice. One can get immediate feedback in regards to where you the ball on the face of the club (a mark is left).

I've found the distance and accuracy on par if not a bit superior to any other driver I have played.

This is definitely a must try club.

However, I must say that I am even more blown away by the 3 wood. It will take an act of God to pry that club out of my hands! (Posted on 3/23/2018)
Impressive Review by Ken
Went to my club fitter, was playing original M2, narrowed it down between Rogue and the F8+, spin carry distance increased by 10 yds over M2 & Rogue, launch angle was spot on. Picked up 15 yds of distance in total over previous driver.
(Posted on 3/22/2018)
Great job Cobra Review by TLew
I went and got fitted for driver -(Cobra,Rouge,Ping,and Taylormade.)My swing speed is 88-93mph 98 going at it and the best #s l got were with Cobra and Rouge. The feel of F8+ is awesome and not to mention $150 less than Rouge was a no brainer. Highly recommend this driver. (Posted on 3/21/2018)
Great driver! Review by Daniel
Great feel, great sound, great feedback, great workability! I'm a 9 to 11 handicapper and don't be discouraged that this is the "pro" model. If you struggle with spin or an unintentional fade to slice I'd argue this driver with the weight up front would help more than the regular F8 with the weight in the draw setting. Everyone is different but don't pass this one by without trying it! (Posted on 3/18/2018)
F8+ Review by DJ
Gamed mine only once and love it. Very pleasant at address and feels like hitting a pure iron shot with your driver. It is easy to shape the ball and very forgiving. I highly recommend! (Posted on 2/28/2018)
Outstanding look, sound and feel. Review by Bmass
F8 is the real deal. What a treat to look at and also hit. The spin rate is perfect and launch and carry seem to follow.

This is an ideal driver for all players.The adjust ability is very easy and it works. You can see the change in ball flight. Cobra does not make below average equipment, they make the best. (Posted on 1/21/2018)
great club love the looks Review by fastlayne
Got the F8 Plus last week. played with it once and hit a bucket of balls on the range. Love the shorter shaft length! In reading up though I should have gotten the F8 so we'll see so far I like the club :) (Posted on 1/19/2018)
Looks tasty Review by Duck
Impressive technology and well thought out. Not sure about 5 degrees of loft change, though. I'm going to try the 8 plus out. (Posted on 12/13/2017)
Let's see how it performs Review by Frankie V.
Looks good on paper. (Posted on 12/13/2017)

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