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KING F7 ONE Length Irons

The KING F7 ONE LENGTH irons debut as COBRA’s first ever single-length iron set. Inspired by rising PGA star Bryson DeChambeau.

F7 One Length


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One Setup One Swing


Proper setup includes foot positioning, spine angle and ball position, and many other variables. These variables change as you switch between longer and shorter length clubs, causing more room for error. With one setup and one swing you can simplify the entire process. Every player has their favorite club and for many, it's a 7-iron. With COBRA's One Length irons, you will find new confidence in your game, allowing you to play any iron in the bag as if it were your trusty 7-iron.


One swing for all of your shots

Long irons for more consistent distance

Tighter shot dispersion on approach

Short game accuracy improvement


The KING™ F7 ONE Length™ irons make their debut as COBRA’s first ever single-length iron set. Inspired by our relationship with PGA TOUR Professional, Bryson DeChambeau, The KING F7 ONE utilizes the same TECFLO constructions as the KING F7 along with PWRSHELL™ Faces and Precision Milled Grooves. However, the KING F7 ONE features constant 7-iron lengths throughout the set and each head has been re-engineered for proper geometry to deliver optimized trajectory and distance gapping from long irons to wedges. The end result? A simpler, easier way to play.

F7 One Length



  • Steel: 5-GW
  • Graphite: 5-GW

Model Loft Lie Offset
Graphite Swing
Steel Swing
4* 20° 62.5° 5.5 37.25" 37.25" D0 D1 RH/LH
5 23° 62.5° 5.1 37.25" 37.25" D0 D1 RH/LH
6 26° 62.5° 4.6 37.25" 37.25" D0 D1 RH/LH
7 30° 62.5° 4.1 37.25" 37.25" D0 D1 RH/LH
8 35° 62.5° 3.8 37.25" 37.25" D0 D1 RH/LH
9 40° 62.5° 3.6 37.25" 37.25" D0 D1 RH/LH
PW 45° 62.5° 3.2 37.25" 37.25" D0 D1 RH/LH
GW 50° 62.5° 1.0 37.25" 37.25" D0 D1 RH/LH
SW* 55° 62.5° 0.7 37.25" 37.25" D0 D1 RH/LH
*Custom Only


Fujikura Pro 63i

ModelFlexWeightKick PointTorqueTip Diameter
Fujikura Pro 63i - 7 iron S 66g Mid Mid 0.370
Fujikura Pro 63i - 7 iron R 63g Mid Mid 0.370
Fujikura Pro 63i - 7 iron Lite 62g Low Mid 0.370

True Temper KING F7

ModelFlexWeightKick PointTorqueTip Diameter
True Temper KING F7 - 7 iron Stiff 109g Mid Mid 0.370
True Temper KING F7 - 7 iron Regular 107g Mid Mid 0.370


COBRA Lamkin REL - Blue

COBRA Lamkin REL - Blue

Customer Reviews 104 item(s)

Converted! all my other irons are now redundant
Review by Simon B - 1/30/2019

What doesn’t get as much attention with these irons is that the mass/weight of the long irons is increased and what advantages that provides. I find I have same distance with a good strike as you would with a regular long iron BUT due to increased mass, more forgiveness and greater distance with an off-centre hit, leading to more consistency.
Short irons fly higher and slightly longer, long irons lower and on average slightly longer (due to better consistency of striking).
For shorter shots it is very easy to choke down on the gap wedge due to the longer shaft and lighter head.

Excellent Irons!
Review by Brendan R. - 1/16/2019

I received the new set of COBRA KING F7 OL IRONS 5-P,GW W/GRAPHITE SHAFTS today from PGA Tour Superstore. I went out at lunch time to the driving range to try them out. They are very excellent! Super straight ball flight, good gaping between clubs, soft feel at impact, smooth swing feel, and they look great! I had been playing steel shaft, variable length clubs (various other top brands) and I have been experiencing mid-back pain due to a previous sports injury. After doing research, I decided to play graphite shafts to reduce the vibration in the spine, and the one length design eliminates the varying spine angels. Bryson DeChambeau is right, the one length irons help provide a consistent, repeatable swing. It allows me to focus on performing a proper swing without the guess work of variable length clubs, i.e. stance, spine angel, distance from ball, etc. I am expecting to drop a lot of strokes in my game. I would highly recommend these clubs to anyone that is interested in exploring the one length club concept for a simpler, repeatable golf swing!

Let's Go DeChambeau
Review by JohntheGiraffe - 11/12/2018

I wanted to try them so I went on Ebay and bid on a set. Picked them up for $229. The set had a Gap wedge which I've been dying to get in my bag. Well now I have it. I've been a 10-14 handicap for 20 years. I've only played them on the par 3 course so far but I'm out of my mind excited over how I'm striking the ball. They sure play a lot longer than my Calloway X-20's. And straight as an arrow. Been dealing with sciatica for the past 4 years so golf has been on and off. Can't wait to get back on the Golf Channel AM Tour to see if they're as good as they play on the par 3 course. I've been getting back spin like I've never experienced in 20 years. Today I looked closely and there's micro-grooves on the face. I'm hoping that's legal. These clubs kick ass. I will never go back to my old Calloway clubs. Same setup and swing on every shot. It's really unbelievable. I would definitely recommend these to anyone that is new to the sport. And considering the way they play, I have to guess that in 50 years half of all players will play these clubs. Unbelievably forgiving.

Thanks Cobra
Review by Oldlad - 10/31/2018

I'm 72 (73 next week) and decided to treat myself to the F7 One irons as a birthday present. I thought I would add my experience with the irons I bought a few days ago. I hit a decent shot (90mph driver speed) but irons very variable these days. I have had 3 range sessions and the first session was mixed as I tried to find a swing that worked. By the end of session 1 I felt the clubs had much promise but I had a fair bit to learn. In the second session I heeded the advice I found on the 1irongolf website which advised getting used to the 9 iron first. It sounded daft, why not the 7? Anyway, that advice worked beautifully for me and I felt my hand position relative to my setup 'grooving' in a way I never felt before (possibly seeing the importance of that setup applying for all clubs). I then found the pitching wedge and gap wedge easy to hit from the same setup. I moved up to the 8 iron and it was OK but something was not right, it was not so easy. For the 3rd session I had a 'lesson' with a pro I trust and he solved the 'problem' and I imagine others might find this useful. He agreed it was fine for my setup to be the same for all clubs except for one thing - allowing for different 'angles of attack' I was associating the various lofts with. He suggested I play the 9 iron and higher lofted clubs with the ball just right of centre (which I has already gravitated to), but the 8 iron and 7 iron ball position should be central and the 5 and 6 irons slightly forward of centre. Not talking big differences in ball position but it made all the difference in the world as the 5 iron now became as easy to hit as any of the others and it flew with plenty of height too and around 175 yards carry. I noticed that Bryson DeChambeau said he plays his longer irons a little forward too, so it all adds up. One setup and swing just slight variance in ball position. This solution seems to produce quite normal looking trajectories and distances for me but a quality of striking I had long forgotten.

Couldn't be happier with these irons
Review by Tim in Tenessee - 8/18/2018

I am in my late 50's and have played single axis golf for 20 years. I generally shoot 80-85 with a 1-2 rounds in the high 70's each year. The concept of the single length clubs has intrigued me since I followed Bryson in Memphis in 2015, but I loved my custom made SA Irons. In July, I was at Golf Galaxy and noticed the graphite F7's on sale for $499. I tested them, they felt good, so I made an impulse purchase before I could talk myself out of it.
On my first trip to the driving range, I was as excited as a kid on Christmas morning. It was a disaster. I thought I had just thrown away $500. I was to play the next day, so I decided to put the new irons in the bag and hope for the best. I shot an 81 and had a few 3 putts. The clubs performed well. The next trip to the driving range was also terrible. A few days later, I took them to a par 3 course, hit 7 greens and shot 5 under par for 9 holes. The light bulb was coming on. That weekend on a regulation course, I shot a 76, my lowest score in 4 years. Then practice at the driving range started to be fun. I finally wrapped my mind around the concept that a full gap wedge and a 5 iron can really hit with an identical swing. I have now shot 3 straight rounds in the 70's for the first time since I turned 50 and am still trying to dial in my club distances. My 5-9 irons seem to be 2-3 yards longer and the PW-GW are 5-6 yards longer than my old irons. I kept my old sand wedge in the bag (it has been very, very good to me). I love these clubs! Thank you Cobra golf!

Excellent clubs
Review by Marksey - 8/18/2018

Upgraded from Cobra King 2 (Yes I know antiques) and treated myself to these clubs. Excellent clubs and hit the 5 iron like a rocket. Excellent clubs especially if you are a taller player starting out. Cannot recommend them enough.

Stop questioning and get them.
Review by dangul2165 - 8/17/2018

I was skeptical but hopeful. Now I'm a believer. These clubs have added 10 yards to my length (on each club) and increased my consistency. Very pleased.

Do yourself a favor
Review by Cleve - 8/10/2018

get these... I've dropped 8-10 strokes per round compared with my old irons. No lessons or any other changes. I can't believe the improvement in my consistency with these irons (I have one length wedges too). Regularly shooting in the mid 80's.

About my game:
play in Canada (4-5 month season)
age: mid 40's
picked up the game in my mid 20's (then had kids..)
play 15-20 rounds a year
practice 5-10 times in the spring
average fitness level
last time I kept a HCP it was 19.2, it would be WAY better now

My skepticism become a confident
Review by Ty - 8/6/2018

Although I was skeptical about the one length iron, however, somehow the concept of the one length iron totally made sense to me as an engineer, so I made a significant decision to try this out.
It was awkward at the beginning because of the longer "short-club" GW, PW, 9I, however, once it gets used it, other IRONs became amazingly more comfortable such as 7I, 6I, 5I. My psychological fear for a longer club is now eliminated and now become a confidence.
The one length club may not go as far as a traditional one but the confidence I got from this club made my handicap lowered.
Thank you

Very impressive
Review by E Dubs - 7/29/2018

I'm around a 16 handicap. Been playing golf about three years. Previous set was 2002 Taylormade RAC LT irons. I played my 1st round yesterday with One length. Very impressed with the feel. Inspired confidence upon address. I've always struggled to hit my long irons and these have resolved that issue. 7-10 yards longer on every club. Higher trajectory and a larger sweet spot. Customer service was excellent! Received my clubs the day before I was told they would arrive. Clubs came exactly as I ordered them. Purchased 8 iron length with TrueTemper dynamic gold s300 shafts. It's impossible to express how much confidence these clubs have given me. I'm not afraid to hit any club in my bag anymore. Thank you Cobra!

Magic clubs
Review by LB - 7/23/2018

I bought these clubs because i was hitting the ball with to much inconsistency with my REGULAR set. I am still getting used to them after 4 rounds but yesterday I got lower than every before and I know it's because the clubs have real bits of magic in them.

Single Length FTW
Review by Jeff - 5/3/2018

Been playing this now for a year and a half. Was having issues with consistency with my swing and this helped it greatly. Swing fixes were easier to accommodate with the consistency of one swing. Helped drop my HC from 26 to 18. Never going back to variable!

Review by Lee - 5/2/2018

16-18 Handicap. 1st time out the bag with no idea of distances Shot a 90. Figured out the distances and shot 81 my second round. Didn’t gain distance but did eliminate missed shots and accuracy is awesome. Takes a little getting used to but concept only makes sense. Love them!!

Amazing clubs!
Review by Knielsen88 - 4/23/2018

Got these clubs about a month ago, was fitted for the right shafts and they have completely transformed my game! Hitting the ball so pure and so consistent playing back at my college level again almost! Highly recommend these irons

I love my one lenght set 4 - SW
Review by Slokkie - 4/23/2018

I am using my one length F7 set a few weeks now, but i love them already.
Before one length the longer irons hurt my back because of the different angles. But now I am hitting them better then ever and more consistent.
Thank you Cobra.

Review by ROB - 4/16/2018

I am really getting dialed in with the F7 One length irons I bought last summer. I've found consistency much easier with this system. I've always been a decent ball striker but the one lengths make club choice simple once you know your distances. Just use the same swing....

Best irons
Review by Chuck - 4/4/2018

These are the best irons I have ever owned. Took some time to get use to the single lengths but I am now hitting my irons better than ever. Very forgiving, total game changer for me and can't beat the price.

What the
Review by Wyatt - 3/26/2018

The heads come off I took them in too my shop and re glued them all I think they had some bad epoxy or just to little used all and all I like the clubs I’m a 10 handicap

Review by Havashank - 1/16/2018

Tried these after seeing some reviews. I have a back injury that flairs up from time to time and leaves my back sore in different areas and figured the one length would simplify my set up. Took a bucket to get used to them, but I love them. The PW-5 have a consistent gap and are very forgiving (coming from I-25's). The Gap Wedge is trying to kill me and I never hit it the same distance... so it sits in time out and I threw my 48/52/56 Vokeys in the bag. All in all, I'm sold on the single length irons and so is my back. I got them with the graphite shaft in regular and they are a perfect fit for me. Good job Cobra!!!

Very good for the price
Review by Postman - 12/30/2017

I purchased the 5 thru gap wedge. I’m very pleased with these clubs. I had a problem at first with hitting the 5 iron, but was able to adjust to it. I love the 6 thru gap wedge, I hit those like a champ. My handicap has gone from a 15 down to a 12.5 in 3 months. Purchasing the sand wedge now.

more consistency
Review by Steve - 12/21/2017

At 59 years old and losing swing speed I struggled with ball flight and yardage consistency. I found myself constantly adjusting tempo, ball position, stance, etc. but never really reached an enjoyable equilibrium. After purchasing a set of one-length irons I eliminated one of the greatest variables affecting my game. This past year was the best I've played, hands-down. The greatest improvement was from the sand wedge; longer shaft, less effort, greater control.
Next step: one-length hybrids. I'll take accuracy any day over distance.

Review by Paul B - 12/21/2017

As a 65 year old newbie to this fabulous game (only started in April 2017), trying to develop a decent swing with clubs of all different shaft lengths was proving both difficult and frustrating.

Discussing the benefits of a single shaft length club with my trainer, he suggested I look at the KING F7 ONE Length Irons with the Fujikura Pro 63i - 7 iron R flex shaft.

So, found a retailer and tried them, liked them and bought them.

Now on the range and on the course, I have confidence that my set up and ball striking will be consistent with all irons. Just learning now to gauge distances with each club.

What has been the result? I now have a handicap of 22 and am consistently going round in sub 90 – so my handicap will soon fall to below 20!! Am enjoying the game more, not being the slowest player in the group and looking forward to the warmer weather, dry air and drier course, so I can get even more distance.


Great long irons
Review by Pat - 12/10/2017

Have played one round only with these beauties. A little hard to get used to the shorter irons, but can’t wait to get back out. 7 to 4 really explodes off the head.

Love them

Fantastic clubs!
Review by Matty - 12/7/2017

Not long after switching from playing tennis for 25 years to golf 2 1/2 years ago, for me the toughest part of the game was switching from different clubs. The driver, to a fairway wood, to a hybrid, and then irons and wedges. The worst part was the lengths being different that made it so difficult to get a consistent strike on the ball. When I found out Cobra was releasing these had to try them, I did and really liked them on the simulator in the shops. After three different sessions had to have a set. They are great! It took three times to get comfortable because I didn’t realize the first two rounds I was actually subconsciously moving the ball placement instead of keeping it the same for all the irons. Once I did keep it the same, along with the swing it just clicked and no more chunks or bladed shots. I just ordered the 4 iron to complete the set as 4-SW and plan on adding the 60 wedge next. I thought maybe the SW length would be awkward but I’m just choking up a bit only in the bunkers. Even though these irons are smaller in head size than my Ping 2014 Karstens they are plenty forgiving and easy to hit. Extremely happy they make golf much more enjoyable!!!

A very good product
Review by Pete G - 11/11/2017

Purchased the standard set 5 to GW and later added the 4 and SW. Not happy with the latter two so they stay in the shed. The 4 has no real advantage in diostance and the SW feels a little flimsy to me. The clubs do take a few games to adjust to but once you get the feel for them, especially the 8 to GW, they are a great club. I don't think the same swing really applies to all clubs as the slight weight variations is evident to me throughout the swing. But I'm not a guru, I play off 12.

Review by Weesannyh - 11/10/2017

Bought full set last week after trying them at the range. Played three rounds on my local course. I average 95. Not anymore, 3 rounds 79, 83 and 80. Anywhere inside 150 yards these clubs are frightening. Never back spinned a ball ever. Now I can't seem to stop. I would recommend these clubs to any average hacker like me. Same swing every time. It just doesn't make sense to buy anything else.

Best Irons Ever
Review by James - 10/7/2017

Thank you for producing "One Length Irons". I'm playing the best golf of my life with two eagles in the past 3 weeks. one @ 143 yards out and .one @ 126 yards out. I wish you'd have made them years ago.

It's clever and it works
Review by Paul - 9/26/2017

Would I like to be good enough and consistent enough to play regular cubs ? Yes I would, but here's the catch, I'm not. I struggle around the low 20's handicap and my irons let me down. So I tried the one length concept, and providing you force yourself to swing the 5 iron like the gap wedge it really works. I've always had to use hybrids in mid to long irons, not anymore. My hitting greens in regulation has gone up by over 30% in 5 games with the new irons. Are they everyone's solution, probably not, but the work for me.

Back in love with golf
Review by Kev - 9/9/2017

The one set up and swing theory behind these clubs is spot on. A few minor adjustments at first both in set up and between the ears and you will be amazed. Consistently flushing the low irons like i never have before and i love the longer longer length of the gap and sand. They allow a slightly more upright stance that for me just allows a better visual and easier execution of the shot. Hope the one lengths are here to stay.

Great for Beginners
Review by Steub - 9/6/2017

This is the first year I started golfing consistently (at least once a week) and I decided to buy these clubs. I absolutely love using the one length clubs. Takes an unnecessary variance out of the game. Amazed at how far the ball flies with the 5 and 6. I originally purchased the 5 - GW and later had to buy the SW because liked them so much! Very impressed!

With a chronic back problem, the one length golf club maybe the way to go.
Review by Cyborg - 9/2/2017

Well documented, will help me to decide what clubs best suite me.

Absolute BLAST again.
Review by Zach - 8/27/2017

I ordered the ONE Length +1 inch so they would all be to a 5 Iron. After a small adjustment period (7 swings) I have to say I am 100% behind these clubs and would recommend them to anyone. It was awesome to line up in one stance with one swing and not need to worry about everything else. ONLY thing that failed me today was putting. They won't fix that.

Best thing that happened to my game
Review by Ken - 8/26/2017

I started golf late in life and have been playing about 10 years. I have always struggled with consistency. A round in the 80s would be followed by a round in the 100's. Even with 3 years of lessons I just couldn't build consistency and was close to abandoning the game. Admittedly, I was a fan of the idea of a single length club before I played them as it just seemed to make sense to have a single set up for all the irons. Now that I have been using them for several months I am an evangelist for the idea. I am playing the most consistent golf ever and the game is much more fun. As a by product I am playing more golf than before. I have noticed the biggest difference at both ends of the set, very long and short irons. With my variable length set I absolutely could not take a full swing on any wedge, it was a guaranteed blade into the creek behind the green. With the single length clubs I am confident and executing shots throughout the bag. The short irons fly a bit higher and the long a bit lower, but really, as amateurs will you notice that much? What you will notice more is the solid strikes and the lower scores because of your consistent swing and setup. If you desire more consistency and are willing to be open minded, I truly believe any weekend hack like me will become a better golfer.

Better up and downs
Review by Thunderbolt - 8/24/2017

I am an average golfer in my 60's. Was looking to move to a new set of irons with some r flex shafts. After a 3 day demo decided to give the F7 One Lenghts a try. Had them about a month. Not as wide right or left as with old clubs, which has allowed me to get up and down more. Even catching a birdie or two. The thing I like is no change in set up for any iron. It takes some getting used to, but it works. Also pitch shots that run or flop use same set up. Distances are comparable to old irons. Hoping for continued improvement in my game as I play more with them. Don't hit them all perfect but the irons add a confidence to my game that spreads out through my driving and putting.

Big adjustment but worth it
Review by Sethro - 8/8/2017

I have always played progressive length clubs (been playing since I was a kid). Its a big adjustment, especially on the short irons. Picked up some length and hitting more square. Beginners or high handicappers should give it a shot.

Interesting Theory
Review by EthanDaAmerican - 8/8/2017

I've played around 10 rounds now with these; the only regret I have is not buying the forged tour versions. Great clubs, and I have noticed a dramatic improvement of consistency in my ball striking and distance control. Only gets four stars from me because chipping with these long gap and pitching wedges is harder than it should be, but you'll get used to it or just buy a different wedge to chip with. Overall, love the clubs. Will be stepping up to the forged ones at Christmas.

Game Improvement Must Have
Review by Double Bogey No More - 8/1/2017

I just picked up the game of golf 4 months ago after finishing my Collegiate football career. I had struggles with hitting any club other than a 9 iron, but with these clubs my game has gone from a 110 average to a 95 in just a week owning the clubs. I look forward to finding more greens and reducing my handicap. These are a must have! One length, one swing.

Truely a game changer
Review by Nate - 8/1/2017

I'm a latecomer to golf at 40 and have been playing for about 2½ years now. I have struggled with inconsistancy with anything longer than a 7 iron which has made the progress in improvement relatively slow and I'm now playing off 24.

I've been interested in the one length concept for about 18 months and when I heard that Cobra was making a set I couldn't wait to try them as I was already a Cobra fan.

I bought a set of the cast F7 One Lenths 4-GW from my local golf retailer just over 4 weeks ago.

I can now say with out a doubt it was worth the wait. Completely amazed with the improvement in my consistency and distance after 5 rounds with these clubs, particularly with the 4,5 and 6 irons. The 8 - GW irons go about 10 - 15m further and fair bit higher than my Cobra fly Z's which took some adjusting but straight every time.

I'm hitting more greens than ever before and smashed my PB on any course by 7 strokes on Sunday and dropping my hc by nearly 2 strokes.

It's hard to express just how impressed I am with these clubs and can't wait for the weekend just to play another round with them.

If you're thinking about buying a set of these get them quick before your mates catch on!

Poor quality
Review by Average Golfer - 7/29/2017

I also had a similar experience where both my 9 iron and 8 iron 2 heads snapped the 1st time I used them..I was disappointed but I must say the customer service from Cobra was great and I returned my clubs to them and they repaired them.

5 iron difficulty
Review by Liso - 7/20/2017

Great clubs, but if I had another chance I would not but the 5 iron has I find it difficult to hit. Had ping irons previously and could even hit my 4 iron well

Great to hit, poor quality.
Review by Ivan B - 7/15/2017

Only one round into them but I am sold on the idea. I was hitting my 5 and 6-irons dead center and high, which I have never done consistently. On a short par 4, I hit a 5-iron flush. The ball went 210 yards down the middle of the fairway. Good, but the club head went 35 yards down the center behind it. What the heck!?! After that, I was afraid to use them in case another snapped and I couldn't find the clubhead. Very disappointing quality, but I was sold prior to the head snapping.

Why would you not switch?
Review by Hack - 7/8/2017

I am a self proclaimed hack. Only started playing three years ago and then only off and on. In the last year I have tried to get more serious. Had a nice set of standard clubs. Did so, so but could never get close to my friends. Then I learned of these babies. Best idea ever! First time out I was now competitive. One, stance, one swing. Now I am beating my friends. Makes perfect sense, why would you not switch?

Great Irons
Review by Stumpy - 7/7/2017

I play off 15 and thought I'd give the One Lengths a go to try and improve my overall game.
Having played 3 rounds with them I can honestly say that I feel so much more confident hitting the longer irons. I had no problem converting to the same ball position for all the shots, in fact it made it so much easier.
The ball flight is so much more consistent and compared to my previous TM M2's I feel I'm hitting longer and definitely more accurate. Of course, conditions affect the roll out but I'm now able to use the carry distance more effectively
Loving them so much I'm going to order the 4 and SW today to complete the set.

Review by Antaeus95 - 6/23/2017

These clubs are absolutely amazing. I was originally curious about all the hype that surrounded the release of these clubs so I tested them out, and was so impressed I had to purchase a set. Took me a couple days to get use to the shorter irons being longer (in length) and the longer irons being shorter (in length). But the first round I played with these clubs was absolutely amazing, everything was flying higher and straighter. If you haven't given these clubs a try, I strongly recommend it.

Review by J.R. - 6/21/2017

I am not a great golfer but these clubs have certainly helped me. I have been scoring much better and actually had the lowest round of my life after about 6 rounds with these clubs. Just ordered the 56 degree wedge.

Great irons
Review by Herman woods - 6/3/2017

I struggle hitting long irons I thought the concept of one length irons is brilliant so I got fit and bought some with graphite shafts I have only played with them two rounds and I love them I see my handicap going down and shooting lower scores

It delivers
Review by NTL - 6/3/2017

Went with a 7-GW setup using hybrids in the 3-6. I always have a curve when getting new iron but these are the easiest irons for that curve. Excellent height and distance control. Looking at going to purchasing a 6 iron now because of performance of the 7.
My only issue has been the GW. Just haven't been able to overcome the length for my chipping and short pitches but that's me not practicing enough.

Review by Darren - 5/30/2017

12 months ago I was playing off 30hcp, the reason for this was down to back issues meant I struggled with any iron lower than an 8 and any higher than a 6

I had done a lot of research on single length clubs from various manufacturers ranging from clones to cobras but soon realised if I wanted supreme engineering with a great network of support I had to go with the cobra f7 one length.

I hit the range and started with my seven iron to get a few of the new clubs and instantly liked the feel off the face, the flight was amazing, nice trajectory and nice draw shape too.

I moved to the other clubs and saw the exact same flight from each club just with different distances.

The pitch and gap wedge where the biggest changes in my game with the new clubs, I'd have traditionally took a 7 iron and chip and run from anywhere within 30 yards of the green where as now I'm getting anybwedge out of my bag and hitting shots that friends are in awe of!

I'm now shooting off 18hcp after only a month with these clubs - one swing, one stance - one fundamentals to thing about has changed my game dramatically.

Well done cobra for such a great product.

One set up, one swing....
Review by Chris - 5/27/2017

One set up, one swing is the key to consistency! Same great feel during the entire swing. Short irons flight higher with no loss in distance. Longer irons easier to hit but without distance loss. I have seen my iron game improve by 3 strokes due to these clubs. Glad I purchased them as I was a little hesitant to do so.

Soooooo easy
Review by Richard - 5/26/2017

I am a pretty hopeless golfer so thought these must be easier to hit that the multiple length clubs. Sure enough, they are like switching from a manual gearbox car to an automatic - so much less to worry about. My confidence has increased and so my swing speed has shot up. Highly recommended.

Best set of clubs I've owned
Review by James - 5/24/2017

I've owned many of the major brands: Callaway, Nike, Wilson Staff, Mizuno, and Cobra's variable length irons in the past. By far these single length irons are the best I've ever played with. For me there was no learning curve I immediately began hitting longer (5+ yards per club) and straighter irons from 4 through GW. I rarely top my "long" irons or duff my "short" irons any longer and my GIR has increased dramatically. I am very glad to see a major club maker step up and make clubs of this type. The idea has been around a long time and I hope to see it begin catching on. I think many beginners and intermediate players will find them easier to pick up and play the game and hopefully more pros will get involved with the idea to spread the word.

Good solid irons
Review by Luffy - 5/21/2017

I got fitted at my local club on a cobra fitting day. I have always had a problem hitting my five iron, however I was able to hit the one length five without any rally drama. The shorter clubs will take a little time to get used to and I have only been on the range with my new clubs. I love the look of them especially the GW and SW. I will purchase the 4 iron once I get used to the feel and when I can afford it. I will out on the course this week to see how they perform but keeping it simple with one swing is just what the doctor ordered for my game.

Great looking irons
Review by Phill - 5/20/2017

Still a bit hit and miss,although still getting used to them. The 5,6,&7 easy the 8,9&PW bit more difficult to get head around due to extra length.

Review by RAM53 - 5/19/2017

I had a personal fitting with a factory rep. Loved the clubs and ordered a set. After playing numerous rounds I was having problems with consistency. I took the clubs to a person who is a certified custom club fitter. He found the swing weights on the irons ranged from C8 to C9, they were supposed to be D1. The lie and loft we're all off 1 to 2 degrees. He also determined the lie should be 64°, something the factory rep should have determined. The fitter also added several wraps to the grips. Again, something the factory rep should have determined. Once the clubs were properly fit and the factory mistakes corrected, I'm hitting them great. Gaps are correct and distances are what I expected.

Basically, POOR quality from the factory while building the clubs was a major factor in my inconsistent play. They need to get their act together. While there are always some minor issues with factory built clubs, these were by far the worst I have ever experienced.

Review by Forginator - 5/18/2017

I have always had trouble with the "set up" with my irons.......AND I have always had trouble with Thin & Fat shots.So I thought the Cobra King F7 One Length irons just made sense. Wow! I can't believe how consistent my ball striking is now.Clean crisp hits everytime.I am hitting everything further due to better contact.Thanks Cobra

Very easy to hit clubs
Review by Steelman - 5/17/2017

Have used the clubs for 3 rounds now. Getting spolied by the shorter long irons and getting used to the longer wedges. Really satisfied and helping my swing.

So Glad I Tried Them..
Review by Tak - 5/16/2017

Tried these irons out having watched/read extensive reviews and was pleasantly surprised with the feel off the face and the ease of use. Took the plunge and had them custom fit and ordered. Played about 6 rounds now with them and boy are the great. Long irons are easy to hit and the height I am getting from all irons is fantastic especially as I normally have a low ball flight. Would definitely recommend.

worth the wait
Review by Mike H. - 5/11/2017

Originally ordered a set with Recoil 95 regular shaft. Turned out the shafts were on backorder. Did a 2nd fitting and found last years Ozik Red Tie 63 gram stiff graphite works just as well. Picked them up today & spent 2 hours on range. Looking forward to my 7:30 tee time tomorrow.

Beautiful looking set!
Review by JB300 - 5/6/2017

Got my F7 one lengths yesterday. They look fantastic. Love the MCC Plus 4 grips. Can't wait to get them on course tomorrow. Excited to see what happens with them.

WOW.. Best clubs I have ever hit
Review by Mark - 5/4/2017

So I bought these and have 5 rounds played.. I am striking the ball better than I thought possible .. consistently all through the set.. 2 rounds in the 70's so far for a 15 handicapper. GIR's going up.. Handicap heading down.. LOVE THEM.

Best thing I ever purchased
Review by Vaughan - 5/3/2017

Been using TM Speedblades up until now but when the Cobra One Lengths came out I just had to try them. Got a set 5-Pw and went out for a round. Absolutely beautiful every club a treat to hit. Struggled with the Pw a bit but sure this will come right with use. Definitely hit more greens. 5 Iron the nicest surprise, long and straight!

Can't hit my irons
Review by Trickster2204 - 5/2/2017

Bought set of CobraKing F7 irons,at fitting day was creaming my 7 iron like never before. Played my first round on Sunday and five times from the centre of the fairway I carded a 7,8,8,9 and a 9 cause I just could not hit my irons. Contacted Cobra Golf to ask what I am doing wrong,is it me or the clubs.will keep you posted.

These clubs really work!
Review by Mike S. - 4/29/2017

I have been golfing seriously for a year and a half now, and am still learning this game! This is the second set I have bought in this time (the previous ones were Adams Super S irons.) These clubs are amazing if your swing is right, I am still learning how to swing properly. I watch a lot of youtube videos, and these clubs were in some of those videos. I am hitting more accurate shots with these. It still requires an accurate swing, but I am getting there. I play once a week, and am now shooting about 25 over par. By the way, I got the full set, 4 thru sw. Love em!

game changer
Review by thomas - 4/25/2017

I've been golfing for a little over a year started with nike vapors and then just recently upgraded to taylormade psi irons. Im not the best golfer by far i average a 107-110. I saw these irons and started to look into them, after a few weeks i pulled the trigger and bought the full set 4-sw. I went out last weekend and played a challenging course, first time out with them i shot a 99. Shaved a considerable amount off my game. Literally same stance same swing everytime and let the club do the work. I will never change my irons again unless its for another set of cobra one lengths

Review by RBx - 4/22/2017

Don't let the idea that they just made them all one length, put you off. For the steel shaft versions I can promise you that they engineered the heads, and shafts to achieve excellence. Amazing dispersion once you get used to them. Twenty first century technology! As an engineer myself I hope the guys that did the work get some kudos and monetary pat on the backs. Great job Cobra nerds!

Six Sigma Golf
Review by Mark B - 4/19/2017

Process improvement results from elimination of variables ... standard Six Sigma logic used around the globe. These clubs do just that. Better BALL striking.. more greens hit in regulation....consistent BALL flight.. I'm 3 rounds into them and seeing major difference. Just get a demo set and try them.

Review by Dave - 4/18/2017

I mainly play golf as an excuse to hang with my brother and drink scotch. Prior to getting these clubs, I would gauge what club to use by going 1-2 longer than what he used. Now, with these clubs, if I do that, I'll sail it over the green. I'm finding that with proper club selection, the ball goes where I want it, and it goes straight, without me trying to kill it. Couldn't be more pleased - best thousand bucks I've spent on this game.

Ok, just play them
Review by Paulchen - 4/17/2017

I played the excellent Cobra S3 the last years. I tried the King F7 One (5-SW, Graphite) and switched at once. For my swing, the distances of the clubs 5 .. 7 and the wedges (G,SW) are the same, the 8..P might be slightly longer. But I´m significantly impressed of the very high precision and consistency of my hits now. Before I tried the JPX EZ, but I stood with my S3 still, but now with the F7 One my improvement is striking.
And what was crucial for me: Just play them (!), its now so easy – distance, the right club, the same confident set up – and go.
Addition: The short irons of my set F7 One up to the SW feel very good and smooth.

Review by John - 4/16/2017

3 practice range sessions, 2 18 hole rounds and then it clicked. Find your impact zone and it's all the same setup 5 iron thru GW. Listen to the crisp sound , pose and then tip your cap to Cobra.

Great Clubs
Review by JTassman - 4/14/2017

Just hit 100 balls with these at the range. I have never had more consistent ball striking and distances and gaps seem to bee very comparable.

Review by trev - 4/11/2017

first time out best club I have ever hit recommend them 100%

Bad Clubs
Review by golfer12 - 4/7/2017

5 and 6 iron snapped first day on the range, will never buy these clubs again or the brand. Cobra needs to figure them out fasT!

Review by gooldy - 3/18/2017

Bottom line, i am a 2 handicap, they are as easy as it gets, with out a doubt the easiest club to hit, 4,5,6, iron ball flight higher shot pattern is a tighter group, approximately 5 yards longer for me, 7,8,9,w,gw. the same, ball flight higher, shot pattern tighter group, approximately 6 to 8 yards longer, every out there is looking for that edge to improve there game, here it is, do not knock this until you try it, you will be highly impressed.

too easy
Review by Troy - 3/10/2017

This just makes golf too easy. One setup one swing...after two range sessions I can say this is the best that I have ever hit a set of irons. I play to an 8 with the worst part of my game having always been iron play. I can see myself getting a whole bunch more GIR's with these.

Good Demo
Review by RhodyDivot - 3/9/2017

I did an indoor demo today of the F7 One Length 5 iron and 7 iron. I was impressed by both. Feel and sound were both good. I am undecided on whether I like the stock grip. I am now looking for an outdoor facility where I can test an entire set and see actual ball flight. Unfortunately, a March snow storm is pending.

Works for a low handicapper
Review by Matt T. - 3/7/2017

I am a 3.5 handicapper but very inconsistent. I can shoot 78,70,82 in a week span. I needed a more forgiving iron. I tried this from a friend and ultimately bought a set. The 7-GW are the most giving and easiest clubs to hit. They are high and very forgiving. A bad miss isn't nearly as bad as my other set. The shorter 5 iron is difficult for me to hit but then again it's not as if any 5 iron for me is easy to hit. Something about having longer "shorter" clubs have made me hit the ball higher and away from my pull hook shots. Worth every penny not only for mid handicappers but for low handicappers that need forgiveness.

Follow up review
Review by David - 3/4/2017

I have now played with my clubs. My previous review was based on range work.
This is going to be a great golf year for me.
I chose to get standard length despite me have 1/2 inch over standard with my old clubs. I thought I would loose distance on my new cobras.
I was wrong! I am waiting for my 4i and SW but my distances are up on my clubs, but for me I am hitting with 8i length.
Ball flight is so much different than I expected. The height on my 5i is better than my old clubs. I suspect some has to do with flex(maybe most), but my distance is now dependable. Direction and shot snape is something I will get used too. I have to get used to the ball flying where I aim 9 out of 10 times, where ten is a slight pull or push, but the same ball flight

Setting up for a 5i shot has become a non issue. Off the tee or ground, I get crisp, solid shots.

I had no shot out of the rough. Just second cut.

There are no more stars so five is as high as I can go.

Good Concept!
Review by Coachmastiff - 3/2/2017

I am a left handed golfer so demoing is something I don't get to do much! I have a playing partner who bought himself along with his two sons a set and they love them and I saw the difference in their games so I decided to try. Immediately I fell in love with the 5-8 iron but still adjusting to the 9- GW length but each time out that's improving. I'm a 9 handicap and hopefully these will knock a few more strokes off my handicap. These clubs have a good concept and individuals of all handicap ranges should try. Thanks Cobra

They live up to the hype
Review by Howietzer - 2/24/2017

The concept, of course, makes sense. But I am a skeptic when it comes to golf technology and have always believed golfers are the dumbest and most gullible consumers on earth. Including me. We want it to be true. Well I ordered these from Edwin Watts and kept the box thinking they would be on Ebay within 3 days. Boy was I wrong. They work. I'm a 9 and decent ball striker. What floored me was the 5 iron. Straight high draws that went the same length or a little longer than my Taylormade sldr. Every club had a wonderful ball flight the first time I hit them. Thought they were going to take some getting used to. Not at all. Set up like a 7 iron and let them rip. Nothing, including these, corrects a bad swing. But these clubs are much easier to hit consistently than a normal set. That's what Cobra claims and it seems to be true. I'm a believer.

Good clubs, not built to spec
Review by Andrew - 2/24/2017

I ordered a set of the F7, One Length irons from www.cobragolf.com. They are nice clubs, but the first time I took them out to the range, just looking at them at address, they looked too upright. I ordered them 1* flat per my specs and they were delivered 1.5* upright. This was measured on a Mitchell machine. I called customer service, and their only option is to send them back and wait for them to fix it for me (at least one week). Also, the shipping was delayed by at least a week due to low stock. I was not notified of this until I called to ask where the clubs were. They are not even willing to let me take them to an authorized dealer to have them adjusted, and they foot the bill (which would likely be non-existent). Very disappointing that they messed it up and are not willing to do much about it. I will have them adjusted on my own so that I can use them sooner, and I hope that they play well. Paying full price for a set of clubs, they should be delivered correctly.

Half shots with every club
Review by David - 2/23/2017

I am left handed so didn't have a choice to get the forged but I am extremely happy with purchase.

The first thing I did was get exact yardage for each of my clubs.

I normally get 1/2 over in length but decided to get standard length because my 8 iron is my favorite. That said I expected my yardage to be off due to the half inch length loss.

My results.

First every club hits like my eight iron. I love this. My shots are almost boring. What I mean is they look the same, no matter what club I hit. A slight draw and on target. It does take some getting used to seeing the ball come out lower on the longer distance irons like the 4, 5, and 6.

What I like most is my in between game is getting a boost. I can now reliably hit half and quarter shots with all my clubs and with dependable yardage.

This is going to be a good golf year.

The club head speed for each club was pretty much the same not matter what club I used. This could be looked at as bad but, now when I need a few extra yard I can just swing 10 miles per hour faster on any club and get consistent results. I now have a full show, relaxed full shot, and a give it a little extra full shot. I get reliable yard between the three swings.

My 7 iron is hitting in between my old 7 iron and my old 8 iron.

I may just add the sand wedge to my set.

I can't wait for some hybrids and woods to be made.

Review by canes1fan - 2/21/2017

the best clubs i have used hands down. i was hitting my PW 145 to 150. picked up 10 to 15 yards on every club. if you havent swung the all one then you are missing out!!!!!!!!

Review by Adam - 2/20/2017

I've wanted to hit these for a couple months so I went to Golf Galaxy today and spent 90 minutes comparing each club to my current set of Mizuno JPX-EZ Forged 2014 irons. I struggle with long irons like many golfers and carry a 3, 4, and 5 hybrid to compensate. Honestly, the F7's felt even softer than my forged irons. They offer great feel. Off center strikes were soft, but I could still tell where on the face I was making contact. It took me longer to get used to the 9, PW, and GW than it did the 5 and 6 irons. Unfortunately, the demo set had regular flex shafts and I'm a stiff flex player so the front to back dispersion was inconsistent. In the end, I pulled the trigger and ordered a set with stiff flex shafts. I'm excited to get them and start playing.

Right on the money
Review by Craig - 2/17/2017

Picked these up today after much research. Hit 5 iron and wedge on the monitor and liked the consistency especially in the long irons and how they felt on impact. Also enjoyed a slightly more compact head and sole vs. the Ping G30's I traded in. Took them to the range and hit the most consistent 5 irons in a long time. Very consistent ball flight and had extremely tight dispersion with five iron. For me these solved several problems with longer irons. I usually make solid contact but consistency in flight was questionable at times. No longer, looking forward to many rounds with these clubs. Thank you Cobra for bringing these to the market. Any doubters just hit them and give yourself a chance to decide for yourself vs. convincing yourself they can't work. I've played golf for 35 years and had no problem getting used to the single length. Some say the short irons scare them a bit but I found it an easy transition. Trust what engineering has created and reap the benefits.

As advertised
Review by Mojo1 - 2/15/2017

Being a skeptic I ordered a single 5 iron with R Carbon shaft. In my current bag my longest iron is a 6 as with all my irons is 1/2" oversize shaft length. I use a 4 hybrid for my 150-160 yard needs but I often hooked it or went too long when hit solidly, hence the need for a 5 iron easy to hit and get 150-155 yards. Well I played yesterday and on four occasions used the Cobra 5 iron with great success. Each shot was right at 150-155 yards. Keep in mind this shaft length is equivalent to my current 8 iron that I hit 130 yards. That's some serious youju. I'll be trading in my current set for the remainder of the Cobra F7 1 length. Go get em.

Game Changer
Review by Down South - 2/13/2017

I'm not a good golfer. I've accepted my fate. But, I am a better golfer with these clubs! I would hit my 7 iron with my FORMER set about 150 yds. With the Cobra's, I'm hitting about 170-175. The Conra 5 iron is averaging about 200. No joke. I'm not kidding. When you hit the ball it just sails. No brainer. Give them a shot. And save a few by doing so.

Review by DR SLEEVE - 2/3/2017

I ordered the K7 One Length Irons (5-9, PW & GW) Graphite shaft, LITE/Senior Flex, prior to the release date. The irons arrived 0n 1/16/17 and I carefully unpacked them. I had been playing the FLY Z woods, hybrids and irons (all w/graphite Senior Shafts) for about a year and a half and managed to get down to a USGA H/C Index of 4.2, in Nov 2015. I have read everything I could get my hands on about the ONE-Length Irons and wanted to give them a try. I teed it up (Senior Tees) 3 days later and made the transition from a standard set to these new sticks! I was pleasantly surprised that all 7 clubs were well made, with obvious emphasis on Q/C. On the first three holes(par 4s) I only had to use the GW. I hit a good run up shot on #1, a full wedge on #2 and a half wedge on #3. The grass is still brown in NC, but playable. I have to report that these clubs have consistent weight, length, grips and great feel! It is very easy to invent shots with them, once you find your tempo and ranges. I'm very pleased with the results. On #9, par3, I hit the F6 FWY Baffler4/5 185 yds into a strong cross wind and drained a 25 footer for a duce. COBRA's woods and hybrids w/rails should sell like hot-cakes - say good-bye to long irons! BOTTOM line - The ONE LENGTH irons put fun back into the game. COBRA has something for every golfer. I own 12 sets of pro-line clubs, which I plan to donate to the USGA's youth programs. I plan on working on the short game to reduce my H/C to one or two. I've been able to match and beat my age since 2015 and will reach 73 come this April. With new technology it seems to get easier every year. Thanks to the folks at PUMA/COBRA - they make what golfers want & need!

Review by GEEZER 7 - 2/2/2017

Perhaps I expected too much but after 4 rounds with these same shaft irons I found no benefit. I shall try again in warmer weather. I am also disappointed in the heads and shaft quality as well. The wedges take some adjusting, not surprisingly.

Love these irons
Review by doug - 1/25/2017

I'm a new golfer, only playing for about 2 years. When I read about these irons last year I very interested in the idea as I've always struggled with long irons as I develop my swing. Late last year various youtube video came out showing trackman data against variable length irons. The data showed that players much better than me were getting good results and gapping from them. I figured even if they were worse, the single length would allow me to focus on swing development and not worry about the feel difference between a 4 and 8 iron. I also figured they would likely be more consistent. Based on that, I pulled the trigger on a pre-order and hit nothing but a 7 iron for a few months to prep for their arrival.

Since receiving these I've hit hundreds of balls with them and they are simply amazing, everything I hoped they'd be. For me, the ranges and gapping are good. I'm basing that on range observation, not launch monitor data. I'm also much more consistent and have never hit a 5 iron so far, so consistently.

These clubs have delivered the range and consistently I was looking for and allow me to focus on developing my swing.. fantastic product!

Works as described
Review by WillyP - 1/22/2017

First off I have a 16 handicap and my biggest issue is changing clubs during a round. I can hit a 7 no problem but grab the 5 and chunk it into the turf.

Took out the Skytrak today to compare distance to my current set of M2's. I have to go by averages because I'm not a tour pro so I won't see a noticeable yard or two accuracy difference but on average they are right on. The one club that surprised me is the 5 iron. I normally hit on average 185 or so but the new one length I was hitting around 200. So not having a 4 iron in the set does not concern me as much.

The biggest bonus is once I got warmed up switching clubs made no difference in my swing and I was not chunking shots because I switched from a 9 to a 5.

An outstanding product
Review by Sparky - 1/18/2017

Incredibly solid. Incredibly consistent. I was one of the first to place an order and had them fitted with an extra stiff and medium weight shaft. I have very quickly adjusted to them and they are a game changer for me. I love these irons!

They Work
Review by drmike49 - 1/18/2017

I"ve been around golf for 60 years. I was a PGA Pro for 30 years and a club pro most of that time. I began making clubs in 1969 with two shaft options - Dynamic and TT Lite. I made a set of single length irons in 1971 and due to the head weights the long irons looked like pipe fittings and the short irons like swiss cheese. But as ugly as they were - they worked marginally. In the 80 Golfworks came our with clubs you could weight with ports in the back of the clubs. I made another set that worked much better. Today we have Cobra introducing a forged set of single length - thanks Cobra for taking this huge risk that I believe will pay off. I hope ALL double digit handicaps will take this option and even most single digit handicaps would profit from using them. I've hit these irons but I'm playing a set I made for myself from components. I can tell you that the Cobra feel at least as good as the ones I carefully custom made for myself.

Great clubs
Review by Fastball - 1/17/2017

I bought them Monday. I bought the display clubs as the PGA super store didn't have any to try out.
I asked the rep to tape the 5 iron and let me hit it. I told them I did my research and I'm a buyer.
Long story short I was hitting it 190 to 195 every time and my accuracy was amazing.
Haven't had a chance to play lay but will soon. I traded back in my ping I's I just bought.
Now when I need a 4 or 5 iron I just think 7.
I'll let you know after my next AM tour event coming up

Love the one length
Review by SOCal grampa - 1/16/2017

I am a 68 year old who has only been playing for about a year. Had an traditional iron set that was ok. Liked the idea of the one length and bought them. After two practice days and one round of golf I am a HUGE fan. Easy to hit, very forgiving and I have picked up 8 to ten yards per club and they are easy to control. I have the four iron thru pitching and am probably going to get the 3 and the gap wedge . Love the clubs. Can't wait to get back on the course. I am so happy you brought these clubs out. Good job Cobra.

You gotta try these! Wow...
Review by Professor E - 1/16/2017

I read an article about One length concept last night and was intrigued. I'm a Professor so I researched and read everything I could find this morning--and became even more intrigued. I even asked a colleague who teaches Physics to give me his take on the one swing plane and the weighting and all of that.

Early this afternoon, I demoed the clubs at Dick's. I was NOT in the market for new Irons but... I was beyond impressed. As such, I went back to Dick's tonight and bought a set!

So, while this review must be taken with a grain of salt--I have not used them on a course yet--I just had to share my thoughts here online.

The feel of these clubs is buttery soft. The ball jumps of the face. My previous set were Adams XTD Forged. They were fantastic but these are a whole 'nother level.

I hit the 5i and then jumped to the GW. It was a weird mental sensation looking down at Gap wedge with that much length but that's the thing about these clubs: you just put the ball in the middle of your stance and swing. That's it. No having to remember "play the ball up a tad" or "be steep with this gap wedge" or "stay lower on plane with this 5 iron." "Just hit the ball" was my one swing thought. I did and the gap wedge went exactly the right distance at a perfect trajectory.

When I went back tonight, I compared the One Length 6 iron with the Cobra F7 standard 6i. After hitting a solid One Length stick I put a good swing on the variable length version. The revelation: I could actually feel the 2nd shot (with the standard length 6i) going off center right. I literally felt it.

That was it for me. Sold! Sometimes you just know. Just go and try them. If they work for your swing, you will be amazed at the confidence surge that hits you.

So, while I haven't played these yet on a course, the 2 dozen balls I hit told me all that I need to know: these Irons are easy to hit, reduce all of the setup clutter in my head, and the ball feels amazing off the face. They give me instant confidence. That alone is worth the (very reasonable) price tag.

Again, just go try them.

About me: 16 hdcp. Former college baseball player. Lifetime athlete.

Very Impressed
Review by Tim - 1/16/2017

Heard about one length several months ago and made good sense on the surface. One setup for all irons and one swing plane. When I would bring up with the club pro I would get raised eyebrows and some explanation of how a golf club works. When I found out Dick's had demo clubs I immediately went to swing them. They felt and swung very nice for being off the shelf and my distances were within 5 yards of current Taylor Made irons on their tracking system. Then I read and watched every review I could get my hands on. Long story short, I bought them on Friday morning at 10 am and was at the course by 10:30 taking off the plastic and hit the driving range for 20 minuets and then the course. Hit nine holes the next day. I am completely thrilled with these irons and no matter which club I pick it's still my 7 iron swing which is my most consistent. Had to get used to trusting the longer length pitching wedge would go 125 yds. Same with the gap wedge distance. The lofted clubs fly higher but spot on the distance as my other clubs. Even used 5 iron four times with straight and consistent results on three out of four. Less loft with the 5 but straight and on the green. I'll take that any day. Probably will stick with hybrids for the 190 to 200 yd shots though. As a 13 handicap I'm all over something that makes my game more consistent to shave off strokes. So far I love these clubs and have absolutely nothing negative to say about them. They feel and swing great. Even the grips are nice and feel a little larger than standard. Good job Cobra!!!

I am a Believer!!!
Review by Jimmy - 1/15/2017

I bought my set today and right away went to the driving range to test my new clubs. After two hours on the range I have to say these irons are AWESOME!!! Everything that I have read and watched online about these irons are true. I did not notice any difference in distance when compared to my set of Mizuno JPX-EZ. However, where these irons really shine is what they were built for in the first place. One setup and one swing. It was amazing that I did not have to adjust my setup at all when changing clubs just like what the advert says.

I put some impact tape on each of the irons and after one session I can definitely say I personally had much more consistent impact with all the irons.

My advise for anyone who are researching or skeptical of these irons is just trust the club and swing as though you are swinging a 7 iron. Give them a try and you will change your mind. I truly believe that these irons are game changers for the golf industry.

Thank you Bryson and Cobra for making this concept and these irons a reality because I am a believer.

No thinking required
Review by Pliny - 1/13/2017

Great clubs, I bought the whole set. Distances are very good, height is good, feel and forgiveness is outstanding. I put Nippon Modus shafts in mine, amazing combo!

Awesome Set and Love the One Length
Review by Perry - 1/12/2017

Played my first round today with the One Length F7s. I was totally impressed with how natural they felt from my first gap wedge to my last 8 iron. Too wet for the range today so simply put them in the bag and went out to play. I am not totally sure whether it was just going to be a good day for me, or was the one length system but I was hitting the irons stiff all day. First swing was with a gap wedge to 6 feet and the last swing was an 8 iron to 12 feet. Lots of use in between in the 16 holes we were able to get in. Not a lot of use yet, but my first impression is what you might expect. The 7/8 irons are about consistent distance with a varied length set, while the 9, P and G wedges are maybe 3-4 yards longer and the 5-6 are maybe 3-4 yards shorter. I only had one chance to use the 5 iron and I had stuck my tee shot being a large bushy tree 170 frm the green. Touch lie in the rough. Hit the 5 iron and as you might expect its ball flight was very low due to the low loft and I was able to keep it under the tree easily. Used the 6 iron off a par 3 tee and that actually had plenty of height on it as the ball was teed up. I think it may have flown a couple 3 yards shorter than my normal 6 iron but it will take more rounds to figure that out. The amazing thing was that an oncenter strike felt exactly like a forged blade. That buttery compression feeling that you only get with good muscle back forged clubs. I haven't felt that since I went to game improvement clubs some 15 years ago. Try them you will be amazed.

Excellent clubs
Review by Ron - 1/12/2017

I bought a set last night played my first round today shot 71! I'm a scratch golfer I couldn't believe how solid I hit these irons I really thought I wouldn't get the distance with these irons as my pings but to my surprise I hit the ball even longer I'm amazed!!

Wanted to hate them....
Review by Nele22 - 1/11/2017

As a 5 handicap and a bit of a traditionalist I really wanted to laugh these off. I was able to spend a few days of course and range time this week with these. After about 30 minutes it "clicked."

I cannot put them down. I am hitting all shots much tighter and with ease. All the same set up and just swing. So much easier.

All I can say is just try them. It was a game changer for me!

Amazing clubs
Review by Zach - 1/11/2017

Got to demo these at the local sporting goods store. Was skeptical at first, took a few shots with the 7i then tried the GW next, was blown away after a few swings. Incredibly consistent shots. Less thought process on swing plane and angles, with the lengths all the same.
Has really changed my thoughts on buying new irons this year.

Best Idea Ever
Review by Jeffrey L Peters - 1/8/2017

I cut a set of clubs all one length and my friends laughed. Now Cobra engineering has come through for me. And to think Moe Norman was a good ball striker......lol

Can't wait!!
Review by Biscuit - 1/5/2017

I can't wait to get these irons. I absolutely HATE long irons... somehow I can hit my 7 iron longer n better than my 6-3 irons. I'm looking forward to getting these and having em ready for when the snow melts!! Thank You Cobra!!

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