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KING F7 Fairway

The KING F7 Fairway is our longest & most forgiving adjustable fairway with both rails and adjustable front to back CG to maximize distance through optimized launch and spin.

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Regular Price: $239.00

Special Price $129.00



The rails on the F7 3 wood have a shorter, less pronounced design to accommodate for a sweeping attack angle, allowing the club to glide easily through any lie for improved turf interaction.


Whether you have a shallow or sweeping attack angle, the medium height rail design on the 5 wood works to reduce digging into the turf in order to retain more club head speed and distance out of any lie condition.


The F7 Hybrid is designed with taller, more pronounced rails that drastically reduce the potential for digging that is prone with steeper attack angles. This allows the golfer to swing confidently out of the deepest rough and even bunkers.


Two different CG settings in the front and back result in differing ball flights to help you tune your optimum distance and trajectory under variable conditions.

Progressive rail design provides shallower or steeper rails depending on club loft and angle of attack for improved turf interaction and consistency from every lie.

Eight easily adjustable loft settings to manage trajectory and fine tune launch conditions. The rails have been designed to minimize contact point on the ground which acts as a Smart Pad to maintain a square club head at address regardless of the loft setting.

KING F7 Weight

Customize your KING F7 Fairway with different weight options: 15g, 20g (stock weight). Available here.

KING F7 Weight


ClubLoft / Trajectory SettingsLengthSwing
Weight (Graphite)
3-4 FWY 13° / 13.5° / 13.5°D / 14.5° / 14.5°D /
15.5° / 15.5°D / 16°
43.25" D3 170cc X, S, R, Lite RH/LH
5-6 FWY 17° / 17.5° / 17.5°D / 18.5° / 18.5°D /
19.5° / 19.5°D / 20°
42.75" D3 150cc X, S, R, Lite RH/LH**
7-8 FWY 21° / 21.5° / 17.5°D / 22.5° / 22.5°D /
23.5° / 23.5°D / 24°
42.25" D3 147cc X, S, R, Lite RH/LH**
*X-Flex Available Through Custom Only
**Custom Only


Fujikura Pro 65
ModelFlexShaft WeightKick PointTorqueTip Diameter
Fujikura Pro 65 X 74g High Mid 0.335
Fujikura Pro 65 S 70g High Mid 0.335
Fujikura Pro 65 R 69g Mid Mid 0.335
Fujikura Pro 65 Lite 67g Low Mid 0.335




Customer Reviews 37 item(s)

F7 3-4 wood technology on a driver.
Review by Paul - 5/23/2020

I bought a used F7 3-4wood over a year ago after watching a u-tube review. I set it at 13.5 and hitting bullets on the tee and off the turf. At times, the ball goes as far as my old TM driver. I'm so impressed with it that I recently bought an F9 driver and had success with it. Now, if only Cobra makes a driver with F7 wood technology where the ball comes off the face like a bullet then you sure have a winner. I love my F9 driver but I'll love it more if it sounds, feels and hits like my F7 3-4wood. I'm 69 years young with 12HC and can get up to 220-230 yards with my F7 wood.

Money club
Review by Paul S. - 10/13/2018

Solid 3 wood (stiff shaft, set at 15.5°). Love the rails, smooth as butter. Easy to swing with great results, either from the tee box and/or fairway. Last month played a Wounded Warrior/Team Gleason charity event. Our 1st hole was a 521yd par 5. We had 245 yards to the flag, stuck my shot 18 inches from the hole & made eagle. We won the with a -12 score. I am a believer in the Cobra woods.

replaced old 3 fairway wood
Review by Guy - 10/9/2018

Got this club 5/6 about three weeks ago. First time out with it I was hitting longer and straighter than my three wood. It is easy to hit launches high and long. So impressed that I removed the 3 wood from my bag and went out and purchased a 3/4 F7 hybrid as well. Great product!

3W - Just buy it
Review by Hig Dog - 9/27/2018

Crisp feel off the face, very forgiving and easy to hit, goes like a rocket.

I'm better leaving my driver in the bag and just playing with this rocket. Shoots fairways for fun

Review by JIM - 5/14/2018

Great club just no way to adjust it.

Solid Club
Review by RTB - 4/20/2018

Very solid club. One of the best feeling faces I’ve ever experienced in a wood. Great Fuji shaft as well. I highly recommend.

Awesome 5 wood!
Review by Ohio Golf - 4/17/2018

I haven't had a 5 wood in many many years with all the hoop lah about hybrids and finally decided to get a 5 wood!
I ran across the F7 5 wood online in the beautiful blue finish and purchased it. I really could not be happier! I comes off the face so nice and goes the distance I want. I have had Titleist and Taylormade in the past and this F7 has me hooked!
Cobra, please come out with that beautiful blue finish on your woods again!

Review by Airandez - 4/14/2018

Won the F7 3/4 Fairway wood at a tournament. Went to my local golf shop to trade it in. I never been able to hit a fairway wood. Tried their demo and bought the 5/6 Fairway wood also. Hitting the 3 wood up to 250 yards accurately. These are great clubs. In my last tournament, I won the long ball event, in my flight, with this 3 wood.

Wow, what a club!
Review by SENIOR PAR - 1/6/2018

I received my Cobra 5-6 as a Christmas gift (my selection, her gift) the very first ball strike I made with the club was a second shot on a par 5. I could not believe the results. Down the middle and long, long. The next 7 shots I made with it during the round were all the same. Totally amazed!. Like the club was custom made just for me! By far the best fairway wood I have ever hit. Now I can hardly wait for my new F8 driver. Should be here in about a week. These clubs are the Best!

Very Happy
Review by Jay - 1/6/2018

Needed to replace my 2 iron. The F7 5-6 felt good from the start. Haven't played with the adjustments yet.

7-8 fwy
Review by Doc - 9/20/2017

just received my new 7-8 fairway wood and the reaction on the course is just as dependable as all of my fully bag of Cobra clubs. The loft spacings are accurate and easily established

Review by b5t - 9/12/2017

i bought 4/5 rails hoping to get more distance and control than my calloway 5 wood. discovered shaft shorter than my 7 wood. distance poor. went back to my 5 wood for distance.

F7 5/6
Review by Tom - 8/9/2017

My F7 5 wood goes farther then my new TaylorMade 3 wood. This is the most solid feeling Club I've ever had in over 35 years of golfing. I am a low handicapper and have tried just about every brand. I'm absolutely amazed and just went and bought the 3 wood.

Review by James - 7/25/2017

Unbelievable performance. Chose these over the M2 woods. Rails really help. Easier to use on approach play. Fujikura shafts make it much easier to approach greens as you get a lot of spin. The Aldila's will bounce for miles off the green, if that's you want from a driver alternative. Anyway, sensational club

Profoundly effective clubs..
Review by Master-P - 7/23/2017

It's amazing how well the cobra f7 3 and 5 woods have achieved an equilibrium between the use of profoundly effective elements of technology and design and remarkably high levels of actual on-course performance and functional persicion.

The best fairway club ever!
Review by Flying Finn - 7/23/2017

I have now played 6 rounds with my new 5-6 FWY and it is just amazing!!
Accuracy and carry is fabulous. It just changed my game. Thank You

Fantastic club
Review by Popeye - 7/22/2017

I have the F7 5 Wood which I have purchased recently after my clubs were stolen.
This is the best fairway wood I have ever had. The flight of the ball is brilliant.
I have quite a steep swing, the rail system has taken those miss hits out of the picture all together.

Near Perfect
Review by Cuprattler - 7/10/2017

My golf bag is slowly filling up with Cobras! The King F7 fairway is a killer. Goes long and high with deadly accuracy. These are the best clubs in the market. However, my blue model could have used a color-coordinated blue head cover. A black rag is unforgiveable: a cheap cost-cutting measure, not caring about total customer satisfaction. Cobra should optimize risk, and aim for a first-class package. The rewards will boom like the risky shots pulled off by their excellent clubs.

Super Hot!
Review by Mshsoulfish - 6/29/2017

Just received my 3/4 and left the loft alone at the 14.5 degree setting. I ordered it with the stock Fuji Pro 65 in stiff with the intentions of maybe switching it out later with other shafts I have. Took it out to the range and was hitting it off the deck. WOW, this bad boy is super hot. I was getting a mid trajectory with a tiny baby fade. My perfect ball flight. 250 yards all day with the ability to move it right or left and higher or lower with some little adjustments of the swing. This may become my go to on the tee box when accuracy is a must. The rails glide through the turf like skis on snow. It's been 20 years since I played a baffler and I missed it ever since; but we've been reunited and I couldn't be happier. Out with the Titleist and in with the Cobra F7. This thing screams and goes just where I want it too.

The answer to my fairway prayers
Review by Mr.Bond - 6/22/2017

I've been longing for a forgiving fairway wood that was simple to hit off the deck, paired with a phenomenal sound and feel. The baffler technology is truly fantastic and helps hit the ball off nearly any lie. I must say cobra absolutely nailed it with the F7. I've been a titleist loyalists my entire life...... I now have 3,5 and 7 woods from the F7 family in my bag. As a low handicapper I couldn't be more pleased. You aced it cobra golf

Totally awesome. Well done Cobra!!
Review by Foxy - 6/10/2017

I have F6 clubs in my bag. I tried out my new F7 5 Wood today and I'm really impressed. I hit it further and straighter than my F6 3 Wood. Now I want an F7 3 Wood. I had to try really hard to play a bad shot with the F7 5 Wood. It's so forgiving I can't believe it.

Great Club off the tee
Review by John M - 6/7/2017

After demoing a Ping LS Tec driver and the Cobra 3-4 fairway set to a loft of 13.5, I bought the Cobra because I could hit it straighter and longer. I'm a senior, 22 handicap. I hit it a couple of times off the turf, and think it works great, especially from the rough where I usually use my hybrid, but I'd have to increase the loft if I were using it as a turf fairway...

Review by Willie - 5/27/2017

I have a long tom cobra 8deg driver struggled a bit, but witg the f7 3/4 fairway what a pleasure well done cobra getting very good distance of the tee.

Simply perfect
Review by Hootz - 5/21/2017

Solid and predictable club. Went with the Matrix 75 X Black Tie option (no upcharge) and it's the best head/shaft combo ever. Felt great off the tee and is easily the best club for off the fairway. I've played current Titleist and TM fairways, but this is something else. This will be in my bag for a while...

A completely new ball game
Review by One legged Cobra - 5/17/2017

I just purchased the new F7 3/4 fairway wood. I have probably just dropped 6-8 strokes because I don't have to use my driver on every hole. I can position my next shot exactly where I want it and at the distance I need it for my short iron (F7 one length). My entire bag is now Cobra. Well except for the putter of course. So when is that going to happen eh guys? Best club ever purchased.

Best Ever for Me
Review by Joe J - 5/15/2017

I haven't been able to click with any fairways for a number of years. Too many to count. On a lark I tried the F7 3/4 wood at a demo day. I am now the proud owner of the 3/4, 5/6, & 7/8. They aren't just good fairways they are weapons. Beautiful user friendly weapons. Happy Happy !!!

Review by Dono - 5/13/2017

I bought the 3/4 with the HZRDUS Red shaft shortened 1/2 inch. Wow! This club is fantastic! Solid feel, great distance and ball flight. It put my M2 fairway on the shelf!

Great club!
Review by Juicy - 5/6/2017

I've been very streaky with my driver as of late! I bought this club a couple weeks ago and today I decide not to use the driver once while I was playing, and I'm glad I did I fired a 79 I'm a 12 handicapper, I'm also playing the one length irons with the cast in the 5 and 6 and forged for the 7-gw I also have the 56 and 60 degree wedges, I'm loving this setup I've got the the 2/3 hybrid on order and probably going to order the 3/4 hybrid as well! I'm loving these cobra clubs, this is the first time I've ever owned cobra equipment! Keep up the great work!!

Better than f6
Review by Ksv113 - 4/30/2017

I bought and liked very much the F6 3/4 fairway last year, but was intrigued by the rails in the F7. I expected the same performance, but with improved turf interaction off the ground. What I found was an improved carry distance of 10+ yards, a tighter shot dispersion, and a sound/feel that makes it seem like the ball shoots off the face like a cannon. This wood looks like the f6, but it is a big improvement. Anyone with an older model fairway wood should upgrade immediately.

Loved it
Review by Sparkybiker - 4/25/2017

I was at a golf course down south that had most of the manufactures there for a test day. Tried most but fell in love with the F7 3/4. I could hit it off the fairway almost as long as my drives (225yrds, i am old) and nice and straight

Balls Rocket Off This Club
Review by Viking644 - 4/19/2017

Tried this out at a Demo Day today after seeing it recommended by Rick Shiels (Golf Coach from UK).

The club does not disappoint. Even mis-hits only deviate off course a few yards. It'll be in my bag shortly.

shaft flexes
Review by Headtilt - 3/28/2017

You need a lighter men's length shaft say 45 grams

Great Flight
Review by Lefty - 3/27/2017

I've had this club for a few rounds and the ball just flies off the face. The rails really help you from digging into the ground.

Review by RITZ - 2/18/2017

Just tried out my new Cobra F7 3-4 Wood and the club is amazing. I had been struggling to get any lift on 3 woods and this club with baffler technology lite senior shaft with lower kick point tuned to 16 degrees loft was awesome! WAY TO GO COBRA!

Review by Rhino - 2/15/2017

I was custom fit for the first time and the Cobra F-7 5 wood was by far the best feeling and fit. I haven't been outside yet (i live in Wisconsin) but i just played indoor golf on a brand new Full Swing simulator and I was consistently hitting it 220 with no boost. It is just a rocket and the sound is awesome.

Finally decided on a fairway wood
Review by Average Joe - 1/31/2017

I originally picked up the F6 Baffler and was really happy with the purchase to fill the gap between my driver and 5 wood.
Since I wasn't really satisfied with my 5 wood and having the F6 I figured I'd give the F7 5-6 wood a try. After a few swings I was hooked, a week later I picked one up and played with the weights and now I'm happy my fairway wood search is over. The sound, feel, are amazing, and the baffler rails are a big plus. Thanks for making a great club!!!!

Amazing Club
Review by Alexander Johnstone - 1/22/2017

I bought this club the other day and I am very impressed on how it looks, feels and plays. I have never had a fairway wood that has these many customizable options. I would highly reccomend this club for any golfer that plays for a High School team. The Baffler Tech on the bottom help to hit great shot out of the worst lies. It will help me a lot in tournaments such as Regionals and Sectionals because no one every replaces their divot. Overall 11/10. Great club!

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