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KING F6 Driver

The F6 Driver is our most forgiving adjustable driver with CG tuning. The dual position 'front-to-back' CG weight system allows you to maximize distance through dialing in your ideal launch and spin conditions. Personalize your distance with F6.

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KING F6 Driver

Our most forgiving adjustable driver with CG tuning. The dual position 'front-to-back' CG weight system allows you to maximize distance through dialing in your ideal launch and spin conditions. No other all titanium adjustable CG driver delivers this combination of distance and forgiveness in every shot.

King F6 Driver


KING F6 Drivers offer true personalized distance. Featuring adjustable ‘Front to Back’ Center of Gravity technology, you can now dial in your perfect launch and spin conditions to optimize ball flight and maximize distance for your swing. A front CG position delivers a penetrating ball flight with more roll, while a back CG position offers a higher, more towering ball flight with greater forgiveness.

King F6 Driver Weight

Optimum Spin Equals Distance

With the KING F6 Driver, the path to greater distance is through optimized spin and launch. Adjust loft and tune CG settings to achieve personalized distance based on your unique swing. Switch between a front CG position that delivers a penetrating ball flight with more roll, and a back CG position that offers a higher, more towering ball flight.

King F6 Diagram
King Hybrid Cut

CG Tuning

Choose your setting. Choose your distance. KING F6 offers two distinct CG settings that impact spin. The front setting provides a lower ball flight with more roll, while the back setting provides a higher ball flight with more carry.


Eight easily adjustable loft settings to manage trajectory and fine tune launch conditions to maximize distance on any course, and for any swing.


A new, re-engineered Forged 8-1-1 Titanium E9 Face is a variable thickness structure that is lighter, thinner and hotter creating more deflection and a larger SweetZone™ across the face.


Speed Channel is an exclusive COBRA innovation. An engineered channel around the perimeter of the face minimizes thickness and increases ball speeds across the face for incredible distance.

KING F6 Weight

Customize your KING F6 Driver with different weight options: 6g, 10g (stock weight), 14g. Available here.

KING F6 Weight


ModelLoft/Trajectory SettingsLengthSwing WeightHead
King F6 Driver 9° / 9.5° / 9.5° Draw / 10.5° / 10.5° Draw /
11.5°  / 11.5° Draw / 12°
45.25" D4.5, D4, D3.5 460cc X, S, R, Lite RH/LH

*Vibrant Orange is available through Custom Only


Matrix Red Tie 60Q4

ModelFlexWeightKick PointTorqueTip Diameter
KING F6 Driver / Matrix Red Tie 60Q4 X 65g Mid-Low Mid 0.335
KING F6 Driver / Matrix Red Tie 60Q4 S 62g Mid-Low Mid 0.335
KING F6 Driver / Matrix Red Tie 60Q4 R 60g Mid-Low Mid 0.335
KING F6 Driver / Matrix Red Tie 60Q4 A 54g Mid-Low Mid 0.335


COBRA Lamkin REL 360

COBRA Lamkin REL 360

Customer Reviews 60 item(s)

Cobra F6 driver
Review by Christeon - 9/19/2019

I got an F6 driver and after the pro did the adjustments, my game changed almost imediatly! One of the most forgiving drivers out there.

It works
Review by Adzika - 5/8/2019

I had been away from golf for 25 years. Midlife crisis hit and I'm back. There were no Drivers like this before so I was sceptical. 20 rounds later with the F6, Im not. Hit the sweetspot, it goes. Hit a bit off the sweetspot, it's relatively safe. Bad swing, it's not the drivers fault. If you're a pro, maybe you feel subtle differences. If not, this club does what it does, if hit properly.

F6 driver
Review by Tommy - 5/28/2018

Very impressive driver , I managed to get more consistently better and straighter shots with the F6 than I could with the Taylormade M2 that I was also trying.

I opted for the F6 and very happy with it.... and it just feels a bit lighter and easier to swing.

Review by Steeelers - 4/14/2018

I bought a driver and 2 fairway clubs for my son. Was very pleased at first with cost and product when received. However after 2 rounds of golf I am noticing the heads on all 3 clubs are loosing color. The blue is fading. I will keep a close eye on how this progresses.

Great driver for getting back in the game.
Review by Jhoward - 3/30/2018

I've been away from golf for 20 yrs. Finally sobered up and got some clubs. Took advantage of the sale price for the F6 and what a deal it is. The slower I swing, the straighter it flies without losing distance. Great driver to try if you are in the "I can't hit my driver" club.

The Best Driver
Review by Muhammad Amirrul Ariffin - 3/25/2018

2018 i just get best buy USD 125. Test few swing and start loving it. With great sound when hitting the ball and with extra distance. Now im using 9.5 degree and get consistence result 240y.

After buy this driver, i buy F6 iron set and get wonderful result.

I also tell all my friend about Cobra product and prove to them about Cobra "myth" regarding not easy to master Cobra iron and driver and they get surprise with the result,

Would of never considered this
Review by Jglocke - 10/26/2017

Walked into the golf shop with every intention on getting a Callaway or Taylormade driver to replace my BB Fusion. I hit all the new drivers they had to offer and was not getting much better results than the Fusion I brought in to replace. Sales guy asked if I was open to trying anything else and told me about the Cobra F6 driver. He explained that they were on sale plus an additional 20% off. I said sure thinking it was going to be the same result or worse. Boy was I wrong. With the same swing speed and the same loft settings as the others, I was going from an average of 195 yards to an average to 225 yards and a lot straighter. With 3 back surgeries, I needed all the help I can get and Cobra just delivered. I played my first round yesterday and validated my time hitting the simulator. Cobra, who would of thought?? Made a believer out of me.

Review by oli-the-goalie - 9/25/2017

I got that driver a few wekks ago. I am a 14 HCP, age 44, playing golf for quiete some time. As i started to play on the team again I struggled with my Mizuno MP 600, stiff flex, 9°...got my pros advice an the F6.
Well guys...believe it or not. I am instantly up for longer, more accurate drives. My drives make 230 yards. Yesterday we decreased the loft from 10,5 to 9,5. I had three more holes to go and hit an average of 250 yards...so that brings me in range again to improve my golf, ´cause I just couldn´t make that many greens in regulation, which are now in range. Thanks Cobra!!

Awesome driver
Review by Eric - 8/30/2017

Was looking to upgrade from my old Callaway driver and was debating between the F6 and the Ping G driver. The F6 won out due to the adjustability of the vairous lofts. Finally got to test out the driver and it is no joke. I changed between different lofts and could tell the difference. This technology is awesome to amateur players who want to find the perfect set up for better drives. Good job on this one Cobra!

pleasantly suprised
Review by BUTCH - 8/7/2017

68 yr. old golfer, chose a senior flex f6 for the right price. after a round and a 1/2 found the groove and gained about 15 yds.less swing effort equals longer, smoother drives with less back pain.

Consistent, Straight, & Far
Review by UsaStar - 7/29/2017

This is the best driver I have ever had!

Side by side comparison
Review by Super Dave - 7/26/2017

A buddy of mine won the F6 at a local tournament. We played the other night and right away I noticed that his shot dispersion with the F6 was a lot tighter than with his old driver. I have played with a old Ping G2 for years. I have always hit it well and relatively consistently. On two of the last three holes we played, I teed up with the G2 and played a comparison shot with the F6. My first tee shot with the F6 was at least twenty-five yards past my G2 and roughly five yards off of my aim line. The second tee shot with the F6 was roughly twenty yards past the G2. The F6 was set to 10.5 degrees of loft and in the towering position with the swing weight with the stiff shaft. Roughly the same specs as my G2, so it was what I consider to be a fair comparison.

I was so impressed with the club, I went to my local sporting goods store and bought the F6 right away. My divorce is about two weeks from being finalized, so I looked at it as a pick me up kind of gift to myself. I can't wait to clock some time at the range and get it dialed in!

Great driver - adds distance
Review by Gmc61 - 7/23/2017

I played an older non adjustable driver and decided to move to a more modern club.

The F6 felt best at the testing area and I bought the white, regular shaft. After a few rounds and some small adjustment the increase in distance is significant, at least 15 - 20 yards consistently.

It should be swung fast, and once set correctly is very forgiving. Great investment and I'm very pleased with the results

Very nice!
Review by Brady - 7/21/2017

Love the club... getting more distance. Only problem has been the senior shaft broke in two about 5 inches above the head. Totally snapped of. Club has not been abused and it was only the fifth time I've used it. Thankfully Cobra is replacing. I'll be returning the broken shaft as requested... there had to be something wrong.

Club Seems Dead
Review by BHman - 7/13/2017

No matter the setting combination, loft setting or weight setting, the club seems to generate no ball speed. My 12 year old Cobra mSpeed out performs this club hands down. I have others try the club with the same results, the same comments. Clearly a miss by Cobra on this one.

Amazing driver
Review by Steve - 7/7/2017

What's on my local sporting goods store grab this driver on sale and have been in love with it ever since great distance great control and I love The Versatile settings

Major confidence boost
Review by Hooknslice - 7/5/2017

Bought this driver a week ago after my old one broke and I spent 2 hours hitting every brand of club the store had in the simulator. Originally had myself talked in to the Callaway or Taylormade just from research I did but I always had the f6 on the back of my mind. The F6 was last club I hit after being completely frustrated and worn out from testing so many drivers and not finding the one that suited me. Took me 3 hits to decode It waa the one I wanted it had the feel sound and consistency I was looking for even after I had hit at least 100 balls previous. Wasn't the longest driver I hit but was by far the most consistent of the night. Had it out twice now and have found for me the 9.5d loft with weight in penetrating setting is most ideal and still feel I'm hitting a bit higher then I'd like. Overall in 2 rounds my gir went up 10 percent and avg distance went from 240 to about 260 and a few shots pushing 280. It's very forgiving but still have a tendancy to slice if I don't focus on my swing but even my slices are playable and not as drastic as they once were. I am very pleased with the f6 and my confidence on the course has raised thanks to this driver.

Review by JB - 6/30/2017

I am 63 and have been hitting a Cobra 12degree with offset for many years. Straight but about 200 to 210 consistently. I bought the F6 hoping for a few more yards. 10.5 draw, weight in front, now 240. Got my first Eagle. Now I am hitting driver 9 or pitch on most holes. I love this club.

More fairways !!!
Review by Alec Mateos - 6/24/2017

No doubts , i found more fairways, esay to hit, perfect weigth 60 grm regular shaft, thank you. Perhaps needs more launch but is solid

Just Ridiculously Long
Review by Shemp - 6/1/2017

Went to demo day. Tried everything. This F6 was 20 yds longer than all the others. I am 50. 8 HCP. Used to carry 255 with a TM Rocketballz. This club is 275-280 carry. I keep it on penetrating with 9.5 loft.

Nice accuracy & distance
Review by The big Italian - 5/31/2017

I'm 60 years of age, and just started playing golf again, after a very long layoff. I always had accuracy issues in the past with my driver. I had an opportunity to test out the F-6 and I fell in love with it, I've never been so accurate off of the driving holes!!

Great Driver for Beginner Senior Golfter
Review by PYan - 5/29/2017

In my 3rd year of golfing a Senior Golfer with an 87 mph swing. My old drivers went 170 to 190 yard, wide despersion. The Cobra is set at 12 degree and weight at back: now Im hitting straight in the 200 to 220 range.

Awesome the very best i have found just try it , i am willng to bet your driver comes out of the bag
Review by Getchell 58 - 5/27/2017

Try the very best forgiving and longest driver ever, it is now in my bag. My Ping Answer is now in the garage, i am a nine handicap and this driver is honestly incredible.

Review by Not A Golfer - 5/22/2017

I'm fairly new to golf. Picked it up because of work. I was in the market for my first club and I wanted a good driver. So I looked around came across the cobra king f6 driver based on the specs it was everything I was looking for. It didn't disappoint by no means. Its forgiving if you don't strike the ball directly middle of the face but when you do strike it directly you can look like you actually been driving balls for years. I'm currently getting more distance on drives than my buddies to the point one of my buddies was like that driver was worth the buy. It looks good as well. I definitely recommend it and I don't work for cobra. This is a true review about a great product.

Review by JG - 5/11/2017

Love everything about this driver. Looks, feels, and sounds great! I have a hard time putting this club down

Review by Bob - 5/9/2017

Having broken my 3 year old TaylorMade SLDR 460S, I was in the market. I've been playing Cobra hybrid/irons set for 2 years so I tried out the F6. WOW! Hitting my new driver more consistently and further than ever. Now 200-220 vs 175-190 with my old SLDR. Looking to get my Hdcp into the teens from my 24.

Good Ball Flight
Review by KFP55 - 5/7/2017

Took matrix red tie shaft from BioCell+ and use it on the F6. Using heavier weight in the back for more forgiveness. Nice feel to this driver. Cobra has a great system since you can interchange shafts with other cobra drivers starting at the Biocell line to find the right shaft/head combo.

Like the F6
Review by GolferMike - 4/24/2017

My first Cobra club ever. I was expecting a bit more distance, but I get a much tighter grouping with this club than my Titleist driver. I do hit the Titleist 12-15 yards further, but not as tight a dispersion. Trying to get used to this jumbo Head; I have always played the slightly smaller "tour sized" heads. Guess that's where the addd control is stemming from. Great club with all said. Wish the full complement of weights had come with it like the Titleist did. That's why only 4 stars..

Great Right Out of the Box
Review by Mitch C. - 3/23/2017

This is the first Driver I've ever purchased new, but I have tried several others to compare to (Big Bertha, M1, Aeroburner, etc.). The F6 is by far the most comfortable and forgiving. I hit pretty consistent and straight right out of the box. I've always struggled getting under the ball, so switching to the Towering setting and adjusting loft to 11.5 allowed me to hit even more consistently. This is a great club if you're looking for a lot of versatility at a great price.

Very nice driver
Review by Iambac2012 - 1/23/2017

Great feel. Great sound. Long. I cut it down to 43.25, I purchased a 19 gram weight, and I'm playing the driver with the stock weight in the front and the 19 gram in the back. I'm hitting the fairway more often and averaging around 275. Bought the 3 and 5 fairways as well. Equally good.

Great feel
Review by Javi - 1/18/2017

I received my drive last week. I waited to play a few rounds with it before writing my review. I'm very happy with the result. I up graded from my BioCell and right away noticed a difference. I took me a few shoots on the range before finding the right setting for me, but once I did. It became a flying machine. The sound was a little louder than I was use to, but driver felt great at contact and even on mishits I still managed to get distance out it.

Much improvement over s2
Review by Sammy - 12/28/2016

Got my F6 yesterday and went to the range today. I still have to work on consistency but initial results are impressive. Despite 45 degree temp and a headwind I was hitting my best shots 20-25 yards further than with my 9.5 S2 stiff flex. I believe this driver will get me within range on the longer par 4's that I have been unable to reach previously.

The Best Club Yet!
Review by Hammer! - 12/27/2016

Went to the local Roger Dunn to purchase a driver I had my eye on for sometime now. Thought I'd give it a few hits and check the stats. Wasn't really impressed... There was a Demo F6 sitting there on the side of the in door range. I figured what the heck, give it a few swings. Wow, this driver was right down the middle and longer than the driver I was thinking of getting. Long story short - purchased the F6!

f6 cobra
Review by wayne rivet - 11/24/2016

I Am Very Impresed With This Driver I Will Think About Getting One In the Spring.

Shaft needs a higher kick point
Review by Clipper - 11/2/2016

The reg shaft in the f6 does not hit the ball as high as l like the weight in the back set at 12.my old cobra amp had a better shaft.

Review by Ady - 10/30/2016

Got the F6 driver set at 12 deg with the weight at the back and can't get it to get any loft. ' got the standard stiff shaft , 9.5 handicap so can hit an ok ball , last driver was the cobra Amp ! Help !!

The f6 driver and fairway woods
Review by Fish - 10/18/2016

Had it as a demo few a few weeks see my club pro in the shop he took me on trackman . and now I've got the matching 4 wood to go with it I play off 5.3 and I would say it's the easiest driver I've ever hit

Review by Ev - 10/7/2016

Gone from a Big Bertha Alpha to F6 - reviews aren't a joke, I've seen massive distance gains. A custom fitter had a look at the bend profile of the made for Red Tie and the real deal and couldn't split them so don't stress about the shaft. Absolute beast.

Great driver
Review by Jmac - 9/23/2016

Popped into my local American golf and they had a Cobra demo day on. James from cobra took me through the options and set the F6 up for me, instantly gained yards and straightened my shots. Loving not this club and for the price you cannot go wrong

Huge game changer
Review by Abbs106 - 9/11/2016

Been playing old Cobra S3 driver for 4 years now. Been having trouble with hitting the ball very high and pushing the ball right. Tested the F6 at a 9degree loft and heavy weight forward. What a huge difference. Gained 20-25 yards off the carry and m hitting a draw. Dont waist money on Ping, Taylormade, or Callaway. F6 is where it's at.

SENIOR (Lite) Shaft
Review by D.R. - 9/2/2016

Like the above review re Lite shaft; I assume that "Lite" means Senior; the shaft doesn't have much flex to it...feels like I'm swinging a stiff-flex. Before buying the F6, I had a Cobra Amp driver, lightweight shaft....I have returned to it because I simply hit it further, and just as straight. The current Lite shaft needs some work.

Return to form
Review by Tbonius Maximus - 8/30/2016

I was having some major dispersion issues with my fly z + driver, regular flex over the previous month. I went to the local store to get fitted for a new stiff flex shaft when they told me they had a 50% bonus on trade ins. Ended getting fitted for the f6 with stiff flex and after a few rounds I felt that return to my usual dispersion and got quite a bit more yardage to boot!

I was so pleased after 10 rounds with my f6 river I upgraded my flyz+ irons to the f6 and also got the sand and lob muscle back wedges too!

I'm a mid handicapper with average scores near 85. In 15 rounds with complete set up my highest score was an 81, average 78.

Super stoked. Love these clubs.

can't wait
Review by chuckl - 8/29/2016

Purchased driver yesterday after much comparison at the store. King f6 consistently out performed other brand drivers in distance and accuracy. Can't wait to get on the course and play it.

Straight and LONG!
Review by The 'Little' Italian - 8/24/2016

I was fit like many golfers for other brand's all promising longer distance....none delivered and accuracy didn't either. I assumed this was ALL marketing hype UNTIL I bought the F6! There is no difference in my swing but the distance is truly 20+ yards longer and more importantly I'm much straighter! I can actually swing smoother and get better results. I am going to try the matching fairway wood 4/5 and I'll bet the results will be equally as good. BTW, I'm a 9 handicap and my real world driving distance is 245 to 260 if I get roll!

longest driver on the market
Review by HugoLong - 8/24/2016

Bought the F-6 with a regular shaft. Fitter said was good pick, took to the course next day and gain maybe at best 10 yards with no draw at any setting. Return club and swap shafts for the stiff. Next day could easy hit any type shots, fade or draw or just smoke it down the middle. Old driver was Alpha 815 average around 255 to 260 with the F-6 now average 275 to 280 playing white tees and I am 65 years old. Very pleased.

Review by RJM - 8/20/2016

I traded my MAX driver in for KING F6 and I am not happy with the performance the feel. the distance I am a left handed player it does not feel like my last 3 Cobra drivers I have owned. The golf shop that I traded at sold my MAX driver the same day I traded so no way to get it back.

Big distance!
Review by Cobranewbie - 8/13/2016

I walked into the golf shop hitting around 215 yards! Tried a few different drivers and finally settled on the F6. I left the shop hitting between 260-270 yards!

Fade bias?
Review by Sn - 8/8/2016

I've played the ltd King and the f6. I have a very difficult time drawing the ball. Most of the time I put a fade on it. Are these heads more fade bias? Even in the draw settings I can't hit it straight

Not that automatic
Review by harleymaster - 8/5/2016

I'm coming off of Cobra's ZL Encore at 10.5 and have been used to a pretty high ball flight (regular shaft). Hoping to get more distance, I am switching to the F6 (regular). It took a while to come up with the combination that works--weight back and the loft setting to the max. Ball flies straight as an arrow but the kick point of the shaft doesn't allow for anything approaching "towering" flight. Ball shoots off like a rocket, dispersion is tighter (and mostly in the fairway) but overall distance gain is negligible.

Review by ArizonaJim - 7/21/2016

A fantastic Driver Loong straight and sounds and feels Great.Really under the radar.Had Calliaway Big Bertha V series.Very Good driver for slower SS like mine.Hit new Ping G New Big Bertha wanted one of them.Started reading real reviews from golfers not magazines.All good about the Cobra line.So glad I did Went with F6 and WOW a must try See for your self.

F6 Driver best driver by far
Review by Kelv - 6/30/2016

Without a doubt one of the best drivers on the market. Adjustability is great would recommend that everyone give it ago before deciding on your driver choice

Senior flex has low torque
Review by Johnny B. - 6/22/2016

plays stiffer than Fly Z and lower ball flight . This is with the same setting of 11.5 degrees . Give me back the fly Z

Good driver
Review by Pelicule - 6/16/2016

Very safe little dispersion . It gives you a lot of confidence and you want to play

Longer drives,good feel,great sound
Review by Sammy - 5/13/2016

After using this F6 driver and doing so well, that I had to get the F6 irons and 3 wood, glad I did.

f6 driver
Review by oleg (UK) - 5/10/2016

didit get the free gift but this club bombs the ball miles down the fairway best driver I've ever used also bought the 3 wood it goes for miles as well

Review by FreddyC - 5/9/2016

Our club offered a fitting using Trackman. We started with Titleist, then Callaway, M1, M2 while testing shafts, choosing the Speeder 661 X flex as it performed better yet there was virtually no performance difference between any of the heads, UNTIL we tried the F6. Immediately, the carry jumped 20 yards with a 40 yard total gain over every other driver I tested. This will be in my bag for a VERY long time.

Bang Bang!!
Review by Archie Bunker - 5/7/2016

After decades of being brand loyal to Callaway, I finally decided to jump ship and try something new and boy did I make the right decison!! I went to my local retailer and tried out the new XR, G, M1 and M2 and nothing could come close to how I was hitting the F6. It's by far the most forgiving club I've ever had in my bag. I play a solid 6 handicap and I was bombing it 20-30 yards longer than my fully retired XR Pro. The F6's sound,feel and weight can be best described as three layers of heaven. I am convinced that Cobra has by far produced the best driver out in today's market. It a must have item and the 3 wood and hybrid are soon to follow with the irons not too far behind. Well done Cobra, you've made me a believer!!!

Launch control
Review by Beachwalker - 4/15/2016

I got personally fir at Miles of Golf in Ypsilanti. I found this driver to launch boring shots on target but the best thing I found was the feel. The club head and shaft feel like butter...even on some slightly mis-hit shots.
Hit it right and you might just start walking before you look up...knowing by feel you scorched it.

Best driver ever
Review by Abs Smiley - 3/29/2016

The best driver I have ever hit, best distance, feel, and sound. Cobra is definitely becoming one of the best and they have a winner in the F6 line

Easy to Hit Driver
Review by Zagdad - 3/28/2016

Really enjoyed playing the F6 Driver the last few days, easy to hit, good sound and feel, great ball flight, and solid distance. Chose this over the G, M2, and Vapor drivers.

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