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KING F6 Baffler Fairway

The KING F6 Baffler Fairway is our longest & most forgiving adjustable fairway with both rails and adjustable front to back CG to maximize distance through optimized launch and spin.

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The KING F6 Baffler combines all of our available technologies to create an extremely forgiving fairway. The Rails technology improve turf interaction, while front and back weighting lets you dial in your distance.

Rickie Fowler KING wedge


The Baffler Rails technology works by guiding the club through the turf allowing for optimum ball contact. The result is more consistent contact and increased confidence. The rails are designed to resist digging from aggressive swings and steeper attack angles.



Equipped with both front and back weighting adjustments, the KING F6 Baffler fairway provides options for either penetrating ball flight with more roll, or a back CG position for more towering ball flight with greater forgiveness.


The KING F6 Baffler has a compact head shape designed to help you get out of any situation. It's designed to easily glide through the deepest fairways. The ultra compact head shape combined with Rails make this an incredibly versatile fairway wood.


Alternate between a 4 wood and 5 wood utilyzing the MyFly 8 adjustable lofts. Easily adjust loft to fine tune launch conditions to maximize distance. Combine loft adjustments with weighting CG to fine tune trajectory and distance.

Cobra F6 Hybrid

Adjustable Utility Iron

Cobra F6 Irons

Forgiving F6 Fairway



ClubLoft / Trajectory SettingsLengthSwing
Weight (Graphite)
4-5 Baffler FWY 16° / 16.5° / 16.5°D / 17.5° / 17.5°D /
18.5° / 18.5°D / 19°
41.75" D3 147cc X, S, R, Lite RH


Matrix Red Tie 65Q4

ModelFlexWeightKick PointTorqueTip Diameter
KING F6 Fairway / Matrix Red Tie 65Q4 X 71g Mid-Low Mid 0.335
KING F6 Fairway / Matrix Red Tie 65Q4 S 68g Mid-Low Mid 0.335
KING F6 Fairway / Matrix Red Tie 65Q4 R 67g Mid-Low Mid 0.335
KING F6 Fairway / Matrix Red Tie 65Q4 A 66g Mid-Low Mid 0.335


COBRA Lamkin REL 360

COBRA Lamkin REL 360

Customer Reviews 34 item(s)

UnMatched Performance
Review by P triple - 2/21/2018

I usually need for my driver and fairway woods to match or at least look similar at address. I have been playing a Cobra Driver and fairways for a while now.
I just recently went through a fitting and the cobra driver and 3 wood were replaced by something else. HOWEVER, the F6 Baffler fairway wood is NOT going anywhere. There is no other club in the market that plays like this. It gives me more confidence than a hybrid but is easier to hit than a driving iron and a full size fairway wood. I can hit is high, low, draw or fade. I even chip with this thing on bare naked lies. This is MY BABY. They will have to pry this club from my cold dead hands.

Best fairway ever played
Review by Jorge VB - 8/2/2017

I replaced the shaft with a Proforce V2 65S and it's has become the perfect club. It is amazing how reliable and predictable this neautiful head is.
Thank you Cobra people, you always design iconic clubs!

Effortless distance... Great feel!
Review by Andy - 7/17/2017

What can I say... what most of the reviewers here not already said? Not much, except that this club is extremely versatile, easy to hit, great distance and great feel. The rails really works and helps a lot from bad lies. Cobra Is King!

How could you quit making this???
Review by 4 Pars 5 Doubles - 5/10/2017

I can't hit a normal fwy wood at all but absolutely stripe this thing. Hit a green from 200 that was a stupid shot due to bunker and hill in front of green. Seriously carried 195 and actually stopped 10 feet from ball mark. Straightest club I've ever seen. Why not make a 6/7? Love the shorter shaft and smaller head. This is an unbelievable club and can't believe it's not in the 2017 line up. Make a shorter 11 degree driver and bring this thing back!!!!

My money club
Review by JohnnyO - 3/12/2017

Easy to hit and straight. Great distance just a great all around club.

Great Club long & straight
Review by Kelvin - 3/11/2017

Bought it as a long iron replacement 2/3 iron beautiful looking club. Only down side is would like one that covers 20-23 degrees but I'm being picky. So easy to hit gives you loads of confidence on short holes & long par 3's

Niche but nice
Review by Andy - 2/23/2017

Similar to another reviewer I bought this club on looks and reputation (although I had a returns policy with the retailer!) and also having a BioCell fairway and hybrids already. What also attracted me was the rails, something I've always 'fancied' and the slightly shorter shaft than the std 5 met. (Manufacturers make metals and drivers too long for amateurs nowadays). I was struggling with my 16-19 baffler so bought it as a replacment for that essentially. It's not a similar 'pinging' sound to the hybrids so more like the f/ways in being a bit softer in that respect. Although more head than the equiv. hybrid it is still fairly compact and the strike needs to be fairly accurate. With the weight at the front it didn't work for me but at the back it produces a nIce ball flight, not too high. With my 3 metal @13.5 and remaining hybrid set at 20.5 deg this complements perfectly as a 17 deg 4 metal.

This club deserves its own infomercial ...
Review by Metrybill - 1/23/2017

but unlike most it will actually be as good as advertised.

Best all purpose club ever
Review by Metrybill - 1/15/2017

This club is amazingly versatile. Set at 16* and back weighted and it is indeed a bullet. Set it at 19* with fore weight and it is a green stopper.

Super Hot
Review by Robert - 11/21/2016

Been playing this for 4 months now and have been hitting the cover off the ball. Great product as usual, fits nicely with my LTD and Bio Cell+ 3w. Thinking the F7 3w is my next purchase.

Baffler Rails
Review by Doc - 11/8/2016

I just received my Baffler Rail fairway wood and it so far has performed as advertised. I usually use a senior shaft but chose a regular shaft on this club and realize my 70 year old body has to adjust but I adjust pretty fasy and am glad I purchased this club as it replced my cobra 5 wood for now

Baffler of conventional wisdom
Review by BAFFLED - 9/15/2016

It is a confidence builder off the tee or in the rough, but if you hit it from the tee and if you land in the rough you have an alignment problem. I couldn't believe the simulator; so, I bought it and went to the range and the course to find that the simulator was accurate. I give it a AAA rating: Awesome, Awesome, AWESOME!

Just brilliant
Review by Rodders - 8/26/2016

I have a fairly steep swing and with a traditional 5 wood/hybrid I was prone to digging into the turf too much. This club addresses those issue to perfection. First Cobra club I have had in the bag since the 1990's (still have original baffler in the shed!) and will not be the last.

This thing is a rocket launcher!
Review by M0N5T3R 0F ART - 8/25/2016

The Baffler is so easy to get off the deck it's unreal. I've never hit a fairway wood off the deck so consistently ever. Hit the 16* 270! Ball speed and spin are like a driver but again. It's easy. One of my favourite clubs right now!

Baffler F6 4/5 wood
Review by Richo 57 - 8/19/2016

Brought this club to replace one that I was quite comfortable with. It goes with cobra King ltd driver and F6 2/3 and 4/5 hybrids. Love the cobra woods! Can hit this straight and long and repeatable! Just wish they made it in a 3/4 as well would by one tomorrow! Makes me as a mug golfer look good. If I hit a good shot its mostly the club. If it's a bad shot its all me.

Game Changer!!!
Review by Squad - 8/11/2016

once this was added to the bag, 3w and 3 hybrid were taken out. Great from any lie and off the tee... It's almost unfair.

very exciting
Review by brian - 7/25/2016

i hope you extend the fairway range to include a 7 wood and also extend the range to include the hybrids.They were the best hybrids on the market and have been sadly missed

Easy to hit, outstanding distance
Review by Dave H - 7/24/2016

Bought this club to be my fairway club. What a great club! Every bit as easy to hit as my 17 degree Baffler XL hybrid yet more distance than my Fly-Z XL 3 wood. It's the best fairway club ever made. Can't wait to get out and use it again.

Review by DR SLEEVE - 7/21/2016

I play the COBRA FLY Z woods, hybrids and irons. I saw the new Baffler on a GOLF DIGEST discussion of new clubs. I purchased it immediately. It arrived in less than a week and I put it in my bag. On hole #1, I had 185yds, after a good drive. I hit the baffler 12 feet right of the hole. Hole #4, a law-up hole, due to lake out 200 yds. I dropped the ball on the grass and hit it 195 yards, dead center. I drove into a shallow fairway bunker on #8 and hit a shot 205 yds to within 40 yards of the green, a 475 yard par 5. Every swing with the Baffler produced great results. I've played with the adjustable loft settings and and have decided on 17.5D as the one for me. I removed a 5 wood and 2 hybrids from my bag and added a 5th wedge, a COBRA Tour Trusty, 64 degrees. Great job COBRA. You-all make the clubs golfers want and need!

Amazing Club
Review by bennyandthejets - 7/5/2016

Was using a Fly Z 3-4 Wood to get the 16* loft I need. Got the Baffler and hit it at 17.5* hitting it straighter, and higher farther than the Fly Z. Absolutely amazing from any lie, thanks Cobra!

Awesome turf interaction
Review by awm - 7/5/2016

Best fairway wood ever for me!!!...fairway or rough!

Review by Mad Mike - 7/3/2016

Was looking for a 3 wood, then came across this beast of club. As soon as I read the review, watched in on u tube I was hooked, as if it was made for me specifically! Stopped looking, emailed my local pro and managed to snare the last one in NZ. The shorter length gives fantastic control off the tee, off the fairway and even out of rough or divots! Love it, love it and its a great addition to my F6 Driver. Now I am the envy of all my mates who try it, love it but cant get hands on it......

Review by Sco - 7/1/2016

Only have used it at the range but everything of this club feels amazing. Miss hits go straight. On hits fly amazing. Very happy with this club!

Amazing club!
Review by RJohnson - 6/27/2016

I got this to fill the gap between my 3wd and 4 iron, only problem is, its longer than my 3wd! Its great from any lie, nice high ball flight, and is very hot off the face. This will replace my 3wd, its much easier to hit, and more forgiving. Great job Cobra!

great club
Review by Roger - 6/20/2016

I am hitting this club farther and straighter from a variety of lies. Excellent design, at least fifteen yards longer off of all lies.

Amazing club!
Review by BetterThanMost - 6/8/2016

Once again, Cobra has created a superior product. Great distance, feel, and turf interaction - just as advertised! Too bad lefties - don't leave bad reviews because you are upset!

Great club
Review by Carter - 5/27/2016

I bought this without trying because I knew it would be a great club. I was right! Fantastic distance and a breeze to hit out of any lie. Don't hesitate - buy it!

Its a beauty, the best a man can get
Review by Cavity - 5/17/2016

Its a beauty, the best a man can get

Easy to launch club - great looks
Review by Biesik - 5/17/2016

I was able to hit this club at a demo-event. The smaller size of the clubhead lets it sit neatly behind the ball and instantly gives you confidence you will get the ball up in the air easily.
I am very pleased with the high and long ballflight this club produces. Definetely my next fairway wood.

easy to hit and versatile
Review by doc - 5/10/2016

Gets the ball up quickly with significant carry. the shorter than 4 wood shaft makes it easier to make good contact. No problem from a tight fairway lie or even a bunker. Nice compliment in the bag to the King 3-4 hybrid

Absolute Bullet!
Review by Ronnie - 5/5/2016

Just got this club today and took it to the range as soon as it got here. The ball is extremely hot off the face. Feels a little heavy in the head, but the shorter shaft allows you to really get steep on it. 10/10 would buy again!

No Bobby it's not, it's simply a business decision
Review by Practical - 4/22/2016

What's ridiculous is to give something a 1 star review that isn't even out yet just because you're in a minority that not all manufacturers can cater to.

This is a niche product to begin with so it won't move a ton of units and adding LH into that mix? Forget about it it, not economically feasible.

About time for this club.
Review by geek - 4/21/2016

Had a Baffler when they came out years ago. What would be wrong with a 3 wood in this design.

not right
Review by Bobby D - 4/20/2016

in this day and age it is totally ridiculous and actually discriminatory to ONLY offer to right handed players!!!

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