Personalize Your
Speedback Driver

The KING F9 SPEEDBACK drivers feature adjustable center of gravity (CG) and MyFly loft technologies, allowing you to fine-tune trajectory and launch to maximize distance.

F9 Instruction Guide


9° Head 10.5° Head 12° Head
Launch Low-Mid Mid-High High
Trajectory Neutral/Fade Neutral/Draw Neutral/Draw
Swing Speed 90-100+ mph 80-100 mph 60-90 mph

Tune Your
Center of Gravity.

Customize your center of gravity (CG) position using moveable weight technology in the KING F9 SPEEDBACK drivers. Custom weights are available in lightweight (6g), mid-weight (10g, 14g-STOCK) and heavy (18g) tungsten weights to fine-tune trajectory and swing weight.

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F9 Adjustable Weights Driver


  1. To change weight settings, loosen and remove both weights using the wrench provided to you by turning it counterclockwise.
  2. Once both weights are removed, place the 14g weight in your desired setting (front or back) and the remaining 2g weight in the empty port.
  3. Once you have your preferred setting, use the wrench to tighten both weights by turning it clockwise until you hear a single, audible click. DO NOT try to tighten the weights by hand to prevent them from coming loose during your swing.
F9 Driver front back position
F9 Adjustable Weights Wrench


Eight easily adjustable loft settings allow you to manage trajectory, launch and spin. Increasing or decreasing the loft will change trajectory +/- up to 1 degree and will adjust the spin +/- up to 450 rpm, respectively.

F9 MyFly Adjustable Loft

Step 1

To adjust the loft, loosen using the wrench provided to you by inserting it into the screw on the sole.

Step 2

Turn the wrench counterclockwise until the shaft can be pulled far enough from the head to allow it to rotate.

Step 3

Rotate the shaft until your desired loft setting appears in the window on the hosel sleeve.

Step 4

Insert the shaft back into the head and tighten the screw by turning the wrench clockwise until you hear a single, audible click.


MODEL / MYFLY SETTING-1.5°-1.0°-1.0°DSTD°STD°D+1.0°+1.0°D+1.5°
9° MODEL7.5°8.0°D9.0°D10°10.0°D10.5°
10.5° MODEL9.5°9.5°D10.5°10.5°D11.5°11.5°D12°
12° MODEL10.5°11°11.0°D12°12.0°D13°13.0°D13.5°
12.5° (WOMEN'S & JUNIOR'S)11°11.5°11.5°D12.5°12.5°D13.5°13.5°D14°

* "D" = Draw Setting

Quick Tips

* If your ball flight is too low, increase the loft to add spin to promote a higher trajectory and more carry.

* If your ball flight is too high, decrease the loft to reduce spin to promote a lower trajectory with more roll.