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F-MAX Superlite Offset Driver

COBRA’s lightest, most forgiving driver weighs in at 287 grams and delivers unrivaled distance and accuracy for moderate swing speeds. Launch it higher, straighter and longer than ever before.

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Regular Price: $299.00

Special Price $199.00

FMAX Superlite
  • What It Is

    When it comes to maximizing speed, every gram counts. The F-MAX Superlite driver is engineered using lighter clubhead, shaft and grip designs to deliver our lightest overall clubweight of 287g.

  • Who It's For

    The lightweight club design helps golfers with moderate swing speeds and smoother tempos generate effortless club speed with improved feel and stability for longer, more consistent drives.

  • Why we made it

    As golfers age, their swing speed naturally decreases resulting in shorter drives and longer, tougher approach shots. With F-MAX Superlite, we've engineered an extremely lightweight and forgiving driver that is designed to improve feel, speed, and consistency for golfers with moderate swing speeds.

FMAX Offset Driver Grass Laydown

Unimagined Speed
And Forgiveness.

COBRA's lightest weight driver construction consists of a 6 gram lighter clubhead, a 5 gram lighter shaft, and a 7 gram lighter grip that yield 18 grams in weight-saving performance, delivering unrivaled distance, forgiveness and launch for moderate swing speeds.

Lighter (Midsize) Grips

Features a midsize grip that is popular among golfers seeking more comfort, control and consistency. A lighter and softer rubber compound is utilized to improve feel and grip, while saving 7g of weight.


The F-MAX Superlite shaft offers the perfect blend of launch and distance for golfers with moderate swing speeds. A re-engineered profile is 5g lighter and allows for an easier, smoother transition to the ball resulting in more consistent contact.

Forged E9TM Face

A thin, forged Titanium face insert is engineered with E9 Technology, a variable thickness face design that enhances ball speed and distance across a larger SWEET ZONE™.

Clubhead Shape.

An oversized address profile increases forgiveness by reducing twisting on miss-hits for more consistent and more accurate drives.

Oversized Clubhead Shape

More Consistent Drives.

An oversized clubhead shape is engineered 6 grams lighter while maintaining over 5000 MOI. An internal weight pad strategically positions weight low, back and heelward to deliver maximum stability and accuracy on off-center hits.


We tested the King F8 driver in its most forgiving setting (heel weight setting) against the F-MAX Superlite driver and found the offset F-MAX Superlite driver produced 4 more yards of draw.

Crown Alignment Feature

A subtle crown alignment design assists with a square set up at address and provides a visually pleasing detail without it being distracting to the eye.

Offset Hosel Design

The draw biased design of the offset hosel helps deliver a square face at impact to optimize launch and distance, while correcting rightward shot tendencies.

Also Available in
Straight Neck.

Also featured in a straight neck design with no offset to appeal to golfers seeking a traditional set up at address.

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Loft Lie Angle Length Swing Weight Volume Stock Flex RH/LH
9.5º 60.0º 45.50" D0 460cc S, R, Lite RH
10.5º 60.0º 45.50" D0 460cc S, R, Lite RH/LH
11.5º 60.0º 45.50" D0 460cc S, R, Lite RH


COBRA Superlite 45
ModelFlexWeightKick PointLaunchSpinTorqueTip Diameter
COBRA Superlite 45 Stiff 48g Low High High 6.4 0.335
COBRA Superlite 45 Regular 48g Low High High 6.4 0.335
COBRA Superlite 45 Lite 45g Low High High 6.4 0.335


COBRA Lamkin REL Midsize – Black

COBRA Lamkin REL Midsize – Black

Customer Reviews 19 item(s)

Great Driver
Review by Bill - 5/9/2020

Have only had this driver about 2 weeks. Have played about 4 rounds with it so far and it appears to be the best driver I have ever owned. I'm hitting it a little further than my previous Cobra but what impresses me is that I'm hitting it straighter than any driver I have ever owned.

Cobra's Secret Weapon
Review by 1finegolfer - 11/19/2019

I was playing a TaylorMade M-4 D-type driver 12 degrees loft. I purchased this club 11.5 degrees, and based on many reviews and You Tube reviews. I bought one and went to the driving range. First hit went high, long, and dead straight, I thougt Shazammmmm, I was over whelmed by it's performance.

It was longer than my M-4, felt better, and had a awesome feel overall.

This club is awesome. If you want a great driver without having to pay $400.00 to $500.00. Buy this one which is $200.00 cheaper and will out perform any other brand, I am sold on Cobra.

Game changer
Review by Mouldy - 10/20/2019

This i a game changer you loss some yardage but down the middle

Review by MrGuy - 10/1/2019

After purchasing the Cobra F Max 10.5 degree offset driver I have played two rounds 1 14holes (ran out of day light) and 1 9 hole on 2 different courses each about 3000 yds and the results are in. Quick overview about me. I'm 53y male only been playing 1.5 years (late bloomer to sport) I have weekly lessions from beginning to current. My swing speed is about 70mph due to physical limitations and slice my original driver (callaway rogue) 8 out of 10 times. Usually shoot around 100 - 105 for 18 Now the results... I used the driver on every hole except 2 short par 3's. During both rounds, to my delight the ball hit the fairway every time majority where in center and few slight right but very playable. The average distance was about 165 yds. No not the longest hitting driver ive tried but certainly the most consist considering I hit fairway every time. I was able to hit greens in regulation several times, par on multiple and even a birdie on 1 hole and boggie on rest. Summary: 14 hole round I was at 10 over, had I played the remains 4 holes and boggied each I would have ended with a very respectable 86. The 9 hole resulted with 9 over at that rate would be 90 on 18. Overall I slashed 10-14 strokes by staying in the fairway and out of trouble with added o.b. strokes or difficult off fairway shots. Yes I wish I could get more distance with the driver, perhaps in future as im still working on the right ball/club position as bit different with offset and alignment. Certainly a confidence builder, makes a difficult sport more enjoyable and dropped strokes and the price is easy on the pocket... A win ...win in my book. I will keep working on my swing technique, maybe one day I will be able to hit a longer hitting driver but for now I will take the shorter distance for consistant fairways.

Review by MrGuy - 9/22/2019

I have only been play golf for year and half and play twice a week and have a coach from the beginning to today. I'm 53 and yes have slower swing speed and index of 20. I have been trying to hit the callaway rogue driver the entire time with very little success probably 20 memorable good shots the rest always slicing med to hard right usually in the trees or o.b. it got to the point I wouldnt even use it for the last 5-6 months and would use my 5w off tee box. Out of frustration with driver I started researching drivers and today I went and tested the new cobra f max offset 10.5 degree. regular shaft at my local golf shop .... Ball 1 I stood in shock as the ball flew straight and long... Ball 2 the same but this time I gasped out loud. Ball 3 even better. Holly "Sh" flew out of my mouth... The guy next to me chimes in and says that was a amzing ball should put a go pro on it...lololol Hit about 30-40 more balls and every one of them where playable. No OB no in tree popped a few up but strsight and 125 yds all the others around 170's + roll out. With each swing I became more confident ....Guess what happened next.... Yep I traded in the rogue and bought the cobra f max without doubt. Going this afternoon to play 9 with my new friend...cant wait to see the strokes drop. I probably will test the woods and hybrids as I have right fade with my TM M4

Review by RamJet - 8/19/2019

Cobra thank you for the offset 11.5 driver it has save my game.

Review by Glunk - 8/17/2019

replaced my callaway epic for the X max best thing i ever done much more forgiving and just as long. first few rounds lower my score by 5 stokes . iam now going to relace my epic fairways with F Max woods

Great clubs
Review by Scott - 7/9/2019

I own the whole set love all the clubs. I would highly recommend.

F-Max Superlite 2019
Review by Thom - 6/26/2019

I've got 9 rounds in with this new club, and it has exceeded my expectations. I'm hitting the ball with much more accuracy and have added 20-25 yards. I tried the new Ping and Callaway drivers, and the F-Max Superlite is so much more superior. Period.

2019 F Max Superlight Offset Driver
Review by Lankylen - 5/26/2019

I have been using Cobra drivers for the last 20 years, WOW what a amazing club I’ve ever had and would recommend it to anyone. I live in the U.K

Very forgiving
Review by BobA - 5/15/2019

Purchased to replace an older King Cobra S 9.1 and this is a very sweet, forgiving club. I’ve a slower swing and this club sends them long and straight. I’m very pleased.

F8 Superlite Driver
Review by Dano - 4/4/2019

At 72 years of age and an avid lifetime golfer, I can say without hesitation, this is the best driver I have ever hit. The F8 Superlite is everything as advertised!

Great results!
Review by Steve - 3/18/2019

Driver launches high and straight for an 80 mph+ swing speed. Also bought hybrid and fairway woods after playing with the driver.

Great Club
Review by John - 3/2/2019

I tried 3 drivers out.
Callaway EPIC, Cobra King F9 Speedback. And the Cobra F-Max. The Cobra F-Max out performed the other two totally. I hit the ball father and much straighter with the F-Max. definitely the club for me.

f-max super light driver
Review by hambone - 1/18/2019

any guy over sixty should try this driver.great launch angel nice draw & improved distance

The answer
Review by Jim C - 10/24/2018

Very easy club to hit my first swing resulted in a perfect ball flight so I switched from my TM M4 back to Cobra, very happy my new purchase.

Got the driver, best Cobra offset yet.
Review by Robert HD - 10/21/2018

I am a sub-85 MPH swinger in Northern California. I loved the Cobra Max of 2015, not so much the F-Max of 2017 (launched low for this boy). This new Superlite launches high, which I need, and it's longer than my beloved Cobra Max. Very forgiving and with a good feel. Will get fairway woods next.

Got the driver, love it.
Review by Robert HD - 10/12/2018

Just bought the F-Max Superlite driver at Roger Dunn in LA this past week. Launches higher than the 2017 Cobra F-Max, thus giving me a couple more yards. I'll take it! Am looking to get the hybrids next, when I have some dough. Light, forgiving, and really well-designed. For this slower-swing senior, this is the perfect driver. Highly recommended, and glad Cobra is giving this some aggressive marketing. It should be tried out by anyone looking for a new "big stick."

Yep! Great driver.
Review by Pouchboy - 10/11/2018

Launches slightly higher than last yesr’s F-Max, which I love seeing. Perfect for my slower swing speed and it’s very forgiving. Nice design, too. The oversized grip is perhaps not necessary, but really happy with this purchase at Roger Dunn in LA.

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