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F-MAX Superlite Irons

COBRA's lightest, most forgiving irons deliver unrivaled distance, forgiveness and launch for moderate swing speeds.

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Regular Price: $599.00

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FMAX Superlite
  • What It Is

    When it comes to maximizing speed, every gram counts. The F-MAX Superlite irons are engineered using lighter clubhead, shaft and grip designs to deliver our lightest, fastest and easiest to hit irons.

  • Who It's For

    The lightweight club design helps golfers with moderate swing speeds and smoother tempos generate effortless club speed with improved feel and stability for longer, more consistent shots.

  • Why we made it

    As golfers age, their swing speed naturally decreases resulting in shorter distances and inconsistent gapping. With F-MAX Superlite, we've engineered extremely lightweight and forgiving irons that are designed to improve feel, speed, and consistency for golfers with moderate swing speeds.

FMAX Superlite Irons Grass Laydown

Unimagined Speed
And Forgiveness.

COBRA's lightest weight iron construction consists of a 3 gram lighter clubhead, a 5 gram lighter shaft, and a 7 gram lighter grip that yield 15 grams in weight-saving performance, delivering unrivaled distance, forgiveness and launch for moderate swing speeds.

FMAX Superlite Speed and Forgiveness
Lighter (Midsize) Grips

Features a midsize grip that is popular among golfers seeking more comfort, control and consistency. A lighter and softer rubber compound is utilized to improve feel and grip, while saving 7g of weight.


The F-MAX Superlite shaft offers the perfect blend of launch and distance for golfers with moderate swing speeds. A re-engineered profile is 5g lighter and allows for an easier, smoother transition to the ball resulting in more consistent contact.


Progressive hosel lengths strategically position the CG (center of gravity) lower in the long irons and progressively higher in the mid irons and wedges to produce the desired speed, launch and level of forgiveness through the set. Shorter hosels lower CG in the long irons to promote more launch and distance, while taller hosels raise CG in the wedges to promote lower, controlled trajectories.

Optimized Center of Gravity
Offset Design.

A progressive offset design features more offset in the long irons where golfers require the most forgiveness. A higher degree of offset helps deliver a square face at impact for consistent contact, and increased launch. From the long irons to wedges, the degree of offset is gradually reduced to accomodate shorter shots that require more precision and control.

Progressive Offset Design


Weight savings from a deeper undercut cavity are redistributed in the low heel and toe area to increase forgiveness and stability for straighter, more accurate approach shots.

Low CG and High MOI


The F-MAX Superlite irons bridge the gap between the aspiring golfer and the serious player that is looking to get the most performance out of their equipment.


A low profile shape paired with a deep undercut cavity design work in unison to lower CG to get the ball airborne quicker and optimize launch and distance.


For golfers with moderate swing speeds, having proper lofted irons is critical to optimizing launch, spin and distance. Greater lofts maximize flight time and shot height, resulting in more distance, and improved stopping power into greens.


Lack of club speed creates distance overlap in the longer irons. Greater lofts with 3 degree gaps and lower CG's in the mid to long irons improve shot height and carry distance to create the proper distance gapping in between clubs.

Perfect Gapping

Premium chrome plated irons last longer under normal use, allowing golfers to get the most life and enjoyment out of their clubs.


A specialty wedge design in the GW and SW features heel, toe, and trailing edge relief that provides added versatility and shot control around the greens.

Also Available in
Combo Set.

COBRA's lightest weight iron and hybrid construction and designs deliver unrivaled distance, forgiveness and launch for moderate swing speeds.


  • Steel: (Stiff, Reg): 5-PW, GW


Model Loft Lie Offset
(Graphite & Steel)
Weight (Graphite)
Weight (Steel)
Stock Flex
Stock Flex
4 Iron 22.0° 62.5° 6.8 39.25" C8 D0 S, R, Lite S, R RH/LH
5 Iron 25.0° 62.5° 5.5 38.50" C8 D0 S, R, Lite S, R RH/LH
6 Iron 28.0° 62.5° 4.5 37.75" C8 D0 S, R, Lite S, R RH/LH
7 Iron 31.5° 62.5° 3.6 37.25" C8 D0 S, R, Lite S, R RH/LH
8 Iron 35.5° 63.0° 2.8 36.75" C8 D0 S, R, Lite S, R RH/LH
9 Iron 40.0° 63.5° 2.2 36.25" C8 D0 S, R, Lite S, R RH/LH
PW 45.0° 64.0° 1.6 36.00" C8 D0 S, R, Lite S, R RH/LH
GW 50.0° 64.0° 1.0 35.75" C8 D0 S, R, Lite S, R RH/LH
SW 55.0° 64.0° 1.0 35.50" C8 D0 S, R, Lite S, R RH/LH


COBRA Superlite 55 / 50
ModelFlexWeightKick PointLaunchSpinTorqueTip Diameter
COBRA Superlite 55 Stiff 53g Low High High 5.3 0.370
COBRA Superlite 55 Regular 53g Low High High 5.3 0.370
COBRA Superlite 50 Lite 51g Low High High 5.3 0.370

KBS Superlite
ModelFlexWeightKick PointLaunchSpinTorqueTip Diameter
KBS Superlite Stiff 86g Low High High 6.4 0.370
KBS Superlite Regular 85g Low High High 6.4 0.370


COBRA Lamkin REL Midsize – Black

COBRA Lamkin REL Midsize – Black

Customer Reviews 14 item(s)

FMax Clubs
Review by Rick - 11/5/2019

I bought the entire bag of FMax clubs, driver, woods, hybrids, irons, and putter. After shoulder I bought them to try and get my game back and help my shoulder by getting A flex. These clubs are awesome. Recommend them to anyone looking to get more distance as we age (I am 71) and hit the ball straighter. Higly recommend these clubs.

Hitting high again
Review by EFF - 10/5/2019

I bought these hoping they would perform as advertised. They performed better. I was playing Mizuno jpx900 hot metals. Senior shafts. All parts of the game are better with the cobra f max.

Adios Callaway
Review by Jim - 9/16/2019

I received a set of Cobra F-Max Superlite Irons as a service award from my employer. These are longer, straighter, & more forgiving than the Callaway BB OS that I had been playing. Adios Callaway.

Review by RamJet - 8/20/2019

I am 77 and I have made a big change.

I have played Wilson Staff, Mizuno, Ping G410, and now The Cobra F max SuperLite, for me the F Max is just Awsome the iron set swings and feels so good round after round I am happy I have made this change.

Long Time Ping User Switched!
Review by GReedTX - 8/7/2019

I am a loyal Ping user and have been for 20 plus years. I haven't been playing well so I looked to find something that appealed to me. The guy shows me these irons. The first time I looked at it I was impressed. Then we get into the bay with the GC 2 machine. I was getting the ball in the air, the look was appealing, and they felt great! I shot a 76 Sunday best round in over 2 months. And in the day of $ 1,200 iron sets this is a very good value for the money! So I may put a dent in the golf store because I'm not in the market for any irons in the near future! These are a winner!

F Max Irons - Solid
Review by Roger - 8/7/2019

Was struggling with my 7 year old irons and decided it was time for a change. Went in and purchased Titliest AP1's. Used these for about 30 days and just didn't find anything special and returned them. After a couple hours of testing different clubs, the salesperson brought these out for me to try. Immediate comfort with the club and super solid contact. From the lightness of the club, the ball flight height, and the distance added up to the club I was searching for. It is now 30 days of use and I can tell you that my accuracy has improved immensely and my scores are showing it. The joy of hitting a shot at the pin knowing that the height is going to give you stopping power combined with some spin is unbelievable. While a little worried going from Titliests to Cobra, I'd do it again in a heartbeat (needless to say the $400 savings helps to). Solid club regardless of your age!

Long time Loyal Ping User switched!
Review by GReedTX - 8/3/2019

I’m just not playing to my potential. I have been playing Pings for 20+ years. But not striking my irons well. Go in the store and guy tells me about these. I liked what I saw but didn’t pull the trigger. Hit my irons so so today but still frustrated so went by the store today. Put me on GC2 and I hit about 10 shots with the 7 iron and the results are awesome! Look great, feel great, so the Pings are on the used rack and the F Max irons are in my bag! Can’t wait until tomorrow.

Review by Buff - 7/23/2019

Handicap down from 17.4 to 15.8 after a bit of practice and 4 medals

Replaced My Pings with F-Max Speedlites
Review by Mr Sarasota - 6/2/2019

For decades, I’ve played custom Ping irons and woods, but as I get older, my swing speed is slowing and I hate losing distance. I researched and demo'd new Pings and other clubs, then made the decision to switch to F-Max Superlite irons and driver. I kept my Pings, just in case. After about ten rounds with the Speedlites I put my Pings up for sale. The Cobras feel great in my hands, hits sound solid, and they play long and straight. My swing speed pace has picked up as I learn these new clubs, and I’m expecting more improvement. I should add that I am a tall man and It was easy to customize the Speedlites to my size. Bottom line, I’m very glad I made the switch so I definitely think that the Speedlite line should be considered when you are looking to pick up swing speed or just looking for an easy to swing, easy to hit straight set of clubs.

Best Clubs for 80 years plus players
Review by Mike - 3/19/2019

At our age time takes control of our swing and speed. Frustrated I went along to my local golf shop and purchased a set of F Max Superlite irons with a light shaft. Boy was I impressed. So much so I have purchased the necessary woods and hybrids to have a full set. Not only is my distance back to what it was five years ago, but I am starting to play better than my handicap. It is a real pleasure to go to the golf course and play good golf again. Thank you Cobra for bringing the enjoyment back to my game.

Review by Tony - 2/28/2019

Had some older Baffler irons from Cobra. Switched to these and I'm hitting balls higher and farther than before. So much easier to hit than my Bafflers.

Best clubs yet
Review by Mick - 2/19/2019

I bought a full set of irons, hybrids and woods cobra f max super lite. Best clubs I have owned. Picked up an average of 10km in average speed with the irons. Hitting the irons like 5 years ago. Woods and hybrids are coming along fine. Great investment.

Great set for seniors!
Review by Ron - West Palm Beach, Florida - 2/17/2019

Thanks Cobra ... Just turned 69 years old and loosing yardage off the tee and in the fairways.I switched to the F- Max superlite driver, 3 wood and 5 wood.
I gained the yardage back that I lost and gained additional yardage. I was so impressed with the results that I went out and purchased the irons also. It's a joy playing golf again.

Saved my swing
Review by Lee - 10/21/2018

Please Cobra don’t under value this club. I am 49 years old and have been playing golf for thirty years. I am now a 15 handicap and have played player type irons most of my life. I have played ping S56s for about 9 years with KBS tour stiff shafts. My game has diminished over the past 5 years due to back issues. I couldn’t generate enough club head speed for my irons to produce a decent golf shot and my distance has been diminishing. I bought the F-Max 7 iron in my specs and have been testing on the range for several days. I have picked up 12 yards with this 7 iron and am now hitting this club 170 yards like I did in my thirties. I have the stock lightweight stiff shaft and it is so much lighter and easier to swing. I feel like a new man. Thanks cobra for making these irons and I will be ordering the rest of the set soon. These irons are not just for beginners or older golfers. They are for a wide range of golfers who want to gain distance in a well made lightweight club. Awesome job Cobra.



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