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F-MAX Superlite Hybrid

COBRA's lightest, most forgiving hybrid delivers unrivaled distance and accuracy for moderate swing speeds. Launch it higher, straighter and longer than ever before.

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Regular Price: $179.00

Special Price $149.00

FMAX Superlite
  • What It Is

    When it comes to maximizing speed, every gram counts. The F-MAX Superlite hybrid is engineered using lighter clubhead, shaft and grip designs to deliver our lightest overall hybrid club weight.

  • Who It's For

    The lightweight club design helps golfers with moderate swing speeds and smoother tempos generate effortless club speed with improved feel and stability for longer, more consistent shots.

  • Why we made it

    As golfers age, their swing speed naturally decreases resulting in shorter distance and tougher approach shots. With F-MAX Superlite, we've engineered an extremely lightweight and forgiving hybrid that is designed to improve feel, speed, and consistency for golfers with moderate swing speeds.

FMAX Superlite Hybrid Grass Laydown

Unimagined Speed
And Forgiveness.

COBRA's lightest weight hybrid construction consists of a 7 gram lighter clubhead, a 5 gram lighter shaft, and a 7 gram lighter grip that yield 19 grams in weight-saving performance, delivering unrivaled distance, forgiveness and launch for moderate swing speeds.

FMAX Superlite Speed and Forgiveness
Lighter (Midsize) Grips

Features a midsize grip that is popular among golfers seeking more comfort, control and consistency. A lighter and softer rubber compound is utilized to improve feel and grip, while saving 7g of weight.


The F-MAX Superlite shaft offers the perfect blend of launch and distance for golfers with moderate swing speeds. A re-engineered profile is 5g lighter and allows for an easier, smoother transition to the ball resulting in more consistent contact.


A forged high-strength stainless steel face insert increases ball speed and launch to maximize distance.


A shallow face profile positions the CG lower to the ground and promotes more dynamic launch for higher, towering trajectories and increased flight time.


More Consistent Shots.

An ultra-forgiving construction features an internal weight pad that strategically positions weight low, back and heelward delivering straighter and higher launching trajectories.

Straighter More Consistent Shots
Crown Alignment Feature

A subtle crown alignment design assists with a square set up at address and provides a visually pleasing detail without it being distracting to the eye.


The draw biased design of the offset hosel helps deliver a square face at impact to optimize launch and distance, while correcting rightward shot tendencies.


Model Loft Lie Angle Length Swing
3H 19.0° 59.0° 40.50" C8 S, R, Lite RH/LH
4H 22.0° 59.5° 39.75" C8 S, R, Lite RH/LH
5H 25.0° 60.0° 39.00" C8 S, R, Lite RH/LH
6H 28.0° 60.5° 38.50" C8 S, R, Lite RH/LH
7H 31.0° 61.0° 38.00" C8 S, R, Lite RH


COBRA Superlite 55 / 50
ModelFlexWeightKick PointLaunchSpinTorqueTip Diameter
COBRA Superlite 55 Stiff 53g Low High High 5.3 0.370
COBRA Superlite 55 Regular 53g Low High High 5.3 0.370
COBRA Superlite 50 Lite 51g Low High High 5.3 0.370


COBRA Lamkin REL Midsize – Black

COBRA Lamkin REL Midsize – Black

Customer Reviews 11 item(s)

Make an 8 & 9
Review by Bogie Jim - 4/30/2020

I have 4 thru 7, what an improvement in my iron or hybrid game. If there was an 8 and 9 I would buy them.

4H and 5H review
Review by Brian - 9/13/2019

These are much more forgiving to hit then irons. Ordering a 3H to replace my metal woods. It’s about hitting it in the short grass. These help with consistency.

Hybrid review
Review by Ken - 9/12/2019

Great hybrids. Would like to see an 8 hybrid option like some others

Review by RamJet - 8/19/2019

The F Max hybrids are just remarkable I am 77 years old and playing too a 14.3 handicap I find the 4,5,6, hyybrids meet all my expections.

Help has arrived!
Review by Baz - 8/9/2019

F-Max has made a huge difference to my game, H3 & H5 are my ‘go to clubs’ for virtually all my fairway shots, great height, distance & control,

Review by Badbilly429 - 8/4/2019

Tried all the new hybrids for 2019 came down to these and the M6. These feel much more solid and launch higher than the M6. The M6 I consistently hit. 1 yard further due to lower trajectory. The Cobra has that super flush sounding thwack when you hit them as where the m6 feels like you are always hitting it thin.

Love them
Review by Anton - 6/25/2019

I always have hit my hybrids straight and accurate. First day out with the superlites I didn’t miss hit one hybrid shot and think I even gained some distance! Thinking of buying the driver and the irons now!

Consistently easy to hit.
Review by Wayne - 2/22/2019

F-Max is a real advantage for the slower swing speed of a senior. Easy to hit and get balls airborne without effort. The less you force your swing the better the result.

Pretty Good
Review by Charles - 1/13/2019

The hybrids are easier to hit, fly higher, and straighter. That is very good. However, I did not notice any improvement in distance.

F-Max Superlite, Super Results!
Review by Wayne M. - 12/21/2018

F-Max has been a real help from any lie on the course. Easy to hit from the raugh with great results. I’m a senior golfer and would recommend this hybrid.

Older man's opinion of Cobra Products
Review by BAKE-1 - 12/5/2018

Played the original King Cobra woods and irons back when Greg Norman was 'the man', switched to Callaway for a while and have come back to these new Cobra clubs - really a great club for older guys (72) that are losing swing speed.

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