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F-MAX ONE Length Irons

The F-MAX ONE Length Irons are our lightest, most forgiving irons in the ONE Length family engineered specifically for golfers with moderate swing speeds. A ONE Length design promotes more simplicity while lighter shafts and swing weights assist with speed creation to add more consistency to your iron game.

F-MAX ONE Length Irons

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Engineered for moderate swing speeds featuring ultralight construction to help you play your best.


Larger, midsize grips improve comfort and consistency with every swing.


Lighter shaft weights help golfers with moderate swing speeds generate more clubhead speed with less effort for maximum distance.


Lighter swing weights improve comfort during the swing to help moderate swingers see improvements in launch and speed.


Proper setup includes foot positioning, spine angle and ball position, and many other variables. These variables change as you switch between longer and shorter length clubs, causing more room for error. With one setup and one swing you can simplify the entire process. Every player has their favorite club and for many, it's a 7-iron. With COBRA's ONE Length irons, you will find new confidence in your game, allowing you to play any iron in the bag as if it were your trusty 7-iron.



A lower profile clubhead design moves the CG (Center of Gravity) lower and further back for improved launch, while a deeper undercut creates more face flex for maximum ball speed on off-center hits.


A thinner, 17-4 stainless steel is used in the long irons (4-7) for improved speed and distance, while a softer, 431 stainless steel is used in the short irons (8-SW) for ultra-soft feel and precision.


Nickel chrome plated irons deliver improved aesthetics and durability for a premium look that lasts longer.



Weight is strategically positioned back and heelward to promote straighter, more forgiving ball flights.


An offset hosel design creates higher launch with draw bias for straighter, more accurate approach shots.


Weaker iron lofts benefit golfers with moderate swing speeds by promoting easier launch for maximum carry distance.


  • Graphite: (Stiff, Reg, Lite): 6-PW


Model Loft Lie Length
Weight (Graphite)
Stock Flex
4 Iron 22.0° 62.5° 37.25" C7 S, R, Lite RH/LH
5 Iron 25.0° 62.5° 37.25" C7 S, R, Lite RH/LH
6 Iron 28.0° 62.5° 37.25" C7 S, R, Lite RH/LH
7 Iron 31.5° 62.5° 37.25" C7 S, R, Lite RH/LH
8 Iron 35.5° 62.5° 37.25" C7 S, R, Lite RH/LH
9 Iron 40.0° 62.5° 37.25" C7 S, R, Lite RH/LH
PW 45.0° 62.5° 37.25" C7 S, R, Lite RH/LH
GW 50.0° 62.5° 37.25" C7 S, R, Lite RH/LH
SW 55.0° 62.5° 37.25" C7 S, R, Lite RH/LH


F-MAX / COBRA SuperLite
ModelFlexWeightKick PointTorqueTip Diameter
F-MAX ONE / COBRA SuperLite Regular 52g Low-Mid Mid-High 0.370
F-MAX ONE / COBRA SuperLite Lite 49g Low-Mid Mid-High 0.370


F-MAX ONE Lamkin REL Mid Size

F-MAX ONE Lamkin REL Mid Size

Customer Reviews 31 item(s)

Review by G R - 1/4/2020

half the battle is in your head.. so they say. These cobra one length are the ticket for old guys like me(68) Seem to jump off the club face.. try em you'll like em too..

Great Clubs !
Review by JD - 9/19/2019

The best clubs I have played !

Great irons
Review by Mgm - 7/14/2019

Just purchased the f max one. Normally I'm a 6 to 9 over per nine. Played a course in northern mi. Shot a 41 and 43. Gave my Taylor made firesoles to my golf buddy, love these f max ones. Long and straight for me. I just turned 62 with bad knees.

Great Clubs !
Review by Little John - 5/29/2019

Excellent feel ! I have gained about 10 yds. per club with F- Max's one Length irons. Great Clubs !

Different but Really Cool
Review by herkyboy - 4/26/2019

Bought these when I wanted to change the A shafts and was infatuated by the One Length concept. Only had them a few weeks, but so far I am very pleased. Solid feel and at least as long as my AP1s. Need to do more work with the Pitching Wedge given how much longer it is than a regular PW, but I really like these irons.

My best clubs yet
Review by Skiprmike - 4/4/2019

I've tried most all the same lenght irons out there and I'm very happy with my F-Max's. I had the F-9's before and I lost some clubhead speed due to knee issues so I went to the Max's and got all my distance back but also my accuracy improved a lot. I'm 67 and my handicap is 15 and I'm looking forward to a new forged version of these great clubs. I think your making a mistake by not putting more research and backing behind these clubs. They were kind of skipped over last year and I might have bought a new set. I would definately buy a forged set if they are light. Thanks for taking a chance on Dechambeau he's quite a phenom. I've been using single lenght for years before Dechambeau was around so it's nice to be able to say I told you so to my buddies that were skeptical.

Max single length irons
Review by Stoner - 3/11/2019

Excellent feel!

one on one length
Review by fleetwood - 2/9/2019

having played for many years I now know that I will not be playing in any majors but these clubs have made a major improvement to my game and enjoyment has returned so I'm looking forward to 2019 thanks to the cobra F-Max single length. now i'm looking for a 4 and 3 iron to match

Cobra one length
Review by DennisC - 2/6/2019

Bought a set of these last summer and can not believe how easy they are to hit

Needs better marketing from Cobra
Review by Scott L - 2/1/2019

I have tested/played with almost all of the Cobra one length models since they first came out a couple of years ago, & for the typical amateur golfer with slower to mid swing speeds, the F-Max One irons are undoubtedly the best fit. The F7/8/9 series suffers from ‘jacked’ lofts, leaving gaps that are too big in the short irons/wedges & too tight (or almost non-existent) in the long irons. The Forged One irons lofts are better, but too unforgiving & meant for higher swing speed players. The F-Max One is ‘just right’, with lofts similar to the forged set, & the kind of perimeter & low/back weighting & stock shaft flight profile that the typical golfer needs. Turned off by super game improvement styling? Just consider that Annika Soremstam directionally similar used super game improvement irons several years back when she carded her 59. The only reason I don’t give these 5 stars is the absence of a definitive option to normalize the swing weight a little yet maintain the flight profile offered by the stock shafts. But got used to the lighter stock shafts without too much difficulty.

I Can Play Now!!!
Review by kbryant1414 - 10/8/2018

Lol... not a miracle worker. No club will fix a bad swing BUT having one set up, swing and feel for most of my clubs has made me a more confident player and has started to help me shave my score down. I’m a double bogey player working to be a single bogey player. :)

Back after 30 years
Review by Lang - 10/6/2018

Loved my Cobra Tour Model blades when I stopped playing 30 years ago. That much time away means I am not the 4 marker now that I was then. The extra miles on the body also changed how I can go about hitting a ball. The golfing bug bit me again and I decided to replace the tour model blades so I bought a second hand set of F Max one length irons 4-GW. One word....wow! Literally from swing one the ball took off high and straight. It's almost like the 30 years was only 30 days. These irons are incredibly easy to hit. Something out of this world. Now to get the driving and putting in order. :-)

Review by Lynnj - 8/24/2018

Having owned every major manufacturer irons I thought I would try these one length Irons.
I know I have been trying to buy a good game but it wasn’t working.
These one length irons have transformed my game. My short irons go really high and a good consistent distance. Certainly half a club farther than the standard length irons I owned previously; and this is with weaker lofts in the FMax Irons.
I move to Hybrids at 6 iron and use the standard FMax hybrids. So a combo set that works great for gapping.
I certainly will not be changing my one length irons anytime soon.

Review by MVEGA - 8/13/2018

I am so happy I put off buying a different set. I've only been playing for about 4 months and absolutely love golfing. My swing with my 7i and 9i are great the rest I still had trouble. Once I Tried out the demos for these clubs I fell in LOVE I could not believe how I was hitting the ball with each club. I Even tried out the Previous various the F7 a 5i, and mind you this is a hard club to hit. I hit it on point. I am extremely I bought these clubs. Just made another purchase for the hybrids. Sold clubs. Keep up the amazing work and ever evolving technology.

Cobra guy since 2005
Review by Chucknill - 7/18/2018

Been playing all Cobra equipment since 2005, everything in the bag, including the bag is Cobra F7 woods, and the new F8 MAX one length irons (3Hyb thru Gap Wedge) Love them!! Higher, fewer mishits because of the single length and uniform set up, little distance loss, that may just be my 71 years catching up to me. Heel hits come out super, Playing the most consistent golf of my life. Get a PGA professional to fit you right and these clubs can make a difference.

So far so good
Review by Mike - 7/17/2018

Senior (72) 9 index. 5 rounds with the one length clubs, 5-GW senior shafts.

9-GW easy to hit. High ball fligh, longer than conventional clubs

7-8 irons not much different. High trajectory

5-6 Irons getting good distance (175 yds 5 iron) but lower trajectory. Totally different look.

Overall A-, very satisfied with FMax

One length irons
Review by Jim - 7/16/2018

The one length irons I recently purchased have proved to me that this idea has been well conceived. The Cobra F8 irons are such a good looking set and it’s value is apparent in it’s workmanship. Now, when you actually hit these clubs, the strike is solid with super distance. The accuracy is there depending on who is swinging the club. All I can say is, WOW!!!

Incredible, Game Changing Irons!
Review by KingsM87 - 7/3/2018

I'd been looking for new clubs a while, my last set were over 15 years old!
So I tested a few different brands and had some good results, but nothing stood out. One thing was for sure though I've always hit my 7 Iron well. Then having watched a YouTube video about Bryson DeChambeau and his clubs I got to researching and took the plunge without even testing the F Max One Length Irons. I ordered the 5-PW set and once delivered I went straight to the range, pulled the 5 iron out, put the ball down and hit it further, straighter, higher and easier than I have ever before from my first ball right through the basket of 100 balls and right through the bag from 5-PW.
I'll be ordering the 4 iron and One Length Hybrid to complete my bag along with the F Max 11.5 Driver I bought which is the easiest Driver I've ever hit too!
These clubs have changed not only my game but my love for the game! Thank you Cobra and well done!

Great Product
Review by Paul - 5/16/2018

Because I tend to stand taller when swinging, allowing me to customize lie and loft was perfect. I no longer dig the toe in when swinging and the ball goes much straighter. Will be ordering additional clubs to fill out set.

One length,one result - straight
Review by Hardlystraight - 4/18/2018

I have been playing this game for 20+ years. I have tried every driver , fairway,hybrid and irons out there. I was intrigued to see the F max range and in particular the one length irons . Wow, wow,wow. I have never launched the ball high enough or straight enough as I do with these. So easy to hit and straight too. Fantastic feel. Play with so many golfers using the wrong irons for their ability. These have transformed my iron play. The F Max offset driver has turned my slight fade to a subtle draw. The same with 5 wood and 4 hybrid. I play off 10 hcp so expect that to tumble by the end of this season. I agree with one reviewer, you have try these to believe them !

I'm so glad I chose one-length irons.
Review by Matt - 4/12/2018

It has been 20 years since I last regularly played golf so I'm essentially a new player at this point. I heard about the advantages of single length clubs, did a lot of research and decided that because I'm starting over in the game going with a single length set of irons will let me work on just one swing. One stance, one setup, one swing. And already I can feel and see the difference. I do not find myself trying to remember all the nuances you deal with on standard irons. This is letting me focus on that one really good swing. I'm glad Cobra Golf made these.

Review by Jimmy - 4/8/2018

Cobra has stripe one down the fairway! These irons are amazing. They have such a soft feel and great sound at impact when you hit the ball. When I bought these clubs I tried every single iron set that you can think of. It was the F-Max irons that by far gave the best feel while maintaining the same distance when compared to the competitors. The irons are light and very forgiving which makes the irons great to swing. I love the one length concept as well. So much easier to be consistency. It really is one setup one swing. After going to one length and a couple driving range sessions there is no way I will ever go back to the tradition set. Thanks Cobra and Bryson for changing golf form the better.

Perfect for my “Single Plain” Swing.
Review by Dexter - 4/1/2018

Great feel, good distance and surprisingly good looking at set up. I’ve hit em all & these clubs might just be the best. I love the feel & accuracy of the pitch & gap wedges. I’ll up date you after the summer, completes my first year of using these clubs.

F Max One Length
Review by littlelefty - 3/30/2018

Bought these 3/24 and immediately sold my AP3s to a buddy. A lot of companies claim their irons are easy to hit but these deliver! I have 5-GW and will soon buy the 4 iron. The One Length is wonderful!

Review by Geert - 3/15/2018

Easy and super

irons I can hit correctly
Review by retldo - 2/21/2018

5 months ago I purchased these clubs took a while to get use to the one length but now I am using all irons and no hybrids. Love the feel and swing of the clubs and they all are the same swing!!

One length just works
Review by Mike - 2/19/2018

I have a slow swing speed and had pretty much given up on longer irons. I bought the 5 and 6 F- Max one length more as an experiment. Hadn't hit a ball in 3 weeks, super wet, really windy, cold. Pulled out the F-Max 5 iron instead of the hybrid I'd normally hit for a second shot. I was so impressed. The ball just jumps off the face, nice penetrating but HIGH launch. I hit that 5 iron almost as long as my 4 hybrid but with more control. Even my regular playing partner noticed a difference in my shots (and he's a one length convert as well). Needless to say... I'm buying the 7, 8, 9, and PW and ditching the Callaway XRs. You have to put your work in (no piece of equipment fixes bad habits), but I really feel like one-length can help with consistency. I'm a convert.

First time WOW
Review by TLV - 11/18/2017

6 iron jumped off club face and had height and carry nice set up feel from 6 thru wedge

Easy to hit. Feel great
Review by Chas - 10/27/2017

Just got my set of fmax one length irons and they are amazing. They work as advertised and are so easy to hit. The get the ball in the air effortlessly and my carry distance has improved. They also feel great as well which us a bonus.

Review by BadBack - 9/7/2017

I moved from W one lengths, to the original Cobra One lengths, and was very happy.

When I saw these I went custom and was able to add an inch length and went with jumbo grips.

Better for the back, about 2/3 club longer, gaps are fine, and the feel is amazing. I cannot describe how happy am with them. I'm not a ball worker. Forgiveness, distance, and feel are what I'm about, and the Cobra engineers are all over it!

Review by anthony oh - 8/24/2017

value creative

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