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F-MAX Offset Driver

The F-MAX Offset Driver is our lightest, most forgiving driver engineered specifically for golfers with moderate swing speeds who require maximum draw bias. Back, heel weighting and an offset hosel promotes straighter and higher launching drives.

F-MAX Metal Woods

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Regular Price: $299.00

Special Price $199.00

The F-MAX Driver

more oomph
for your mph.


Engineered for moderate swing speeds featuring ultralight construction to help you play your best.


Larger, midsize grips improve comfort and consistency with every swing.


Lighter shaft weights help golfers with moderate swing speeds generate more clubhead speed with less effort for maximum distance.


Lighter swing weights improve comfort during the swing to help moderate swingers see improvements in launch and speed.


The F-MAX Driver features a forged Titanium 6-4 face, delivering improved ball speeds on off-center hits.


Technologies designed for easy up launch and straighter ball flights.


A fixed, back weight positioned near the heel promotes straighter, more forgiving ball flights.


Available in an offset hosel design with maximum draw bias or a non-offset, straight neck hosel with minimal draw bias to allow golfers to choose their level of forgiveness.


A visually appealing crown alignment detail makes it easy to align the clubhead at address for straighter trajectories down the target line.


Loft Length Swing Weight Volume Stock Flex RH/LH
9.5º 45.50" D3 460cc S, R, Lite RH
10.5º 45.50" D1 460cc S, R, Lite RH/LH
11.5º 45.50" D0 460cc S, R, Lite RH


F-MAX / COBRA SuperLite
ModelFlexWeightKick PointTorqueTip Diameter
F-MAX / COBRA SuperLite Stiff 55g Low-Mid Mid-High 0.335
F-MAX / COBRA SuperLite Regular 53g Low-Mid Mid-High 0.335
F-MAX / COBRA SuperLite Lite 49g Low-Mid Mid-High 0.335


F-MAX Lamkin REL Mid Size

F-MAX Lamkin REL Mid Size

Customer Reviews 34 item(s)

Slice? What slice!
Review by Heston - 2/4/2020

Ummed and arrr’d then eventually pulled the trigger on this club.
After my constant battle with a right push/slice and aiming left on every drive - this club made an immediate positive difference in my ability to put it in the middle of the fairway... or to be precise where I aimed!
My 18 handicap was creeping in to the low 20’s due to poor tee positions from the right side. However, now I cannot wait for the new season with central drives and attempts to lower the handicap towards 12.
11.5 f-max offset driver lite flex; super easy to hit & worth every penny.
Happy days!

Fmax cobra
Review by Mouldy - 10/11/2019

Game changer after struggling for years with a fade iam now back in the game

Slice Killer
Review by KC - 9/2/2019

Went in to a pro about either changing shaft or adjusting my current driver. Ive been fighting a score killing slice ( ex ball player). The pro asked if I would be willing to swing another club for comparison? But he said don't look at it or the shaft just hit it and pow dead straight 250 carry. I do this 5 more times he then he hands me my driver and said hit it and there was the slice monster. He handed me the test driver back and said hit it again. And again pow 240 up the middle. Now he tells me what it is ,a super light off set Cobra.
I was shocked even further with the price.
Purchased it and went straight out for a round. Knocked 4 strokes off my current average by just being in the fairway and not in jail , ob, or a penalty.
If you need to kill a slice, seriously look at this club. I'm glad I purchased it.

Great Driver!
Review by Mike - 6/28/2019

I have owned a total of 4 Cobra offset drivers and the F-Max is 30+ yards longer than any of the previous 3 and i believe straighter. I don't care for stock shafts so i had a Matrix White Tie installed in this driver and i believe my Driver search is over. I've noticed there is less sidespin on the ball compared to the other offset drivers.

Nice Driver
Review by CS - 6/1/2019

Most expensive club in my bag but worth it. I am now able to drive like i should. For now about +260 on a good day with roll. For me, that is great but I (of course) cannot do that all the time. The club is very forgiving and has almost completely removed my slice. Love the offset and am considering the fairway version but a little on the $$$ side....Great club. Love teeing off now with more confidence

Went from slight fade to slight draw
Review by TomTennessee - 5/24/2019

I was playing with an old Calloway Big Bertha my father gave me years ago when he gave up golf over an ailing shoulder. I was sentimental about that driver, but hitting only 200-210 yards with a consistent (sometimes annoying) fade. I bought the Cobra 10.5 degree driver, and I’m now hitting 220-230 yards consistently and splitting the fairways. I love the trajectory when this 10.5 degree driver launches a drive....it climbs. I’m 63 years old and resigned to the fact that 260 yard drives will always be a thing of the past, but a consistent 220 keeps me in every hole. The cobra is definitely a great senior golf driver.

My favorite club
Review by Mikeb - 4/29/2019

Love this club, I hit the previous version for many years, the new version is even better

Consistently Straight
Review by Stevie G - 4/16/2019

After reading earlier reviews, I decided to purchase 10.5 F - Max Driver. I usually play the Ping G400. Yes I can occasionally hit 270, but more often than not just over 200. The F - Max is easy to hit. First drive was 225 in the center of the fairway. Tempted to get the 9.5, but why mess with consistent distance.

Great Driver
Review by Woodro - 3/24/2019

I had a Nike Vapor that hooked, Callaway XR that sliced...4 years of misery. Read the reviews and bought this off the rack. No stiff shaft available, so I went with a 9.5 reg. 1 round so far and I wowed the other players in the group. Mostly dead straight and long, but hit a draw or fade on command. I am a single digit handicapper, so this driver can be enjoyed by all.

Great Driver
Review by Gav - 1/20/2019

Have played 3 Rounds with driver missed only 3 fairways good distance
As L/H player it has taken left side of course out of play off tee slight draw or straight Longer than my Ping .Have dropped 2 shots off handicap by not getting in to trouble off tee

Straight but short no distance
Review by Whiz - 1/2/2019

Love the straightness hate short distance any help would be great 160 isn’t cutting it I have 10.5 lite i’m 66 years old

da bomb
Review by Hawaii boy - 10/26/2018

Fellow golfers..I've been struggling many years with my slicing and dicing lol jk...got this Cobra F Max os driver from local GC cobra demo day last month....went with senior flex (over60) and better control.....game has become fun again ;-) don't hesitate go get one and have fun again :-}

Much more drive..
Review by Mr. Proimnot - 10/25/2018

1st year golfer.. When all the mechanics are right I can tell because the ball jumps off the tee and actually lands in the fairway. I have
a long way to go but this driver HELPS..

Great addition to my bag
Review by Tim - 10/19/2018

I am a 5 handicap at 70 years old, my old driver served me we'll but his summer I noticed my misses were fades or slices, I was working too hard to keep it in the short grass.I had my swing speed check at a local golf store ,88 mph. I tried your F Max superlite 9.5 degree and bang, straight drives about 240 yds. I even tried one off the deck on a par 5 and nailed it. Thank you Cobra.

Longer than old Max
Review by Mike - 10/8/2018

Great driver and longer than the old Max.

First new driver in years
Review by Pete - 8/30/2018

I have bought 2 drivers in last 5 years. Both were one year old when I purchased. I’m a 12 handicap. I always hit all my clubs straight with exception of driver. If I swung at 100% my drive would majority of time go right with a moderate slice. So I swung at 90% and most times went straight between 210 and 225 yards. I tested the f max offset at my club with a track meter. The ball went straight or sometimes a slight draw. The cobra rep stated my ball went 245 to 250 carry and swing speed was 94mph. I’m 70 years old. I purchased at the great price of $199. I have used twice. I hit every fairway and distance ranged from 220 when I dialed down my swing to full 100% swing of 245 to 260. I couldn’t be happier.

Crush it!
Review by Sudell11 - 8/6/2018

Everything and more. Great feel, great sound, the ball jumps and I’m hitting a lot fairways! Had almost the same driver 10 years ago and I’m so glad I went back.

Slice? What Slice?
Review by KingsM87 - 7/3/2018

For years I've struggled with slicing the ball off the tee, not anymore!

Straight and High shots with great distance with little to no effort!

Buy it! You'll not be disappointed!

Better than expected - but needs work
Review by mike r - 7/1/2018

I'm a 7.2 index at a home course with a slope of 135, so the video referring to the driver being for indexes of 17 or more is a great disservice to this club. Lots of low handicappers slice their driver! Here's my experience: Immediately corrected the slice. Gone. Slight draw and workable if you want a slight fade. Problem: Loss of distance. Went with a regular shaft with a 9.5 loft in my first try with this club, ball went too high, no roll. I think the shaft is kicking late. Traded that after one round for a stiff shaft, but only 10.5 loft available. Some correction on trajectory and distance, but going to trade to a 9.5 stiff. Will update with results. Hey Cobra - Market this club!!!

Fantastic driver
Review by Bala - 6/22/2018

My daughter bought a 11.5 degree driver for me.it is so light that my swing finishes well and I hit straighter.the carry is fantastic but once it hits the ground does not run the extra 10-20 yards which I will get on a 10.5 degrees.
But I love this club for its lightness

F max offset driver
Review by Tom - 6/20/2018

The best club l have ever bought.
Went from drives going 25 yards right......

To 220-250 down the middle.new experience being in the fairway all the time. Absolutely awesome club

F-Max Driver Lite
Review by Jose - 4/11/2018

Used a friend of mine F-Max and was amazed at the additional distance and ease of use. After using his after play concluded I went immediately to my local golf shop and purchased one.

This is the only time I have ever seen 20-30 yard increase in driving distance when buying a new driver, also the only time I have used a driver with off-set.

A++ from me.

down the middle
Review by RT - 3/18/2018

The offset Max driver is a great driver if you have a tendency to slice the ball, i m 72 with a swing speed of 85 mpg. i have played 4 games with my new driver always down the middle and about 230 yds. LOVE IT

Consistent and Long
Review by Rxman - 3/8/2018

I've used the Cobra Bio Cell for past several years. Just turned 72 and swing speed was down to low 80's. With FMax increased to high 80's and occasionally low 90's. Even better I've only missed a total 4 fairways the last 3 rounds I've played. One round hit them all. Feels nice to be hitting from the short grass again, and at least 20+ yards average. NICE !!

No effort required
Review by Golf hacker73 - 2/20/2018

Bought this winter so a bit difficult to tell yet if it has added distance. What I can say is that is plays as long as previous drivers but with so much less effort. An easy swing sends it high and straight with so much more consistency. Great value

Review by Bret - 1/26/2018

I bought The new F-Max offset driver a couple of weeks ago. The weather has been lousy so I been going to our local heated range. Honestly: I'm no longer slicing the ball. It's like magic! Thanks Cobra for coming up with this club!

Review by Taterbug - 1/21/2018

So far , just playing one round not as far off the club as my Taylor made ,, might be shaft , light weight

No Distance
Review by Bob - 11/25/2017

I purchased the F-Max driver and 3-wood with the senior or lite flex shafts, and I have dropped 30-40 yards on of both clubs. Is it the wrong shaft for my game?

Easy to hit and a great value
Review by Bryan - 11/7/2017

I purchased one with the off-set head two weeks ago, after the Cobra rep had one to show and hit. I've always had trouble with drivers and my 3W has always given me similar distance with being much more consistent. I'm an 18 handicap. Every driver I hit (and I hit them all) always came back to the neutral setting for the best results. For me all the adjustments just made things worse, more heavy, more complicated, and MUCH more expensive. I love the shallower face and it looks better to my eye. The over-sized grips feel great (I think I'll have my entire set re-griped to match the grips these come with), and the lighter shaft improved my swing speed by 2 mph (versus an Epic I tried the same day). Overall, my slight slice was removed, and I feel much more confident swinging this driver versus ALL others. I now hit this driver consistently just over the 250 yard mark (for me that's about 20 yards further -I'm nearly 60 years old), and I'm now on the fairway! The price is dirt cheap compared to it's competition and the quality is as good as any other. My only complaint is he head cover - it is truly ugly and looks 20 yeas old, even if its brand new. Love this club and its worth you taking a look at.

Best driver
Review by Chris P - 10/31/2017

Best driver I have ever used. 18 holes out of the box. Each drive down the fairway! Thank you Cobra

Excellent driver
Review by Sean - 10/22/2017

This is a nicely tweaked upgrade from the MyFly XL driver. Extremely light, easy to swing; the transfer of power to the ball is superior! First drive on-course was 250 down the middle.

Great Driver
Review by Mike H - 10/16/2017

My 2nd Cobra Max Driver. Such a great feel when hitting. Very forgiving if heal or toe mishit. Ordered with everything standard except 1" longer shaft in R-Flex. High ball flight but long & straight.
Thanks Cobra !

10.5 reg
Review by Howie - 10/6/2017

Enjoying the 10.5 offset reg shaft

Not as long as Cobra Max
Review by Pouchboy - 8/3/2017

Just went on launch monitor with a demo of the F-Max, 11.5, lite shaft. Compared it to my beloved Cobra Max from 2015. I hit the Cobra Max much further. I think the White Tie shaft of the older model is better for this 85MPH swinger. Your result may be different.

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