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F-MAX Irons

The F-MAX Irons are our lightest, most forgiving irons. Featuring Ultralight Technology, lightweight shafts and swing weights deliver maximum speed and forgiveness for golfers with moderate swing speeds.

F-MAX Irons

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Regular Price: $599.00

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Engineered for moderate swing speeds featuring ultralight construction to help you play your best.


Larger, midsize grips improve comfort and consistency with every swing.


Lighter shaft weights help golfers with moderate swing speeds generate more clubhead speed with less effort for maximum distance.


Lighter swing weights improve comfort during the swing to help moderate swingers see improvements in launch and speed.



A lower profile clubhead design moves the CG (Center of Gravity) lower and further back for improved launch, while a deeper undercut creates more face flex for maximum ball speed on off-center hits.


A thinner, 17-4 stainless steel is used in the long irons (4-7) for improved speed and distance, while a softer, 431 stainless steel is used in the short irons (8-SW) for ultra-soft feel and precision.


Nickel chrome plated irons deliver improved aesthetics and durability for a premium look that lasts longer.



Weight is strategically positioned back and heelward to promote straighter, more forgiving ball flights.


An offset hosel design creates higher launch with draw bias for straighter, more accurate approach shots.


Weaker iron lofts benefit golfers with moderate swing speeds by promoting easier launch for maximum carry distance.


Specialty wedge designs in the GW and SW provide added versatility and shot control around the greens.


  • Steel: (Stiff, Reg): 5-PW, GW


Model Loft Lie Length
Offset (mm) Swing
Weight (Steel)
Stock Flex
4 Iron 22.0° 61.0° 39.25" 6.3 C9 S, R RH/LH
5 Iron 25.0° 61.5° 38.50" 5.9 C9 S, R RH/LH
6 Iron 28.0° 62.0° 37.75" 5.4 C9 S, R RH/LH
7 Iron 31.5° 62.5° 37.25" 4.7 C9 S, R RH/LH
8 Iron 35.5° 63.0° 36.75" 3.9 C9 S, R RH/LH
9 Iron 40.0° 63.5° 36.25" 3.4 C9 S, R RH/LH
PW 45.0° 64.0° 36.00" 2.8 D0 S, R RH/LH
GW 50.0° 64.0° 35.75" 1.0 D0 S, R RH/LH
SW 55.0° 64.0° 35.50" 0.8 D0 S, R RH/LH


F-MAX / Cobra SuperLite
ModelFlexWeightKick PointTorqueTip Diameter
F-MAX Iron / COBRA SuperLite Stiff 50-57g Low-Mid Mid-High 0.370
F-MAX Iron / COBRA SuperLite Regular 49-55g Low-Mid Mid-High 0.370
F-MAX Iron / COBRA SuperLite Lite 48-53g Low-Mid Mid-High 0.370

F-MAX Steel / True Temper SuperLight
ModelFlexWeightKick PointTorqueTip Diameter
F-MAX Steel / True Temper SuperLight Stiff 85-93g Mid Mid 0.370
F-MAX Steel / True Temper SuperLight Regular 83-93g Mid Mid 0.370


F-MAX Lamkin REL Mid Size

F-MAX Lamkin REL Mid Size

Customer Reviews 20 item(s)

Better than Advertised
Review by Tom - 9/27/2019

As a 73yr old fighting distancide - I took a chance on the F-Max One Length 6-PW to replace my beloved Miz MX 25s. First impressions were 1) too light 2) too chubby 3) blue grips.... What have I done? ... Then I ranged them... WOW... 6 iron=150yds again... PW 110 (had to put a GW in for 85yd shots)... Loft, amazing... Even the mis-hits made the green.. In one sequence, 17 @ 6-7 irons into a narrow green - 12 on the putting surface, 5 nearby with minimal rollout thanks to v high trajectory. (1 6i shot spun back a foot, most stayed near where they hit) ... other ways too.... down hill lies were a problem, but Same Length irons were easy to get the stance right and fade in, esp on 9 or PW.... Wrist pain (arthritis) much less w light weight clubs... Easy to hood down and punch in dart shots... Cannot say enough good @ these clubs. Highly recommended replacement to blades.

As Advertised
Review by Tom K - 5/4/2019

As an older golfer, I was having trouble getting the ball in the air as much as I would like. I was told that the F- Max irons were designed for people like me. I bought them...and...sure enough. As advertised I am getting more "air time" and enjoying game much more.

They really do what they say
Review by GP - 3/2/2019

Injury was causing an issue with my golf swing so decided that it was time to try a change of clubs.
Tried various brands but none felt right then found a review on the Cobra f max. Tried these clubs and can honestly say that they work. Very easy to use gained greater distance and higher ball flight. Don't normally take too much notice of the hype with new clubs but with the Cobra f max their claims are spot on.
Well done Cobra excellent clubs.

Great results
Review by Mick D - 2/8/2019

I struggled last year with my game and lost all confidence in my irons I have an f max driver and some hybrids which I relied on to get around, my wife suggested trying the irons so I bought a 7 iron to try and last weekend we went out and mostly used driver and my 2 7 irons by the back 9 I put my old 7 iron away and just played with the f max. Great results and on Thursday this week took delivery of a full set. And what a difference they made yesterday we only played nine holes came in with 22 points so pleased all the irons are great hit my 5 iron so much better than any before I'm on cloud 9

I'm 48 this year and built like a brick outhouse but have a slow swing speed and these clubs are great for me


Just need a sw now

Great set of clubs
Review by Not a hacker now! - 11/21/2018

Within two weeks of purchasing the complete set of clubs my average scores have dropped 6 to 8 strokes for 18 holes (27 handicap). My pleasure was enhanced with a hole in one yesterday.
Thank you. Cobra

better results - less effort
Review by Golf hacker 74 - 9/11/2018

I had a set of 2 year old clubs from a major manufacturer, custom fitted. As I am the wrong side of 70 I found I was finding these heavier and harder with each passing year. had a fitting with my club pro which showed I was getting up to 10 yards further with an Fmax 7 iron. (swing speed a lowly 75 mph.)
The key plus for me was better results in terms of length and height with less effort.
Swing them easily and they are fantastic - try and thrash the ball, not so good!
Delighted with these clubs and the feel of the mid size grips, and I only use a small mens glove.

F Max Irons 5 -PW Graphite
Review by Max - 8/2/2018

I bought these F Max variable length Irons with the Lite Flex Graphite Shafts 5 - PW in May of 2018. These irons are the absolute best irons I have ever owned. They are very straight and a high ball flight. The absolute best for ease of use. Thank You Cobra for these great clubs!! They make my game really fun again.

New set
Review by Terrington - 7/9/2018

For quite a number of years I have used a set of forged irons which at the time of purchase were what I wanted. Time marches on and the need for a change caused me to see what options my local PGA pro could offer. I tried 2 other major brands plus a Cobra F8. But none seemed to quite be what I was looking for. I tried the F max. This felt better. After some tuning and fitting to suit me I was happy to say yes please. Earlier today my clubs arrived and were taken out onto my local course for their first real trial. They WORKED!
The conditions were dry and with decent swings I came home with 37 points in our seniors stableford roll up.

So if others want to look at a set of irons suitable for a fairly slow swing then try them out. You'll have fun and get some decent scores along the way.

FMax irons
Review by Butch - 7/3/2018

Went to demo day at a club and hit the Fmax irons and had to have them. I had been playing Callaway steelhead metal shafts. Ordered the senior rogue shaft graphite. Thought they would come along better but they seem way too light and the distance is not there either. My swing speed is only about 80-83 and I’m not feeling the solid ball strike. Went home to pull out my ping rapture and I’m playing them as we speak until I find that right combination. Did hit a friends callaway X iron today and they were graphite with senior 60 shaft. Very solid and nice high ball flight. They are longer than the FMax so now I have a like new set of Cobra irons going on the market. 5-gap wedge senior graphite rogue shaft. Sorry cobra. I thought this was the cure.

Easy to hit
Review by Jim - 6/19/2018

Bought these F Max irons with graphite lite flex shafts. They are so easy to get airborne and land on the green & stick. I have been hitting them for the last 2 weeks & they are the easiest hitting irons I have ever had. At 69 I am very happy with the ball flight & feel. Thanks, Cobra.

F max irons
Review by bala - 5/25/2018

My daughter got this for me when she came to visit me in India . i have been playing golf for over 25 yrs and over the last 5 yrs shifted to all hybrids including my SW . recently i got the F7 custom built as i am a short person .
i have been practicing with my new clubs at the driving range and i can see the difference in my shots . The clubs are really light and very forgiving . Hope to start using them on the course next week

Love them
Review by Tstirling - 5/24/2018

I have played game improvment irons for years (last set were ping e1) took a lot for me to finally admit I needed a bit more help with age. Tried the fmax and loved them from the start. Easy to hit, great distance and forgiveness. Dropped from a 14 to 10 in 15 rounds

Fitted and fantastic
Review by KennyBoy - 4/28/2018

I had a fitting at the Golf Spot, Bangor and my Children bought me the F-Max irons as my 60th birthday present!
Early results are Very positive, straighter shots with better distance and I've had to repair lots of pitch marks on the greens - a big game improvement! Looking forward to my golf again.

Fountain of Youth
Review by Boomer - 4/10/2018

60 year old golfer from Brooklyn just got back from the driving range and I am totally amazed how easy these clubs were to hit. Added 10-12 yards on my irons,15 -18 with my hybrids and fairway woods and at least 20 with my driver. I purchased the regular flex and the ball came off the club high and far. Tomorrow I will be going to NC for a week to play golf and will report back on how I score. I know I will shave at least 3-4 strokes off my game. COBRA you guys are the best.

Replaced my Cobra S9'S
Review by EMA - 4/8/2018

I played and loved the feel of my Cobra S9's for ten years. I decided it was time for a new set and naturally stayed with Cobra since I was so happy with my previous set. The advertising and website for the F-Max's touted the same forgiving attributes that it said about my old set, so I felt very comfortable spending a lot of money for the upgrade. Boy, was I wrong. The new ones are nothing like the old ones. I have spent time with my pro and done everything I can to make them work. I am back with my old S9's. Save your money.

Great clubs
Review by Steebo - 1/18/2018

I've played Cobras since I was first introduced to golf, And I fell on love with these clubs as soon as I hit them , adding Golf Pride Align grips only made them feel better. Just have to add the sand wedge to complete my set...

Game transformed !
Review by Mike - 12/23/2017

I was in real despair with my game, following an ankle fusion and loss of length and confidence. I went to Torquay Golf Club to see Dan Hendriksen and he fitted me for the F Max 7 - GW and a 4 hybrid . All of a sudden my confidence has returned, and I am playing almost as well as before my injury, with 80% of the distance loss regained. This is entirely due to your clubs, and the ability to hit proper golf shots again, as well as the lesson I had with Dan . So many thanks Cobra, just got to save up and complete the set !!

Review by Art - 11/17/2017

Also three rounds, skin first round and two skins on second. Love the clubs, changed from Taylormade, which were great until lost club head speed with age. Can’t say enough of this set. I did stay with there’s flex and am happy i did.

F-Max Irons and Hybrids
Review by The Shark - 10/2/2017

Have had the above for three rounds now and have reduced my handicap by two strokes (nearly three).They are the easiest to hit irons I have ever had,including Max,Bafflers and Baffler rails.Over the years I have only ever played with Cobra clubs (about six sets)and now that I am in my 70's I need all the help I can get,and these irons and hybrids look like the answer.Very happy with all aspects of this product.

Very good
Review by Christopher - 9/24/2017

I played Ping graphite shafts for several years and was eager to try the lightweight steel. I wasn't happy with graphite anymore as my accuracy suffered a bit. I have a slower swing speed and had shoulder problems in the past. These clubs are just as easy to hit and my accuracy has improved a lot. I love the TecFlo style, the wedges are excellent. Very happy with this set, and the price - they're a bargain. Make sure you get fitted by a Golf Professional..

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