COBRA CONNECT Arccos Caddie Screenshots

Connect & Improve.

Tour Level Shot Tracking

Only COBRA CONNECT gives you tour level shot tracking, Connect and Improve.

What Is It?

Connect. Track. Improve.

How Easy Is It?

Pair your clubs, put your phone in your pocket and hit better shots.

Play Smart with Data

On-course playing and club statistics can help you play better golf.

We Know When You Are Playing Well

Have confidence in your game and your set make-up.

It's Not You...It's Your Loft

Put the best clubs in your bag for the course you will be playing.

Proper Set Make-Up

Put the best clubs in your bag for the course you will be playing.

Improve Your Weaknesses

Identify and become more proficient in your weak areas.

Leverage Data, Practice Smarter

Practice where you need it most.

Keep It Simple - Rickie F

Don't make chipping harder than it has to be. Let the loft of the club do the work for you and start simple.

Find 3 to 5 Strokes in Your Game

Arccos 360 is a full time caddie with you. Know what and where to hit it. Save strokes.

Find the Short Grass

If your data shows a driver miss to the right, aim a little left and get more of the fairway back in play, shoot lower scores.

Get It On The Green

Hit a solid chip shot, just get it on the green and take double out of play.

Pull Proper Club

Pull the proper club, hit it closer to the hole, shoot lower scores.

Wedge Advice From Rickie

Know your wedge distances with COBRA CONNECT, hit more greens, shoot lower scores.

15 ft = 3 Strokes

After using Arccos 360 for a year, players are averaging 15ft closer to the hole.

Rickie Knows Why You Shot 88

Know your game, know your gaps, know your clubs...shoot lower scores.

The Truth Hurts

Understand your true club distances and where your game needs help.

On Course Data

There can be huge difference between launch monitor and on course data.

Do What You Do...Have More Fun

We know what you that more consistent...have more fun.

Game Changer For The Regular Golfer

Average golfer will get SHOTLINK like data, it is a game changer.

It's a Home Field Advantage

Knowing what your clubs do on your course is a home field advantage.

Hit More Fairways

Fowler Fact - hitting a fairway on tour is 1/2 shot better.

Rickie's Fairway Finder

When Rickie absolutely has to hit the fairway - what does he do?

Rickie's Power Move

Rickie's thought on hitting it hard, really hard...but still in the center of the face.

Do What You Do...Better

Play to your strengths, adjust your equipment accordingly.

How to Connect and Improve

What is Cobra Connect? How does it work? What does it do? How will I improve?