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KING Wedge


Attack more pins, get up and down more often and make more sand saves with the all new KING Wedge.


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The KING wedge was designed to accommodate all golfers. No two golf swings are the same and we play on a variety of different turf conditions. That's why we created three distinct grinds to give you better spin and improved feel.

Rickie Fowler KING wedge


Wedge performance starts with excellent feel that the best golfers demand from these scoring clubs.


Chrome plated carbon steel for a soft, buttery feel. Great for both touch shots and full swings.


An improved Muscle Back design places more mass directly behind the hitting zone to deliver our softest feeling wedge ever.


Vibrational Flow is finely tuned to deliver excellent club harmonics that translates to a soft yet solid feel at impact.


Precise wedge spin delivers both control and accuracy for golfers, looking to attack pins and save strokes.


Precision shots need precision grooves. CNC milling creates highly accurate grooves for consistent spin across the entire face.


New design with larger gap between grooves in weaker lofted wedges, and narrow, tighter spaced grooves in stronger lofted wedges providing more consistent trajectory through wedge lofts.


Delivers an optimized surface roughness across the face to maximize spin and control for greater shot making around the green.


Create more shots and enjoy more versatility around the green, with these new KING wedges. Choose the perfect fit to match your short game needs.


An excellent all around wedge for shots close to the green and from the bunker. These Sand and Lob wedges offer a wide soled low bounce perfect for wet or softer fairways and green-side areas.


Classic lofts, thinner soles and higher bounce combine to give you greater performance for a wide range of conditions (firm, medium, soft). Great for those who make medium to shallow divots.


Our widest offering with a variety of range options. Each wedge features a softened leading edge with heel and toe relief along with Cobra's Tour Notch grind, providing great amount of choices from medium to firm conditions.



AKA "the digger" has a steep attack angle that creates deeper longer divots.


The average golfer creates medium size divots with normal depth.


AKA "the slider" uses a sweeping motion that creates shallower & shorter divots.


Utilize this chart to help choose the correct lofts to perfectly gap your wedge game. Note the lofts associated with those distance and try these lofts first.


LoftBounceGrindLieLengthSwing WeightStock FlexRH/LH
50º Versatile 64º 35.5" D3 Dynamic Gold S200 RH/LH
52º Versatile 64º 35.5" D4 Dynamic Gold S200 RH/LH
52º 12º Classic 64º 35.5" D4 Dynamic Gold S200 RH/LH
54º 10º Versatile 64º 35.25" D5 Dynamic Gold S200 RH/LH
56º WideLow 64º 35.25" D5 Dynamic Gold S200 RH/LH
56º 10º Versatile 64º 35.25" D5 Dynamic Gold S200 RH/LH
56º 12º Classic 64º 35.25" D5 Dynamic Gold S200 RH/LH
58º WideLow 64º 35.00" D5 Dynamic Gold S200 RH/LH
58º Versatile 64º 35.00" D5 Dynamic Gold S200 RH/LH
60º WideLow 64º 35.00" D5 Dynamic Gold S200 RH/LH
60º Versatile 64º 35.00" D5 Dynamic Gold S200 RH/LH
60º 11º Classic 64º 35.00" D5 Dynamic Gold S200 RH/LH


KING Wedge True Temper Dynamic Gold S200
ModelFlexFlightWeightTip Diameter
S200 S Low 129g 0.355


COBRA King LTD - Lamkin UTX

Lamkin UTX / KING LTD 52g .580 Tri Layer ACE UTX

Customer Reviews 16 item(s)

King Wedge 56 deg 12 deg Bounce.
Review by Teddy - 5/7/2018

This SW is as good or better than my vokey I had. It is a little heavier and think that is important for sand shots.

King cobra 56 Versatile!!!!!! My new girlfriend
Review by Grasshopper - 4/24/2018

I recently purchase a king cobra 56 versatile, the club is packaged very well, received it a day or two before excepted which is always nice. Played with the club 6 or 7 times has a very solid feel on contact, little to no feel on feed back in the grip on a toe or heel strike. The club Feels a little heavy compared to my taylormade Z 56, in which it replaced, king cobra seemed to me really easy to control and has nice feed back on the shots that landed in the green

Review by Ronnie - 3/15/2018

I really wish this was made in a 46. I want to replace my tour trustys at the end of this year but i cant replace the 46 :(

Review by RPGolf - 3/15/2018

Been a Vokey guy for a while now. Switched over to these wedges and they preform just the same if not better than the Spin milled! CX for life!!

Brilliant performance
Review by JDL - 12/5/2017

Spins more than anything I have had in the bag before and provides a great look and feel at address to give the confidence you need.

Love it
Review by M0nky3 - 8/13/2017

New to the game struggle with my short game but this wedge has filled me with confidence very easy to use and looks fantastic

Get these wedges before they're gone!!!
Review by Bubba - 7/14/2017

Amazing wedges. Feel is just as good as forged. Spins like a top. I purchased 54* and 58* versatile with Nippon modus 125 wedge. What a combination. I have Miura, Fourteen and Bridgestone wedges sitting in the closet. These wedges are that good!!!

Review by Scotty - 7/14/2017

I have been using these wedges for a couple years now. I played Vokey wedges for years before switching to these. I think the King Wedges are overshadowed and underranked by some of the other brands on the market. Very, Very good wedges! Highly recommend

Good Club... BUT not impressed with this repair work...
Review by Tommy92683 - 6/23/2017

I have the King Versatile 54* and 60* wedge but after about 8 months of play the chrome finish started flaking off the sole and lower face of the 60* wedge. In hindsight I probably should have gone with the King PUR wedges but my gripe is not with the club but the quality of the repair. I'm thankful that Cobra is standing behind the warranty and the turn around time on the repair was great. Now the quality of the repair was a bit shoddy... Cobra said that they would replace the head which normally would have been fine. Unfortunately they put the shaft and grip off of alignment and somehow in the process managed to drive the butt of the shaft through the butt of the grip. I didn't notice it but the person at Dick's Sporting Goods was quick to point it out. It's disappointing that the repair person at Cobra didn't take the time to do the repair "right". When I was at Dick's I was also picking up a replacement club from Taylormade, I had put a slight dent in the face of my R15 driver... Taylormade replaced that club with an upgrade to the M1 and they called me to make sure that I was OK with the upgrade before they sent out the club. Now don't get me wrong about Cobra, I had an issue prior with a set of irons and they took care of me above and beyond my expectations which really impressed me. Now maybe someone in the repair department was having an off day but the bottom line is that they should have the done the repair "right" and checked the club before they returned the club.

Wonderful wedges.
Review by Brett Massingham PGA - 1/18/2017

A great feeling and performing wedge out of a variety of conditions. The feel is soft and the ball feels like it on the face for a long time, Great Wedges.

Flukishly good SW
Review by CobraCat - 12/31/2016

I have the 56 deg widelow grind am blown away by 2 things; it is like a knife in the sand, which makes it easy to consistently be very good with out of bunkers, and also that what Cobra says about the sole moving weight a little further up the face for extra feel and power is 100% true. Extremely fun club to play with. A+.

Review by Smithy - 10/21/2016

Purchased the 52deg versatile with 8deg bounce. Love this club.

Great club, lousy grip
Review by SandLover - 8/11/2016

I purchased the 60' neutral. Loved the club, hated the grip. It was undersized and felt like a junior club grip. Replaced it with a 60 standard and now the club is perfect. One of my favorites.

Verdict out yet
Review by Zgolfer - 7/24/2016

I received my new King Classic sand wedge with a neutral grind on 7/22/16. The King wedge was a replacement for a worn out Wilson Staff wedge. Unfortunately I found myself in 5 sand traps on a new course I played on 7/23. The sand was soft and groomed nicely. I noticed right away that the King wedge felt a little heavier than my Wilson Staff wedge. I don't normally have any problem getting out of a bunker. With the King wedge I found the club digging too far into the sand causing mishits 4 out of the five times it was employed. I did not get the bounce I had become accustomed to. Hopefully a little more practice and I will get the "feel" of the new club.

Solid and Soft Feel
Review by Robert - 5/12/2016

I recently ordered and received a 52* Classic and 56* Versatile wedge, customized 1* flat, +1/2 inch and with the Golf Pride Midsize grip, I had a chance to hit the wedge at a local club for a demo day and was quite impressed! They look great and the feel when you hit the ball is really nice, it has a soft feeling. i have not hit it on the range or course yet, but have hit some 40 yard and less shots in the yard and they went through the grass pretty easy. I am looking forward to getting them on the range and the course soon.

Super ecxiting!
Review by Palli - 4/2/2016

Exciting! Exciting!!

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