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New raw wedge finish provides maximum spin performance with improved feel, versatility and precision around the greens.


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The Pure Factor

The PŪR wedge has a rust resistant raw finish that delivers tour proven spin for precision shot making.

KING wedge


Pure grooves with a raw finish provide a larger groove for maximum spin control. Pure your wedges.

KING wedge


Precise wedge spin delivers both control and accuracy for golfers, looking to attack pins and save strokes.



Precision shots need precision grooves. CNC milling creates highly accurate raw grooves for consistent spin across the entire face.



Designed with a larger landing area between grooves in weaker lofted wedges, and narrow, tighter spaced grooves in stronger lofted wedges to provide more consistent trajectory through wedge lofts.



Delivers an optimized surface roughness across the face to maximize spin and control for greater shot making around the green.



Rough,wet grass, and bunker conditions require a wedge with higher bounce or a wider sole to help prevent digging


Found in normal fairway and bunker conditions that are versatile enough to be played using a variety of wedge bounces and grinds


Tight fairway and bunker lies require a low to medium bounce wedge to help you make solid contact without catching it thin.



AKA "The Digger" has a steeper, more agressive attack angle that creates deeper, longer divots to produce lower trajectory wedge shots.


A neutral attack angle is seen in the average golfer and produces medium sized divots with normal depth


AKA "The Slider" is the more versatile player that likes to create smaller, shallower divots to have better control over a variety of wedge shots.


Create more shots and enjoy more versatility around the green, with these new KING wedges. Choose the perfect fit to match your short game needs.


An excellent all around wedge for shots close to the green and from the bunker. These Sand and Lob wedges offer a wide soled low bounce perfect for wet or softer fairways and green-side areas.




Classic lofts, thinner soles and higher bounce combine to give you greater performance for a wide range of conditions (firm, medium, soft). Great for those who make medium to shallow divots.




Our most versatile grind features a softened leading edge with heel and toe relief that provides a wide variety of shot choices from medium to firm conditions.




Utilize this chart to help choose the correct lofts to perfectly gap your wedge game. Note the lofts associated with those distance and try these lofts first.


Wedge performance starts with excellent feel that the best golfers demand from these scoring clubs.


Raw stainless steel gives you tour preferred feel, diffuses glare in the sunlight, and resists rusting overtime for timeless looks.


A taller muscle back design places more mass directly behind the hitting zone to deliver softer feel and tighter shot dispersion


Vibrational Flow is finely tuned to deliver excellent club harmonics that translates to a soft yet solid feel at impact.


LoftBounceGrindLieOffset (mm)LengthSwing WeightStock FlexRH/LH
50º Versatile 64.0º 1.0 35.75" D3 S200 RH
52º Versatile 64.0º 1.0 35.75" D4 S200 RH/LH
54º 10º Versatile 64.0º 1.0 35.50" D5 S200 RH/LH
56º Wide Low 64.0º 1.0 35.50" D5 S200 RH
56º 10º Versatile 64.0º 1.0 35.50" D5 S200 RH/LH
56º 12º Classic 64.0º 1.0 35.50" D5 S200 RH
58º Versatile 64.0º 1.0 35.25" D5 S200 RH/LH
60º Wide Low 64.0º 1.0 35.25" D5 S200 RH
60º Versatile 64.0º 1.0 35.25" D5 S200 RH/LH
60º 11º Classic 64.0º 1.0 35.25" D5 S200 RH


KING Wedge True Temper Dynamic Gold S200
ModelFlexFlightWeightTip Diameter
S200 S Low 129g 0.355


COBRA Lamkin Ace Crossline Black

COBRA Lamkin Ace Crossline Black

Customer Reviews 23 item(s)

Pur wedges
Review by Ampthill Matt - 2/22/2020

I needed some new wedges to improve my short game during 2020 and during a fitting I tried all brands. I hadn't even considered Cobra as an option and now not sure why I over looked them. During the fitting felt fantastic, and having played 3 rounds at Woburn they are amazing and such good value, and for a 2017 model still (in my opinion) up there with the best 2020 models from other brands. My current clubs are TM M4 (irons) and M6 Woods, if the rest of the Cobra clubs are as good I'll be switching over to Cobra in a year or two.

Solid Wedge
Review by Percman - 9/9/2019

Feels great! I have the 60 degree.. Love it.

Awesome wedges!
Review by Grumpy - 8/28/2019

I have the PuR wedges in 52* and 56* as well as the Rickie Fowler Tour Experience wedge in 60. They look fantastic and play very nice! All great wedges! If you’re on the fence, don’t be and buy these wedges!

Just Right
Review by Jack - 6/22/2019

Great quality and feel, just what I needed to improve my game.

Review by Charlie - 6/14/2019

Amazing spin and feel!

Great feel and dispersion
Review by Jmont - 2/7/2019

I bought the pur 60,56,52. I love all of them. They feel great and are consistent. I could not ask for anything more.

Review by Keegan - 8/23/2018

I have had these wedges for some time and I the benefits of the different grinds have really made my short game more precise because of the different shots I can play.

I love the feel of the wedges which for me translates to better distance control.

Solid Wedge Option
Review by JK - 7/21/2018

These are solid wedges if you're in the market. I have the 56 versatile grind and the 60 wide low.
These wedges look great at address. I like how you can easily open up the face to play shots around the green.
These wedges have a good feeling to them. They are not the softest feeling wedges I've played, but it honestly does not bother me. I would not consider the feeling harsh either. It has a pretty balanced feel to them.
These wedges give me pretty consistent spin. I always have a good idea of what my shot is going to look like. I don't think they spin the most. They give me consistent spin all the time - and I like that about these wedges.
Overall, these are pretty solid wedges that offer consistent performance across the board.

Wedge great for Open face clip/skid/bunker play
Review by Ryley_Fitzsimmons - 5/13/2018

Recently I was at the PGA Tour Superstore and was having a rough last 8 months. Wedge is great out of the sand and turf conditions.

Pur Wedge
Review by Mark - 4/23/2018

Wedge looks great, feels great, hits out of bunkers great, great spin

Beautiful and practical
Review by Sihawker - 3/15/2018

This is the most beautiful club I have ever seen. The raw look and the shinny silver just look amazing. The wedge itself works so well. I have the 54* versatile and the 60* wide low and it is the perfect setup. The wide low is so simple in the sand and around the greens it makes me look like a wizard. I can go for a 50 yard shot as well. The 54 is now my 110 and in club. Both clubs put the brakes on the ball when I need it. My only complaint would be that the club seems to scratch very easily. I wish Cobra had head covers but I will be experimenting with some of the stuff I use for my car to see if I can keep the great looks up.

Review by Teddy - 3/15/2018

Decent look at setup. Perform okay. Don't spin the most, don't spin the least. Lack of bounce options hurts. Need some different bounce options. Thin sole, low bounce, wide sole, high bounce, etc. Shafts are nothing special.

Pur wedges
Review by Jefri barton - 3/15/2018

I custom-order these wedges with modus 125 shafts. To match my king forged Tec irons with the modus 125. I have played vokey wedges pxg wedges Mira and fourteen. These are by far the best wedges. Thank you very much cobra.

Pur wedges
Review by T2g - 3/15/2018

I bought the 56 and the 60 of the wide low. I have played a lot of wedges from pxg Mira fourteen TaylorMade ping Titleist. I got the Nippon modus 3 125 shafts to match my King forged Tec irons. These wedges spin the ball better than any I've ever hit. They have the best feel. And to me that means a lot. Thanks a lot Cobra keep up the good work

Great Feel
Review by Caleb S - 3/15/2018

This club is amazing the face grabs the ball when it leaves the club for better control. I would highly recommend this club for anybody who is an avid golfer.

Review by 1shooter - 3/15/2018

Purchased a set of custom made versatile grind wedges from your model shop and hit the coarse the day after they arrived. Look, feel, and grind of these wedges could not be better. First time in the bag I was able to get up and down 80% shooting a 75. Thanks

Best Yet!
Review by Chin - 3/15/2018

Changed over from SM6 Vokeys to PUR. Excellent wedges. Felt very soft of the face and spin numbers was higher. Great control around the greens.

King PŪR Wedges Put a New Spin on Things
Review by The Golfin' Guy - 3/15/2018

The new Cobra King PŪR wedges have been designed to give players the spin they need to better control their golf ball around the green, and on full shots from inside 125 yards (or however far you hit your wedges). From I’ve seen, they’re on to something here. I’ve never spun any wedge as well as I spin the new features a new King PŪR wedges.

There’s a lot of science and technology that goes into the design and engineering of these clubs. It all starts with a raw finish on the 304 Stainless Steel clubhead. This material has a softer feeling grain structure that combines with the muscleback design to dampen vibration and improve the sound, Cobra refers to this as their “Vibration Management System”.

Three different technologies are used in producing controllable spin off the face of the new King PŪR wedges. First off, Cobra’s 100% CNC Milled Face Grooves creates highly accurate grooves while their patented milling technique - Various Face Roughness - optimizes surface roughness across the face to maximize spin and control for more precise shots around the green. The third feature is their Progressive Spin Technology. The groove pattern has been redesigned with a larger gap between grooves in the weaker lofted wedges, and narrow, tighter spaced grooves in the stronger lofted wedges providing more consistent trajectory through wedge lofts.

Whether you’re a Digger, Slider or Neutral (we’ll call you Switzerland), the new King PŪR wedge has a grind to fit you. Diggers tend to have a steeper, more aggressive attack angle that produces a lower trajectory and longer, deeper divots. Diggers will benefit from Cobra’s Widelow Grind, a wide soled/low bounce wedge that is perfect for wet or softer fairways and green-side areas.

The Slider is a versatile player who likes to create smaller, shallower divots, giving him/her better control over a variety of wedge shots. This player will benefit most from King PŪR’s versatile grind, which features a softened leading edge with heel and toe relief which provides a wide variety of shot choices and works best in medium to firm conditions.

While Switzerland makes medium to shallow divots and can play with just about any club in any condition, he/she will benefit most from Cobra’s Classic Grind. The King PŪR Classic Grind wedge in available in classic lofts with thinner soles and higher bounces to give you greater performance in a wide range of conditions.

One last feature is something called Notch Technology, an exclusive engineered design that allows the sole and trailing edge to sit lower on the ground at address on both square and open-face shots. This allows players to effectively add/subtract loft from their shot.

If you’re thinking of changing your wedges because you want more spin and control, look no further than the new Cobra King PŪR wedges. Visit your local golf shop and take them for a test drive. I mean chip!

Worst wedges ever!!!
Review by Z Money - 3/15/2018

The spin was lacklustre and the versatility was nonexistent!!!

Premium wedges for a good price
Review by D - 3/15/2018

Ive played alot of wedge brands and these perform just as good or even better than the other big names in golf. Great spin numbers, sharp appearance. These wedges will perform any shot you want to hit.

I want more!!
Review by KKrenzke - 3/15/2018

I love these wedges and have enjoyed them so much this year. I originally bought 56 & 60 and now have added 52 and will be adding 50 and bending to 48 to take the place on my set PW..... Can you tell I Iike these wedges?

I've played so many brands but this true forged feel sets these apart from all others. I get compliments each round I play with them ..

Great wedges
Review by ziggy - 3/15/2018

Came from MD2 which are forged, so I was kind of spoiled with feel. Gave these a try because I love Cobra stuff, and honestly these feel pretty much as nice as a forged wedge. Very soft for a cast club but still gave me loads of spin. If you nip the ball with these, the ball checks up very quick. I own Cobra Forged Tec irons, so now my whole bag from 5 down is now Cobra!

Best wedge ever!
Review by Nino - 3/15/2018

I decided to get a 56 versatile with CTaper Lite on it, man the feel feedback from it is nothing I've had before. I've owned SMs before, i think by far this one trumps all the wedges I've had. Make sure you get the grind right and you'll love this baby right away.

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