What our Tour Ambassadors Play

This week, we have four of our COBRA Golf Ambassadors playing on two different continents. Rickie Fowler and Jonas Blixt will be at the Crowne Plaza Invitational in the US while Ian Poulter and Johan Edfors are at the BMW Championship in England.

Each one of these guys has a different set up in their COBRA Staff bags. So how do you find the right equipment for you? First, take a look at your handicapp and how you tend to hit the ball. Do you slice it? Do you need more distance? Then do some research, check out what we have to offer on and how different clubs can affect your game.

Afterwards, you should head down to your local authorized COBRA Dealer or head to a demo day (you find demo days near you here: ) to test out the equipment and get fit for the COBRA clubs that will best help and maximize your game.

Interested in what our guys are playing this week on Tour? Check out their bags below

Rickie Fowler 
AMP Driver
AMP Pro Proto Irons

Ian Poulter  
ZL Encore Driver (white)
S3 Pro Irons
AMP 3 Wood
Baffler Rail 2H

Jonas Blixt  
ZL Encore Driver (black)
S3 Pro Irons
S9-1 Pro 15 Fairway
Baffler T-Rail Hybrid

Johan Edfors 
AMP Driver
AMP Forged Irons
AMP Fairway Wood
Trusty Rusty Wedges