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  • According to R&D: 3D printing

    Golf club design has come a long way from the days of a master craftsman sitting at a work bench and hand benching a club head.  Sure, there is still some hand work done here and there, but it is extremely rare for a modern club to be designed without the help of a Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) tool.  While it is sexy to say that a part was hand crafted by a master craftsman, the truth of the matter is that club design has progressed light-years due to the use of CAD.  There is one problem however with CAD tools in that they are strictly two dimensional.  In other words, while you can create a 3D part in CAD, it can only be viewed in two dimensions on a computer screen, making it impossible to visualize how the complex, three dimensional curvatures and surfaces of a club head will look in real life.  The quality of the complex curvatures and surfaces of a club head are extremely vital to the overall look and shape of a finished product.  A good shape will inspire confidence and allows the golfer to achieve maximum performance from their club.

    So how then do club designers ensure quality complex curvatures and surfaces in the head designs?  Continue Reading