Squatty 3-Wood Drill: more power, more distance


Squatty 3-Wood Drill Squatty 3-Wood Drill

Gary Gilchrist, a leading golf instructor, has a great drill and tip for you. He calls it the squatty 3-wood drill. He see a lot of players — juniors and professionals — who lose power in their swing. This drill addresses that. The squatty 3-wood drill will help you feel better contact at impact and help improve power when you’re looking for longer drives and need a little more distance out of a club.The drill:

-You’re going to start by taking a wide stance. This will give you the feeling at setup to feel pressure in your thighs and backside with your center of gravity and hands lower. This is going to keep your lower body a lot more stable and also you’re going to feel more resistance in your hips. -Once there is resistance in your hips, it’s going to give you the feeling of a wind up, your knees should stay wide apart. -Now on the downswing, you’re going to feel the same thing. You’ll feel the club shallow to help build your impact position. At impact, your knees are still wide with the weight into your left side, and then you will finish with more of a half to three quarter follow through. -When it comes to executing the swing during this drill, you’re going to make a short controlled swing back and through. -Straight away your going to feel better contact and power because the lower body is more stable and the body can work more in the proper sequence. -Now when you go to make a normal swing, you’re going to keep the same angles and feelings but with your normal stance.

Keep this drill in mind next time your out on the range and you'll be swinging like the pros in no time! For more tips check out the Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy here.