Rickie On A Roll

Rickie Fowler has been on fire this year. With his first PGA Tour Victory under his belt and a T2 finish at The PLAYERS, we decided to give you a behind the scenes look at what Rickie plays and the impact his COBRA equipment has had on his game. Here’s an example, in 2011 he was 108th in Ball Striking but after his switch to the COBRA AMPTM Driver and AMP Pro Proto irons, he’s moved up to 8th. 
Check out the details below to see how else his change to COBRA in 2012 has impacted and improved his stats. 
AMP Irons
Behind the scenes info from COBRA Tour Rep Ben Schomin: "Rick likes basically no offset in his blades. His primary focus is distance control and accuracy. We worked with him to take the learnings from our inline AMP and AMP Forged irons combined with his preferences to create his own AMP Pro Prototype blade. The change to his COBRA AMP Irons improved his confidence and now he is considered one of the best ball strikers on Tour."
Rickie's set-up includes:
* -1/2" so his 6 iron is at 37"
* shaft same Dynamic Gold X100, but soft stepped to achieve same feel when it was +1/2"
Year to Date - With COBRA AMP IRONS:
Greens in Regulation
2012 - #19 
2011 - T120 
2012 Wells Fargo Highlights (Winner):
#T5 in Greens in Regulation @ 79.2%
2012 Players Championship Highlights:
#1 in Greens in Regulation
AMP Driver
Behind the scenes info from COBRA Tour Rep Ben Schomin: "The change to the COBRA AMP Driver dramatically improved confidence with the Driver, very much considered the 'engine' to his game."
Rickie's set-up includes:
* AMP Driver has an open, neutral and closed setting (each 1.5 degree variances). Rickie started the year in the neutral setting but quickly adjusted to the open position where he currently has it today (which takes the effective loft down to 7.6 from 8.3 in the neutral setting).
* 45.5" length which is on the longer side for most on the PGA Tour
Year to Date - With COBRA AMP DRIVER:
Total Driving (distance and accuracy) 
2012 - #4
2011 - T87th 
Driving Accuracy 
2012 – 40th (64.4% of fairways)
2011 - 157th (56.7% of fairways)
2012 Wells Fargo Highlights:
#1 in Total Driving
#T2 in Driving Accuracy @ 62.5% 
#13 in Driving Distance @ 305.9 yards
2012 Players Championship Highlights:
#10 in Driving Distance @ 294.4 yards