Poulter Puts the New Baffler Rail Hybrid in the Bag

Ever wonder what the process is like when a tour player adds new clubs to their bag or changes their set composition? Golf clubs, like relationships, are very personal matters. Some tour players regularly tinker with their bag make-up while others will have the same set in their possession for years. Cobra staff pro, Ian Poulter, happens to be the type who is very meticulous about this clubs. Ian does not change clubs often; in fact he has played the same five wood (a competitor of Cobra’s) for over four years. During a recent visit from our Tour Service manager, Ben Schomin, Ian became enamored with the new Baffler Rail Hybrid. Although he had a good run with his 5-wood, he sometimes struggled with consistency. After analyzing over 100 shots on the Trackman system, Ian knew that he had found a home for the Baffler Rail 2 Hybrid. 

With his new Baffler Rail Hybrid with custom Matrix Radix 8X shaft, Ian is able to carry shots 230-235 yards with much more accuracy, more consistent ball flight, and launch numbers. In addition, Ian finds the Baffler Rail to be more versatile then his 5-wood option. He can ease off it, hit it farther, and play it off a variety of different types of lies. 

This club could especially come in handy at the 13th hole at a particular course in Augusta, GA...

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