Part 4: An eye-opening day at Walter Reed

Cobra Staff member and Golf Entertainer/World Long Drive Champion, Dan Boever, is visiting Iraq on a goodwill tour to meet with the troops. This is the fourth in a series of updates from his travels.

Tuesday November 21, 2009 The day at Walter Reed was very cool because we actually got to see the guys swing clubs. We went out to the front lawn and the SMGA (Salute Military Golf Association) had mats, balls and clubs ready to go for any soldier who wanted to come get a chipping lesson. With tour stars Tom Watson, Corey Pavin and Tim Simpson there, I pretty much was relegated to standing off to the side and pretending I know what to do with a wedge.

The first soldier I met earlier when I got there was Chris Burrell. He was hurt in December 2007 and was in getting his prosthetic foot worked on. He said he had been golfing and it messed up. After a swing, he looked down and it was sticking off to the side. At that point I commented that if someone didn