Lexi Hits Big with the AMP Driver

This past weekend, Lexi Thompson finished in second place at the Mobile Bay LPGA Classic. Using her AMP Driver, she shot 7 under in the final round putting her at 16 under par for the tournament, just one off the lead. Anyone watching the tournament on Sunday knows it came down to the very end. 

Lexi's average driving distance off of the tee was over 290 yards during the tournament and in her last - and bogey free - round, she hit every single fairway. 

In the video above, Lexi talks about her AMP Driver and the distance she gets with it. Not one to just talk the talk, Lexi proved the power she has with her AMP Driver this past weekend and got herself in the top 5 for average driving distance on the LPGA Tour.


Ahead of the Mobile Bay LPGA Classic, Lexi announced she'd be looking for a prom date for her high school prom on May 18th! Showing support of our US Military Troops, men between the ages of 18 and 20 in the US Military can share their story with Lexi for the chance to win a trip to Florida and take her to prom! Check out Lexi's video above and see the stories here! Even if you aren't in the military, you can vote on who you think should take Lexi to prom!