AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am

Monday (02.05.07)

pebble2.jpgChris Tuten - Cobra Tour Rep - On Monday, Bryan and I got our bending molds from R&D and we went to work. It's amazing how much you can do to get a specific look or ball flight by adjusting the hosel. J.B. likes to see the ball fall right or fade. It isn't an ordinary fade, it's a 320 yard power fade. We started with the new Speed Pro S 8.5 degree loft driver. The actual lofts measured 9.0-9.5 before adjusting. I bent them open to get the actual loft to 8.6 degrees. The shaft J.B. uses is a Diamana Blue Board 83X. This thing came out perfect. His launch was around 12 degrees and spin rates were at 2400. And most importantly it falls to the right. We got on the TracMan and his average swings were at 182 ball speed, and when he cranked it up he was at 190mph. It drew a crowd of club reps, shaft reps, and other tour players. It's very impressive to watch. I hope you get to see it one day. He ended up leading driving distance for the entire field, around 300 yards in wet conditions.

We also fitted J.B. with a new set of Cobra Forged CB's with Camilo's custom grind. I guess he liked them because he made a hole in one on #3 at Spyglass with a 9 iron. They are fitted with Dynamic Gold S400's.

Camilo is hitting the ball really well. He is getting used to his new Cobra Speed Pro S driver more every day. I asked him if we needed to adjust the face angle on his 8.5 and he said, "Tutie, I am hitting this Pro S perfect." So we went to work on a back up and we are close, with his back up fading a touch more than his gamer. I try and have all my staff travel with a back up driver so if something happens to the gamer we aren't struggling to get something like it made in a hurry.