Tour Trusty Wedge

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  • Larger Milled Grooves

    Larger Milled Grooves

    15% larger and wider cnc milled grooves create more spin and control trajectory on even the shortest wedge shots.

  • Tour Notch K-Grind

    Tour Notch K-Grind

    Notch K-Grind Sole: optimizes performance and versatility for long, medium, and short/ flop shots.

  • Variable Feed Rate Milling

    Variable Feed Rate Milling

    Proprietary Variable feed Rate (VfR) milling delivers optimized surface roughness across the face to maximize spin on all shots.

Tour inspired performance wedge designed to deliver versatility, feel and control.

After working with our Tour athletes, the COBRA Research & Development team developed the Tour Trusty, a true performance wedge that offers precision wedge play and shot versatility. The non-offset shaping has been designed to improve alignment and look at address while maximizing the groove edges and volume to the USGA allowable limit. COBRA created the Tour notch K-Grind™ to provide heel and toe relief for Tour-trusted versatility around the green and optimized shot making. Looking for a wedge to maximize spin, even on the shortest shots? Thanks to COBRA’S proprietary Variable Feed Rate milling, we have doubled the amount of surface roughness with 15% larger grooves than the Trusty Rusty® for maximum spin, allowing you to stop those tricky shots around the green right where you want them to. Available in either Tour Matte Satin or Black PVD finish, the Tour Trusty’s sleek look is suitable for the golfer’s eye by reducing the glare and offered in 11 loft/bounce options…a game changing wedge with precision and versatility for every player.


LoftBounceLieLengthSwing WeightStock FlexRH/LH
48º 08º 64º 35.75" D3 Dynamic Gold S200 RH/LH
50º 08º 64º 35.5" D3 Dynamic Gold S200 RH/LH
52º 08º 64º 35.5" D3 Dynamic Gold S200 RH/LH
54º 10º 64º 35.5" D5 Dynamic Gold S200 RH/LH
56º 08º, 12º 64º 35.25" D5 Dynamic Gold S200 RH/LH
58º 08º 64º 35.25" D5 Dynamic Gold S200 RH/LH
60º 06º, 10º 64º 35" D5 Dynamic Gold S200 RH/LH
62º 08º 64º 35" D5 Dynamic Gold S200 RH/LH
64º 08º 64º 35" D5 Dynamic Gold S200 RH/LH


True Temper Dynamic Gold S200 2013s Shaft
ModelFlexFlightWeightTip Diameter
S200 S Low 129g 0.355


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