Long Tom Driver

This Four-Foot-Long, Ultralight Driver Is The Ultimate Weapon For Jaw-Dropping Distance.

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  • E9 Face Technology

    E9 Face Technology With Dual Roll

    A 30% larger Sweet Zone® and a new approach to bulge and roll design delivers distance and accuracy.

  • Four Foot Driver

    Four Foot Driver

    Four feet long (max allowed by the USGA) with Ultralight shaft and grip delivering maximum distance, makes the Long Tom Driver the highest length-to weight ratio of any Cobra driver.

  • Ultralight Construction

    Ultralight Construction

    Built for distance, the 4 foot long ultralight Long Tom weighs only 269 grams— enabling faster club head speeds and jaw-dropping distance off the tee.

This Four-Foot-Long, Ultralight Driver Is The Ultimate Weapon For Jaw-Dropping Distance.

Built for distance, this 4 foot long ultralight Long Tom weighs only 269 grams- enabling faster club head speeds and jaw-dropping distance off the tee. Seriously folks, this is not for the faint of heart. Your distance is created through more than just raw club length, as Long Tom is complete with E9 Face Technology and Dual Roll Technology so you can swing this Monster with confidence. Specifically outfitted with a lightweight Blackbird shaft by Grafalloy, Long Tom has the highest length to weight ratio of any COBRA Driver, making it truly a complete powerful machine, one built specifically to boost your self-confidence. Look at you, you're looking better already!

Tom Preece - Vice President of R&D


Loft Length Stock Flex Weight RH/LH Dual Roll Face
8.0º 4 Feet X, S 269g RH 200 - 600
9.0º 4 Feet S, R 269g RH/LH 225 - 500
10.0º 4 Feet S, R, Lite 269g RH 250 - 450


Grafalloy Blackbird

Grafalloy Blackbird

X 50g Mid Mid
S 50g Low Mid
R 50g Low Mid
L 50g  Low Mid

Customer Reviews

Finally! About time we had something like this Review by Boom-boom
So I am 14 years old. 15 in June. My Nike Vapor Speed Driver was a little monster. The 250 carry was fun. But after I had changed my swing to be faster with my coach, my spin went through the ceiling at 3500 rpm and I lost significant distance and forgiveness. My dreaded shot was low-left and if I hit a bad one, that would happen. Then I looked up this thing. The driving range had one and I tested it on GC2, Track man and Foresight. WOW! What a difference. I gained 20+ further yards that I wanted. Spin was amazing at 2250-1700 with a 15 degree launch. Forgiveness exceeded the nike by 15%. Long shaft may be scary, but if you can strike the center 85% of the time, it's for you. I bought it used in mint condition for $100.00. It won't leave for a while. I'm very impressed and it's hard to impress me. (Posted on 12/3/2016)
Distance Without Compromise Review by MrLongTom
This driver is top-notch. While people may say a 4 foot shaft is tough to control, it's great if you hit the center a lot. My Nike Vapor Speed Driver from 2015 was carrying 250-270 yards with 2500 spin. I hit the long tom 270-300 with 1900 spin. It's good. (Posted on 12/2/2016)
great driver Review by mel6946350
I just bought this driver and I love it. Best driver I ever owned. I can drive long and deep and it really straightened my drive a lot. I would recommend this club, even in cooler weather. I live in northern Indiana. (Posted on 3/15/2016)
AWESOME Review by John
I read a lot of reviews before buying this club. With my old driver I hit a beautiful high draw about 240 yards on average. I bought this driver for nowhere near asking price and love it. I was worried I wouldn't be able to control it but man was I wrong. My natural swing produces a high, straight ball flight averaging 270 with several drives at the 300 mark. With a little bit of concentration I can produce the high draw I was so used to playing. I do struggle hitting a fade but I am getting better at that. (Posted on 6/7/2013)
Not leaving my bag! Review by Dustin
I purchased the 2-wood first and fell in love. When I saw the driver I had to try it and fell in love. I can hit the 2-wood farther than my old driver and the driver hits bombs. I can shape the shot I want to hit if I need to hit a high a fade I can hit a high fade. If I need to draw it I can do that also. Once I got use to the length it is a very accurate club that begs me to swing it hard. I recently tried the Taylormade R1 up against my Cobra Long Tom and the Long Tom beat it hands down not even close. (Posted on 4/18/2013)
Review Review by JP48
After many years of using old Taylor bubble irons and somewhat newer Cobra woods, I wanted some new clubs. I was looking for the latest technology and got the Callaways but they were too light for me so I returned them and got the Cobra Amps. After researching and reading the reviews here, I also ordered the Long Toms on-line as my store didn't carry them. The store claimed it was too light, people didn't like them so they stopped carrying them. They said it would be the wrong club for me. So I bought some lead tape just in case as I was determined to make it work for me. Finally my driver and 2 wood arrived and I took it to the range. Sure enough, I had trouble hitting them as they were too light for me. In a way it was a swing trainer as I needed to fix my swing. I then added lead tape and I started to get the feel for the club and it was very clear that I was getting a lot more distance. Seemed like the difference between a 5 wood and a driver at first but now it seems more like between a 3 iron and a driver. My first round using them was last week and the comments were your ball defied the laws of physics. It passed a long drive hit by my partners and as it flew over, it looked like it had a second stage rocket and went another 50 to 75 yds. Wow.....I can't wait to play with these again. I may start playing more often now that I feel like I can begin to hit the ball the way I've always wanted to. The 2 wood was like my driver from the fairway. Maybe I can't give all the credit to Long Tom, as it did help me focus on the proper way to generate power for my swing. I can hear the sound of speed as the club moves through air, like no other club I've ever swung....feel the need for speed ? Look no further.... (Posted on 10/15/2012)
Review Review by jdodd81
This is the first review I have ever written for a club. I recently purchased some Cobra clubs. The Long Tom being one of them. The first Cobra driver I've bought since my Comp 454. (classic). But the Long Tom is not only the longest driver I've ever used, it is the best, period. I've always been long off the tee, but now I'm longer, and more consistent. Some may be intimidated by the 48'' but to me it's kinda like a driver/swing trainer all in one. The length and the proprietary blackbird shaft almost forces you into the proper plane position and tempo. I will be purchasing a Long Tom 2wood and when the time comes, Cobra irons. I already have the 2 Big Trustys (awesome). By the way my distance improve by about 20yds. With very tight dispersion. Great Job Cobra! (Posted on 8/22/2012)
Review Review by Rodney A Richards
I've been playing golf for 9 years now and can really knock a long ball. I have played with various types of drivers and probably enjoyed the SMT range of drivers and Calloway FT Tour the most until I purchased The Long Tom of Friday. I still can't believe how long this driver is. I went to play on Sunday and hit my opening drive in the region of 350 yards. I followed that up with about 5 drives that got close to 400 yards. I would recommend everybody try this driver. (Posted on 8/5/2012)
Review Review by brad p
I normally hit my driver pretty long (310 yards or so) and I was content with my 2009 taylormade burner because anything new I tried didn't give me enough to make it worth buying a new one. I was at a demo day and tried a bunch of different drivers (callaway, ping, taylormade, titleist, cleveland) that day and was landing them all around the base of the trees at the back of the 260 yard, extremely uphill driving range. I got to the cobra tent and bought a long tom on the spot after I hit about 20 balls out the back of the driving range, 3/4 of the way up the trees. Will not need a new driver for a long time. If you are trying to go long, get one. (Posted on 7/15/2012)
Review Review by Dennis Szabo
Little update, have been using my Long Tom for some time,bought it in April, it is now the end of June, quite frankly can't be without it--as you get used to it the accuracy increases. For a very long club it is very easy to swing. When you don't use it you miss it. *** Love it! Great to hear Dennis. -Your friends at COBRA Golf (Posted on 6/29/2012)
Review Review by adub92
I'm a beginning golfer. I started playing with a Pinemeadow driver and was slicing the heck out of it every drive. I tried out the Long Tom today at a demo day at the range in Beaumont, TX. At address, it feels great. Since I'm tall, the long shaft works great for me. I hit about 10 balls and every one hit straight, with one or two balls deviating a hair right. I found my newest club! (Posted on 6/15/2012)
Review Review by Curt
Tried the Ping K-15, Pretty good club, but not for me. Tried the R-11, again a decent club, but did not feel right. Hit my new long Tom for the first time today. Very first hit was long and true. This club is amazing, 10 degree stiff. Very large, awesome sweet spot. The weight and balance is very nice. Very solid upon contact, nice pop and sound. Picked up 20-25 yards. Thought it would be hard to control, but it wants to go straight, yet I can still shape shots with it. I am currently a 14 handicap, and expect that number to go down in the near future. Can't wait to bomb it past my buddies tomorrow on the course. Getting 300 yards with it consistently into the wind at the range. STOKED!!! (Posted on 5/18/2012)
Review Review by NavyGreg
So a little story about this driver. So my Father who is 6'4 and myself (only 5'10) go to Dicks becuase I want to look at some new drivers. Really I was looking at other companies but ended up walking out with an AMP, sweet club. Anyway back to my dad, becuase he is so tall other than the custom fit iron I got for him he has to settle for off the rack stuff that is usually to short. He says a 46 driver feels about an inch to short and is almost comfortable. So he pick up the Long Tom and the word out of his mouth were great another killer bee. The sales guy told him to hit a few. So he did after about 7hits my dad turned around and told the guy to get the head cover. This club for him is nuts, I mean he hit it good before 290ish+, but now he is passing me. I have hit it a few times and it is good for me. If your tall enough that the standard length on drivers seem just a little off on the short side, try this out it is a monster. My dad fluctuates between 10-15hdcp and I am right on 10. Hope this helps tall people. (Posted on 4/28/2012)
Review Review by Dennis Szabo
This is one great club. I purchased this about 3 Weeks ago at Pro Golf Southgate, in Michigan. More for fun than anything else. Hit more 275 to 300 yard drives in 3 weeks in cold and very hot (Arizona) weather. More for wide open courses. If you don't like the grip replace it with the Golf Pride Tour 25 Lightweight--specs on the club will remain the same. It sure is fun for a 60 year old to hit them that long. Added a average of 15 yards carry! (Posted on 4/23/2012)
Review Review by kuz
I tried the Long Tom out at Emerald Greens Golf Course in Hastings, Minnesota as part of Demo Days sponsered by Ken Gorg Golf Shop. I was very impressed. The driver felt great at setup. I hit at least a dozen drives 290+ The all black look is fantastic. I recommend anyone looking for a driver this year to please evaluate Long Tom. You will not be disappointed! (Posted on 4/21/2012)
Review Review by Joe C.
I picked up a Long Tom after a day at the Golf and Ski Hudson, NH demo days. I went looking for a driver to replace my Titleist 905R and walked away with a Long Tom in hand. I was a long hitter to begin with, but the thought of adding 20+ yards to my drives for scrambles and fun rounds with buddies was too much to pass up. After playing 36 holes with the Long Tom, I've have actually increased my fairways hit as I've managed to reign in my swing with the knowledge that the club was going to do most of the work. With what feels like a shorter backswing to get to the right position at the top, I have been able to unleash the Long Tom and over those 36 holes, I've racked up half a dozen drives IN the fairway over 310 yards, with the longest at 340. I don't feel like I can play the controlled draw or fade that I could create with the 905R, so the Long Tom isn't a fine tipped paint brush like the Titleist, but it isn't as inaccurate as one might expect. This driver is a game changer and has put a huge smile on my face. Nice work Cobra! (Posted on 4/16/2012)
Review Review by jims2353
I have a had a Long Tom for about a month and I usually like to switch between 3 different drivers. After playing a few rounds with the Long Tom, I have sold my Taylor Made 2.0 and Ping K15 on ebay!!! The Long Tom is life changing for me!!! It is solid as a rock and the length of the shaft makes for speed and distance that I have never had. The sound is crisp and the ball flight is strong. I am 54 years old and I am killing the 8* stiff. I hope the guys I play with don't get one because I have a true advantage over them whenever we play. THANK YOU COBRA!!!!! Jim (Posted on 4/14/2012)
Review Review by arcfd
Iam not getting good results with this driver! the grafalloy shaft is no good. i have broken two of the in three months. may try the amp driver. *** Hi arcfd, We're sorry to hear you are having trouble with the Long Tom. Our Customer Care team received your other email and they are working on your case. They will get back to you shortly. (Posted on 3/28/2012)
Review Review by Javier
The best and the longest drive of my life!!! straight and longest distance.... easy to use as well... I was a bit skeptical about the 48 inch shaft but apparently easy to control... (Posted on 3/17/2012)
Review Review by johnnybancos
Right now I swing a Callaway HyperX 8.5 Stiff. I get about 115-117mph and a ball speed of low 150's mph. I took a few swings with this club at my local Golfsmith. The Employee there was trying trying to sound knowledgable, but he didn't offer me what I needed. I hit the Long Tom and got an increase to 135mph and a ball speed of 180mph. Wow! it was impressive, but my spins were all over the map, I was hooking and slicing, but mostly ballooning it. I didn't realize til later that I was swing a 10.5. Unreal! I would think that the guy would have notice when I was balloning it. However, he plugged my best numbers in with a proper launch degree (one that my Callaway give me) and my distance went up to 380yds in the simulator. I am skeptical that I can reign in this bad boy, or that I could acheive these true distances. I hope that I can find and test an 8 degree Long Tom in the future. I think there is going to be a Cobra Demo at my golfsmith in Santa Clara, CA soon (Posted on 3/15/2012)
Review Review by haseebsultan
Long Tom rocks! This is really lightest golf club covering long distance to the flag. Thanks Long Tom! (Posted on 3/12/2012)
Review Review by wvcountryboy42
I've played around 20 rounds with this driver. I've gained 10 mph club head speed and 30 yards in distance. Was hitting around 250 yards now I'm 280 yards and someimes more. And this is in cold weather, 50 degress and less. Can't wait for warm weather. This is the straightest driver I've ever hit. And I own them all. I have a two Cobra drivers, two Callaway RZR, one Taylor R11, Ping G15, Cleveland and a Taylor burner. All these clubs are a year old or less. None of them hit as well as the Long Tom. My only complaint is I can not find the Winn Ultra Lite Shorty on the market any where. And I've had no luck with any Cobra dealer on this grip (Posted on 3/11/2012)
Review Review by trickshot999
I went from hitting 280 to 315. Enough said!!! Cobra is going to prove doubters wrong season after season. Rock on!!! (Posted on 2/16/2012)
Review Review by IronRob
I have now taken my club out to a Real Course- Pine Knot dorchester Ontario Canada, on a balmy 2deg C or 36F. Before going to the course I had played three rounds on the computer simulator, which during warm up time does the whole launch monitor thing, so I'm familiar with my specs. My previous driver was a R11 9deg stiff. A good round came up with an average drive distance around 260yds at 104mph average. During practice sessions with the Long Tom suddenly things starting changing. Now when warmed up 110mph is NOT unusual. Distance averages indoors for three rounds have been 280, 285, and 287 yards, on the simulator its been a mild draw. I'm now having to re-think were all my targets are when we're playing PEBBLE (indoors) as I have been running out of fairway. . . a nice problem to have. ON THE REAL COURSE under above conditions, the club for me is a shockingly consistant fade of about 1/3 of a fairway, which took me two holes to figure out. After this the FUN BEGAN. After the brief learning curve I missed only 3 fairways, however hadn't gone into the next fairway over. Distance was shocking also, I got too places on those (my own) fairways that I hadn't been to in July, excepting one fairway. The biggest surprise came when I hit two very distinct toe hits, I thought- here we go, chiquita right, both drives were blind over the hills, and when I came up, the first was still 3 feet inside the right edge of the fairway, the second, three feet into the first cut of rough and both DEEP, FORGIVENESS TAKEN TO A NEW PLACE R-11 will never know about. Lots of friends have tried Long Tom, some love, some can absolutely not swing, it is an acquired taste, my 10 Deg stiff, took some practice to get use to the long shaft, but the rewards have been significant, It has put FUN back into the game, the biggest pleasure, is sometimes after the round is over when we swing for the fences on the launch monitor until exhausted, I didn't think this 54 year old body had 114, or 115mph swings in it, but Long Tom has proven otherwise, the shaft, club head, and grip combo are superb, and are just waiting for that grip it and rip-it swing... GOOD WORK COBRA JOB WELL DONE < have a nice life R11- in the used binÉ ROBÉ Canada (Posted on 2/15/2012)
Review Review by rsmith27
I'm basing this review on first impressions and have not taken the club out on the course yet. I'm going out tomorrow to play. If anything dramatically changes I'll update this review. But, I hit a handful of shots at the golf shop and the feedback from the monitor and personal feedback was good. It only took a handful of shots before I felt comfortable. I went to the driving range and from the first swing was hitting solid shots with a much narrower range from left to right. A good sign. With my current driver I feel like I have to be very careful to avoid hitting wild shots, but I felt I could let it rip and still hit good shots. I did hit a few shots that I could tell weren't square hits, but still got pretty good results. I did hit the ball about 15 yards longer than usual. I'll see tomorrow how it translates to the course. I hope Cobra comes out with fairway woods that match with the Long Tom driver. (Posted on 12/14/2011)

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