KING F7 Driver

The KING F7 Driver debut's as COBRA's first connected golf club, powered by Arccos technology. Equipped with 3 Center of Gravity settings for maximum distance.


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TeXtreme Carbon Fiber yields a 20% lighter crown allowing more weight to be redistributed lower and deeper into the club head for a lower CG and extreme distance and forgiveness.

A re-engineered Forged 8-11 Titanium E9 Face is a variable thickness structure that is designed to be lighter, thinner, and hotter. A larger Sweet Zone across the face results in increased ball speed and distance on off center hits.

Tune your trajectory and launch with eight different loft and lie combinations while maintaining a square face at address. COBRA’s MyFly8 technology coupled with SmartPad is the easiest way to dial-in distance and hit straighter drives down the fairway.


With COBRA CONNECT Powered by Arccos, golfers can automatically track the distance and accuracy of every drive. COBRA CONNECT users simply pair their club with the free Arccos Driver smartphone app to receive their performance data, access rangefinder GPS distances for over 40,000 international courses.


3 Drivers

Three different center of gravity (CG) settings in the front, back and heel positions produce three very different ball flights. Move the heavier 12g colored weight to the front position for a lower, penetrating ball flight with less spin and more roll, or place the weight in the back position for a higher, towering ball flight with added spin for more carry. Lastly, when moved to the heel position, it works to create more draw spin to correct a slice by delivering straighter drives.

KING F7 Weight

Customize your KING F7 Driver with different weight options: 8g, 12g (stock weight), 16g. Available here.

KING F7 Weight


ModelLoft/Trajectory SettingsLengthSwing WeightHead
King F7 Driver 9° / 9.5° / 9.5° Draw / 10.5° / 10.5° Draw /
11.5°  / 11.5° Draw / 12°*
45.25" D2 460cc X, S, R, Lite RH/LH

*Loft Adjustable Through MyFly8 Technology


Fujikura Pro 60
ModelFlexShaft WeightKick PointTorqueTip Diameter
Fujikura Pro 60 X 64g High Mid 0.335
Fujikura Pro 60 S 63g High Mid 0.335
Fujikura Pro 60 R 62g Mid Mid 0.335
Fujikura Pro 60 Lite 61g Low Mid 0.335


COBRA Lamkin REL - Arccos

COBRA Lamkin REL - Arccos

Customer Reviews

Upgrade Recoil shaft a must have! Review by Fish
Tried the F7 at Corbra day at club. Hit all the other manufacturers recoil shaft is the bomb. (Posted on 4/4/2017)
Forgiveness + Length Review by Nino
Gamed it with regular buddies first time this year (Golf in Canada starts April). With the cold temps and wind factoring in, it still goes far! Such a forgiving club and the feedback from a pure hit is out of this world. One of my friend's is already considering switching his LTD to an F7, made the other guys who are gaming another brand think of the possibilities once they have this model on their hands :) (Posted on 4/2/2017)
Very Nice Review by GVAZGOLF
Loved my Biocell, but the F7 is 15-20 yards longer with weight in rear. I'll try front next. (Posted on 3/4/2017)
All I can say is WOW!!!!! Review by Buster
So I have had the F6+ and loved it. As I mentioned in my review for it, it added 100 yards to my drives. So when the F7 came out, I had to go to my local store and try it out. I didn't think it was possible to improve upon what I found in the F6+ but Cobra has blown my mind again.

This driver has added another 100 yards to my drives. It is truly amazing and unbelievable. Cobra, you've done it again. Although my F6+ isn't that old, I had to buy this driver. Cobra, you can't do this again next year. I don't think it's possible to hit it any farther and I can't afford to buy a new one again next year. But I can promise you I will try it out. (Posted on 2/28/2017)
more carry less spin Review by butter
my cobra fitter moved the weight forward and to offset that moved the loft higher. that appears contrary to an earlier review. it reduced my spin by 1000 rpm and should really increase my roll. (Posted on 2/25/2017)
Club does it all Review by DriveBombers
Went to Golf Galaxy expecting to buy the Callaway Epic or Titleist 917 driver. Callaway felt dead and the Titleist required a phd to understand all the fitting possibilities. Then tried the Cobra f7 with the weight in the forward position. Spin at 2200 with 16 launch produced 254 yard average with slight draw. Not bad for a 66 year old. Got the blue and its beautiful. The large footprint is so inviting to hit and extremely forgiving. Take my advice and buy the Cobra f7 and put 150.00 dollars in your pocket. Another winner for Cobra. (Posted on 2/10/2017)
Outstanding Review by Drew
Went to local club for fitting and tried different lofts and biases. Normally slice driver but got a little draw on on drive. Sweetest club ever. Most were dead straight. Love it (Posted on 2/9/2017)
Game Changer Review by Steve
I had a F6+ in my bag and crushed it..but with a very high ball flight. Just recently purchased the F7 with the HZRDUS yellow 63g shaft..With the 12g weight in the back and set at 10.5..this thing is a beast..I'm easily gaining 15 yards of roll with the lower ball flight. If you have a high ball flight and want to lower it, definitely look into the upgraded shafts at no extra charge. Can't wait until it warms up and I really get a chance to tee it up this summer (Posted on 2/1/2017)
Outstanding performance by 64yr old Review by Rickdarula
Just bought the K7 left store went right to course, played quick 9 after adjusting on the range and hitting 20 times hit it 304 on first hole of hermitage golf course (prez) a big hitter for my age ,but any older bros. this is the best club of the past 10 years not to mention the tracking technology. Be the first in your group! (Posted on 1/30/2017)
Club is sick Review by Big boy
Went from hitting my titelist d3 300 yards to 320 with the f7 broke 70 for the first time with a 67 all because my driving straight n long 3 wood also . Cobra has a winner (Posted on 1/29/2017)
AMAZED!! Review by Jason
Bought the F7 a week ago in a fitting session. Numbers on the launch monitor were far more consistently better than the new Callaway, Titleist and TaylorMade offerings. I'm around a 15 handicapper with clubhead speed of 100-105 mph. Obviously, I opted for the stiff shaft. Took it to the course on Saturday, on a full 18 I missed the first two fairways (not by much) adjusted the wieghts and only missed one from there in. The last miss was trying to reach a green that was 298 away. This is my new favorite club! Can't wait for the season to really kick in! (Posted on 1/26/2017)
Fantastic Review by jaksam
When I adjusted the weights properly, got 15 more yards. It went into my bag yesterday. Same club head speed as my Titleist (15) 20 yards longer.....
(Posted on 1/20/2017)
Wow! The real deal Review by Dave
Hit the new F7 driver and had outstanding numbers on tracman. Will be getting this bad boy asap. (Posted on 1/18/2017)
Beast Review by Rick
It took a great club to knock the F6 out of my bag but the F7 gave the ball flight I've been looking for. The carry distances were similar but now I get the roll I've been looking for??? (Posted on 1/15/2017)
Hit it today vs Wilson and Callaway ... absolutely NO contest!!! Review by Rabdy
This club surprised me ... went in to hit the new Wilson ... but after hitting the F7 ... it was MUCH more accurate and very consistent ... what a great club!!! (Posted on 1/14/2017)

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