Fly-Z+ Driver

Featuring our revolutionary ‘FLIPZONE’ weighting technology, the Fly-Z+ Driver is our first ever front & back CG adjustable driver to deliver your ultimate distance. A low front CG setting gives you a penetrating ball flight with more roll, and the low back CG setting gives you a more towering ball flight with more carry.

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Here at Cobra, we like options. So our engineers designed the Fly-Z+ Driver, featuring FlipZone weight technology- a revolutionary, moveable weight system engineered to provide two different flight paths in one club that enables maximum distance for any swing and any golfer. The key to increased distance is the ultra-low center of gravity (CG) embodied in COBRA’s new FlipZone weight technology that gives golfers the ability to move the low CG to the front or back position. The front CG position provides a mid-launch angle with ultra-low spin and a penetrating ball flight with more roll for maximum distance, while the back CG position delivers a mid-launch angle with 400 RPM’s of additional spin, resulting in a towering ball flight, maximum distance with more carry. The Fly-Z+ driver also features Speed Channel Technology for increased ball speeds across the face for distance and forgiveness, Forged E9 Zone Face technology for a larger sweet zone and more distance on off-center hits, multi-material construction to maximize discretionary weight and MyFly8 and SmartPad, allowing golfers to select from multiple settings to tune their game.

Matching headcover and torque wrench included.

Fly-Z+ Weight

Customize your Fly-Z+ Driver with different weight options: 9g, 11g, 13g, 15g (stock weight), 17g, 19g. Available here.

Fly-Z Weight


ModelLoft/Trajectory SettingsLengthSwing WeightHead
Fly-Z+ Driver 8.5° / 9.0° / 9.0° Draw / 10° /
10° Draw  / 11°   / 11° Draw / 11.5°*
45.00" D4 455cc X, S, R RH/LH
*Loft Adjustable Through MyFly8 Technology


Matrix VLCT ST

Stock Shaft: Matrix VLCT ST

ModelFlexShaft Graphics
Actual Shaft
Kick PointTorqueTip Diameter
Matrix VLCT ST X 70g 66g High 4.0 0.335
Matrix VLCT ST S 65g 65g High 4.0 0.335
Matrix VLCT ST R 65g 63g Mid 4.0 0.335

Aldila Tour Blue 75

Free Shaft Upgrade Available: Aldila Tour Blue 75

ModelFlexShaft Graphics
Actual Shaft
Kick PointTorqueTip Diameter
Aldila Tour Blue X 75g 76g Mid 2.9 0.335
Aldila Tour Blue S 75g 76g Mid 3.5 0.335
Aldila Tour Blue R 75g 74g Mid 3.9 0.335

Aldila Tour Green 65

Free Shaft Upgrade Available: Aldila Tour Green 65

ModelFlexShaft Graphics
Actual Shaft
Kick PointTorqueTip Diameter
Aldila Tour Green X 65g 69g Mid-High 3.5 0.335
Aldila Tour Green S 65g 67g Mid-High 3.9 0.335
Aldila Tour Green R 65g 67g Mid-High 4.5 0.335

Matrix White Tie 55X4

Free Shaft Upgrade Available: Matrix White Tie 55X4

ModelFlexShaft WeightKick PointTorqueTip Diameter
Matrix White Tie S 57g Low 4.1 0.335
Matrix White Tie R 55g Low 4.2 0.335



COBRA Fly-Z+ Lamkin 3GEN Crossline

Customer Reviews

Love it Review by Ken
Love my Cobra Flyz + driver and the distance it gives me. I love the feel of it and I seem to be able to hit more fairways with it than with other drivers I have tried (Posted on 4/27/2017)
I love it Review by John
Got this over the winter. Finally took it to the range and then the course. I love it. I play it at 8.5*, weight up front and I hit a nice penetrating, piercing drive that rolls out nice. I don't know if I added any distance, but the confidence I feel holding the Cobra really lets me unwind into it with little fear. This one begs for 'grip it and rip it'. (Posted on 3/28/2017)
Great club Review by Bamaguy
Tried several popular brands, first time testing the Cobra driver. I was very impressed and surprised. It was extremely long and very forgiving on miss hits. Started with the weight in the front, but once I moved it to the back, I started killing my drives. (Posted on 12/2/2016)
very forgiving, nice adjustability Review by SmoothJazz
I found the Fly-Z+ driver to be much more forgiving than I expected. Consistent distance and straight from almost any hit on the clubface. The adjustments give a very wide range of ball flights, so anyone should be able to find an optimal setting. The driver is 45 inches which is good for control. Distance is about what I expect from a 45 inch shaft. With the bottom weight in the forward position, you can really control the club head like a pro-line driver. The overall weight feels a little lighter than I would expect, but the clubhead does not get lost on the backswing like some ultralight drivers. Overall an excellent driver with a very good balance of control and forgiveness. (Posted on 11/16/2016)
Best Driver I've ever had Review by Dave
Just getting back into the game after quite a few years of not playing much. I tried and compared several drivers in the store but kept getting the best results with the Cobra Fly Z +. On the course, I'm easily hitting the ball at least 30 yards further and the club is also very forgiving. (Posted on 9/12/2016)
Club is brutal. Easy to pick which mode is for you. Review by Frogman1
New to the game but can tell what I like and what works for me. (Posted on 9/2/2016)
FLY Z+ is Outstading Review by TomRides
I hit a few drivers at Golf Galaxy in Nashville and zeroed in on the Fly Z+. Then was properly fitted and adjusted by Zach. When I played, my drives are longer and have dropped scores consistently. Best club I have ever purchased! (Posted on 8/25/2016)
Broken!! Review by Crandall
While I have been a big fan of Cobra equipment for many years, my Fly Z+ fell apart tonight. I have had it for just a few weeks and the colored area on the sole of the club came off! Very disappointed. Other than the driver literally falling apart, it has been one of my favorited drivers. I will update my review when I have a chance to contact customer service. (Posted on 8/3/2016)
Blue Bullet Review by Travis
Just bought the Fly-Z+ in strong blue a couple weeks ago after I broke my old driver. Fell in love with the thing at first sight, amazing look behind the ball at address and not to mention the thing is a ROCKET LAUNCHER!!! I always used to play 20-30 yards out in front of my playing partners but now I'm a solid 50+ yards ahead every time I pull the driver from the bag. Only took about 15 minutes for me to lock in for good the loft and flip zone settings that play for my game (8.5 with front CG). Extremely easy club to hit with a pure feel at impact, and when you hit it just right the sound the driver produces lets your partners know that you killed it even if they weren't paying attention to your swing. I've even thought about buying another of the same club to stash just in case I break this one in a few years. Great job cobra. I'd score this club overall at a 12 out of 10 (Posted on 7/9/2016)
Great club Review by Mercury
I hit this driver in GolfTown Canada, really loved the feel of it. Ball sprung off it soft and fast with ball spin down for added distance. I find with this driver I am about 10-15 yds longer than my Taylormade Burner. Recommend this club as you can dial it in for just your swing. (Posted on 7/9/2016)
great with the adjustments Review by RAYC
when I first tried this club it felt like it was dead. the weight was in the front. I was hitting low hooks with little distance. I asked a teaching Pro to try it to see what was going on. He crushed it!!.. I then adjusted the weight back in the club, and all of a sudden I was hitting further than I had been all year. No club will make up for a bad swing, but this one does work with mild mis-hits, Great Club (Posted on 7/6/2016)
Best Driver to date Review by Ross
I am in the process of upgrading my old Cobra King set and started with the driver. I have it set with the weight towards the front and a 10* loft. Absolutely LOVE it. Added about 30-35 yards to my drive. I am in my early 20's and play the stiff flex shaft. The club head speed is great and the head is surprisingly forgiving. Ball really jumps off the club 10/10 (Posted on 6/27/2016)
no improvement from the amp cell Review by jd72
I bought this driver with the stock matrix stiff flex , loft at 10* draw and flip weight back . No good at all , by the way I have played for 25 years and average score is 78. I tried the matrix r flex was better but inconsistent , now playing Aldila nv 65 r flex but still not satisfied , the ball flight is too low and very difficult to hit a draw. The loft is set at 11* but I still get a very low launch. I will say when you hit it pure it is long. (Posted on 6/7/2016)
Best Driver I've owned to date Review by Nudga
Got fitted for a Black Fly-Z+ with Aldila shaft last year. All my partners have commented on how much roll-out this Head gives. Its proved to a consistent club (much more than my previous driver) and has become my Goto club. (Posted on 6/7/2016)
Love how it is adjustable Review by Ron
I'm still playing with it to get it's best usage. (Posted on 5/24/2016)
Love this club! Review by Poobah
Bought this club this spring. After experimenting with settings at the driving range I dialed it in. Hitting straighter and further! I love this club.
I love that I could customize it at no additional cost! (Posted on 5/23/2016)
Great driver and great customer service! Review by Lincoln
I purchased the Cobra Fly-Z+ with a free shaft upgrade to the Aldila Tour Green 75 about a month ago. The driver head is very versatile with the loft settings and the flip weight. I have it set on 8.5 with weight in the front. The low launching shaft combined with my chosen settings gives me a penetrating ball flight that helps my game under all conditions. I would definitely recommend especially with the sale price.
My customer service experience was also fantastic. They helped me make sure I got my club in a timely manner for an upcoming tournament I was playing in. They treated me like my satisfaction was a priority and they definitely left me more than happy. Thanks Cobra Golf! (Posted on 4/29/2016)
Terrible Review by Ray Deitelhoff
Club is inconsistent & all over the place. Disappointing (Posted on 4/17/2016)
Not overly impressed Review by Big Jack
After being fitted in FL the last winter decided to purchase a Fly Z Plus. Must of had a good day when testing because once I got it I realized that the sweet spot on this driver is not nearly as forgiving as mynold zero limits driver. There is absolutely no power in tee shots that hit off of the toe of the driver. Beginng to think it might be the shaft actually. Not technically into all of the tech stuff on shafts but think it is the length combined with the kick point of the shaft. not impressed and there are Jo real dealers in this area now. Should have gone with Titleist or Taylor Made. (Posted on 3/30/2016)
looonngggg Review by amala
used an old rbz stage 2 driver with proforce v2, then switched to this bad boy. Gained full 20 meters with stock stiff shaft loft at 8.5 and weight in front. Shaft plays a bit soft so for stronger players maybe not too great an option. Overall very solid product and hope cobra continues to produce great stuff! (Posted on 3/26/2016)
The one I was looking for! Review by Ron Vaessen
Absolutly fabulous driver! I love it how it gives you immediate feedback. Also got the 3 wood and the hybrid, those are my fantastic 3 in the bag! (Posted on 3/15/2016)
Amazing Review by Matt
I have always used cobra drivers from the zl encore to the bio cell now nowe the the fly-z+ each is better and better. I use it on 8.5° with an x stiff graffaloy bimatrix shaft with the weight in the back. Very forgiving with weight in the back, tons of carry and plenty of distance (Posted on 3/7/2016)
Great Driver for Length Review by Joro
I recently purchased the Cobra Fly-Z+ driver and had it fitted with the Aldila Tour Blue 75 stiff flex shaft. I found it to be an excellent driver in respect to distance with my longer drives achieving 290m + on average. This was an improvement of approximately 10m on my previous driver.

The only negative with this driver is it can be a little hard to control at times. Although my swing is far from perfect, it tends to spray a little with even the slightest miss hit.

Overall I would give it a 7.5/10 and would recommend for low and very good mid-handicappers.

(Posted on 2/12/2016)
Best Driver Yet! Review by Matt
I have used a couple different Nike and PIng drivers. Specifically the Nike Covert Tour Pro 2.0 and the Ping G25, but this is best driver yet. I did the custom free upgrade to the Aldila Tour Green x-stiff. Great penetrating ball flight and is very easy to work the ball in both directions. I will be a Cobra Driver fan from here on out. Ball comes off the face hotter than both the Nike and Ping drivers. (Posted on 2/11/2016)
Penetrating Ball Flight Review by Adam
I thought I would like the Fly z more than the Fly z plus but the plus had a hotter face and lower spin. Even with the weight forward the club is plenty forgiving and I am getting much more roll on my drives. It is a forgiving club with a penetrating ball flight. You may need to adjust to a higher than anticipated loft to get the desired ball flight. Great club, you have to at least try it. I could not hit the G30 or Callaway Alpha well but this one felt great. (Posted on 2/11/2015)
Took Some Testing, But Improved on Bio Cell + and Pro From Last Year Review by Elliot
Spent about an hour testing the different weight positions and lofts along with the couple of aftermarket shafts I have, along with the stock Matrix. I was getting spin numbers a good amount higher than my Bio Cell Pro head, but after bring down the loft a few ticks, flipping the weight forward, and pairing it with my Fujikura Speeder Pro shaft I was right down where my Pro head was getting me for spin with a touch more consistent launch and (in my opinion) a better sound and feel. It took a minute to be alright with the slightly larger head compared to the Bio Cell Pro and Plus from last year (455 cc vs 440 cc), but it all worked out in the end.

I went with the matte black head which came with a special all black headcover and all black grip. Kind of a cool looking setup and differentiates even between the other Cobra colors available. (Posted on 2/3/2015)

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