BiO CELL Irons

Tungsten-Fueled Distance and Forgiveness

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  • BiO CELL and E9 Face Technology™

    BiO CELL and E9 Face Technology™

    Enables more discretionary weight movement that creates a low CG and high MOI which provides more distance and extreme forgiveness.

  • Perimeter Undercut

    Perimeter Undercut

    Largest unsupported face of any COBRA iron creates more face flex at impact for increased ball speed and extreme distance.

  • Tungsten-Fueled Distance and Forgiveness

    Tungsten-Fueled Distance and Forgiveness

    Long and mid irons feature heavy tungsten in the heel and toe for more forgiveness. Short irons feature tungsten centered behind the hitting area for added distance and control.

BiO CELL Irons are packed with game changing technology.

The long and mid irons feature heavy tungsten weights strategically positioned in the heel and toe for more forgiveness, while the short irons have the tungsten positioned directly behind the hitting area for a solid feel, optimal spin control, and versatility as you approach the green. The irons also feature Cobra’s largest unsupported face ever to create more face flex at impact for increased ball speed and maximum distance. And of course we’ve gone the distance - the BiO CELL Irons are offered in four colors providing personalization and choice with tungsten-fueled performance.


  • STEEL (Stiff, Reg): 4-PW, GW
  • GRAPHITE (Stiff, Reg, Lite): Custom Only

BiO CELL Iron Video


Swing Weight
Swing Weight
3 18.0° 60° 40" D1 39.75" D2 S, R, Lite RH/LH
4 20.0° 61° 39.25" D1 39" D2 S, R, Lite RH/LH
5 23.0° 61.5° 38.5" D1 38.25" D2 S, R, Lite RH/LH
6 26.5° 62° 37.75" D1 37.5" D2 S, R, Lite RH/LH
7 30.5° 62.5° 37.25" D1 37" D2 S, R, Lite RH/LH
8 35.0° 63° 36.75" D1 36.5" D2 S, R, Lite RH/LH
9 40.0° 63.5° 36.25" D1 36" D2 S, R, Lite RH/LH
PW 45.0° 64° 36" D2 35.75" D3 S, R, Lite RH/LH
GW 50.0° 64° 35.75" D2 35.5" D3 S, R, Lite RH/LH
SW 55.0° 64° 35.5" D3 35.25" D4 S, R, Lite RH/LH
LW 60.0° 64° 35.5" D3 35.25" D4 S, R, Lite RH


BiO CELL Shaft
ModelFlexWeightRaw WeightKick PointTorqueTip Diameter
COBRA BiO CELL X 63g 63g Mid Mid 0.370
COBRA BiO CELL S 62g 63g Mid Mid 0.370
COBRA BiO CELL R 60g 62g Mid Mid 0.370
COBRA BiO CELL Lite 52g 60g Low Mid 0.370
True Temper Dynalite 85
ModelFlexWeightFlightTip Diameter
True Temper Dynalite 85 S 85-90g High 0.370
True Temper Dynalite 85 R 85-90g High 0.370


Lamkin REL 3GEN 360

COBRA Lamkin REL 3GEN 360 - Black

Lamkin REL 3GEN 360

COBRA Lamkin REL 3GEN 360 - Color

Customer Reviews

Bio Cells are great Review by Paulythegolfmachine
I wen't into PGA Super store and I got a Big Berthja club and a ping club and a Bio Cell iron I hit em blind and when I chose my club i chose bio cell I really wan't king cobras but Love my Bio Cells (Posted on 3/28/2016)
Wow awesome set great distance. Review by George
I have been playing the Callaway Big Bertha Irons for six years and thought I was hitting them quite well until I hit the BiO CELL. WOW what a difference my carry with the Big Bertha six Iron was about 160-165. With the BiO CELL six iron It is an easy 170-175 which gives me 200+. I was impressed with myself on the ease of hitting the clubs with less effort and greater distance. Might I add this was in the cooler months. I cant wait till spring so I can really see the distance . The Irons also allows me to shape shots that I could not do with the Bertha irons. (Posted on 12/24/2014)
Great irons Review by Bill
played my first round today with the bio cells. Had my first eagle with a 157 yard 7 iron. Clubs just feel solid and I was able to move the ball left or right. Ball flight is very high. I'm a bogey golfer and feel these irons suit my game very well.
(Posted on 12/19/2014)
Could it get any better? Review by Nardu
I have the standard Bio Cell irons now 4 rounds old. Upgraded from Cobra S3 irons, and I haven't looked back.
Dialing in on the range, I noticed that I get to distance targets with one club less. 8 iron now goes 175 yards (160m) which means extra bang for the easier clubs.
AND I can shape my shots despite the super forgiving face.
I don't know what else could go into a set of irons to make them better???
(Posted on 12/17/2014)
Bang for the buck! Review by Glen
After playing the last year with hand me down irons, I bought a set of the Cobra Bio Cells about a month ago and could not be more pleased. Much longer, very straight and super forgiving. Had my 1st hole in one playing with my father in law this past Sunday. I'm a low 90's player and these are the perfect fit for my game. Would absolutely buy them again! Also, the gap wedge is a life saver!
(Posted on 12/2/2014)
Excellent irons for most golfers Review by Mick
Replaced my TaylorMade Lt irons in 2013 with the TaylorMade Rocket Blades. I did not like them. I went to the annual demo day at a local golf shop to look at other options when one of the sales people put a Cobra Bio cell in my hand. We changed shafts from what I had been playing and what a difference. This club is as good as what is out there for most golfers. Long and the forgiveness is out of sight. I recommend these clubs highly. You don't need to spend a lot of money to get a good iron (Posted on 7/28/2014)
Sweet Review by Robert
I went to my golf pro buddy to find a set of irons that fit my swing. Bio Cell ended up being the ones. I'm hitting my approach shots high, far, and straight. That about covers it. doesn't it? This solid feel others are talking about is what's I love. I have the 6-GW and I'm trying out a 4/5 hybrid soon. Sweet. (Posted on 7/20/2014)
The Poop! Review by Herk
Loving this iron set.. 2nd round out w/ them I hit my PW 140 yds for my first hole in one..Thanks Cobra.. Need I say more.. (Posted on 6/26/2014)
Like cheating without the guilt Review by Guchi S
Using these bio cell clubs is like cheating without the feeling of guilt :) It is so forgiving that it boosted my confidence and feeling like a hero each time I swing. Whooossshhh! I can feel the technologies in these are working with me. With 7 iron at the driving range I get about 10 to 20 more yards and 80% of the time I get the ball go to the direction I want. Compared to only about 50% of the time with my previous clubs. Granted that this is my first "branded" golf club set and my only comparison is with my none-branded clubs but I’m glad I made this choice. I've always wanted to get Cobra over any other top brand clubs based purely on its looks but after playing with them, the looks is just “icing on the cake” after all since they really performs well. Oh and have I mentioned that they came with matching color grips – orange. It is just so cool. (Posted on 6/24/2014)
Nice look and Nice feel Review by Bryan
Just played my first round yesterday. I got them in blue. Love the look. These clubs are definitely longer. I was hitting a 8i 140 or less and I now it's my 160+ club. Amazing! Now if I can correct the issues in my swing I feel I have the clubs to make a difference. (Posted on 6/19/2014)
Great Irons. Review by Paulie D
This is my second review on these irons. I've played two rounds and hit a ton of balls on the range. Absolutely love these irons! The distance and forgiveness is off the charts. Solid feel when striking the ball. The looks are awesome.Great job Cobra!
(Posted on 3/27/2014)
Great feeling and looking irons Review by Paulie D
Just bought the Orange Bio Cell irons. I hit them inside Golfsmith and they felt great. Looking down at them while addressing the ball is very comfortable and they are not bulky.Can't wait to get out on the course. (Posted on 3/8/2014)
Great irons Review by Jamie
Went to local golf-in-a-box and tried all the irons they would let me hit. I overwhelmingly went back to these bio cells. Longer, straighter, more forgiving all under statements in my opinion. I am an avid duffer and would recommend this to all my friends. Kudos to Cobra for a nice club. (Posted on 2/25/2014)
wanna get me wanna them Review by David
they look great I can't wait to try them with the red grips (Posted on 11/14/2013)

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