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AMP Fairway 3W - Pro Paint

Special Release - AMP Fairway 3W Pro Paint, designed for Ian Poulter and other Tour Pros.

Availability: Venom Vault - Limited Time

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  • Adjustable Flight Technology

    Adjustable Flight Technology™

    Three simple face-angle settings (Open, Neutral and Closed) optimize ball flight for increased distance and improved accuracy.

  • Advanced Material Placement

    Advanced Material Placement

    Sophisticated computer modeling and simulation allow designers to thin walls to save weight and re-distribute up to 15 grams of mass deep and back in the clubhead, to maximize distance through optimized launch conditions.

Designed for Ian Poulter and other Tour Pros.

These special edition AMP Fairway 3 Woods have unique PVD "Physical Vapor Deposition" and Pro Paint, designed specifically for the Tour. The black PVD coating is an advanced technology that allows full contact with minimum drag, making harder shots easier. We also have a limited quantity of silver non-PVD AMP Fairway 3 Woods that were specifically designed for Ian Poulter.


Model Loft "O" Setting "N" Setting "C" Setting Length Swing
RH/LH Dual
3 15 +2.0° 0.0° -2.0° 43.5" D3 S, R, L RH/LH 250 - 350
4 16.5 +2.0° 0.0° -2.0° 43.25" D3 S, R, L RH 250 - 300
5 18 +2.0° 0.0° -2.0° 43" D3 S, R, L RH/LH 250 - 250


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