AMP CELL Pro Driver

COBRA AMP CELL™ Pro Driver features new MyFly™ and Smartpad™ Technology, allowing golfers to select from 6 different lofts for customized workability.

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Regular Price: $399.00

Sale Price: $239.00

  • AMP Cell and E9 Technology

    AMP CELL and E9 Technology

    Frees up additional discretionary weight for a 12% larger effective face delivering faster ball speeds on mis-hits.

  • MyFly Technology

    MyFly Technology

    1 Driver. 6 settings. Adjust your loft to maximize distance, manage trajectory for different weather and ground conditions, and dial in the club to match your game.

  • SmartPad Technology

    Delivers a square face at address regardless of loft setting. For added shot workability, SmartPad allows the golfer to slightly open or close the driver as needed at address.

There has been mounting demand for a Pro line of COBRA clubs. Was it due to the popularity of our Tour staff? Was it due to their multiple wins in 2012? Yeah, probably. And now it's back! With MyFly™ Technology to manage trajectory and maximize distance  by adjusting loft coupled with SmartPad™ Technology to deliver a square face at address, we are back in the Pro model game with a bang. The AMP CELL Pro model has a 440cc head with a lower, more neutral CG position. To treat you better players, we've also included AMP CELL™ and E9 Face Technology™ (because a little forgiveness goes a long way). Driven by an MRC Kurokage shaft, and available in four sweet Tour proven colors, you’ll be “going Pro” in style. The competition has been warned.

with VP of R&D Tom Preece


Model Loft Length Swing
Weight (Graphite)
AMP CELL Pro Driver 7.5°, 8.5°, 8.5° Fade, 9.5°, 9.5° Fade, 10.5° 45.25" D5 X, S, R RH/LH




MRC Kurokage

ModelFlexAvailabilityKickTorqueWeightTip Diameter
KURO KAGE 60 R Stock Mid Mid 64g 0.335
KURO KAGE 60 S Stock Mid Mid 66g 0.335
KURO KAGE 60 X Stock High Mid 67g 0.335


Lamkin REL 3GEN 360

COBRA Lamkin REL 3GEN 360

Customer Reviews

The reason I am excited to be playing golf again... Review by C Josh Doll
I haven't been on the course in over 10 years, and I am ready to get back out there. I decided to start with the driver to build my bag since [for me] it is the hardest club to hit. I only swing at about 95-98 MPH, but I have a ridiculously hard time controlling a driver, ANY driver. I have spent HOURS demoing drivers, and I have hit probably 15-20 in the past few weeks. I stopped at my local shop at lunch today and after a quick chat with the Pro, he pulled out this driver (with a Tour shaft on it) and sent me in the simulator, I left an hour later not having hit another driver and taking this one with me.

Why?? I have not hit a single driver out of the 15-20 demoed with back to back shots that were even decent, yet with this club, I almost had to TRY and hit a bad shot! This is the most consistent driver I have hit since the days of steel shaft drivers, and I certainly wouldn't have hit them as far as with this one. As mentioned by others, the ball really does just rocket off the tee with this club, and between the forgiveness and consistency, it is unmatched in my eyes. I wasn't even planning on buying a driver today, but after hitting it, there was NO WAY I was leaving without it. There is something about this driver that just "feels" right in your swing. I can't put it in to words, but for me, if the club feels even a little "off" I can't enjoy hitting it, and I can't hit it well. This club not only doesn't have an "off" feel, it has an intangible perfect feel that you have to try for yourself.

The only bad part about this club is that it may cause a divorce because I am going to want to be on the course or at the range at every opportunity hitting it.

THE BOTTOM LINE: You owe it to yourself to go to your local shop and hit this club in the simulator before you buy any other club. I would be willing to wager that 9/10 people that test this club would want it in their bag. (Posted on 1/9/15)
Long time Taylormade player Review by New Cobra convert
I am a professional golfer playing on developmental mini-tour(s), tour qualifiers, open qualifiers, etal. I have been a long time TMaG "metal wood" player. Last month, while in a tournament in Orlando, one of my playing partners had a Amp Cell Pro. My ss is 118mph and my extra gear is 120-122mph. I am rarely outdriven. Well, this fellow was by me every time. Not just a few yards either. He was way out there. His trajectory was the same every time, and his curvature was also the same. He didn't miss any fairways, let alone have a bad hole due to a poor drive. When you're long AND in the fairway, you're going to be really hard to beat (as long as you have a good short game). So, when I got home I ordered the same driver, albeit with the stock Kuro Kage in X-flex, not the Tour AD DI 6-X he was using - first things first. The driver felt very strange, almost whippy. the ball flew so high, but also quite straight. I lowered the loft to 7.5, and that setting (for me) was close to magical. This driver has earned a permanent spot in my golf bag because I have yet to hit a single poor drive!!! What is a poor drive? Where the ball "unexpectedly" flies hard left or tails too far right and you have to either a) take your medicine or b) re-tee. Playing in the Wells Fargo Championship pre-qualifier tomorrow, and honestly, I'm thrilled about the 12 drivers I'll be hitting... (Posted on 4/23/14)
blows my old Callaway FT-3 Tour away Review by David
Just took my new purchase from to the range: Men's Right Cobra AMP Cell Pro Silver Driver Adjustable Loft, Standard Lie, Length Standard, Stiff, Graphite, Matrix OZIK 6M3 Black Tie.

Condition: Excellent. As far as I could tell, this club had never been hit when examined - it looked brand new. Ditto for the 'used' head cover.

This club just blew away my trusty Callaway FT-3 Tour 8.5 with an NV-65 S shaft. Despite it's low launch, low-spin spec, the Matrix Black Tie shaft has more life in the hands when waggled firmly and provides better feedback during the swing. Still very firm, but just more lively.

I started with the loft set to 8.5 to see how the launch compared and it was comparable on good swings. But the feel of the ball coming off the AMP Cell Pro face is on another planet. Sounds like a sledge hammer hitting a rail road spike and just explodes off the face. I was a bit stunned at the difference after the first swing. After a dozen or so drives, I adjusted the loft to 10.5 degrees. My best swings appeared to land significantly farther down range than on the 8.5 degree setting. Hard to tell overall length since we hit into/over the crest of a slope, plus my eyes have a hard time tracking the ball at this distance, but I may just stick with the higher loft. What's nice, especially when buying off the web, is that I can adjust at will.

I hit a few with the FT-3 at the end of my session, and it now just feels dead in my hands and off the face. Amazing, because the FT-3 is as good as it got in 2005. I was expecting maybe a small difference given the level of technology in the FT-3, but the AMP Cell Pro with the Matrix Black Tie shaft just blows it away.

Bottom line. Great driver and shaft in great condition at a great price. Easy to align. Easy to adjust. Great performance. (Posted on 4/7/14)
Bought this driver with Fujikura Rombax R-Flex. Did the fitting by the Pro Shop setting at 9.5, D0.
Very straight and long. Easy to hit the fairway. Took it for a round of 18 and hit 95% fairway accuracy. It is long and my average carry distance with this AMP Cell Pro is between 200 to 250 yards. (Posted on 1/19/14)
After one year.... Review by Carlo
I have used the Cobra Amp Cell Pro for a year now (X-Flex). This is my 4th Cobra driver and I can honestly say this is the best one yet. More consistent than my previous Cobra Speed Pro D driver, and I have been hitting the ball farther down the fairway. I would recommend this driver to anyone with a faster swing speed looking to find more fairways. (Posted on 1/16/14)
Fantastic feel Review by Erik
Bought this driver with x-stiff and enjoying it every time.

Mega slice on my previous 2 drivers. But with this driver, i am hitting fairway constantly.

(Posted on 12/31/13)
Best Driver Yet Review by George
Bought this driver and just love it!! I hit it high and LONG. The other plus to this driver is that I hit it straight and have improved my game by a least 5 strokes.
Thanks Cobra for another great product. (Posted on 11/17/13)
Best Driver for lefties Review by Randall
This is the best adjustable driver for left-handed golfers. I am impressed with the way the driver sits square no matter the loft. It's great to now have all the loft options for lefties vs. other drivers. Thank you for thinking about us. (Posted on 10/30/13)
Amp Cell Pro: Player's Club! Review by Jack F.
I was at Pebble Beach in September for the Champions Tour First Tee Open.

I was watching my favorite pro, Fuzzy Zoeller, hitting some beautiful drives but could not recognize the club. I got a little closer and could see that he was playing the Cobra Amp Cell Pro Driver and Amp Cell Irons! Fuzzy is a feel player and I knew he would not play a club that does not look or feel right.

Well, I could not wait to get my hands on a Cobra Amp Cell Pro Driver! I purchased it with an extra stiff Kuro Kage shaft! I have been playing Callaway Drivers for some time with a stiff shaft and have been fairly satisfied until I hit my new Coba! Wow! What a smooth feeling shaft! I am using the 10.5 setting and was hitting long ropes all day! My shot is a slight fade. The X-Stiff shaft felt perfect, loads nicely, not like the board feeling of some shafts. Dispersion was tight with a nice medium trajectory!

This baby is in my bag! I can't wait to put her in play with my regular group tomorrow.

I would highly recommend the Cobra Amp Cell Pro Driver for any low handicap player that is seeking better feel and more fairways!

Thank-you Fuzzy and thank-you Cobra for an outstanding club! Now, I can't wait to try the Amp Cell Irons! (Posted on 10/29/13)
Great driver! Review by Jon
I didn't try it before I bought it, but did look at all the reviews. The first time I took it to the course, I hit it straighter and longer than I have in years. I like the ease of changing the loft/face angle. The shaft works for me as well. I love golf, but love it even more with this new driver. Thanks Cobra! (Posted on 8/21/13)
GREAT PURCHASE! Review by Douglas
This is the best piece of golf equipment I've ever purchased! I'm killing it, and most of my tee shots are in the fairway. I highly recommend this club. Will be purchasing a hybrid next. (Posted on 7/25/13)
Awesome Review by Frank
Just got my Silver Cell tech pro. Had a S9-1 before and its no way comparable. A lot of forgiveness and distance.
LOVE IT (Posted on 4/9/13)
Best Driver on the Market Review by Jonney O
I got this driver before it became available to the public and this is a great driver, good feel and looks good too, Used it in my first tournament of the year and won (Posted on 3/25/13)

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