AMP CELL Driver Prototype - Royal Blue

Venom Vault - One-of-a-Kind - AMP CELL Driver Prototype, Royal Blue

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  • MyFly Technology

    MyFly Technology

    1 Driver. 6 settings. Adjust your loft to maximize distance, manage trajectory for different weather and ground conditions, and dial in the club to match your game.

  • SmartPad Technology

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AMP CELL Driver Prototype, Royal Blue

Unlike any other AMP CELL Driver out there, this Royal Blue R&D prototype is one of a kind.

Featuring MyFlyTM technology, the AMP CELL Driver allows you to adjust your loft to maximize distance and manage your trajectory. What separates our six settings - 8.5°, 9.5°, 9.5°D, 10.5°, 10.5°D, 11.5° - of MyFly adjustability from the rest? We’re glad you asked! SmartPad™ Technology delivers a square face at address, regardless of loft setting and with no additional adjustment needed. Advanced Material Placement and CELL Technology free up discretionary weight for a 12% larger E9 face shape, delivering faster ball speeds even on mis-hits.


  • 6-4 Titanium body with 6-4 Ti face


Model Loft Length Swing
Weight (Graphite)
AMP CELL Driver Includes 8.5°, 9.5°, 9.5° Draw, 10.5°, 10.5° Draw, 11.5° 45.75" D4 X, S, R, Lite RH/LH


*Loft adjustable through MyFly technology



MRC Kurokage

ModelFlexAvailabilityKickTorqueWeightTip Diameter
KURO KAGE 60 R Stock Mid Mid 64g 0.335
KURO KAGE 60 S Stock Mid Mid 66g 0.335
KURO KAGE 60 X Stock High Mid 67g 0.335

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