AMP CELL Driver - LE Green / White / Yellow

Limited Edition Green AMP CELL Driver with matching headcover and torque wrench.


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Tour Edition, AMP CELL Driver

This AMP CELL Driver was specifically designed for the first major of the year in the iconic green color. There is 1 available with these particular Limited Edition Green Prototype Cosmetics.

Featuring MyFlyTM technology, the AMP CELL Driver allows you to adjust your loft to maximize distance and manage your trajectory. What separates our six settings - 8.5°, 9.5°, 9.5°D, 10.5°, 10.5°D, 11.5° - of MyFly adjustability from the rest? We’re glad you asked! SmartPad™ Technology delivers a square face at address, regardless of loft setting and with no additional adjustment needed. Advanced Material Placement and CELL Technology free up discretionary weight for a 12% larger E9 face shape, delivering faster ball speeds even on mis-hits.

*AMP CELL Driver headcover and torque wrench included.


  • 6-4 Titanium body with 6-4 Ti face

with VP of R&D Tom Preece


Model Loft Length Swing
Weight (Graphite)
AMP CELL Driver Includes 8.5°, 9.5°, 9.5° Draw, 10.5°, 10.5° Draw, 11.5° 45.75" D4 X, S, R, Lite RH/LH


Lamkin Crossline Black Grip Lamkin Crossline Green Grip Lamkin Crossline White Grip


Aldila Tour Green 65

Aldila ATX Tour Green

ModelFlexShaft Graphics
Actual Shaft
Kick PointTorqueTip Diameter
Aldila Tour Green X 65g 69g Mid-High 3.5 0.335
Aldila Tour Green S 65g 67g Mid-High 3.9 0.335
Aldila Tour Green R 65g 67g Mid-High 4.5 0.335

Matrix VLCT SP
ModelFlexShaft Graphics
Actual Shaft
Kick PointTorqueTip Diameter
Matrix VLCT SP X 70g 63g High Mid 0.335
Matrix VLCT SP S 60g 60g High Mid 0.335
Matrix VLCT SP R 60g 58g Mid Mid 0.335
Matrix VLCT SP Lite 55g 53g Low Mid 0.335

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