The smart blend of explosive distance and pinpoint accuracy. Please fix your ballmarks.

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  • AMP CELL Technology

    AMP CELL Technology

    Distributes weight from the face and body to create perimeter weighting and positions CG behind the Sweet Zone.

  • AMP CELL V-Skid Sole Design

    AMP CELL V-Skid Sole Design

    Sculpted sole configuration that improves turf interaction for all swing types.

  • Vibration Dampening System

    AMP CELL Vibration Dampening System

    Vibration Dampening System tunes vibration for a better sound and feel.

It's ok, they're legal.

By their nature, our R&D team doesn't get outside very much. But when they created the new AMP Cell Iron with E9 Face Technology, new AMP Cell weighting and true metalwood face-weld construction, even they emerged from their CAD stations to hit the links. Our E9 Face Tech is smart because it makes the spots where you mishit the ball more forgiving. Fewer mishits means more shot precision. Sweet. Want your ball to go further? By welding a hot, thin face to a softer body, our true metalwood construction means an iron created like a driver. (Maybe these R&D Guys need to get back in the lab, they're like mad scientists!) We haven't even mentioned the customizable chassis for adjusting loft and lie, and, yes you did hear that correctly. Our new AMP Cell Technology uses biomimicry to create a cellular structure within the iron to move weight with almost neurotic accuracy. These irons may be enough to leave your long time golfing buddies in a state of neurosis as they are not going to know what is going on when they see the improvements in your game. Add our patented V-Skid sole for smooth turf interaction, a premium Fujikura Fuel shaft and availability in 4 hot colors, and you've got a technical wunderkind that can't possibly be USGA-legal (but is).


  • STEEL (Stiff, Reg): 4-PW, GW
  • GRAPHITE (Stiff, Reg): 4-PW, GW (Lite): 5-PW, GW, SW

with VP of R&D Tom Preece


ModelLoftLengthLieSwing Weight
Swing Weight
3 Iron 18.5° 40.00" 59° D1 D3 S, R, L RH
4 Iron 21.0° 39.25" 60° D1 D3 S, R, L RH/LH
5 Iron 24.0° 38.50" 61° D1 D3 S, R, L RH/LH
6 Iron 27.0° 37.75" 62° D1 D3 S, R, L RH/LH
7 Iron 31.0° 37.25" 62.5° D1 D3 S, R, L RH/LH
8 Iron 35.0° 36.75" 63° D1 D3 S, R, L RH/LH
9 Iron 39.0° 36.25" 63.5° D1 D3 S, R, L RH/LH
PW 44.0° 36.00" 64° D2 D4 S, R, L RH/LH
GW 49.0° 35.75" 64.5° D2 D4 S, R, L RH/LH
SW 54.0° 35.50" 64.5° D3 D5 S, R, L RH/LH
LW 59.0° 35.50" 64.5° D3 D5 S, R, L RH


MRC AMP CELL Graphite Iron Shaft


ModelFlexKickTorqueWeightTip Diameter
Cobra MRC L Low Mid 53g 0.370
Cobra MRC R Mid Mid 55g 0.370
Cobra MRC S Mid Mid 58g 0.370

True Temper Dynalite 90

True Temper Dynalite 90

AMP CELL Dynalite R High 90g
AMP CELL Dynalite S High 90g


Lamkin REL 3GEN 360

COBRA Lamkin REL 3GEN 360

Customer Reviews

Very Satisfied Review by Dale
Just like most reviews, the first time out I was a club longer throughout the set. The few miss-hits did go off line but were almost pin-high every time. Just what I needed. (Posted on 8/12/2014)
Absolutely love these irons Review by Dave
I bought the Amp Cell Silver irons in June 2014. They were rated gold in the 2013 Club Test in Golf Magazine, and they are. They are saweeeeeeet. Even the long irons are very solid and accurate, with great feel. I have a prosthetic right hip and 2 plates and 18 screws in my left leg. With my old set of irons I could not get more than 135 yds. from my 7 iron. With the Amp Cell 7 iron I get between 145 and 150, which isn't too bad for me. I'm 62. I have not had any of the cosmetic problems mentioned about the vibration dampening badges in the cavity. I am saving now and hope I will be able to get the Amp Cell driver, fairway woods and hybrids. Trust COBRA. Thanks (Posted on 8/10/2014)
Absolutely LOVE my AMP CELL irons Review by Ty
Got them a week before birthday, traded X Hot's in for them, best move ever. Accuracy, forgiveness, the ball sticks on the green, feel, touch around the green, but the swing weight and feel at address inspire confidence. Last round hit 9 iron to 4 inches from pin. Buddies were amazed, I know it is preview of more great shots to come. Had them for 5 weeks and always looking for my next tee time. This is what golf heaven should be like. (Posted on 7/16/2014)
Superb irons Review by Michael
Great clubs. Not sure what type of magic Cobra put into these irons, but magic they are -- long (gained 15 yes) and straight. Club is of excellent quality, and fantastic looking ... excellent looking at address and in the bag. Doesn't take a lot of effort to use these clubs -- love them -- better feel than the G25 and AP1. Thanks Cobra Golf! (Posted on 7/12/2014)
As accurate iron available on the market Review by Gary
I have played four rounds on my new AMP Cell irons. Soft tacky grips give the added confidence at address. Smooth, consistent distance through the set. With the wedges providing accuracy that I am sure will reduce my handicap (currently 14). I do have a significant concern. During the 2nd and 4th round I broke my 4 and 6 iron (snapped at the hosel!). My retailer is handling the warranty claim but my confidence that other irons will not break is minimal at best. My set is the Dyna lite tru temper stiff shaft. I must say this is my sixth set of Cobra clubs and I have been playing Cobra for more than 18 years. This is the first time clubs have broken and my confidence in Cobra i s in question. Only time will tell.... (Posted on 7/8/2014)
Wow Review by Daniel
Perfect club for the starter!! (Posted on 7/6/2014)
Was I dreaming? Review by Flash
I won a SLDR driver in a contest recently and well I already have a driver and I don’t need a new one so I quickly traded it in for a set of the Cobra Amp Cell irons. I am glad that I did! It took me a couple rounds to get used to them because each club is about a ½ inch longer than my previous irons. My first couple of rounds I shot an 89 and a 90 respectively. My last two rounds with these have got me shooting a 79 and a 78. My previous best score was an 86 before I put these in my bag. These clubs go long and straight! I have never been set up for so many birdie putts in my life. I also have had a couple tap in birdies because I can attack the pin with these clubs. When you strike the ball perfectly with these clubs it just feels like you’re hitting air because all you hear is the ball come screaming off the face. I am still trying to sort out my new yardages since my new 7 iron is between 185-190 yards and my old 7 was my 150 club. It is really nice being 145 yards out and just having to use a pitching wedge. If you have had any doubts about putting these clubs in your bag, just do it and you’ll shoot the best golf of your life! (Posted on 6/23/2014)
Follow up review Review by Art
Just played a full round with my new amp cell irons. No range time and just went out. These irons are truly amazing!! They go straight and long. Hit a 5 iron 224 yards!! Hit so may greens in regulation I can't believe it. I had to buy my playing partner a few drinks for turning me on to these clubs. (Posted on 5/17/2014)
Great set of irons Review by Art
I having been playing with an old set of Macgregor M575s forged CBs for sometime now. I was looking to upgrade to a new set but could never find the club that I really liked and kept sticking with the Macs. I did try an amp cell demo iron at Dicks and liked it but didn't think it was that great to make a switch. My playing partner picked up a set of amp cell irons and he just turned me onto the amp cell driver which I loved so I decided to give his clubs a whirl out of the course. No range time with these amp cells and man o man, I was hitting greens all day with these. Easy swing and they go. Birdied one hole and missed another birded by inches. I don't have a 4 iron in my bag and use a 3 and 4 hybrid in place of long irons. I gave his 4 iron a shot from a long par 3 and I mishit it. I thought it was going to go OB because it felt so bad. I head to the green and I was just off the first cut about 10 yards from the putting service. Not bad for a terrible mishit. I was smashing these irons all day and shot one of my lowest rounds this year. Going shopping now to find a set. (Posted on 5/10/2014)
Amp set Review by Brian
I have the complete set with graphite shafts. I've never been a high ball hitter and one I can hit a high cut when I want to or a low draw. Extremely happy with this purchase! (Posted on 4/28/2014)
Hi Review by jorge
Hi. I am looking foward to buy the AMP CELL IRONS, but I would like to know first which irons came in the 6 piece set and in the 8 piece set.

thanks... (Posted on 4/3/2014)
nice club Review by jeff
I have 1 season with these clubs. I hit them great, can work it left and right easily. Only complaint is hosel covers on 4 different irons are loose and after a few strokes can see the gap.. not good when u are focussing on other things. Sent my driver back due to the shaft had shifted a bit and customer service was great but slow... driver was out for over a month. they told me i could send my irons in for fixing, but i cant go without 4 irons for a month... would be hesitant to upgrade next year to cobra products because of this. (Posted on 3/30/2014)
Great irons, but quality could be better Review by MarkY
Love these irons. Was fit with a regular flex, hard stepped once. My only issue (3 times now) is that I've had to send my 4, 5, and 8 irons back to place of purchase because the dampening insert came off. Over a week turnaround. Had to play an old set of irons. Not cool.

I also have two Cobra fairway woods and a hybrid with no quality issues, but one more time with these inserts flying off, and I'll give up on em.

Wonder if I can still wear all my Puma shoes. :) (Posted on 3/15/2014)
between the pro or this ones Review by mariano
are this clubs blade or not


Hi Mariano,

The AMP CELL Irons would not be considered a blade set. They have cell weighting technology to move weight within the iron head, as well as laser-welded face to a softer body, much like we do for our metalwoods. The result is a very forgiving, yet workable iron that is suited to a wide variety of players. You can learn more here:

The AMP CELL Pro irons - more geared towards the better player - are forged and would be considered a blade set. They have aTour-inspired shape and the set flows from a muscle back to a cavity back. You can learn more here:

Hope that helps!

(Posted on 2/28/2014)
solid feel Review by Brady
I was at golf galaxy and looking for new clubs and I tryed out at least 5 7-irons and most of them were going 155ish then tryed the cobra amp cell and hit it 175 and perfectly strait, my favorite thing about these clubs is the feel of the club at impact and it takes minimal effort to get the ball off the ground. The only CON is I bought them and have had them for a week and my 6 iron label fell off and 3 others are loose. But other wise great club!


Hi Brady - this problem should be covered under your warranty. Please take them to your retailer and they can arrange for a repair. Glad you like the clubs otherwise! -Your friends at COBRA Golf (Posted on 2/22/2014)
overall not bad Review by RUSS
Overall happy with irons except badge came off 5 iron and head came off 6 iron. The place i purchased irons Edwin Watts has closed in my town..When i found out they were closing i had 6 iron re-shafted at my expense. (Posted on 2/1/2014)
nice Review by clifford
I just got the amp cell irons last week. So far with the few rounds I have played I have noticed a vast improvement in accuracy and diatance. I've gone from 1 or 2 greens to 10+ greens and added an average of 20 yards in distance. I can only rate aa a 4 now due to the lack of rounds I have played. Love the clubs so far. (Posted on 1/18/2014)
Great Sticks Review by Wise10
I am a 2 hdcp and made the switch this year from players irons to these cobra amp cell. I know that they are "game improvement" and let me tell you- improve my game they did. At first I was worried about the smack talk I was going to get from my usual playing partners, but all worries went away when they started seeing me hit 14+ greens per round. My friend who is a <1 hdcp hit mine a few times and ended up buying himself and his closest friend a set. These irons are great, I can even work the ball (although less than I could with blades) when needed. The durability has been great. My only complaint is the degree gaps when you get down to gap wedge and below. 5* gap on the scoring clubs is a little too much.
Love my Cobra's- customized 2* upright, 1/2 longer than standard. (Posted on 1/5/2014)
Blind purchase of clubs Review by BRUCE
I am left handed and none of the stores carried left handed amp cell irons or drivers. I was unable to hit the clubs and compare them as most people can. I took a leap of faith and purchased the amp ell driver and irons. I love them and have had no issues. However, the clubs are not registered . Just hope nothing happens.
Bruce (Posted on 1/4/2014)
Blind purchase of clubs Review by BRUCE
I am left handed and none of the stores carried left handed amp cell irons or drivers. I was unable to hit the clubs and compare them as most people can. I took a leap of faith and purchased the amp ell driver and irons. I love them and have had no issues. However, the clubs are not registered . Just hope nothing happens.
Bruce (Posted on 1/4/2014)
Easy, appealing, and long Review by Stephen
I spent over 2 hours at Golfsmith swinging irons, all top brand 6 irons. I didn't hit the target green with any of them, 165, uphill, and into a wind. Last swings were the Amp irons, 7 iron. My shots landed center green. Sold! My concern now is reports of poor assembly of the irons in reviews.
Please advise.


Hi Stephen - nothing to advise. Just enjoy those clubs! A small (but vocal!) number of folks did run into some minor assembly issues, but those have been ironed out now. And of course the clubs come with a great warranty. So don't concern yourself - just keep pin hunting and hitting those greens! -Your friends at COBRA Golf (Posted on 11/18/2013)
Amp cell (Boom time) Review by richard
Just got this set today and went straight to the range. Look stunning and hit even better than the look. I felt like a professional sniper picking off targets at will with accuracy and speed. The noise and contact area are a joy to behold, worth the hefty price tag. If your going to war on the battlefield you need the right weaponry to make an impact. (Posted on 11/15/2013)
Amp cell irons Review by Gordon
Purchased the Amp cell irons 4-GW, graphite stiff shafts about a month ago.
I am 64 years old and find these irons very good. The ease in which I can swing these clubs is pretty amazing to me. Consistent ball flight, distances are +1 club longer even when accounting for the loft differences from my old forged set. Higher lofts are easy to hit, almost point and shoot. 4 and 5 irons a bit more difficult, but with a little work, got the same ball flight as the higher lofts.Very good feel, better than I expected. Excellent spin. The V soles do take some getting used to on tight lies. Overall I am very excited about these irons and expect them to definitely shave strokes off my score and save my back also. I hope Cobra can get some of the quality issues resolved that some have reported as these are excellent irons. Thanks Cobra. (Posted on 11/10/2013)
Poor customer support Review by Mike
Purchased AMP irons, nice clubs but shaft ( graphite ) snapped while on downswing. Cobra refused to warrant, assuming damage was from misuse. Clubs less than 1 month old and I have to pay to repair their defective product. First and last time Cobra customer. (Posted on 11/6/2013)
Wow! Review by Dominick
So, i bought the amp cell driver, loved it so much i decided to go out and buy the rest of the set. Got the 3-4 wood, 2-3 hybrid, and 4-gw, and sw. I haven't played yet, but i did go to range twice, i can tell you with 100% certainty i have gained one club in distance. These clubs feel so right, its crazy! They cut through the turf like butter, have a great click on impact, plus, they look great, and you will not find more bang for your buck, trust me, i've tried them all. Another thing i like is the fact that you can go all the way down to lob wedge while maintaining a consistent looking set, i've always hated having different style wedges, guess it's a mental thing, but always felt like i had to do something different to accommodate those certain clubs that we're different than the rest. If your in the market for a new set you owe it to yourself to check these out, you will be as amazed as i am. I went with the stiff shaft, the club feels very light and controllable, with very little effort the club propels the ball very efficiently, and seems to keep mis hits in check better than i've seen prior. (Posted on 11/2/2013)
Truly incredible irons Review by Lee
I've owned ping i3 blades and more recently, callaway x20 tours. Over the last few years I haven't been playing quite as much and I found the x20s to be harder and harder to hit. The last straw was a round a month back when I broke my 5 iron in frustration, which to go along with a 4 iron that had been lost a while back, meant that I had a pretty short set. I finally decided to use this as an excuse to test some new irons out.

I hit almost everything over the course of several days. Callaway x hots, titliest ap1&ap2, lots of Cleveland's, pings and mizunos, taylormade rocketballs, etc... I had finally narrowed it down to mainly the mizuno jpx 825 or 825 pro.

The last store that I went to was closer to my house and had a 90 day play and return policy, and I planned to buy them there. As I was pulling out the 825 pros, I saw the amp cells and realized I hadn't him them yet. I grabbed a 6 iron from both sets and spent the next hour and a half hitting balls on the monitor. Wow. Both are amazing clubs. They were essentially dead even, very accurate and both had great balance and feel. The amp cells seemed to go a little bit further. I literally couldn't decide which I liked more.

The sales guy there watched me hit ten with each clubs and said he thought the amp cells were better for me and told me they would be hotter off the face overall. The price was also $400 less on the amp cells. So I bought them, knowing I could return them if needed.

Not needed.

These irons are so fun to hit. They have perfect weighting and balance for me. They sit perfectly in my hand and encourage a good stance. They feel under control throughout the swing. They make a beautiful sound when struck, and the ball launches off the face. Very nice trajectory, and sweet feedback when you hit. I hit the 4 iron with the amp cells further than I hit my x20 3 iron. I've gained 5-10 yards per club, and I have gained a ton of confidence with these beauties. I hit a 180 yard 6 iron yesterday that was as pure a shot as I have hit in forever. I love these clubs. Great purchase, ridiculously good price. I'd recommend them to anyone. (Posted on 10/30/2013)
Great Irons Review by Victorino
I was using the Rocketbladez but decided to switch irons when I received the Cobra Ferrari driver as a gift. I hit the Amp Cell Irons farther and distance is very consistent. Really happy I made the switch.

(Posted on 10/24/2013)
WOW Review by jeff
I JUST GOT MY SET OF AMP CELL IRONS IN SILVER 4-gw GOT TOHIT THEM TODAY AND WOW UNBELIEVABLE I DIDNT GAIN THE 15yds SOME PEOPLE ARE CLAIMING BUT THE ACCURACY AND FEEL ARE UNMATCHED IVE BEEN HITTING PING ISI IRONS SINCE HIGH SCHOOL (14 years) ive hit many other clubs none impressed me enough to move from my pings until now cobra has hit the nail on the head i can work the ball if i want and dont lose barely any distance on slight mishits they will talk to you on a complete mishit i hit the rocketbladz,xhots and g25s they didnt hold a candle to these if you want an iron that will do anything and everything you want and not break your bank these are the answer THANK YOU COBRA now if your 3 hybrid is as good at these ill gladly replace my rbz stage 2 5 wood with that i would love to test any new equiptment for you guys (Posted on 10/22/2013)
Incredible Accuracy & Distance Review by Chris
I have owned Taylor Made, Callaway and Mizuno Irons over the last 12 years. These Cobra's are the first to deliver on their promise and prompt me to write a review. First,there is no doubt that these iron are long. I have easily gained 10 - 12 yards per club. Just as a frame of reference, I am in my 50's. I am routinely hitting pitching wedge where previously I had to muscle a 9 iron.I am also hitting 4 iron off the tee when my playing partners, who are all 7 to 15 years younger are hitting hybrids.
Accuracy is another promise delivered by the AMP Cell's. I can work the ball either way with these irons and take dead aim at pins. I know how far these clubs go and am confident that they'll get my ball to the desired location. Feel is incredible! These irons have been worth 7 strokes ! (Posted on 10/13/2013)
Amp Cell's Review by Nick
Have recently bought these irons as it was time to get a new set and I love them. Took me a while to get used to them but totally worth the money. I find with these I am able to spin the ball better to have better control around the greens and on the approach also I am able to work the ball left and right much better than my old set. Best of all they added about 15 yards to each club and with an increased accuracy. I find my shots being a lot more accurate with these. I used to hate par 3's now I love them. The only down side is they have a shine finish to them and they shows little scratches from the club hitting the ground and ball. Other than that I love them and they have helped me improve my game by atleast 5 strokes. Took me from mid 80's golf to high 70's. Looking back I should have gotten the orange ones but seeing as I loved them and wanted them I went with silver and didn't want to wait two weeks to get the orange. Highly recommend you give these a try when shopping for you next set. (Posted on 9/24/2013)
Great Functionality, Poor Craftsmanship Review by Bronson
These clubs have been a great addition to my bag. I've had to club down two clubs with the extra distance I've gained since putting these in my bag. They feel great, and I would recommend them to anyone, BUT, as you may have read in the multitude of reviews below, the plastic sticker backings will fall off after a while. I thought it wouldn't happen to me, but it did. I know Cobra will fix this for me, but I find it extremely trying to even think about the fact that I will have to send them in and worry about all the hassle really makes me worry about Cobra. I've had to send in my driver already to get it fixed, and I just don't want to worry about stuff like that. Could have had a real hit here, Cobra. Love the clubs, but bush league craftsmanship.


HI Bronson,

You are correct - we would certainly fix that for you and we are happy to arrange for expedited shipping to make sure you are without your clubs for the shortest time possible. Feel free to contact our customer service team and they can help arrange for the return. (Posted on 9/18/2013)
Worried but playing them. Review by Bogey2Eagle
If you read last review I took my 5 iron back to Roger Dunn and they exchanged it - yes, the label fell off and it still concerns me given I've read other people with same issue. That being said, I like the play of these irons. Very forgiving or I'm getting a whole lot better. They are flying straight, unsure really what distance addition I'm getting compared the Cobra ProCB irons I was playing before. Cut about 1/4 inch and re-gripped and they now feel better. I got used to address and not blocking them right anymore. Overall, the irons themselves are great. The labels or branding or whatever the color stickers are on the back is a big fail. They should send all owners something for the eventual trouble. How long are they under warranty? If a year from now I have no labels on the back I'll probably never go back to Cobra.


Hi Glenn - although this failure has happened with a limited number of other customers, we have found that is not generally something that will not be an issue down the road. We are seeing that if the failure happens, it is generally within the first few uses of the club and is not a reoccurring problem longterm. Nevertheless, we want to reassure you that we will warranty this specific issue well past the 1 year warranty period if it is ever an issue again. In the meantime, enjoy those irons! -Your friends at COBRA Golf (Posted on 8/22/2013)
not happy Review by mel
last month got amp cell driver liked it so much went back and replaced all my woods. love at first hit. decided to get amp cell irons, that's when love affair ended! cheaply made parts fly off. don' want to fix them over and over. these clubs are history. back to my old brand.


Hi Mel - we don't like hearing stories like yours! Those clubs are still under warrantee so if you still have them, you should contact our Customer Care Team - we'd love to take care of you. (Posted on 8/20/2013)
Great but manufacturing issues? Review by Bogey2Eagle
I'm a Cobra fan but with all these club coming out, it came down to the AMP Cell and Mizuno JPX 825. I decided to just stick with Cobra. After playing with Cobra CBPro since 2007, I really wanted to go with a game improvement iron and tried the AMP Cell Irons. I got them TODAY and was so excited to use them. They hit well, sound and feel great, and fly. I got used to them really fast. But then I took the 5 iron out, unwrapped it, and maybe 5 balls in I hit the ball a little fat and my son said he saw something flying off the club. The sticker or as another reviewer called it, 'badging' came flying off. I couldn't find it. I was SOOO irritated. Brand new clubs, hard earned money, and first time out something goes wrong? No, it doesn't affect the swing or flight of the ball... but these are brand new and its obviously ONE reason why I bought them is because they look great too. So every time I swung a club after that I had to check to see if the sticker/badging was still on. Am I going to own these clubs a year from now and what was so aesthetically pleasing will be now these unpleasant looking $600 clubs? How many times will I have to call customer service to fix this even if this is under warranty? Hassle shouldn't come with spending this much money. I'm thinking every time I swing a club on the course I'm going to be more concerned about something flying off my club than playing golf. Disappointed.


Dear Bogey2Eagle - although it's not common, occasionally the vibration dampening inserts can come loose. We would absolutely like to get this fixed for you. A member of our Customer Care Team will reach out to you to make sure we get those badges secured. Badges coming off should be the last thing you should be thinking about when swinging an iron!

-Your friends at COBRA Golf (Posted on 8/14/2013)
Major upgrade Review by NorEaster
I was so impressed with the feel of these irons at the golf shop I traded in my perfectly great set of King Cobra II's for these. An hour later at the range I was so glad I had. Straighter, longer and more forgiving than any clubs I have ever swung. The GW is an amazing club to say the least, can't wait to see my approaches sticking the greens, my Sunday buddies are going to just about die :) (Posted on 8/12/2013)
Solid Club. Badging on club head isn't gonna last though. Review by Austin
Put these in my bag about a month ago and I really love them. Still trying to get use to hitting my seven iron 170 yards but I think I can manage. The only drawback I am really seeing is the badging on my club heads are coming off. My five, eight and gap wedge. Doesn't seem to mess with performance but rather annoying to look at.


Hi Austin - we're pleased the performance is there but we would encourage you to contact our Customer Service team. What you are describing should not be happening and would likely be repaired under warranty. (Posted on 6/27/2013)
Highly recommend Review by Paul
Purchased the 3- Gap wedge. I really like these irons. I am a 14 handicap. With the long irons (3,4) i am hitting then long and generally straight consistently. The Gap wedge has really helped by accuracy at 100 yards. Overall, a very solid feel and improved length and accuracy. I definitely recommend these clubs. (Posted on 6/24/2013)
Great Review by Drew
these are great for golfers looking for a high quality iron that is not that high in expenses and performs well (Posted on 6/23/2013)
Awesome!! Review by jvernon
These irons are great! I got fitted before I bought them and they work perfectly. I am not seeing the added yardages that other people see but I do have a lot more control and that is better an extra ten yards. Every single club 4 through Lob produces a nice fade. I am amazed at how high the ball goes. The wedges produce huge amounts of spin and for once I can actually hit a Lob wedge. My only complaint thus far (I have only played 36 holes with them) is the yardage gap between the Gap wedge and the Pitching wedge. It's 20-25 yards. I'll get it figured out soon but that is why I didn't rate them at five stars. (Posted on 6/17/2013)
Great feel / look Review by Justin
Just got a set of AMP Cell irons this past weekend and was able to get out and play the day after putting them in my bag. Irons felt great and really boosted my confidence from the fairway. Recommend to anyone looking to upgrade their irons. (Posted on 5/14/2013)
best irons Review by Nickster
these are the best irons i have ever owned just had a hole in one (Posted on 5/9/2013)
Amp Cell Irons Review by Magz
Hit these for the first time yesterday and today and ive gotta say that i am a more confident man with these irons. I am definately hitting these irons alot longer then my last set. Way More accurate and forgiving. they are great to look at when you are getting ready to take your stroke, and they feel and sound amazing!! Im a believer! I also hit my first ever hole-in-one with these irons!! PINPOINT ACCURACY at its best!! (Posted on 4/28/2013)
Amazing Review by Darren
I just purchased my Amp Cell Irons and have to admit they were better on the course than I could ever imagine. I tested out different brands before deciding on the Cobra Amp Cell and I will never regret the decision. The hardest part about golfing now is learning new distances since these hit so much further and straighter than my last set. (Posted on 4/22/2013)
deceiving Review by John
As a iron they hit great, feel smooth. The set is great. EXCEPT ONE ISSUE they fall apart unless its just mine, but on 2 separate clubs the labels on the back of the face have fallen off and the hossel caps on a few of the clubs have shown a little separation so on that matter they are crappy put together. only playing 10 rounds w them so far makes me think cobra should do something about it. hit there blades n those were great too.


Hi John - the AMP CELL Irons are 100% still under warranty and if for any reason you are not fully thrilled with them, we want to make it right. We would encourage you bring the entire set back to your retailer so we can evaluate all the clubs and make sure they are tuned, glued, and assembled properly. All returns must go through our retail partners but if you need help facilitating the return, please call our Customer Service at (800) 917-3300. (Posted on 4/8/2013)
1st time out Review by Fredtry
Today was the first chance I have had to try my new AMP Cell (orange). I was very confident while looking down at them at address. Thin top gives you such confidence. I hit each club exactly where I wanted, my 9 iron was accurate and was able to hit it with a few feet of the pin at 128 yards. My only problem today was the wedges, I could not figure those out, but hitting them was easy. I am used to the Edges and these performed so much better. In the past with the Edges, I could not hit a 5 iron with any consistancy, but my Amp 5 was terrific. (Posted on 3/31/2013)

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